The 20 best phrases of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791) was one of the most acclaimed and memorable classical composers and pianists of our time.

Born in the cradle of classical music, Austria, he developed an early and incredible career in which he covered all musical styles of his time, from symphonic music to chamber music, operas, piano pieces. .. His works have had a distribution that transcends European borders.

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Table of Contents

Mozart’s phrases about music, creativity and life

To try to understand the brilliant creative mind of the master of classicism, we set out to compile the best phrases of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Pure talent.

1. The most necessary, most difficult and most important thing in music is time.

Mozart’s great phrase on the essential element for a correct musical composition.

2. I am not interested in praise or criticism, I just have to follow my own feelings.

About his ego, based on what he thought was necessary for his emotional side.

3. Music is the only path to transcendence.

Famous premonitory quote: his scores have left an incomparable and immortal legacy.

4. Melody is the very essence of music.

Another reflection on the art he masters.

5. If Germany, my beloved homeland, of which you know I am proud, does not accept me, then in the name of God I must stay in France or England and be ashamed of Germany in as a nation.

On which he always considered his second nation.

6. In Salzburg, I do not know who I am, I am everything and sometimes nothing, but I do not ask so much, and at the same time I only ask – but only a little – … if I I am just a little else that I would know.

About his hometown, Salzburg, in a convoluted explanation.

7. The only thing I don’t like about Salzburg, and I tell him wholeheartedly, is that no proper social relationship can be established with these people, and music doesn’t have a better reputation. , and that the Archbishop has no faith in the intelligent people who have traveled.

A small reproach to the city where it was born.

8. If the emperor wants me, pay me, because only the honor of being with him does not reach me.

A sample of his superb measure.

9. Death, to call it by its name, is the real purpose of our life. This is why, for several years, I have been in a relationship with this true friend of man.

A particular vision of death. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died at the age of 35.

10. There is only one thing worse than a flute, two flutes.

A pessimistic view of Amadeus when he was commissioned to compose The Magic Flute.

11. A chaplain is capable of anything.

Mozart criticized the Church.

12. Neither a sublime intelligence, nor a great imagination, nor the two things together form genius; love is the soul of genius.

Feelings translate intelligence into a work worthy of admiration.

13. It is a mistake to think that practicing my art has become easy for me. I assure you, dear friend, no one studies as much as I do.

A tireless student of music, he couldn’t stand anyone questioning his commitment.

14. After God is a father.

The first figure of authority, God; the second, the lord of the house.

15. Give me the best piano in Europe, but with an audience that doesn’t want or feel what I’m playing with me, and I will lose all taste for performance.

Of the need for the public to surrender to genius.

16. Give my dog ​​Pimperl a slice of Spanish tobacco, a good kiss and three kisses.

A beautiful phrase from Mozart that lets us see his more human and domestic side.

17. If I told you everything I do with your beloved portrait, you would laugh. For example, when I take him out of his dungeon, I say, hello, treasure! , Hello Hello; brat, múrria, in sharp, chichecito.

In line with the previous one, removing its softer side.

18. In an opera, poetry must necessarily be an obedient daughter of music.

The hierarchy between the arts, with the aim of achieving perfect harmony.

19. No one can measure his days, he must resign himself. It will happen as providence wants.

About death. One of those phrases by Mozart which alludes with a certain optimism to the idea of ​​dying.

20. New friends, new pains.

Phrase of friendship, a torment necessary for the life of every human being.

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