The 30 best peace quotes

We live in a globalized world, where problems travel from one end of the planet to the other in seconds.. War conflicts, that is, wars, have plunged human beings into the deepest decline for centuries.

Even today, in the middle of the 21st century, peace is not present in all nations. Terrorism, armed conflicts, tensions between economic powers … A gloomy picture that causes death and suffering.

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    Phrases about peace that invite us to reflect

    It becomes necessary to create a compilation of phrases about peace. These famous quotes help us remember the meaning of harmony between civilizations, from the hand of writers, thinkers and poets from different backgrounds.

    Below we leave you the best famous phrases and quotes about peace, so that the message of reconciliation and brotherhood among peoples can spread.

    1. More than a thousand unnecessary words, one is worth peace (Buddha)

    A phrase from Buddha that puts peace before resentment.

    2. Peace is a gift from God and, at the same time, a task for all (John Paul II)

    The Pope thus draws the parallel between the responsibility of God and society.

    3. The most disadvantaged peace is better than the most just war (Erasmus of Rotterdam)

    In all situations, it is better to lower your arms and speak.

    4. Peace is not sold (good)

    The U2 singer is clear: there is no money to justify war.

    5. Peace is the target towards which they direct their attempt and the good to which all things aspire (Fra Luis de León)

    This should be our goal as human beings and as a society.

    6. Preparing for war is one of the most effective ways to keep the peace (George Washington)

    A sentence a little less pacifist than the previous ones. This introduces an interesting nuance that gives a lot to say in conversations between political scientists.

    7. When the power of love surpasses love in power, the world will know peace (Jimi Hendrix)

    Wars are often the result of an ambition for economic power.

    8. May the peace they proclaim with their words be the first in their hearts (Francis of Assisi)

    A prayer from the Italian saint.

    9. You cannot separate peace from freedom, for no one can be at peace without having their freedom (Malcolm X)

    The link between peace and freedom.

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    10. If you want peace, don’t talk to your friends, but to your enemies (Moshe Dayan)

    Communication between different people is what promotes understanding and harmony.

    11. If we want a world of peace and justice, we must put intelligence firmly at the service of love (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

    The author of The Little Prince, in this beautiful poetic sentence.

    12. He who has peace in his conscience has everything (Don Bosco)

    A phrase of peace pronounced by the Italian priest.

    13. There is no way to peace, peace is the way (Mahatma Gandhi)

    A standard-bearer of pacifism.

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    14. Everyone wants peace and to ensure it they manufacture more weapons than ever (Antonio Mingote)

    An ironic sentence that calls into question the defense strategy of the various states of the world.

    15. Peacekeeping begins with the self-satisfaction of each individual (Dalai Lama)

    A person with strong beliefs and values ​​cannot want war.

    16. If we want to enjoy peace, we must take care of our weapons; If we lay down our arms we’ll never have peace (Cicero)

    Another of those reflections that link the possession of weapons as a token of peace, even if it may seem counterintuitive.

    17. There is an extremely subtle and dangerous temptation to confuse peace with the mere absence of war, for example to be tempted to confuse health with absence of disease, or liberty and not imprisonment. The terminology is sometimes misleading. For example, the expression “peaceful coexistence” means absence of war and not true peace (Dominique Pire)

    A phrase that delves into the concept of peace.

    18. In international affairs, peace is a period of traps between two struggles (Ambrose Bierce)

    An extremely pessimistic view of times of peace.

    19. Armed peoples will never prosper (Nelson Mandela)

    The South African leader was clear: there can be no prosperity if the nation is based on violence.

    20. Peace is not the absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition to benevolence, trust and justice (Baruch Spinoza)

    Another possible definition of the concept.

    21. Peace begins with a smile (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

    With a positive gesture, they can close old wounds.

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    22. Peace is a state of mind that we do not need to meditate on: we only need to communicate with others without fear of being hurt (Jonathan García-Allen)

    The psychologist tells us how we can be happier.

    23. Peace cannot be maintained by force. This can only be achieved through understanding (Albert Einstein)

    Dialogue and trust seal harmony.

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    24. What is better poverty in peace than in the miserable riches of war (Lope de Vega)

    The Spanish writer preferred the security of peace to war surrounded by plenty.

    25. Never wear your best pants when fighting for peace and freedom (Henrik Johan Ibsen)

    Because you may have to work harder and fight more than you think.

    26. Without peace there will be no love (Bo Martínez)

    In times of war, even love is harmed.

    27. Before achieving world peace, we must find peace in the streets (Tupac Shakur)

    The American rapper has lived his entire life in ghettos. Hence his reflection.

    28. If everyone demanded peace instead of another television, then there would be peace (John Lennon)

    The Beatle was one of the most memorable pacifists.

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    29. If you come with wars, I shake your hand and say “peace! (Kase.O)

    The Zaragoza rapper in one of the most acclaimed phrases.

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    30. Dream of a world of love and peace, and we will make it happen (John Lennon)

    If we all pursue this goal, it will soon become a reality.

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