The 21 best phrases about mindfulness or mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness He All the attention it is a philosophy which, despite its thousand-year-old origins, especially in Buddhist philosophy, is in vogue in the West.

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Mindfulness, a growing philosophy

One of the keys to the rise of mindfulness lies in the pace of life in Western societies, as being connected all day to new technologies, our minds jump from place to place. Many times we lose touch with reality and, more seriously, with ourselves.

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Mindfulness helps us be in the here and now, connected to our body and mind, and allows us to come to terms with ourselves and the events that occur in our daily lives. Mindfulness improves our well-being, which is why it is used as psychological therapy. For example, with programs such as Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). In addition, mindfulness is also applied in the professional, educational and sporting environment.

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Mindfulness quotes

If you have a particular interest in this practice, don’t miss today’s article, because we’ve picked out the 21 best mindfulness phrases for you to enjoy.. Let’s get started!

1. Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor (Thich Nhat Hanh)

The practice of mindfulness uses the breath as one of the objects of attention. And it is that, thanks to the concentration of our attention on it, we are able to see the world from another angle. With full awareness it is possible to get out of this busy world to see things from another angle.

2. The worst assault on ourselves, the worst of all, is to remain ignorant so as not to have the courage and respect to treat ourselves with honesty and tenderness (Pema Chodron)

Treating yourself with compassion seems easy, but it’s not easy. It takes willpower to get there. If we can truly love ourselves, our emotional well-being will improve.

3. If you want to master the angst of life, live in the moment, live in the breath (Amit Ray)

Focusing on the present moment helps us control anxiety. Because it often manifests because of our thoughts or expectations. Mindfulness is helpful in dealing with anxiety and stress, as a lot of research shows.

4. We need to be aware that what causes us discomfort or anxiety are not events, but how we relate emotions to them (Jonathan García-Allen)

Psychologist Jonathan García-Allen reminds us with this sentence that what often makes us suffer is not what is happening in itself, but how we interpret the events or the beliefs we have about what has happened or is going happen. For that, through mindfulness we can be aware and think more adaptively.

5. Walk as if you are kissing the ground with your feet (Thich Nhat Hanh)

It’s okay to have goals in life, but you have to take it step by step and live in the moment. Living according to expectations is a bad choice that also makes us constantly ruminate.

6. In the end, there are three things that matter, how we lived, how we loved and how we learned to let go (Jack Kornfield).

Certainly, learning to let go of those things that hurt us is one of the great learnings in life, Which has a positive impact on our mental health

7. Be happy in the moment is enough. The present moment is all we need, nothing more. (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

The present moment is the only thing we can experience. The past is gone and the future will one day be the present moment. Don’t waste your energy on something that hasn’t happened yet.

8. The perfection of the character is this: to live each day as if it were the last, without haste, without apathy, without pretension (Marc Aureli)

We need to slow down our pace of life and start to be aware of what is going on around us. It’s the real way to be a little happier.

9. Right now there is a lot of time. Right now you are exactly as you should be. Right now there is an endless possibility (Victoria Morgan)

The present moment is the only moment that really makes sense, and in which we must put all our energy. The future may or may not be what we think it is. However, if we want a better future, the present is where we need to work.

10. The mind is a flexible mirror, adjust it, to see the world better (Amit Ray)

We can change the way we think to see the world through different eyes. Eyes that allow us to be better. It just depends on us.

11. In mindfulness, compassion is essential because it helps us minimize the impact of negative things that happen to us. It is not a question of erasing the negative emotions that certain facts can provoke in us, but of reducing their intensity (Jonathan García-Allen)

Compassion is one of the key elements of mindfulness, and it is extremely beneficial for oneself to be treated well. It protects us from adversity.

12. Let go of your mind and then I know “Mindful”. Close your ears and listen (Rumi)

Our expectations dominate our thoughts and they make us have a biased view of the world. The mindfulness mindset allows us to be more realistic and see the world in a more adaptive and less painful way.

13. Life is a dance. Mindfulness is witness to this dance (Amit Ray)

Through meditation, we can move away from what is happening to us on a daily basis, to see it from a quieter place. It’s good for controlling emotions and making better decisions.

14. Don’t believe everything you think. Thoughts are just that: Thoughts (Allan Lokos)

We interpret the world based on what we already think. Include the practice of mindfulness in our daily lifeit helps you adopt this philosophy without judgment.

15. Response; no reaction. Listen; do not talk. he thinks; do not presume (Raji Lukkoor)

With full awareness we can let it go, because we observe the world without judging what is going on and put aside our expectations. For example, through active listening, we listen instead of hearing. This means that we pay attention to each other’s emotions and non-verbal language, rather than their words.

16. Meditation is the new mobile device; can be used anywhere, anytime, discreetly (Sharon Salzberg)

Meditation can be used anytime of the day and anywhere, and it’s a way to come back to the present moment and be calmer and more aware.

17. Mindfulness is not complicated, we just need to remember to do it (Sharon Salzberg).

Mindfulness is not difficult to apply, it only takes practice and discipline. It is the will that makes the difference.

18. Patience Has All The Time It Needs (Allan Lokos)

mindfulness it helps us to be patient and focus on the present rather than the expectations. Being patient is one of the great qualities that we humans can have.

19. My experience tells me that most things are not as bad as I thought they were (Mary Doria Russell)

Often we worry too much about things that haven’t happened yet. Being here and now is the best way to put those irrational thoughts aside. Inner peace is achieved through mindfulness.

20. It is curious that life, more empty, heavier (León Daudet)

A paradox that should make us think on the need to find oneself and have a relaxed and happy inner life.

21. We have two lives. The second begins when we realize that we only have one (Confucius)

The oriental philosopher also offers a curious paradox. It is only when we are aware of our existence that we begin to live according to our feelings.

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