The 23 best quotes from Plutarch

Plutarch (46 AD – 120), also known as Plutarch of Queronea when he finally obtained Roman citizenship, was an incredible Greek historian, thinker, biographer, and philosopher.

Plutarch was born in Queronea, Boeotia (a region that corresponds to present-day Western Greece). During his long life he traveled across the Mediterranean and studied rhetoric, philosophy and mathematics at the Athenian Academy.

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Famous phrases from Plutarch

His work was based on moralism, although he also developed theories and postulates in philosophy and history. He is considered one of the most influential Greek thinkers of all time. In today’s article let us know the work of this greek thinker through the best sentences of Plutarch.

1. Friendship is a pet, not a herd.

Being well surrounded does not depend on quantity, but on quality.

2. Patience has more power than strength.

Unmatched quality in human beings: step by step, we arrive safely.

3. An army of deer led by a lion is far more formidable than an army of lions led by a deer.

The importance of leadership is emphasized in this sentence from Plutarch.

4. Many things are things that time heals, and not things that reason arranges.

Any defeat can be mitigated by the simple passage of time.

5. The brain is not a glass to fill, but a light to be illuminated.

A brutal metaphor. Perhaps the most memorable famous quote from the Great Plutarch.

6. The omission of good is no less reprehensible than the commission of evil.

A maxim of his moral thoughts.

7. Moderate work strengthens the mind; and weakens it when it is excessive: just as moderate water nourishes plants and drowns them too much.

Moderation, in all facets of life, is the virtue of a balanced and balanced existence.

8. Spiders catch flies and let wasps run away.

For some reason, they won’t dare to fight with poisonous beings.

9. He who has many vices has many masters.

Vicious people are slaves to their bad habits.

10. Sometimes a joke, an anecdote, an insignificant moment, portrays us better as an illustrious man, than the greatest exploits or the bloodiest battles.

On the transcendence of small details.

11. There are such unjust husbands who demand from their wives a fidelity which they violate themselves, they are like generals who cowardly flee the enemy, who nevertheless want their soldiers to hold their place with courage.

On the dominant masculinity in marital relations of the time.

12. Hatred is a tendency to take every opportunity to harm others.

This is how Plutarch defined hatred.

13. I don’t need friends to change when I change and to settle down when I’m sitting down. My shadow makes it so much better.

One of those phrases from Plutarch in which he shows us the essence of friendship.

14. To enjoy all pleasures is foolish; avoid them, callous.

In moderation is virtue, according to the Greek philosopher.

15. A people who want to be happy does not need conquests.

Imperialism was born from an incomplete and unhappy society.

16. There are loves so beautiful that they justify all the madness they make you commit.

A romantic love phrase of great beauty and virtue.

17. He who enters the brambles and loves will enter when he wants, but will not go out when he wants.

Nice reflection to apply to our daily life.

18. Hunters catch hares with dogs; many men flatter the ignorant.

Parallelism which makes us understand that manipulation can generate followers.

19. To know how to speak, you must know how to listen.

A maxim of empathetic and effective communication, according to Plutarch.

20. The death of young people is a shipwreck. The old one is a berth in the harbor.

The naturalness of death can only be understood in old age. Everything else is dramatic.

21. Authority based on terror, violence, oppression is both a shame and an injustice.

About authoritarian rulers.

22. True friendship seeks three things: virtue, for honesty; dialogue, like a delight; and utility, as a necessity.

A summary of the three pillars of a beautiful friendship.

23. We must live, not just exist.

One of those phrases from Plutarch that urges us to live without fear.

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