The 70 best quotes from Otto Von Bismarck

Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck-Schönhausen, better known as Otto Von Bismarck, Was a famous German politician and statesman born in the city of Schönhausen in the year 1815.

As a politician, Bismarck has always been an extremely conservative man, it is not in vain that he has been the foremost representative of the most traditionalist and conservative wing of the German chamber. His forays against France and Denmark led to the creation of what became the Second German Reich, an idea that many of you would later know another famous German Chancellor would attempt to replicate, with consequences. disastrous for all of civilization.

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    Famous quotes from Otto Von Bismarck, the Iron Chancellor

    This politician would certainly begin to develop a situation in Germany which would later end up having serious consequences, being the main ideologue of policies which would help to sow a feeling of superiority among the Germans.

    Here are the top 70 sentences of Otto Von Bismarck, A man who was known in his time no more and no less as “the iron chancellor”.

    1. I saw three emperors in their nudity, and the sight was not inspiring.

    A sentence at least very curious, which we certainly did not expect from such a relevant historical figure.

    2. When you want to deceive the world, speak the truth.

    The truth can be a truly devastating weapon, as long as we can it will be much better if we use it carefully.

    3. With a gentleman I am always a gentleman and a half, and with a fraud I try to be a fraud and a half.

    As we can see, he was a man who did not let himself be intimidated, he would always act in relation to others in the same way that others would act with him.

    4. Anyone who talks about Europe is wrong: it is a geographical expression.

    Europe is a continent inhabited by many peoples, between whom it is obvious that there are great differences.

    5. A journalist is a person who has confused his vocation.

    Journalism, as we see, was not a sacred office of his devotion, journalists in turn were not for him totally respectable men.

    6. There is a Providence that protects fools, drunks, children and the United States of America.

    The United States at that time seemed touched by divine grace, a circumstance he did not understand and which continues to this day.

    7. Laws are like sausages, you better not see how they’re made.

    A really interesting comparison, for any government it is always better for people to ignore a lot of their usual controls.

    8. All treaties between large states cease to be binding when they come into conflict with the struggle for existence.

    A man is capable of anything to survive and a nation too, treaties between nations in times of war are often violated with great frequency.

    9. People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election.

    Lies are all too common in our society, if we want the near future to be better for all of us, we must learn to put them aside.

    10. Never believe in politics until it has been officially denied.

    Lies in politics are often used all the time, which unfortunately often ends up harming the population as a whole.

    11. The most important thing is to make the story, not to write it.

    The acts we do in life are those that will later make history in their turn. Only the bravest men will have room in it.

    12. When he says he agrees with something in principle, he means that he has no intention of putting it into practice.

    Words as they say, are blown away, only deeds are those that will truly show us a person’s true opinion.

    13. A call to fear never resonates in the hearts of Germans.

    The Germans are an extremely proud people, their men and women will never allow themselves to be bent except by force.

    14. Be courteous; write diplomatically; Even in a declaration of war, the rules of courtesy are observed.

    In the most complicated situations, education can be a big distinction on our part, we must never forget our ways wherever we are.

    15. Your map of Africa is really very pretty. But my map of Africa is in Europe. Here is Russia, and here … this is France, and we are in the middle, this is my map of Africa.

    As we see he only cared about his small part of the world, the rest didn’t really matter.

    16. How he wanted to crush Rome in order to crush Christianity.

    His ambitions know no bounds, he would do everything in his power to bring Germany to its highest heights.

    17. Anyone who has looked into the glassy eyes of a dying soldier on the battlefield will think long before a war begins.

    Wars are the most difficult situations that any human being can have to go through, as a society we must avoid them anyway.

    18. The great questions of the day will not be resolved by the speeches and decisions of the majority, but by iron and blood.

    When the time comes, words must give way to action, if a country is attacked its only possible defense will be the use of weapons.

    19. Politics is the best art of the following.

    Every politician always claims to be better than his predecessor, a promise that once in office most usually fail.

    20. It is not worth the trouble to seek out or own a civilization other than Christian.

    The Christian world sheltered from its particular point of view the greatest wonders of the planet. Europe has always been for him the true cradle of civilization.

    21. A government should not resign once it has chosen its path. You don’t have to look left or right, but ahead.

    Each government must be determined in its decision-making, otherwise the opposition will not take long to act on the issue.

