The 70 Best Famous Quotes & Quotes From Mystery

The mystery attracts us. As human beings, anything that has to do with the inexplicable, the paranormal and the unheard of appeals to us to the point that we want to find some sort of logical explanation for these phenomena.

When science cannot reliably explain a phenomenon, more or less far-fetched assumptions arise as to why it happens.

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Mysterious phrases and thoughts

In today’s article, we will collect the best Mystery phrases that many well-known writers and philosophers have said throughout history. What’s your favorite?

1. Medicine immediately attracted me, because it was a strictly biological and anthropological career. He could study the mysteries of nature condensed in the human body. (Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente)

Mystery phrase from the great Spanish naturalist.

2. We want to forget sorrow forever, escape the mystery of human difference, reject at a price the limit of our nature. (Clara Janés)

About human nature and its limits.

3. Basically no one knows why or what they want. If, as they say, freedom is a mystery, the will is a blind monster. (Franz Tamayo)

Freedom is still a metaphysical ideal.

4. The moon without the mirror of the night, the night without mysteries by the moon, then I realized that you have a back as beautiful as a deer. (Gloria Fuertes)

The Spanish writer thus spoke of the night and its mystery.

5. Life is a mystery; the blind light and the inaccessible truth amaze. (Rubén Darío)

We have no certainty about anything.

6. The woman is an enigma which is not told until after marriage. (Sever Catalina)

Ironic phrase about life after death … sorry, after marriage.

7. When the mystery is too awesome, it is impossible to disobey. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

By the author of The Little Prince.

8. The greed of the general is insatiable. He is a free thinker who seeks beauty and mystery. He could carry out persecution actions against the dictionary, and it would cause a catastrophe. (Elena Garro)

Powerful men.

9. The biggest mystery that surrounds a human being is not their reaction to sex or praise, but how they manage to use it twenty hours a day. (Sinclair Lewis)

Time management, an enigma.

10. Poetry does not explain the world, it testifies to its mystery. (Beatriz Villacañas)

Extrapolable to almost all the arts.

11. One must look into the eyes of the Mystery. (Lance Armstrong)

Phrase of the American cyclist.

12. Now, if you also care a little about yourself and long for salvation and trust in God, as a man who is no stranger to these things, it is possible for you to achieve happiness in recognizing Christ and initiating tea into his mysteries. . (Sant Justí)

A religious reflection on the afterlife.

13. I am Nicaraguan and I am proud that in my veins circulates, more than anyone, the blood of the Amerindians who, through atavism, closes the mystery of being a loyal and sincere patriot. (Augusto César Sandino)

About his ancestors.

14. The cosmos is all that is, all that was and all that will be. Our lightest contemplations of the cosmos make us shudder: we feel a tickle fill our nerves, a silent voice, a slight sensation as if we have come from a distant memory or as if we have fallen from a great height. (Carl Sagan)

Phrase of the great scientific broadcaster, who died a few years ago.

15. We know that we intend to change the social system, because we are not making it a mystery. (Santiago Carrillo)

The Spanish Communist thus spoke of his struggle.

16. God: the most obvious and the most mysterious. (Enrique Lacordaire)

A reflection on the supreme being.

17. You can’t talk about the mystery, you have to be captivated by it. (René Magritte)

Of its power of seduction.

18. The world is full of these incomplete beings who walk on two feet and degrade the only mystery they have left: sex. (DH Lawrence)

One of those mysterious quotes about intimate relationships.

19. Yesterday I destroyed everything. Yesterday I also destroyed the mystery of knowing that two castaways only looked at each other. (Alejandro Lanús)

A poetic sentence to remember.

20. I have the solution of the mystery; it came to light last night, all of a sudden, like a revelation. How simple, how terribly simple! (Ambrose Bierce)

Life is simple, if you look at it correctly.

21. Mystery is another name for our ignorance; if we were omniscient, everything would be perfectly clear. (Tyron Edwards)

Only what we don’t know is mysterious.

22. Cinema is a mystery. It’s a mystery to the director himself. The result, the finished film, must always be a mystery to the director, otherwise it would not be interesting. (Andrei Tarkovsky)

His point of view on the seventh art.

