The 70 best sentences of Santiago Ramón and Cajal

Santiago Ramon and Cajal was a famous Spanish physician born in the locality of Petilla de Aragon, in the year 1852.

Commonly known as the father of neuroscience, Ramón y Cajal developed many experiences throughout his life, which made him a prominent place in his time.

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Phrases and reflections of Ramon and Cajal

Although many of us have heard him quote some of his phrases on numerous occasions, we may not know much about him.

A fact that will certainly change from that moment on, so below you can discover the 70 best sentences of Santiago Ramón i Cajal, One of the most important doctors of Spanish medicine.

1. Vanity haunts us to the point of death. We support her wholeheartedly because we want to overcome her terrible greatness and captivate the admiration of the spectators.

If we are to be more successful we must learn to be humble, as this quality will help us show a better version of ourselves.

2. As long as the brain is a mystery, the universe will remain a mystery.

The brain is the most mysterious organ possessed by human beings, the great mysteries that it has always closed have aroused great interest for Ramón and Cajal.

3. Neurons are like mysterious butterflies of the soul, the beating of wings that knows if they will ever clarify the secret of mental life.

How a person’s neural network worked was a mystery at the time, as scientists have yet to uncover all of its secrets.

4. Nothing inspires me more reverence and surprise than an old man who can change his mind.

Knowing how to change your mind shows great mental acuity on our part, because only the ignorant have totally irrefutable fixed ideas.

5. In the caviar on the limits of the human mind follow a kind of dethroning a dethroned king, the nostalgia and death of a bald eagle and a prisoner.

We humans are imperfect, but these certain imperfections can also be the ones that allow us to differentiate ourselves.

6. At the bottom of every young leader is a perfect anarchist and communist.

Young people are often the prey of ideas with shades of left, which is very understandable because virtually this speech seems to favor their way of life.

7. Even in the most perfect sciences, a doctrine exclusively maintained by the principle of authority never fails to be found.

Whoever exercises power does with him what he wants, prioritizing the subjects that interest him most personally.

8. We complain about friends because we ask them for more than they can give.

We shouldn’t be too picky with our friends, it’s not worth losing them for things that aren’t strictly necessary.

9. Reasoning and convincing, how difficult, long and laborious it is! To suggest? How easy, fast and cheap!

Being able to get your point across to someone else can be more complicated than you think. For the ignorant will never recognize that they are not in the power of reason.

10. Of all the possible reactions to injury, the most skillful and economical is silence.

What other people think of us shouldn’t affect us if it’s not really true, because our lives don’t have to change for it.

11. It is difficult to be a good friend of friends without being hostile to fairness.

We have to take care of our friends if we are to keep them. Our friendships can be a good fulcrum for each of us.

12. The old man tends to judge today by yesterday’s standard.

Life changes and society changes with it. because the way we thought about it before has nothing to do with the way we think about it now. If we don’t adapt to this change, we will most likely have bad experiences.

13. There is an infertile patriotism and it’s okay: Oriented to the past. Another strong and active: looking to the future. Between preparing a germ and gilding a skeleton, who will doubt it?

Nationalisms are never positive, because politics must always look out for the interests of all citizens as a whole.

14. Don’t you have enemies? Have you never told the truth or have you ever loved righteousness?

Having enemies is the most common thing in the world, because being ourselves sooner or later we will find them.

15. There are few bonds of friendship so strong that they cannot be cut by a woman’s hair.

Fights for a certain woman have been going on since the dawn of time. Not in vain, Troy burned for the love of a woman.

16. In the social machine, you must be a driving force, not a wheel, a personality, not a person.

We must never let ourselves be trampled, we are able to achieve anything we dream of.

17. In politics, any fool is dangerous as long as he does not prove his safety with facts.

Those who are in politics always have to prove their worth, because a bad manager can really hurt a country’s economy significantly.

18. Beauty is a letter of recommendation written by God.

Being beautiful people can open a lot of doors for us, but if we’re not really worth it, those doors will eventually close.

19. Problems that seem small are big problems that are not yet understood.

A problem may be much bigger than we imagined, but maybe we only realize it when we delve deeper into it.

20. Ideas don’t last long. Something has to be done with them.

Whenever we have a good idea, we have to try to exploit it, because you never know how many good ideas he will have throughout his life.

21. I am proud to have never been part of the special bullfighting clientele.

Bullfighting has never been popular in Santiago Ramón y Cajal, an ancient practice that many people think of now and should be abandoned.

22. I reserve the right to think in accordance with my current ideas.

Being consistent with our ideas can be something that will allow us to live life by our own rules.

