The 60 best phrases of William Morris

William Morris was an architect, textile master, writer and socialist activist in the UK, he was known for being part of the British Arts and Crafts movement and for being a strong advocate of traditional textile art from craft production, as well as pursue the conservation of the civil and religious architectural heritage of your country.

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    William Morris’ most memorable phrases

    Art can be in many things and can convey different messages, as we will see below in William Morris’s sentences on art and society.

    1. History has remembered kings and warriors because they destroyed; art reminded people because they created.

    Art tells us about people’s ability to create in all circumstances.

    2. A good way to get rid of a feeling of discomfort is to do something about it.

    Art is a great form of emotional catharsis.

    3. With the arrogance of youth, I decided to do nothing less than transform the world into beauty.

    The artists’ revolt consists in creating their own construction of an ideal world.

      4. There are people to whom the simple act of breathing seems to bring joy.

      Appreciating the little things in life makes us more positive.

      5. The true secret of happiness is to take a sincere interest in all the details of daily life.

      Be grateful and appreciate whatever makes us smile.

      6. I want no more art for a few than education for a few, or freedom for a few.

      He was looking for an art that everyone could like or relate to.

      7. Don’t have anything in your house that doesn’t seem useful or beautiful to you.

      One of her best tips is that our happiness begins at home.

      8. The reward of work is life. Isn’t that enough?

      The opportunity to live as we have always dreamed of.

      9. It took me years to realize that words are often as important as experience, because words make the experience last.

      Words can leave a trail of positivity or resentment in their wake.

      10. As long as the system of competition in the production and exchange of the means of life continues, the degradation of the arts will continue.

      Critique the commercial interest in art, which has prevailed until today.

      11. Truly, brethren, fellowship is heaven, and lack of fellowship is hell.

      Showing his religious side, a very important part for him.

      12. There is not a square mile of the habitable surface of the earth which is not beautiful in its own way, if men deliberately refrain from destroying this beauty.

      Nature is there to teach us that the simple things are the most beautiful and the most necessary.

      13. Doing nothing but complaining and not taking action is wasting your life.

      When you have a negative outlook, it is impossible to enjoy life.

      14. I cannot approach politico-social subjects with interest, because in general I see that things get tangled up, and I have neither the power nor the vocation to arrange them a minimum.

      Talk about their position on the politics of their country.

      15. My work is the embodiment of dreams in one way or another.

      Bring a part of your imagination to the world.

      16. A man who works, does something which he feels will exist because he works at it and wants to do it, exerts the energies of his mind and soul as well as those of his body.

      Everything we do is valuable.

      17. Give me love and work, those two only.

      The things that keep people alive.

      18. I want a real revolution, a real change in society.

      Throughout his career, Morris has acted in favor of beneficial change for people in society.

      19. We live in a time when we are fighting against commercialism, or a system of reckless waste, and communism, or a system of neighborhood common sense.

      Both political and cultural positions of his time.

      20. The past is not dead, it lives in us, and it will be alive in the future that we are helping to make.

      The past cannot be erased and you have to know it so as not to repeat the same mistakes.

      21. It is our childish part that produces the works of imagination.

      That’s why many artists always encourage us not to give up our childhood innocence.

        22. If a guy can’t compose an epic poem by weaving a tapestry, he better shut up, he’ll never be of any use.

        Appreciate art as a part of life above all other work.

        23. Art made by people for people, as a joy for the creator and the user.

        The main focus of his art. Creations where people feel close.

        24. I walk for you, so let’s go hand in hand. You help me and I help you.

        One of the fundamental foundations of any couple relationship is mutual assistance in their projects.

        25. No pattern should be without some type of meaning.

        For Morris, any artistic approach is full of meaning.

        26. Let tomorrow cross its own rivers.

        Do you think the future is already written?

        27. I love art and I love history, but it’s living art and living history that I love.

        Art and history that tell the real experiences of people.

        28. The heart desires, the hand forbears. Divinity ignites, the soul reaches.

        It is normal to constantly fight with our heart or our reason.

        29. Free men should live simple lives and have simple pleasures.

        The simple things bring us calm and satisfaction, instead of the chaos of always wanting more.

        30. If I were asked to say what is both the most important production of Art and the most desired, I would answer: A beautiful house.

        Our house is our greatest artistic creation.

        31. There is no single policy that one can quote and say: this is what built Morris’ business. I think I had to make no less than a thousand decisions in each of the last ten years.

