The 35 best hippie quotes about peace and love

The hippie movement was born in the 60s in the United States and was very influential in American politics, law and everyday life.

It was born because young people began to think about the social values ​​of that time, which led to a new counter-culture that demanded peace, love and freedom in a world where guns and money played a role. a major role. Although the hippie movement does not have the same strength as it did then, it still has followers today.

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Hippie phrases about peace, love and freedom

The values ​​and principles of this counter-culture should be part of the ideas of all human beings, for we would surely live in a better world if this were the case. In the following lines you can find a list of hippie phrases.

1. Love and peace and nothing else

The world would be a much better place if we heeded that phrase.

2. make love, not war

Quite a classic. We have put our weapons aside to make way for peace and love.

3. Without love there will be no peace

A quote that refers to nobility and altruism.

4. Before achieving peace in the world, we must find peace in the streets.

For there to be peace in the world, there must first be peace among the peoples.

5. Forbidden to forbid

A pun with great hippie meaning and it was one of the major mottos of May 68.

6. True freedom consists in the absolute domination of oneself.

You can’t be free if you don’t connect with yourself and follow your own path.

7. Dream of a world of love and peace, and we will make it happen

A beautiful quote from John Lennon, one of the members of the famous British band The Beatles.

8. I would like to live in a world where guns will fire chocolate bullets.

An ingenious phrase that invites you to lay down your arms and seek peace.

9. Learn as if you are going to live your whole life and live as if you are going to die tomorrow.

A meeting that invites you to experience the present, in connection with yourself.

10. You cannot separate peace from freedom, for no one can be at peace without having their freedom.

Peace and freedom go hand in hand and are essential in hippie culture.

11. In international affairs, peace is a period of traps between two struggles.

Sometimes peace is just a period of rest between wars.

12. There is no way to peace, peace is the way

Peace must be the only option to live in harmony.

13. Peace begins with a smile

Peace begins with love and ends with love.

14. When asked about a weapon capable of countering the power of the atomic bomb, I came up with the best of all:

The best weapon to win a war is peace.

15. If you want peace, work for justice

Peace will not come alone, so we must do our part to achieve it.

16. Man is born free, responsible and without excuses

Even if society conditions us, man is born free and then enslaved.

17. Let no one be mistaken that the mere absence of war, while so desired, is synonymous with real peace.

The absence of war can be a mere mirage.

18. Give peace a chance

We should try to live in peace for a while. The problem is that some would take advantage of this situation.

19. Solidarity and peace go hand in hand

Solidarity is the principle of peace in the world.

20. If you want justice, defend life

Hippie culture rejected conflict and wanted a world at peace.

21. It is not enough to talk about peace, we must believe in it and work to achieve it.

Peace does not come by magic, we must mobilize to achieve it.

22. Peace, love and happiness for all

A deep reflection of the great Jimmy Hendrix

23. If everyone demanded peace instead of another television, then there would be peace.

Another legendary phrase from musician John Lennon

24. There is no real peace, but it is accompanied by equity, truth, justice and solidarity.

Peace is the sum of all these values. We should all apply them.

25. If we want to enjoy peace, we must take care of our weapons; if we lay down our arms we will never have peace

Weapons are not compatible with peace. Where there are weapons, there is repression.

26. There is no freedom, but the pursuit of freedom, and it is this pursuit that sets us free

We cannot be obsessed with finding freedom, but connect with the present moment and be free.

27. If we want a world of peace and justice, we must resolutely put intelligence at the service of love

The only way to find peace is to use intelligence, not weapons.

28. Peace cannot be maintained by force. This can only be achieved by understanding

Arms and peace are not compatible. It is only with love that it is possible to achieve peace.

29. If you want the world to change, start with yourself

Each of us must put our grain of sand in to make the world a better place.

30. You don’t need a sword to cut flowers

A beautiful reflection which comes to say that weapons are not necessary to achieve peace.

31. If we only need peace in order to love each other, we leave everything else aside

It’s simple, but we must strive to achieve harmony among civilizations.

32. Wars, violence, abuse … when will we learn that it gets nowhere?

Looking the other way won’t make the picture any more encouraging.

33. If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with him. Then he becomes your partner (Nelson Mandela)

Great reflection from one of the most acclaimed pacifist leaders.

34. Everyone wants peace and to guarantee it, they manufacture more weapons than ever (Antonio Mingote)

A horrible paradox which tells us about the misery of our time.

35. the law subdues, the birds want to escape … (Kase.O)

The rapper from Zaragoza, under the yoke of the rules.

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