The 31 best quotes from Steven Spielberg, a unique filmmaker

Steven spielberg (Cincinnati, 1946) is an American-born director, screenwriter, and producer. His cinematographic work is absolutely essential for understanding the cinema of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

A mass idol in Hollywood, popular culture holds a special place for Spielberg. Movies like ET the Alien, The Indiana Jones Saga, or Schindler’s List are part of the cultural collection of any moviegoer.

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Steven Spielberg’s best famous quotes

To review the trajectory and thinking of this phenomenal director, we set out to compile the best quotes from Steven Spielberg. He will talk to us about life, friendship and especially the seventh art.

1. I love the smell of movies.

A special way of approaching the emotions of cinema.

2. Every time I see a movie in the cinema, it’s magical, regardless of its plot.

In this sentence, Spielberg tells us about his unconditional love for everything that surrounds the seventh art.

3. I don’t think anyone in any world war considers themselves a hero.

Declared a pacifist, Spielberg opposed all imperialist wars in the United States.

4. We are all a different person every year. I don’t think we stay the same person all of our lives.

Change is the only thing permanent, as Heraclitus himself might say.

5. People have forgotten how to tell a story. The stories no longer have a knot and a result, but a beginning that never quite begins.

Famous quote that explores the vital story.

6. We have a long way to go to create the dreams that we can’t even imagine dreaming about.

Hardened dreamer’s phrase; absolutely necessary to build science fiction films with Spielberg’s clairvoyance.

7. In desperate times, desperate measures must be taken.

Phrase frequently used in political contexts.

8. People should look beyond television or the press. And weigh whether a leader speaks from the heart and fights for their own beliefs or just conveys the ideas of others.

About the ability to perceive real leadership.

9. Nothing I do as a filmmaker is motivated by awards. (…) It may seem like the prices are the icing on the cake, but for most of us, the icing just gets the job done.

A filmmaker as such shouldn’t have any form of recognition in mind.

10. It makes no sense for my country to trade with North Korea and China and not with Cuba.

On unequal treatment in the economic and trade policies of the United States, his country of origin.

11. War destroys the intellect. When this happens, it all boils down to a reaction and the person finds out who they really are more quickly.

The misery of war conflicts and their effects on the lives of victims.

12. Humor is important in politics, as in all aspects of life.

In fact, in almost all of his feature films, humor plays a major role.

13. Do you know? I don’t really look inside when I’m working on a project. Everything I am becomes what the film is. But I can change; You change.

Mutability across the needs of each argument.

14. A lot of my films are about what I wish the world had been, and that’s part of my art, which is ultimately an interpretive art.

Utopia and how to get there with a firm step.

15. I dream of living.

One of Steven Spielberg’s most beautiful and memorable quotes.

16. We have a long way to go to create the dreams that we can’t even imagine dreaming about.

Time, infinite and impassive, waits for us to take sides in the realization of our dreams.

17. Expect the best. There would be no progress if we think the glass is half empty and fear the worst. This has always been my philosophy: I am an optimist.

Optimistic phrase wherever they are.

18. I had been making a lot of 8mm home movies since I was twelve, doing little dramas and comedies with the kids in the neighborhood.

About his intrepid beginnings in the world of cinema.

19. So I try to reinvent my own eye each time I do it in front of a new subject. But it’s difficult, because everyone has style. I can not help it.

The aesthetic vices and obsessions still remain there.

20. Most of my assumptions about a production are generally incorrect.

When approaching a new project, most preconceived ideas come together in reality.

21. Popular movements are very important because they give voice to issues and people want representatives who voice their issues. In fact, America was created by a grassroots movement, which came from the bottom up.

A reflection by Steven Spielberg on social and political movements.

22. I am not very interested in making money.

Despite this phrase, Spielberg is one of the directors who has benefited the most from his career.

23. One of my daughters is a competition rider, we live with horses, we have stables on our property. But I don’t add up. I watch and worry.

An adorable phrase about the love of your daughters.

24. I didn’t take any poetry license with ‘The Schindler’s List’, because it was a historical document, actually.

About the rawness of the film.

25. If I weren’t a director, I would like to be a film composer.

With this pretty sentence, Steven Spielberg makes us understand that his passion is cinema.

26. I interviewed the survivors, I went to Poland, I saw the towns and I spent time with the people and I spoke to the Jews who had returned to Poland after the war and I explained why they had returned.

About the filming of The Schindler’s List.

27. Documentary is the first line of teaching and the second line is dramatization, like “The Pacific”.

Another of his films with a great dramatic component.

28. There is a very fine line between censorship and good taste and moral responsibility.

In times of turbulence, it is difficult to discern between freedom of speech and responsibility in one’s own words or actions.

29. A lot of the films I’ve made probably would have worked just as well 50 years ago, and that’s precisely why I have a lot of old school values.

His work is certainly timeless and imperishable.

30. My father took me to my first movie.

Recalling his early childhood with those who discovered his passion.

31. When war breaks out, two things happen: the profits far outweigh any perishable goods. It becomes a market for them.

On the real cause of most wars.

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