    22. A statesman … must wait to hear the footsteps of God echoing through events, then bounce back and grab the hem of his garment.

    Von Bismarck was a convinced Lutheran Christian, God always had a very important place in his life.

    23. The secret of politics? Get a good deal with Russia.

    Russia was already at that time a very powerful nation, its great resources and its workforce have always ensured it a privileged place among the richest nations on the planet.

    24. A conquering army at the frontier will not be stopped by eloquence.

    Words cannot be our only shield, for when our rivals use violence, only a forceful act on our part will succeed in stopping them.

    25. Politics ruins the character.

    Many men hated politics with great effusion and Otto Von Bismarck is certainly one of them.

    26. War should only be used for a policy that is worth the sacrifice.

    Wars usually give very little benefit and cost a lot of sacrifice, making it clear why they should always be avoided.

    27. Politics is not an exact science.

    Politics more than a science, one could say that it is the art of convincing others.

    28. Even the king himself has no right to subordinate the interests of his country to his own feelings of love or hatred towards foreigners; he is, however, responsible to God and not to me if he does so, and therefore at this point I am silent.

    The king’s figure was far above his own and that is why he always knew how to keep the respect he deserved.

    29. The fate of the weak is to be devoured by the strong.

    He believed in the old belief that only the strong survive, but nature over time has us learned that this is not really the case, because in reality the correct thing is that only the best suited to the environment survive.

    30. Nothing will be left to an invaded people, except their eyes to cry.

    As we see, from his point of view, looting was a very effective tool, without a doubt Bismarck has always been a rival to be reckoned with.

    31. The Balkans are not worth the life of a single Pomeranian pomegranate.

    The Balkans have always been an inhospitable region in dispute, many wars have been fought in this place since the beginning of time.

    32. Big men have big dogs.

    No man can reach the highest level without the invaluable help of powerful and influential companions.

    33. What history teaches us is that no one learns from history

    We all know the story, but it’s true that very few men really learn it.

    34. Universal suffrage is the government of a house by its nursery.

    According to Bismarck, universal suffrage had a number of drawbacks that would likely end up harming the nation, a very common way of thinking among those who, thankfully, have very few followers today.

    35. Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The sage learns from the mistakes of others.

    Knowing the mistakes of others can help us choose a different path. Third party errors can be a great source of information for us.

    36. The luxury of one’s own opinion.

    Our opinion should always be what matters most to us, we should never allow others to think for us.

    37. I’m treated like a fox, a top-notch cunning guy.

    Bismarck has always been able to handle the most complicated situations, which over time has earned him the reputation of being a very intelligent man.

    38. There is only madness greater than that of the fool who says in his heart that there is no God, and it is the madness of people who say with their heads that they do not know if there is a God or not.

    Making sure that God does not exist is a statement we can never make, because it is, in fact, a fact that we are simply not aware of.

    39. Vanity is a mortgage that must be deducted from a man’s value.

    Vanity was seen in Bismarck’s day as a weakness and as we can imagine, weak men were not seen with good eyes at that time.

    40. My subject is my life and my life is my subject.

    He has always been an extremely dedicated person, his nation was the most important thing to him.

    41. Politics is the art of the possible, the achievable, the art of the best.

    Politics always seek to promote the wealth of a society, an objective which, in most cases, is often unsuccessful.

    42. This policy cannot succeed through speeches, shootings and songs; it can only be achieved by blood and iron.

    As an ally, Bismarck was certainly very powerful and as an enemy he was a man fully capable of anything.

    43. A little caution goes with a large cavalry.

    In combat, prudence can be a very powerful weapon. You should never command your men to fight without delay.

    44. We have put Germany, so to speak, in the presidency! You will see that she can go up.

    Germany has always been one of the most powerful nations in all of Europe, a hegemony the Germans still hold today.

    45. Leave the stew in its own fat (or juice).

    The suffering of the enemy was good news for him, Bismarck was always a man totally determined to put an end to his adversaries.

    46. ​​Whoever has a thumb in his pocket has power.

    Generals rarely go into battle, from the comfort of a room, they are perfectly capable of leading an entire land incursion.

    47. I do not see the acquisition of peace as an issue in which we have to play the role of arbiter between different opinions … other than that of an honest broker who really wants to do business.