        Success does not come from one thing, it is from a succession of steps and choices that we make.

        32. I am going, if I can, to be an architect, and I am already too old, and there is no time to waste.

        It’s never too late to do something you want to do.

        33. I can’t assume there’s anyone here who thinks it’s a good life, or a fun life, to sit in front of someone doing nothing, to live like a gentleman, like say the fools.

        I disagree with the conformists.

        34. Your hearts clarify everything in the best possible way And the world you thought was dying is glorious and good…

        We have the ability to see the world with a more beautiful touch.

        35. As happy as we are, times can change.

        Nothing is guaranteed in this life.

        36. It is right and necessary that everyone should do work that is worthwhile and pleasant to do, and that it be done under conditions that are neither excessively tiring nor excessively anxious.

        The real goal that we must all pursue and have the opportunity to achieve.

        37. If others can see it as I saw it, then it can be called a vision instead of a dream.

        The need for someone else to understand our ideas.

        38. The success of a business is the result of the proportion of good decisions made by the responsible executive.

        A company must be led by a good leader who manages to unite the individual skills of his team.

        39. To speak of inspiration is pure nonsense; there is something like that. It’s just a matter of craftsmanship.

        Yes, the inspiration exists, but we can’t wait for it to come to create.

        40. The simplicity of life, even the simplest, is not misery, but the very foundation of refinement.

        We tend to believe that the more we have, the more we are. Which is a misconception.

        41. If I have succeeded in any way, even in a small corner of the world, among the men and women I love, then I will consider myself blessed, blessed and blessed, and the work keep on going

        Success is different for everyone because it is a personal goal.

        42. The greatest enemy of art is luxury, art cannot live its ambiance there

        Many creators agree that luxury is the most harmful thing that exists for art.

          43. It is in the interests of living art and living history that I oppose so-called restoration.

          Against the restoration of the original parts, because it loses its history.

          44. Artists cannot help themselves; they are driven to create by their nature, but for that nature to truly flourish, we must preserve the precious habitat in which this beauty can flourish.

          We all need to help conserve the nature that shelters us and inspires us to create.

          45. There’s no excuse for doing something that isn’t surprisingly beautiful.

          Beauty is something that appears in open-minded people.

          46. ​​We won’t be here long… so let’s help each other out as much as we can.

          Do something good, not for a reward, but for the satisfaction of helping.

          47. If you can’t learn to love real art, at least learn to hate fake art.

          You don’t have to be an art lover to appreciate the work of artists who put their hearts into it.

          48. Are our hands not yet found, since we are still living today, forgetting June, forgetting May, considering sweet October?

          The love that does not know where it is going.

          49. When we were kids, time passed so slowly with us that it seemed like we had time for everything.

          Undoubtedly, something that we all miss as adults.

          50. With the work of man, nothing should be done that is not worthwhile, or that should be done with degrading work for those who do it.

          Advising us to look for what fulfills us and not to waste time with what makes us unhappy.

          51. Society, a great organic mass of well-regulated forces which serve to bring about a happy life for all.

          Society is there to contribute to our own identity, even if we don’t always have to cling to it.

          52. Memory and imagination help him while he works.

          Looks perfect when you do what you love.

          53. I don’t remember being taught to read, and when I was seven I read a lot of books, good, bad, and indifferent.

          A perfect example that you have to be self-taught.

          54. We will only be happy if we live like good animals, if we enjoy the exercise of the ordinary functions of life: eating, sleeping, loving, walking, running, swimming, riding a horse, sailing.

          Happiness is about finding harmony with the natural things around us.

          55. Besides the desire to produce beautiful things, the main passion of my life has been and still is the hatred of modern civilization.

          To be against the consumerism that invaded his world.

          56. Dreamer of dreams, born out of my time, Why should I strive to straighten the crooked?

          A description of himself, as he was perceived.

          57. Love is enough: though the world declines and the forests have no voice but the voice of complaints.

          Many people’s dissatisfactions and pains are due to the lack of love in their lives.

          58. No man is good enough to possess another.

          No one has the right to control the life of another.

          59. The jewels of life are not tied in a single thread.

          Life is never static so it can always surprise us.

          60. This restless and unsatisfied feeling is a real force that vibrates in a disorderly way; it can be converted into a practical narrative by giving adequate expression to its creative character.

          We can use chaos to create our own personal order from our ideas.

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