The 30 best quotes of Pablo Escobar, the most famous narco

Pablo Escobar Gaviria he was one of the most famous drug addicts in history, and although he died in 1993, his story continues to spark anticipation. Such is the case that a series telling his life story has recently aired.

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Famous quotes from Pablo Escobar

Throughout his life, Pablo Escobar made many appointments. In the following lines you can find some of the highlights of this dreaded character.

1. I must be shot and not be afraid … 30 shots, how a gangster should die

This character has always been surrounded by crime and drugs.

2. It makes no sense to keep making the rich richer

A few words related to the functioning of the oligarchy.

3. The mind is like a parachute, it is useless if it is not open

Mental flexibility is one of the greatest virtues that a human being can have.

4. Sugar kills, salt kills, motorcycles kill like a berraco, cars kill, planes kill, whiskey kills, cigarettes kills, marijuana, the cradle (transgenic cannabis) kills, cocaine kills. needs to be legalized and a really big deal is over

A meeting that refers to the legalization of drugs.

5. No business in Colombia takes more dollars from the United States than we drug traffickers.

Successful drug addicts have made a lot of money selling drugs.

6. Americans can build any walls they want, but this is where the cocaine will get them

The United States has always been a heavy consumer of Latin American drugs.

7. And observen, and critiquen, and envegen ia la fi et imiten

Some people, when they criticize, do it out of envy.

8. Why Bogota, if Medellin has it all

Pablo Escobar was known like the cartel of Medellín, place where it was born.

9. Mexican narcos don’t have a flag, they kill, kill and kill and they don’t know where they are going

Being a Colombian narco, he openly criticized Mexican narcos.

10. All danger turns into money

According to him, to make money, you have to take risks.

11. Stay close to your friends, but closer to your enemies

Better to have enemies nearby so you know what they’re doing.

12. Time is your partner’s time, you will see how you are wasting it

Time can work in our favor or against us.

13. Life should be lived irresponsibly, but responsibly

Escobar delivered this reflection on life

14. Drugs have killed more people than the FARC

Drugs, although they can make you feel good at first, are deadly.

15. There are three ways of doing things: right, wrong and how I do them.

Pablo Escobar saw himself as a different person, and that’s why he came to this.

16. The great homicide that I regret in life concerns the women we kill and Dr. Luis Carlos Galán

Pablo Escobar was not a saint, along the way I leave behind many lives.

17. Donald Trump is a miserable dog, he’s a fucking man full of money, full of hate

An iron critic of the current President of the United States.

18. If you need to have surgery on your wife to make her look better, start with heart surgery to treat her better.

Love for a woman is not just physical.

19. To the dog who has money, his name is Lord Dog

A polite way of saying miserable.

20. Medellin is a very beautiful city, but built on a cemetery, it is full of death, it was an orgy of blood

The class struggle has also claimed victims in Medellín.

21. Because of the chicken, I also eat the wings

A sentence that invites the reader to think deeply.

22. For me the most important thing after my mother is money and women

The narco made it clear what his preferences are in life.

23. The shit of asking for favors is when it’s time to pay them

Narcos can do favors, but when they don’t get them back, they usually know they’re getting them back.

24. I thought “El Chapo” was disciplined, but he’s just a big bandit

Escobar’s opinion on the Mexican narco.

25. So if half the world wants to kill me, we hire the other half of the world to defend me.

An ironic phrase intended for those who wanted to end narcotics.

26. For the politicians we have in Colombia, being a bandit is an honor

A critique of the Colombian political class and the way they steal from people.

27. The day you do something wrong, do it right, don’t be so stupid that you get caught

A play on words with a little humor.

28. This unfortunate dog is not going to come into this life to regret what he has just done to me

Sweeping wasn’t really good with people trying to play.

29. Think like a poor person and you will live like a poor person

A motivating quote from Escobar, in reference to the attitude.

30. Pay an advance

This is Escobar’s most legendary phrase. Or money or a blow.

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