The 70 best phrases of Johan Cruyff

Hendrik Johannes Cruyff, known in the world of sport as Johan Cruyff, was one of the key figures in the evolution of football as we know it. He started out with the Ajax team in Amsterdam until he demonstrated his value as a human being and a footballer with FC Barcelona, ​​where he became honorary president, years later.

If you want to know more about his way of thinking, keep reading. Here you will find a selection of Johan Cruyff’s best phrases.

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    Johan Cruyff’s most memorable phrases

    The soccer star has not only been praised for his skills on the pitch, but also for his human, fun and lively way of leading teams. That’s why we bring you a compilation of the best phrases and reflections of Johan Cruyff.

    1. It’s very simple: if you score one more than your opponent, you win.

    A result that seems simple, but that really requires a huge strategy to achieve it.

    2. Money must be in the field, not in the bank.

    A critique of the greedy nature of football representatives.

    3. There are issues with the values ​​in the game. And that’s sad because football is the most beautiful game. We can play it in the street. You can play it everywhere. Everyone can play it, but these values ​​are being lost. We have to bring them back.

    Regretting the situation of consumption and greed generated in football, due to all the money that is earned there.

    4. If you have the ball, the opponent does not.

    Each player must therefore concentrate on having the ball for as long as possible.

      5. Football is a game played with the brain.

      Although it is a physical sport, solid strategies are needed on the pitch.

      6. I want players who can make decisive moves in small spaces, I want them to work as little as possible to save energy for that decisive action.

      Players who think above all about looking good on the pitch.

      7. The ball is an essential part of the game.

      The key element of football.

      8. Every downside has its upside.

      We can benefit from every situation we live in if we learn from it.

      9. How many kids haven’t used wallets, backpacks, coats, or simple pebbles to score the goal?! This detail, and so many others like it, show us that it is not always necessary to have everything and that the lacks are filled with imagination and enthusiasm.

      Football is a sport that can be played in any situation and any part of the world, without the need for high-end equipment.

      10. It is very difficult to say who is the best. Today the most spectacular is Messi and the best is Xavi.

      About the star athletes of the moment.

      11. In my team, forwards should only run 15 yards unless they are stupid or sleepy.

      The demands Cruyff made of his attackers.

      12. If you can’t win, make sure you don’t lose.

      You can leave traces with your actions, even if you are not always number 1.

      13. I am not a believer. In Spain, the 22 players are all sanctified before leaving the field. If so, it would still be a draw.

      Talk about the rituals players do before going to a game.

      14. Simple play is the best How often do you see a 40 yard pass when 20 is enough?

      The simple things are sometimes the most effective.

      15. When you go out on the field, look at the bleachers they made for you. So get out into the countryside and enjoy.

      Enjoying the game was the most valuable lesson this coach left behind for his athletes.

      16. Football basically consists of two things. First: when you have the ball, you must be able to pass it correctly. Second: when they pass the ball to you, you have to be able to control it.

      All players must therefore be agile and cunning to seize all the opportunities presented to them.

      17. The technique is not to juggle a ball. Anyone can do it through practice. In fact, you can go to work in a circus.

      Cruyff prioritized a good strategist over a personality who just wants to show off his skills.

      18. In my teams, the goalkeeper is the first attacker and the attacker the first defender.

      The most demanding positions, because the future of the party depends on it.

      19. Mourinho may be a very good person privately and a very good coach, but what he teaches the world is something else.

      Mourinho character warning.

      20. Playing football is very simple, but playing simple football is the most difficult thing ever.

      Two things no player should confuse and one goal they should pursue.

      21. The whole philosophy of how to play football was established in the 1974 World Cup. This philosophy is still valid today.

      A time when it was shown what real players are made of.

      22. I am a former player, former sports director, former coach, former manager, former honorary president… A nice list which also shows that everything has an end.

      A curriculum vitae that he earned on his own and shared with the rest of the world.

      23. There’s only one time you can show up on time. If you are not there, you have arrived too early or too late.

      One second is enough to change the fate of the party.

      24. I think people should be able to play in all positions on the pitch. That’s why it’s so important for everyone to listen during tactical conversations.

      It is a mistake to believe that football is not a collective sport.

        25. It’s disgusting to compare Messi and Maradona. People who saw Diego liked it, as did people who saw Leo.

        Both are great players, just from different eras.

        26. It is better to fall with our own point of view than with someone else’s.

        Never regret taking your course.

        27. Everyone can play football if you give them five feet of space.

        Football is one of the most popular sports in the world.

        28. When you win 4-0 and there are 10 minutes left in the game, it is better to hit the post a few times so that the public shouts “ooooh”.

        Create exciting games for the public.

        29. People who are not on my level cannot affect my integrity.

        Don’t be intimidated by the comments of others.

        30. Before the match, I go on the field and I smell, and between this climate and the one I detected by reading the press, I decide what to do.

        A rather unusual way to prepare the strategies for your games.

        31. English football grew a lot when foreign players started arriving.

        Seeing the remarkable growth and improvement in football, grace is included.

        32. Catalans don’t have much of a sense of humor. They only laugh a lot if they beat Madrid.

        Talking about how the people of Barcelona celebrate when they beat Madrid.