23. Endless classes of fools are known; the most deplorable is that of the talkers eager to prove that they have talent.

Talking a lot doesn’t mean being smart, in most cases it usually is.

24. The angry jealousy of some women means, rather than the fear of losing a lover, the suspicion of closing a pocket.

People are often moved by pure interest, whether they are men or women. In this particular quote, Cajal tells us about the self-interested attitude that the female sex generally exhibited at that time.

25. The so-called class or corps spirit generally overlaps with refined selfishness. Any union of honor is in fact a trust for the exploitation of others.

We are all part of the same society and for this to work we must all do the same.

26. The chariot of Spanish culture does not have the wheel of science.

Science at that time did not have the funds to develop, a fact that has changed over time within the Spanish nation.

27. Avoid the conversation of these people, the word, instead of being work, is pleasure. Great talkers are often refined selfish minds, seeking our treatment, not to strengthen sentimental ties, but to be admired and applauded.

There have always been people who have sought to be able to take refuge in the shadow of a much more successful person, because as the saying goes: He who approaches a good tree, a good shadow welcomes him .

28. For friends, as for teeth, we lose them over the years, not always without pain.

We will lose a lot of our friendships over the years, as true friends tend to be very hard to find.

29. Only the doctor and the playwright enjoy the strange privilege of making the worries they pay us. give.

A great truth that many of us probably never thought of, as this one shows us, doctors often take it upon themselves to give us bad news.

30. It has been said repeatedly that the problem of Spain is a problem of culture. It is urgent, in fact, if we want to join the civilized peoples, intensely cultivate the wastelands of our land and our brain, saving for the prosperity and the exaltation of the motherland all the rivers that are lost in the sea and all the talents that are lost in ignorance.

Nineteenth-century Spain was populated mainly by illiterates, compulsory education for children of all social classes would not come until the middle of the twentieth century.

31. Either you have many ideas and few friends, or many friends and few ideas.

Our ideas can sow discord among our friends, but if a friendship is strong enough, it will certainly bear the brunt of any disagreement that may arise between us.

32. Fortunately, in most cases the wife gets used to the husband because he gets used to beer or tobacco.

Marriage was once considered a forced life stage through what we all had to go through, luckily society today is not that forceful in this regard.

33. Far from making the novice researcher fall before the great authorities of science, he must know that his destiny, by a cruel but inescapable law, is to grow a little at the expense of his reputation.

Those who made great discoveries in another era can teach us what the path to success is. As Isaac Newton said: If I could see further than the others, it is because I climbed on the neck of the giants. A quote that referred to all these great geniuses of antiquity who inspired him.

34. The most ignorant and rustic woman can beget a man of genius.

All men and women have the same qualities, but some of us learn over time to use them more.

35. Nothing is more radically unjust than the father of a family. He forgives everything to favor his children.

Every father will always support his son, no matter what he really deserves, blood is one of the strongest bonding factors around.

36. Friendship hates poverty and pain, like plant darkness and thin air. If you want to keep friends, hide your difficulties and sorrows.

It is in the face of adversity that we find out which of our friends really are, because when we go through a good situation, people with interested attitudes will always come out of nowhere.

37. Here is a proof which is also a standard; the only tonics of the will are truth and justice.

Truth must be a constant in our lives, with it we can all lead the lives we truly deserve.

38. Glory, in truth, is but a postponed forgetfulness.

In time we will all be forgotten, but if we are successful at our task, our possible oblivion may take much longer to occur.

39. Avoid rich and foolish friends and protectors. No matter how hard you treat them, you will see yourself becoming their amanuensis or, if you miss that.

We must never submit to the interests of others, our own will must always be the only thing that can move us.

40. The weak succumb, not for the weak, but to ignore that they are. The same thing happens in the nations.

Our social standing is a very important thing, because if we don’t have a certain level of bad luck that can happen, it will end very quickly with us.

41. It costs no one more than the one who aspires to it.

Knowing the difference between desires we should be pursuing and those we should not be able to be a personal key to our future happiness.

42. It is strange to see how the people, who feed their imaginations with tales of witches or saints, mysterious events and extraordinary events, despise the world around them as something common, monotonous and strange. prosaic, without realizing that in the end all that is secret, mystery and wonder.

The world is quite complicated regardless of fantasies like fairies or monsters because humans are actually unaware of much of the universe around us.

43. The scientist is the one who leads others to what he has understood.

Sharing the interesting information we have with others can be something that helps them in their own lives as well.

44. The common thing is that conceited and presumptuous people pretend to have what they want.

No one has everything they want and anyone who says otherwise is actually the most likely to lie to us.

45. The art of living a long time is to resign ourselves to living slowly.

In life, there is time for everything, we should never rush to make our decisions.