23. Friendship requires a little more mystery; hoisting for any reason is tantamount to desecrating his name. (Molière)

Precisely because it is friendship, it should be treated with caution.

24. There will never be anyone like Michael Jackson. His talent, his ability to surprise and his mystery, have made him a legend. (Steven Spielberg)

About the king of pop and his art.

25. Every generation of human beings is convinced that they have all the answers they need, except for a few mysteries that are supposed to be solved. And they believe that all of their ancestors were deceived. What are the chances that you are the first generation of human beings to understand reality? (Scott Adams)

The way humanity has evolved.

26. A painting requires a little mystery, inaccuracies and fantasies. (Edgar Degas)

This is how art is forged.

27. If virtue were recognized as a mystery, virtue would be easier. (Candid)

Ethical reflection.

28. To write a single word is to light the fire of mystery. Writing more than one word is a fire. (Jordi Díaz)

The magic of literature.

29. Scientific clarity is needed; but in literature, no. Seeing clearly is philosophy. See clearly in the mystery is literature. This was done by Shakespeare, Cervantes, Dickens, Dostoiewski … (Pío Baroja)

Mysterious phrase from this great Spanish writer.

30. Love is a mystery, an obsession; an essential subject in all possible aspects, such as memory and exile. (Juan Gelman)

One of the great mysteries of life: love.

31. I don’t know why. Or rather I know. Because in the sun and in the light, I have found the great mysteries since childhood, and because these natural elements have exerted on me, because of their own secret, a very strange attraction. (Emilio Pettoruti)

Great poetic phrase about mystical attraction.

32. For me, beauty is the wonder of wonders. Only the superficial do not judge by appearances. The real mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible. (François de La Rochefoucauld)

Beauty as an ethical ideal.

33. There is no greater mystery than this: being the reality, we seek to obtain it. We believe that there is something hiding our reality and that we have to destroy it to get there. It’s ridiculous. (Ramana Maharshi)

A philosophical reflection from this spiritual master.

34. The moral figure of Judas is a dull mystery, without echoes, as deep as the silence of centuries and as bitter as its sad shadow of condemned man to eternity. (Joan Bosch)

About the Bible.

35. Certain mysteries will always escape the human mind. To convince us of this, it suffices to look at the tables of prime numbers, and to see that there is neither order nor rules. (Évariste Galois)

All is not knowable.

36. Will man ever penetrate the mystery of hidden things? The veil flows before him as he purifies himself; but to understand certain things he needs faculties which he does not yet possess. (Allan Kardec)

About the unknown and its limits.

37. He is confronted with the great mystery … What makes humanity tremble from its origin: the unknown! (Gastón Leroux)

Redundant on the same concept.

38. All art must have a certain mystery and make certain demands on the viewer. Giving too explicit a title to a sculpture or drawing takes away part of this mystery. Then the viewer continues with the next object, without making the slightest effort to think about the meaning of what he has just seen. (Henry Moore)

The lesser known aspects of art.

39. The only mystery of the universe is that there is a mystery of the universe. (Fernando Pessoa)

The Portuguese writer thus speaks of reality.

40. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what will hit you. (Tom Hanks)

Mythical phrase from the movie Forrest Gump.

41. Don’t think about doing what you should be doing. Try to do what appeals to you; he thinks of mystery and not of mastery. (Julia Cameron)

What we do is what defines us.

42. Mystery is the most beautiful thing we can experience. It is the source of all true art and science. (Albert Einstein)

Mysterious phrase from the great scientist of the twentieth century.

43. Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not in the eyes but in the mind. (Agnes Martin)

Totally subjective but real.

44. It’s funny, but people still attribute a lot of mystery to Bob. I mean Dylan is a guy like any other except he has something to say. And he has a personality that makes everything he says his. He’s a very normal guy. If you ask for the time, he gives it to you. (Tom Petty)

About the personality of Bob Dylan.

45. Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that’s because at the end of the day we ourselves are part of the mystery we’re trying to solve. (Max Planck)

Where do we come from?

