The 70 best famous phrases of Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol and Sáez (1980), brother of Marc Gasol also known, is a basketball player famous for being the second Spaniard to play in the NBA after Fernando Martin.

Without a doubt, he was one of the best players to ever leave Spain and has a simply incredible record: Olympic medalist, world champion and gold medalist on the Eurobasket. In addition to having been NBA champion twice.

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    Great phrases of Pau Gasol

    But the strong point of this great player is undoubtedly his values, his respect and his humility which he has shown throughout his working life. Want to know a little more about their experiences and opinions? therefore Here are the 70 best famous phrases of Pau Gasol, A myth of international basketball.

      1. Michael Jordan always said you have to play every game like it’s the last of your career. There might be a spectator in the stands standing here to see you and just have that chance to do it. In this situation, it is best to follow this basic principle.

      He has always declared himself a die-hard Jordan fan, a very good example.

      2. Some days it will rain and other days the sun will rise, but you have to be there.

      Consistency is something we all have to practice, we have to be persistent.

      3. We got stronger after these ups and downs, and in the end we got through adversity.

      Faced with any situation, you have to know how to overcome and move forward, Gasol encourages us to do so in this meeting.

      4. If you get to the final and lose it, bad; if you don’t get it, bad. It’s worth winning, we have a competitive and ambitious team.

      Sometimes when everything seems against us, it’s enough to fight for victory.

      5. It’s an amazing feeling and now we are starting to believe it. We can’t wait to experience this magical moment.

      If we achieve the long-awaited victory, we must also know how to take advantage of it.

      6. To win the championship would be amazing, a huge dream. I don’t even want to think about the possibility of losing the final: it would be a disaster, a catastrophe.

      The ambitions of this great player have always been at the top.

      7. I used to go to matches thinking we were going to lose. Now I do it with the idea of ​​winning in mind.

      In his career, he has seen them in all colors, winning is a question of dedication.

      8. NBA suggest show me is the best league in the world, a myth. For me it’s a dream, but I like to think of it as a long term goal.

      Reaching our goals may take time, but they are always exciting.

      9. This team would never play losing or speculating. We are a champion team who have won a lot and we never consider that possibility.

      Attitude is something we need to face our fears, without it it will be very difficult to come and conquer them.

      10. Without me, the national team can continue to fight for the medals, there is the quality of the envelopes.

      Gasol’s humility has always been a key element of this player.

      11. Failure is part of life. I like to learn from what I am going through and use it in the future. This experience will help me grow. Failure will make me better. Defeat makes you work for a better result.

      Our failures make us the man we will be tomorrow, how we use them is up to us.

      12. Well, with the mastery demonstrated in the preparation and in the championship, it was difficult to go a thousand. Psychologically, you relax. In other championships, we have gone more and more by putting ourselves in a situation of elimination even before reaching the quarter-finals. In this championship, we have given a great feeling of superiority.

      Sometimes sport, like work, shows us its most grateful aspect, the reward for our efforts.

      13. They were different parties. It was a bummer not having a good game in Sacramento to win after so much effort. Going to Memphis later and losing to a harder, deeper team was disappointing. We were lucky and didn’t make it, but we bounced back in Dallas and that was the positive of the road trip. Let’s see if we can continue like this.

      We must always move forward with our minds determined to achieve our goals.

      14. I didn’t come to the NBA to be one more, I want to be successful here. Why should I be afraid of being compared to Fernando Martín?

      Gasol came to the NBA ready to succeed, no one was going to snatch his victory from him.

      15. I just congratulate him for receiving such an important award so early, before he won a championship, although I think they could have waited a few years to give him such an award and have rewarded an athlete with a much longer and longer prize. more worked-out career, I think. (On the attribution of the Prince of Asturias Prize for Sport 2005 to Fernando Alonso)

      This appointment was a bit controversial at the time, but without a doubt this great player showed his diplomacy to know how to pass his opinion.

      16. Adversity is a part of life and sport, and how we are prepared to face it can determine our future, and what is certain is that if we face it with determination we will have more chances to recover and triumph.

      Knowing how to redo in difficult times is something we all need to know how to do, athletes and individuals alike.

      17. The big difference is the physical appearance, there (in the NBA) they are faster and jump a lot more, but I think there is not an excessive difference in the quality of the players. Every season there are more European players in the NBA and several of them are clear starters in their teams.

      Gradually, European players gain notoriety in the famous American league.

      18. I’m a player who works a lot harder when we’re not in the regular season than when we played for the championship. I’m always ready for training camps because that’s where you really raise your level of play.