        33. I represent an era that made it clear that beautiful football is fun and wins are won with it.

        It was this same performance that inspired him to send a message of fun, honesty and encouragement to his players.

        34. Play to win or for fun? This is a false debate.

        If you love what you are doing, you will always get good results.

        35. We show the world that you can have fun as a footballer, that you can laugh and have a good time.

        Just because it’s a professional sport doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.

        36. You need to make sure your worst players get the ball most of the time. You’ll get new results in no time.

        The only way for someone to improve is to give them thousands of opportunities to overcome their chess.

        37. The best dispatch is a bullet. You just sit and watch, analyze and think of new ideas.

        All of football revolves around what can be done with the ball.

        38. It took 10,000 hours of training to reach the level of the ‘Dream Team’.

        No team becomes invincible overnight.

        39. In my life, I had two big vices: smoking and playing football. Football gave me everything. Instead, smoking almost takes it away from me.

        Understand that smoking could cost him his life prematurely.

        40. Before I make a mistake, I don’t make that mistake.

        All decisions are important, there are never any bad lessons.

          41. Football is now about money.

          A reality he completely despised.

          42. Quality without results is meaningless. Lack of quality results are boring.

          It’s not just about being the best, it’s about leaving an indelible mark, for the right reasons.

          43. Winning is important, but having your own style, having people who copy you, admire you, is the greatest gift.

          It was never about bragging about being the best, but about proving your worth in the sport you love the most.

          44. To play well, you need good players, but a good player almost always has the problem of inefficiency. He always wants to make things more beautiful than strictly necessary.

          A reference to the fact that there are players who are only on the pitch to show off, instead of learning how to play well.

          45. Street footballers are more important than qualified coaches.

          His greatest desire was to see more people interested in sports.

          46. ​​My tribute party was a birth.

          Referring to when he became a father.

          47. Somehow I’m probably immortal.

          Cruyff will be reflected in the history of Barcelona and in the memory of all those he inspired.

          48. There are teams that always have to fight to win and, at the end of the competition, they have to be there, in the leading group. It is logical and, in addition, they impose themselves by their prestige, their history or the means at their disposal. But winning should always be about fun.

          Demonstrate that there are differences between winning through marketing and winning because you love what you do.

          49. My usual idol was Di Stefano, he’s the only one I asked for an autograph in my life and I’ll never forget what he did for me, for the way he treated me when I received the Ballon d’Or.

          The people we admire the most are those who have marked our lives in a positive way.

          50. Speed ​​is often confused with comprehension. When I start running earlier than others, I look faster.

          For Cruyff, the main thing is above all to have a strategy, instead of being carried away by instincts.

          51. Football should always be played attractively, it should be played offensively, it should be a spectacle.

          Underlining the idea that football should be a spectacle that everyone admires to see.

          52. I’ve always liked that sound when the ball hits the post hard…

          A passionate sportsmanship that has never died out.

          53. A pigeon does not make summer.

          Things don’t happen because yes, we make them happen with our actions.

          54. Play like you can never go wrong, but don’t be surprised when you do.

          Mistakes are part of life itself, we cannot escape them.

          55. You have to make the pitch small when you don’t have the ball, and big when you do.

          Different approaches for each scenario.

          56. The hardest part of an easy game is getting a weak opponent to play bad football.

          All teams have their own style of play.

          57. Football is played with the brain.

          Not only do you have to prioritize your physical condition, but you also have to do it with agility and mental response.

            58. Players today only shoot with the instep. I could shoot with the inside, with the instep and with the outside of both feet.

            A criticism of new players’ lack of enthusiasm for learning.

            59. He was at home watching TV when the doorbell rang. A voice said he was a messenger. When I opened the door I found a gun in my head and the man forced me to the ground.

            Speaking of which, he was almost killed in his own house.

            60. The Italians can’t win, but you can lose to them.

            Flatter the perseverance and strength of the Italian team.

            61. This is a problem in today’s football, the leaders know very little about it.

            A good match is not only the responsibility of the athletes, but also of the management.

            62. Why couldn’t he beat the richest club? I have never seen a bag of money score a goal.

            Money should not benefit any football team.

            63. The technique is to pass the ball with one touch, with the right speed and to the right foot of our teammate.

            Referring to the proper technique that your players should have.

            64. If you don’t control it, you can’t pass it either. You can play a lot, but if you don’t put it, you don’t win.

            Wins are measured by the number of goals you can score.

            65. The solution which seems the simplest is in fact the most difficult.

            There are no easy exits at football games.

            66. In the world of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, but he is always one-eyed.

            Although the football greedy brag about what they have achieved, they are still greedy.

            67. All coaches talk a lot about movement, running. I say you don’t have to run so much.

            While other coaches focus on exploiting their players’ physical abilities, Cruyff opted for a well-planned game.

            68. If I had wanted you to understand me, I would have explained to you much better.

            Response to an annoyed journalist.

            69. You have to be in the right place at the right time. Neither too early nor too late.

            An opportunity that cannot be missed for any reason.

            70. The best player in the world does not exist, because there are different positions…

            There isn’t just one great player, but there may be players who stand out in their various positions.

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