46. ​​Talent has no root. It’s a mystery. Any attempt at categorization always ended in failure. (Marcelo Birmajer)

Natural abilities have no logical explanation.

47. When he hung up, he sighed in confusion and was told that things were pushing him towards a new mystery. It’s always like that. Isn’t the whole of life an ever-new mystery? (Ramón J. Sender)

Lots of thought to keep in mind.

48. Those of us who cultivate logic know that its inseparable companions are sadness and mystery. (Vicent Fatone)

The life of philosophers is often miserable.

49. For me, the most impressive of all that has happened to me, the most profound, has happened to me in the dark inside the forbidden cave of Altamira. This is what I felt was the most enigmatic place. Here, all by myself, I understood what the real mystery, the afterlife, is. (Iker Jiménez)

Steer the mystery ship.

50. Is it not rather the touch of love – the mystery of love – which constantly seeks to unite two beings, trying with its strength at the same time that a man and a woman have looked each other in the face? ? (Guy de Maupassant)

Love has no explanation.

51. The historical figure of Jesus is a complete mystery and is for me the most fascinating historical figure. (Jostein Gaarder)

About Jesus Christ.

52. What I am looking for is neither the reality nor the unreal, but rather the unconscious, the mystery of instinct in mankind. (Amedeo Modigliani)

Sentence that could have been signed by Jung.

53. I don’t know of any good work of art that has no mystery. (Henry Moore)

Without mystery, there is no point.

54. The greatest of all mysteries is man. (Socrates)

Philosophy is responsible for studying us.

55. Mystery arises when fascination is added to fear. (Pascal Quignard)

Phrase of the great French writer.

56. Those which yesterday were forests and jungles of uneven thickness, where shrouded in a sweet mystery at dawn the mists floated, and the serene fountain gushed among the flowers and the hidden mosses, today are arid hills with their deep, black, distorted cracks. (Rosalía de Castro)

Great poetic reflection.

57. I don’t pretend to be a writer. Anyone who says a writer almost always says a novelist and, for god’s sake, the mystery of the Yellow Room is loaded with genuine tragic horror enough to identify literature. (Gastón Leroux)

About the writing profession.

58. As the revelation of the unknown arcane, made up of the very germ of that which is tender, you are a mystery which in the human mystery clarifies in you her gem where she wanted to show life her eternal wonder so that in you I saw paradise. (Alfonso Orantes)

Another of those mysterious phrases of great aesthetic power.

59. The mystery which surrounded the old mill for us has not become entangled in the gigantic factory, located far below, in the plain, where the stream has already received all its tributaries. (Élisée Reclus)

A magical and mysterious city.

60. All the mysteries of the universe are only a gesture of the complicity of God. (Doménico Cieri Estrada)

For religious people.

61. It is no mystery that some influential philosophers were mentally ill. (Alfred Korzybski)

Genius is generally associated with some degree of imbalance.

62. His mind offered the curious combination of humiliating him in the region of mystery and being very active, cold and reasonable in that of knowledge. (George Eliot)

Phrase by the British author.

63. I think I will better devote myself to the study of the other greatest mystery of mankind: woman. (Chris Lloyd)

Another sentence in the same sense of conceiving of women as complex beings.

64. Only one mystery is that of people and objects. (Robert Bresson)

Reality itself.

65. For no one knows death, not even if it is precisely the greatest of all good things for man, but they fear it as if they knew with certainty that it is the greatest of evils. (Plato)

About one of the greatest mysteries: the afterlife.

66. The stench is the physiological face of the mystery. (Lola Gavarrón)

From the Spanish writer.

67. Why is a dog so free? Because he is the living mystery which is not studied. (Clarice Lispector)

This is only due to himself.

68. Every man has to choose, at some point, between the ridiculous and the mystery … I have chosen the mystery. (Herman Van Rompuy)

A difficult choice.

69. Then there was silence, more sudden, greater and more terrible than before. The silence of the lagoon, full of mystery. (Rodolfo Walsh)

Poetic phrase about life.

70. I love mysteries. There are parts that just don’t seem to fit, but in the end they do and it all makes sense. (Kristen Wiig)

This is why mystery books and movies are successful.

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