The 55 best laughs (about life)

Humor is one of the best ways to manage life, and laughter has many benefits for us. In fact, several studies have found evidence that influences our mental and physical health.

Among the positive consequences of laughter, it generates certain hormones in our body that give us happiness and good humor.

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Laughing phrases that can brighten up your day

Realizing these advantages, in this article we have prepared a list of laughter phrases. They are as follows.

1. Do not depend on anyone in this world, for even your shadow leaves you when you are in darkness!

Emotional addiction is not good for us because it negates us as people.

2. Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects

Laughter is a good form of therapy, this is called laughter therapy.

3. Better late, because in the morning I sleep

A humorous way to change the phrase “Better late than never”

4. Humor is the reason life has gone crazy

A quote from Groucho Marx, to try to define, in a funny way, what humor is.

5. Save water. Don’t shower alone

If two people shower together, the water bill will notice.

6. I don’t know if I should cut my veins or leave them for a long time

A funny quote that deals with a very serious subject: suicide.

7. When I grow up I want to be a chaplain. They live like God!

Chaplains live in the service of the Lord and perform acts of worship in religion.

8. I don’t think the friendship between man and dog would be lasting if the dog’s meat was edible.

Evelyn Waught, uttered this ingenious phrase about the relationship between people and dogs.

9. Why will the gelatin shake? Does he know what awaits him?

Referring to whether the gelatin is shaking in fear because they are going to eat it.

10. Absolute truth does not exist and it is absolutely true

A pun on absolute truth.

11. Telling the truth can be done by any idiot. It takes imagination to lie

A funny line from Jaume Perich, who was a Spanish writer, designer and actor.

12. You have to lick to wet it, you have to suck to stop it, you have to push to put it on, How hard it is to put the thread in a needle!

It may seem like this phrase has to do with sex, but it actually refers to putting a thread through a needle.

13. In this lifetime, they don’t forgive you if you stop winning, and they hate you if you still win.

Former Real Madrid player and former coach Jorge Valdano uttered the very waxy phrase.

14. The wise speak because they have something to say. Fools talk because they have to say something

An ironic phrase from the great philosopher Plato.

15. I never forget a face, but with you I will make an exception

A sentence that is addressed to someone who loves us very much.

16. No one dies because of a lot of work, but it is better not to take risks

An irony on the job. Work seriously damages health.

17. Blessed are those who expect nothing, for they will never be disappointed

When you don’t have goals or expectations, you don’t fail.

18. The confusion is very clear

A sentence that uses two antonyms: confusion and clarity.

19. Why can there be the same magazine in the bathroom for years to come and we don’t care?

An existential question that can leave you sleepless for a day.

20. What is the tense of the verb “should not have passed”? Imperfect condom?

A joke on the tense of the verb “it was a mistake”.

21. I wanted to kill myself by taking 100 aspirins, but when I only used the second I felt so much better

Aspirin helps fight pain. This sentence is a joke about this drug.

22. Why do I need to access the Start button to turn off Windows?

A curiosity that many of you surely had not considered.

23. Laz drojaz and buelben vruto

A reflection with a touch of irony on the consumption of frogs.

24. My wife betrayed me a week ago and my horns still haven’t come out … Will I run out of calcium?

One way to take an infidelity with humor.

25. And tell me … is the dog mine?

This phrase can be applied when the story is not with you.

26. If you find your boyfriend with another woman, take a deep breath and stay calm, so you don’t fail when you shoot.

Again, a joke of infidelity.

27. Why when we take a box of medicine, no matter how many turns we give it, do we always open it on the wrong side and the leaflet appears folded here?

Something that has surely happened to all of us at some point.

28. If I saw you I don’t remember, if I undress you … I don’t forget!

It can be used when you like a person and find them attractive.

29. Love is a beautiful thing … until your wife (or husband) surprises you

A joke about marriage and the marital relationship.

30. I have to go to the ophthalmologist, but I never see the moment

A meeting with a nice touch of humor.

31. More money, less knowledge and more friendships

When you have money, you have friends everywhere.

32. While passing an exam I remembered you, now I remember why I failed

Sometimes when you think so much about that person you love, you find it hard to concentrate, even studying or taking an exam.

33. Little by little flee from temptations, so that they overtake you

In reality, the opposite must be done.

34. Military intelligence is two contradictory terms

Groucho Marx using a joke about the military’s lack of intelligence. Obviously, this statement is not true.

35. If you want women to follow you, get up!

Referring to the fact that you don’t have to attack anyone and that you need to be valued.

36. Don’t think badly of me, miss, my interest in you is purely sexual

Groucho Marx. Again, one of his jokes that can deceive someone. But it’s just a joke.

37. The main thing to get a degree as an otolaryngologist is to learn the word

A joking quote about the length of the word otolaryngologist

38. You stumble upon your stepmom holding a knife 23 times in a row and everyone says you’re a killer

The relationship with the in-laws can sometimes be complicated.

39. You are the light that illuminates my life, I hope you do not melt!

A phrase that is both romantic and funny.

40. I took an intelligence test and it gave negative results

This means that you are not, precisely, an intelligent person.

41. Stupidity is the strangest disease, the sick never suffer, those who really suffer are others

A version of Albert Einstein’s legendary phrase.

42. My God, give me patience, ‘But give me now !!

Ask for patience without having a little.

43. Don’t take life seriously, in the end you won’t make it out alive

A beautiful reality that it is better to take the pussy.

44. If the drunks had control, we would have doubled everything

As for the blurry vision that people suffer from when they get drunk.

45. Do you know the difference between toilet paper and bath curtains? No. Go where, so it was you!

A joke that can be used with a friend or family member.

46. ​​Take advice on wine, but then decide with water

Drinking alcohol does not encourage decision making.

47. Do young children enjoy adultery as much as adults?

A funny phrase about infidelity.

48. In fact, turtles can fly, what happens is that they are so slow that they cannot take off.

A joke about turtles and their slowness.

49. Men would lie much less if women did not ask so much

One way to excuse some men who lie.

50. When one is expelled, where does he go?

Casillas means “house”.

51. If the study grows, let the dwarves study

studying makes us grow as people, even if that phrase is ridiculed for that.

52. Make a politician work. I have no votes!

Politicians do not have a very good reputation these days.

53. Money is important, health comes and goes

A sentence which is not true, but which is funny.

54. The first day I saw you, I threw myself at your feet and not because I wanted you, but because I slipped

A certainly unfortunate fall.

55. The important thing is not to win, but to make the other lose

One way of saying the same thing, but in other words.

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