46. ​​Because there are talents for study, there are fools stunned by disuse.

Education is a fundamental aspect of every person’s life, because a person who has not been educated will never develop their maximum intellectual potential.

47. Move away gradually, without violently breaking up the friend for whom you represent a means rather than an end.

Some of our supposed friends will try to use us throughout our lives, we should all learn to read between the lines so that doesn’t happen.

48. Sympathy is very often a sentimental prejudice based on the idea that the face is the mirror of the soul. Unfortunately, the face is almost always a mask.

Beauty is not everything in life, as we all need to know that toxicity and a person’s physical appearance do not always go hand in hand.

49. The ideas do not prove to be fruitful with those who suggest them or apply them for the first time, but with the tenacious ones who feel them vehemently and in virtuality put all their faith and all their love. In this regard, we can well say that scientific conquests are creations of the will and offerings of passion.

Every great discovery always has a remarkable work behind it, because like great works of art, these never arise from nothing.

50. Man is a social being whose intelligence demands to excite the murmur of the hive.

We humans are much more powerful when we come together as a group. The society we all live in today is a logical response of human beings to the adversities that beset them.

51. Truth is a corrosive acid which almost always splashes on whoever handles it.

While the truth may hurt us momentarily, it will ultimately help us live in a way that is much more dignified and more consistent with our own thoughts.

52. The worst is not to be wrong, but to try to justify it, instead of taking advantage of it as a providential warning of our lightness or our ignorance.

Mistakes help us improve as individuals, thanks to them we can be a better and much more complete person tomorrow.

53. Any man can be, if he so chooses, a sculptor of his own brain.

We all have the capacity to educate ourselves in order to improve our intellectual level, but it will be up to us to put this fact into practice or not.

54. Perseverance is one of the less brilliant virtues.

Even though we are not very bright people, with persistence and dedication we will achieve whatever we set out to do.

55. It is important to realize that while some fields of science seem mature enough, others are in development and still others have yet to emerge.

Science over time develops new ramifications, some of which in Ramon and Cajal’s time were completely new.

56. The mediocre can be polite; geniuses educate themselves.

This quote shows us where the difference lies between people with more normal intellectual levels and true geniuses.

57. All excellent work, both in art and science, results from the immense zeal applied to a great idea.

Developing an idea always takes time, only by being persistent can we achieve it.

58. It should be noted that in general the problems are not exhausted; on the contrary, the men were exhausted by the problems.

Human beings always find new problems in their development, a constant that does not seem to change over the years.

59. Little is enough every day if we get this little every day.

A very successful meeting which encourages us to be more consistent in our daily work.

60. Lazy brain cells only turn on their lights under the whip of painful emotions.

Perhaps the most difficult situations we go through are the ones that inspire us the most throughout our lives.

61. The woman is like the soldier’s backpack.

During a war, the memory of our loved ones will be what pushes us to fight.

62. The one who takes things as a joke is always defeated by the one who takes them seriously.

There are some aspects of life that don’t seem to matter, but it is very possible that we are totally wrong.

63. Coincidence does not smile at what it wants, but what it deserves.

Coincidences will never find us if we don’t work, just by staying at the foot of the canyon our luck will finally change.

64. Men are struggling to acquire land where they can be buried prematurely.

Wars should never be liberated, for nothing is worth more than a person’s life.

65. The timely erudition which appeals to us so much to some very fine talkers is often only the subtle art of bringing the interlocutor into the realm of recent readings.

Reading is a very interesting activity, practicing it can bring great benefits in our personal and professional life.

66. It has been said time and time again that business is other people’s money. In the same way, one could affirm that the power and the happiness are the misfortune and the anguish of the neighbor.

Money and power can bring us serious personal problems, because as they say: maybe all that glitters is not gold.

67. My contradictions! I wish they were older! It would be an indication of youth, flexibility and strength. We change with the years and the readings. And not just successively, but simultaneously. (…) Parodying Descartes, I would say: “I vary, therefore I exist”.

Over time, we will all be less inclined to change our minds, a clear symptom as we get closer to old age.

68. Excess savings quickly dwindle towards gas, falling into the exaggeration of deeming it superfluous compared to what is needed.

We have to enjoy life to the fullest and that is why the use of money is a completely compulsory thing. The money we keep will not come with us after we die.

69. One of the misfortunes of our country is, as has been said many times, that the individual interest ignores the collective interest.

Society will only succeed in evolving when the collective interest fully prevails.

70. You are worthless if your death is desired by many people.

If many people want our evil, their wish will come true in the end. We have to make sure that the people around us are completely honest with us.

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