    After long struggles, peace began to seem like the right decision, a situation this famous general aspired to at that time above all else.

    48. I’m bored. Great things are being done. The German Reich is over.

    There can always be something we can do, because as long as we have the time, anything is possible. Time is, in fact, the most precious resource we have.

    49. I am in the habit of giving men their own change.

    In life, we must always pay with the same currency that we are paid for, that way we will allow karma to flow freely.

    50. You can do anything with bayonets, but you can’t sit on them.

    A smart quote that shows us that everything does not hold true for everything and like tools, only a few people are destined to be successful in their lives.

    51. Dogs follow those who feed them.

    If you feed an animal often, it will always be loyal to you, and if you give a man everything he needs, he will too. Buying loyalties is a very common thing that any army usually does.

    52. A generation that has been beaten is always followed by a generation that takes care of one.

    How we treat our young people will be what the future holds, as they say, don’t sow thunder if you don’t want to take storms.

    53. I have never lived on principles. When I had to act, I never wondered what principles I was going to act on, but I did and did what I thought was appropriate. I have often blamed myself for my lack of principles.

    Principles are really important, everything we do in our lives should always be under our own principles.

    54. A Bavarian is halfway between an Austrian and a human being.

    A very curious quote in which we can see how for Bismarck, the Germans and the Austrians were two extremely different peoples.

    55. I even consider a victorious war to be an evil from which statesmen should strive to save nations.

    Every war will always hurt us a lot, whether we win it in the end or not.

    56. Preventive war is like committing suicide for fear of death.

    In some situations our actions may not be the most correct, the emotion of the moment is certainly something that can greatly cloud our understanding.

    57. Better sharp bullets than sharp words.

    In the face of some infractions, words did not seem sufficient, which led Bismarck to have to make some very tough decisions.

    58. Politics is not a science based on logic; it is the ability to always choose at all times, in constantly changing situations, the least harmful, the most useful.

    Every leader should be a good manager of his country, always trying to lead him to the brightest possible future.

    59. It is the fear of God that enables us to love and promote peace.

    As good believers, war was not their goal, but unfortunately at one point they were forced to act.

    60. The nation that has the schools of the future.

    Without education, there is no possible future for a nation, so a country’s first duty is always to educate its citizens.

    61. The Germans fear God, but nothing else in the world.

    The situation in Germany at that time was admittedly very complicated and over time these problems unfortunately forced them to act with extreme force.

    62. The Catholic priest, from the moment he becomes a priest, is a sworn official of the Pope.

    The Catholic Church has its own power structures, within all of them, of course, the Pope is still its main leader.

    63. Beware of sentimental alliances where awareness of good deeds is the only compensation for noble sacrifices.

    Sometimes emotions can play tricks on us, causing us to take actions that we will probably regret later.

    64. History is simply a sheet of paper covered with prints.

    Appearing in history is something really complicated, as only the most relevant men and women of an era will get the chance to have their little mention there.

    65. Doctors still retain part of their priestly origin; they would gladly do what they forbid.

    Doctors, like many priests, generally act according to the well-known phrase: do what I tell you, not what I do.

    66. Show me a worthy target for war and I will accompany you.

    As seen in this quote, Bismarck did not walk in mirrors, war was for him a quite usable means to be able to achieve his goals.

    67. With bad laws and good officials, it is still possible to govern. But with bad officials, even the best laws can’t help.

    Many corrupt people aspire to be able to occupy a public office, because the privileges which are normally granted to them can be very useful to them in the pursuit of their objectives. staff.

    68. Revolutions in Prussia are initiated by kings, and since it is a revolution, it is better to start with yourself than to suffer it.

    When, in a nation, everyone wants to be able to exercise power, the ideal breeding ground for a possible revolution has been created there.

    69. I must protest because I would never seek foreign conflicts only to overcome internal difficulties; it would be futile. He was talking about conflicts that we could not avoid, even if we were not looking for them.

    When we are forced to act, sometimes we do not calculate our movements well. We always have to make sure we act in proportion to what happens to us.

    70. Laws are like medicine; They usually cure an illness with a minor or transient illness.

    Every action always involves some kind of reaction, in some situations we can all be forced to choose between major harm and minor harm.

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