      Constant work is what sets us apart from the rest, we must be persistent.

      19. The key was for the other teams to face them fearlessly, being used 100 percent on the injury while the Americans were only playing 80 percent because they thought they were superior.

      The competitiveness between the teams of each country is something that is taken to the extreme in the Olympic Games.

      20. Any of us can get into the NBA, I’m sure. But of course, you have to work hard and not get serious injuries.

      The sum of our work and our luck will be two determining factors in achieving our goals.

      21. The biggest don’t always come higher, the fastest don’t always come first, the strongest don’t always win the battle. But the more they train, the harder they work and the more they believe in the team, the more they will achieve victory.

      Without our daily effort, the innate qualities that we possess are indifferent, the work will make us conquer or be conquered.

      22. I face adversity, grow up and have always coexisted with the pressure of expectations. I’m not afraid of it.

      When we live with the highest level of sport, we get used to that pace.

      23. I have ferocity, passion and heart when I am on the track. I enter an aggressive state and everything changes. To anyone who thinks I’m soft or not strong enough, the challenge of a match. I can be very difficult to stop no matter who is defending me.

      The confidence that we show in our game can be a deciding factor in being able to achieve victory.

      24. I feel overwhelming happiness. It is a unique situation. It’s hard to describe, it’s very hard to get. You realize what it took to work to get here.

      Victories are something every athlete wants to savor, the goal of any athletic career is to reach them.

      25. It’s okay to have bad nights, lose games and make mistakes, because we’re all human, but the important thing is knowing how to get up as quickly as possible.

      We can all make mistakes, what sets us apart is the ability to overcome them.

      26. I see the team quite well. Work hard, as always. I see a good balance from the first week and also without injuries, which is always important.

      Always being positive with our possibilities is something that can be of great benefit to us.

      27. What we want is to do things well, to compete and to finish as high as possible and that has to be won.

      Reaching our goals can be costly, but we have to fight to make it happen.

      28. We don’t misbehave. It kinda depends on how you take it. With experience, we have what sets you apart is the end result.

      Evaluating every situation the right way can be difficult, but we need to be careful before making a prediction.

      29. Selection brings me a lot. It’s a very special feeling to be part of this team.

      To become a competitive team in any sport, there must be great brotherhood among its players.

      30. My goal has been to disconnect body and mind and rest, but as you say, I don’t give up sport on my days off, even though I do it differently.

      Even during his holidays, Pau Gasol admits to never having stopped playing sports.

      31. Now I discovered 0.0 Isotonic beer for after those cool little workouts, I love it.

      When we compete at the highest level, the use of alcohol and other drugs can take its toll on us.

      32. I like to read, cook, go to the movies, be with my family and friends and listen to music.

      Enjoying our free time is something we all deserve to do, we all need to relax.

      33. Young people give us energy and intensity in formation. They come with enthusiasm and humility and that’s important to getting it right and adding up.

      Younger generations bring new blood and excitement to any sport, basketball is no exception.

      34. When I quit basketball, I pretend to be with one foot on one continent and the other foot on the other.

      Gasol has had a very positive career in the NBA and he will always feel at home in the United States.

      35. Spain will always be my country even if I build my life in the United States.

      We must never forget our roots and this great player is clear that he will not.

      36. At the end of the day, you have to do the things that you feel best with and with your heart, after they say what they want.

      We need to be consistent with our thoughts and strive for what makes us happiest, we don’t need to do what others want us to do.

      37. Yes, finish between 40 and 41 years old.

      Between the ages of 40 and 41, it may seem like a great time to retire from high performance basketball.

      38. I am a person of challenges, very ambitious, eager to do a lot of things.

      The ambition of this player led him to achieve the goals he dreamed of.

      39. There are a lot of challenges and excitement, all of them.

      The enthusiasm we put into what we do is what drives us to make a difference with others.

      40. I can only hope that they continue with that spirit that we wanted to leave in the selection and I have no doubts that we will qualify for the World Cup in China.

      The good feelings of this great player have always been something to bear in mind, with this nomination he wished his teammates the best in the World Cup.

      41. I really enjoyed watching the NBA, but the first sport I played was rugby.

      Who told us that this basketball player was going to start his sports career in rugby? A great anecdote about this international idol.

      42. Every moment has been very special in my career, but maybe I would stay with the gold at the World Cup in Japan.

      Being world champion has certainly been a great satisfaction for him and for all his teammates.

      43. Michael Jordan, for me the greatest athlete in history.

      Without a doubt, Michael Jordan marked a before and after in the world of sport.

