The 70 best Brazilian proverbs (translation and meaning)

Brazil is a country in South America Latin influences, and mainly Portuguese, were the main causes that the official language of the country was Portuguese.

In antiquity this nation was inhabited only by natives, but from the year 1500, the Portuguese discovered this country and after the call of the treaty of tordesillas, they annexed this region to the kingdom of Portugal. Brazil achieved its desired independence in the year 1822, but the customs, language and culture of the Portuguese were forever linked to this great nation.

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    Brazilian proverbs and their meaning

    Would you like to know the most used and famous proverbs in Brazil?

    Below you can enjoy the 70 best Brazilian proverbsMany of them were shared with this people by Portuguese or Spaniards and others are typical of their own culture. We hope you enjoy them.

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    1. I’m talking about bad rent. The pan tells him the pot.

    We should not complain about others if we are not a good reference ourselves.

    2. Good hunger does not exist in the form of hard bread. I am hungry and there is hard bread.

    When you are really hungry, you can eat it all.

    3. Those who get up early, God help / God help those who get up early. Hello, may God help you.

    Those who get up early to work are more likely to thrive.

    4. From grain to grain, the hen fills the potato. Every day, put a grain and you will make a lot.

    We will gradually reach our goal.

    5. The more I know you, the more I admire you, puppies. The more you know men, the more you admire dogs.

    People have a lot of negatives, but dogs will always be 100% honest with us.

    6. Those who don’t take risks don’t win. Which does not risk Ghana.

    To make a profit, we will almost always have to risk some of our wealth.

    7. Halfway, halfway started. The truck has started and it’s halfway there.

    The sooner we start walking, the sooner we will reach our destination.

    8. Money is called money. Money calls for money.

    When we have initial capital, it is easier to multiply that capital.

    9. All that glitters is not gold. I don’t pray for everything you see.

    Things may not be as easy as they seem.

    10. I don’t like to argue. Regarding tastes, nothing is written.

    Each person’s tastes are unique, we each have our own.

    11. God gives bread to him who has no teeth. God of bread who has no teeth.

    Sometimes life can seem really unfair, it’s something that usually happens.

    12. It is worth less than nothing. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

    It is always better to have even a little, than to have nothing at all.

    13. Dog that barks, does not bite. A dog that barks does not bite.

    The one who is very threatening usually does not have the courage to act.

    14. The dish you eat is worthless / Not worth anything / I don’t care. Not worth a pucho / I care about a pucho.

    Something that does not interest us or is of no value to us.

    15. A swallow does not make summer. A swallow in summer does.

    Things may not be what they appear to be.

    16. He who does not kill grows fat. The one who does not kill gets fat.

    If eating something is not harmful to our health, that food will always be positive for us.

    17. Tell me how your walk is. I’ll tell you who your walk is. Tell me who you’re going with and I’ll tell you who you are.

    Our friendships largely determine who we are in society.

    18. Whoever laughs at last laughs the best. Whoever laughs last laughs the best.

    The last to laugh is the one who emerges victorious from a problem.

    19. The habit does not make the monk. The habit is not for the monk.

    Our appearance does not determine who we really are.

    20. When the cat is away, the rats are having a party. When the cat is away, the mice go their separate ways.

    When the one monitoring an environment is not doing his job, others will be able to do whatever they want.

    21. The old horse does not learn a new trot. Knight does not learn new trots.

    Those who are already very old will have a harder time learning something new. This is something that many of us can see in our seniors.

    22. The donated horse does not look at the teeth. The royal horse does not look at its teeth.

    If they give us a little bit of it for free, no matter how bad it is, it will always be a benefit to us.

    23. The best perfumes are in the smallest bottles. Fine fragrances come in small containers.

    Smaller containers usually contain the more expensive products, which is commonly said to short people.

    24. Hurry up to eat raw. Some eat it raw.

    If you are in a hurry, it is best not to waste time.

    25. A bird is better in the hand than 2 in flight. A bird in hand is better than 2.

    It is better to stick with something safe, than not to take risks. Taking a risk can lead us to nothing more.

    26. The costume of the house goes to the square. The custom of the house goes on the square.

    These customs that we have in private, we will usually also manifest them in public.

    27. Who warns the friend. He who warns is a friend.

    What he warns is not treacherous, if they warn us of something, we must heed it.

    28. Ment vazia office of the devil. Empty mind, devil’s office.

    People who are not very smart tend to have more problems.

    29. Haste is the enemy of perfection. Haste is the enemy of perfection.

    In order to be able to do something more effectively, we must not be in a hurry.

    30. Mana quem podi obeeix quem tem juizo. Command who can, obey the one who has judgment.

    If we cannot take control, we must know how to stay in the background.

    31. Better safe than sorry. Prevention is better than cure.

    Acting as quickly as possible will help us reduce a bad future.

    32. He who knocks forgets he who knocks does not. Who knocked, forget who knocked.

    One who has repeatedly abused others usually does not remember all the abuses he commits.

    33. Pepper in the eyes 2 more is refreshing. Pepper in the eyes of others is soda.

    If others have been injured, we will have to walk carefully.

    34. Don’t storm with a glass of water. There will be no storm on a nautical boat.

    We must not exaggerate things, we must stay calm.

    35. Son of a fish, the goldfish is. Such a stick, such a shine.

    Parents and children with the same profession or ability.

    36. The discovery is not stolen. If you find something, you can fall.

    What we find lying in the street does not belong to anyone.

    37. What the eye does not see, the heart does not hear. Eyes that don’t come, a heart that doesn’t feel.

    If our lover does not discover an infidelity, he will not be able to act on it.

    38. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Don’t leave it to the man you can make today.

    We need to seize the moment and do all the work we can today.

    39. He who loves the ugly and the beautiful seems to him. Whoever loves it, looks good and looks good.

    Value someone’s personality more than someone’s beauty. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

    40. Laughter is the best medicine. Reing everything is healed.

    Laughter is certainly the best medicine, it relieves any pain that we have.

    41. There are no roses without thorns. There are no roses without thorns.

    In order to get something very beautiful or very precious, we will always have to suffer to get it.

    42. Union is strength. Unity is strength.

    People acting in groups are much more powerful.

    43. Who like iron hurts, like iron will be designated. Whoever hurts with an iron is injured with an iron.

    If we hurt others, they can hurt us as well.

    44. He who does not have a dog hunts with a cat. I didn’t have a dog, I hunted with a cat.

    We must know how to use all the resources at our disposal.

    45. The old monkey does not jump on a dry branch. An old monkey does not jump on dry branches.

    But the devil knows how old he is older than the devil. Experience is certainly a diploma in life.

    46. ​​Each game has a real background. Every joke has something to do with the truth.

    Knowing how to read between the lines will allow you to know the true intentions of a person.

    47. He who waits always reaches. The one who waits always arrives.

    If we are patient, we will achieve our goal.

    48. The rope always bursts on the weaker side. The rope always breaks on the weaker side.

    The most fragile bond is always the first to break, knowing how to identify it can save us many problems in life.

    49. Hope is the last to die. Hope is the last to be pierced.

    Hope is necessary for success in life, we must never lose it.

    50. Behind a great man there is always a great woman. Behind an old man there is always an old woman.

    A saying that contains a great truth, every great man always achieves his goal because a great woman was able to influence positively.

    51. Do not count chicks until after they are born. No lice count before birth.

    We must not sell the skin of the bear before hunting it, we must not advance the consequences. We have to learn to be more careful.

    52. He who has a mouth goes to Rome. Ask if you are going to Rome.

    If we never ask, we’ll get the answer we need.

    53. At night, all cats are brown. Every night all cats are brown.

    Night can confuse us and make us believe that something is different.

    54. Here it looks like a wind, a storm. He who sows the winds gathers storms.

    What we do to society is what society will pay us with. Our actions determine our future.

    55. The end justifies the means. The fin justifies the means.

    To achieve a very precious end, we must do what is necessary.

    56. When one does not want, two do not fight. They are forced to dance a tango.

    In order to perform certain activities, we must be several people. Some things we cannot do on our own.

    57. A book cannot be judged by its cover. You can’t read a book for your cover.

    Appearances can be deceptive, you have to really know someone to be able to judge them properly.

    58. In a closed mouth, no fly enters. In the tight mouth, no flies.

    It is better not to say something that can leave us visible. Don’t say anything that can’t improve the silence.

    59. The last will be the first. The last will be the first.

    That luck accompanies us is essential to be able to succeed in our exercise, this fact is something that can allow the latter to reach a place, to have a greater benefit than those who were before.

    60. The more you have, the more you want. The more you have, the more you want.

    Human beings always want to have more, more goods, more luxury and more pleasures.

    61. To understand us, a few words suffice. Lots of understanding, just a few words.

    If the other person understands what we mean, we may need very few words to understand each other.

    62. It is better to give than to receive. Better give that receipt.

    Generosity is a very beneficial quality and speaks very positively about us.

    63. Do good, without looking at who. They do and you don’t watch who.

    For society to improve, we must all do good in our lives.

    64. He who sleeps a lot learns little. Those who sleep a lot learn little.

    In order to learn, we will have to study for it. Studying can be quite a daunting task and will require our dedication.

    65. Step by step you walk a good time a day. Step by step you walk every day a good day.

    With our strength of will and perseverance, we will be able to achieve our goal.

    66. What is bitter May 12th. What is sweet has never turned bitter.

    No one says they can’t experience real pleasure. Some things cannot be dismissed.

    67. No one is a prophet in your country. No one is a prophet in his country.

    To be successful in our profession, it is very likely that we will have to travel.

    68. Here and there, more fairies there. Here and there, bad fairies there.

    There are problems everywhere, as they would say in Spain: beans are cooked everywhere.

    69. He who covers a lot embraces little. He who kisses a lot, kisses a little.

    To be more effective, we need to focus all of our strength and concentration on a specific task.

    70. Anyone who takes shortcuts gets to work. He gets to work, he gets to work.

    Trying to skip steps to reach a goal can eventually result in a penalty. It is better to be careful and leave nothing to chance. Easy paths do not exist.

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