      44. I like all kinds: Spanish, American, rock, hip hop, black … My friends the Estopa brothers, Raja, Tracy Chapman, U2, Cold Play … but if I had to choose my now favorite song, I I’ll stick to Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know”.

      Music is something this basketball star enjoys a lot, as we see in this quote.

      45. I don’t usually sleep in pajamas … although it’s no longer a secret because Joan Carles Navarro explained it.

      Who was to tell us? Well, indeed, Juan Carlos Navarro.

      46. ​​With a day or two of doing nothing, I have enough to recharge my batteries and return to the attack.

      When we are used to the highest level of demand, we cannot subconsciously slow down.

      47. Ultimately, a leader is someone who has a responsibility, not with himself but with a collective.

      Leaders are always chosen by the group and not self-proclaimed.

      48. It was under the basket that I learned a lot.

      Basketball is a sport in which we can learn many valuable lessons for life.

      49. Successes and victories must be fully appreciated.

      Being aware of where we came from and touching the ground is something we should always remember.

      50. I’m not the same player I was when I was 25 or 28.

      Over the years, we all change our style of play and our attitudes on the pitch.

      51. I still have that energy that I talked about before, a young mind.

      We must never lose our connection with the enthusiasm we had in our youth.

      52. Ego is an important factor, because ultimately trust is vital.

      At the highest level of sport, confidence is certainly essential, without it we will not achieve glory.

      53. The player lives a little deified by his talent and his qualities … many players end up being depressed in their sports career.

      Retirement is one of the most difficult times for any athlete, we would all like to always stay on top.

      54. From the start, the first games were not easy. Each game was closely watched.

      When he came to the NBA, Gasol was tested throughout the league, he had to meet a lot of expectations.

      55. I was able to extend my career above average and at a fairly high level, that makes me proud.

      Being consistent over time is a very difficult thing to achieve, but this fantastic basketball player has proven his ability to make it happen.

      56. I always try to be exceptional, to do the unexpected, which is within the reach of very few.

      You must always try to reach the highest, to surpass yourself day by day.

      57. We don’t have to be very hard on ourselves and understand that error is part of the process and that the ability to stand up and come together is there. There are defeats that hurt a lot.

      We all make mistakes as human beings, but this is still very difficult to recognize.

      58. It makes you angry, but it helps you to work harder the next day, to be more attentive, to be more aggressive.

      Improving in the next game, in the next hurdle, is the way we should approach things.

      59. I tried to have a great analytical capacity in every situation, to understand what the team expected of me, rather than my personal advantage.

      Being aware of the team situation is essential in this type of sport, we are not alone on the court.

      60. If I take my stand and manage to adapt without pride and without a hurt ego, I do my job.

      Sometimes we have to resign ourselves and be content of a higher good, the matches are won as a team not alone.

      61. Make them understand that there will be obstacles, hard times and doubts, but they must be overcome, persevere in your passion.

      In our career we will always encounter obstacles and difficulties, sport is like that.

      62. Being an elite athlete in a recognized sport makes me pay special attention to children.

      The youngest feel devotion to great athletes, they are their example to follow.

      63. It is not an aspect, that of politics, in which I entered, that I dominated, nor that I followed very closely, that escapes me a lot …

      Gasol usually doesn’t get wet in politics, he knows he has to focus on sports.

      64. The leader is because the rest gives him this category.

      Indeed, to be leaders, others must give us their approval.

      65. We work in our foundation to promote a healthy life, to be active …

      The Gasol family foundation tries to promote a healthy lifestyle among the little ones.

      66. This frustration of not having been a doctor balances the impact I have of visiting children and families.

      In this quote, he shows us the concerns he felt for medicine that he had not yet encountered is consuming from within.

      67. We are working with a program called Dream Big to encourage young people to achieve their dreams, to be entrepreneurial and not to be afraid of making mistakes.

      To dream of achieving our goals is something we should all do, because only in this way will we be able to achieve them.

      68. The World Health Organization recommends 60 minutes of physical or vigorous activity per day and this is not being observed.

      The vast majority of people do not achieve the recommended minimum daily physical activity.

      69. Before, our parents had trouble taking us home; now it is difficult for parents to get their children out of the house.

      New technologies have created a much more sedentary generation of young people.

      70. These trips affect you and take a few days to digest and regain balance and normality, they help me to step back and value what I have and what I live.

      Pau Gasol makes many solidarity trips to collaborate with various NGOs and as he explains during this event, with them he learns a lot about the value of life in different parts of the world.

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