The 70 most famous quotes of María Félix

Maria de Los Angeles Felix Guereña, popularly known by Maria Felix, Was a Mexican actress born April 8, 1914.

This popular actress is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women of her time and an erotic myth of the time, but what really made this woman great is her strong character, her determined will that has her. always brought out throughout your life.

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    Excellent quotes from Maria Felix

    María Félix, who died in 2002, was a woman who had very clear ideas about her role in the world and the sexist system in which she was involved in Mexico at the time.

    We are dealing with a woman with so much talent that she certainly deserves to be remembered forever, and that is why we have made a selection of the 70 most famous phrases of María Félix, How they will like it!

    1. I don’t have a voice but I have a style.

    Maria Felix’s character has always been something that has undoubtedly made her a motivated woman.

    2. For me, what still amazes me at the moment is that women allow themselves to be beaten “Tarugas! … I was a very beaten up, abused woman, thrown down the stairs, pinched … but in the movies. I don’t have a face at the same time!

    He never let himself be intimidated and always showed himself as he was, an example of attitude towards life.

    3. In a world of men like this, I want to warn them to be careful. Here is the revenge of women. When we have a majority, we will govern. And to order, you need to be informed, learn and be prepared. That is why women must be educated. Women so abused.

    She has always defended women’s rights and equal opportunities for both sexes.

    4. I’m not justifying the murder, murdering a person is a horrible thing, but in this case (of a rape of the woman), I also grab the gun and the ton.

    She has always been a woman who did not let herself be trampled on and poor in the one who dared to miss the great Maria Félix.

    5. I am not underwear, I am wearing shorts.

    At that time, having such a strong character, he could end up giving more of a headache even to a tall woman like her. One of Maria Félix’s sentences with more character.

    6. You have to assert yourself and assert yourself more in this masculine country.

    Having our ideas clear and fighting for them is what María Félix preached.

    7. It seems to me that Mexico must be different.

    Mexico still had a long way to go as a country, its culture and the education of the little ones in the house was of the utmost importance to improve.

    8. The first man I met was my father.

    With her father, Maria has already been able to see the first abuses of power that women had to endure.

    9. We must be more autonomous, more owners and ladies of our destiny, so that we can do more for this country.

    She was well aware of the power of women and knew that a very relevant future awaited them in Mexican society.

    10. Without mystery there is no love. The mystery must be kept, you cannot walk with the plantofa dragging you into the house. You have to keep a little mystery, be beautiful at home to keep the love. To me, a man in the house makes me pretty.

    She was a woman aware of the power she wielded in men and knew how to use her qualities to achieve her goals in life.

    11. The best way to love someone is to love them for who they are, with their faults.

    Love is unconditional, you love this person with their virtues and faults, otherwise it is not true love.

    12. The man is unfaithful by nature … well, the woman too.

    Infidelity is something practiced by both sexes, María Félix knew very well that it was not something intrinsic to one sex.

    13. For my way of seeing things, we would need a leader with strength, physique, enlightenment, attractiveness, charisma and love of the Country.

    These are the qualities that, according to Maria, should be attributed to the eventual future president of Mexico.

    14. I have a mariachi soul.

    She has always been a woman with a strong taste for music and dance, she has enjoyed both things throughout her life.

    15. I have always been very lucky. Huge!

    She considered herself a woman who has been very lucky throughout her career, in terms of work and economics, to acquire great creditworthiness.

    16. protest, complain, don’t give up, prepare, do with your life what you want and not what your men allow you to be. Amen and make love. Don’t settle for a little. It will now be a country of women. Now it’s our turn.

    The struggle for women’s rights has always worried María Félix, she has played an important role in the empowerment of women in Mexico.

    17. I vow of faith and reason that Mexicans will no longer remain silent. For them to understand that to have a better place, you have to have courage. We need to know that the truth is the only thing that will save us and make us better people.

    Maria wanted women to fight for their future and their grievances to be heard in society.

    18. Beauty is at the soles of your feet. Yes, because a pretty girl sitting sticks but nothing else gets up, she walks like Chencha and no more. There are so many that are not that pretty but walking down the street you look at them.

    This great woman knew very well that our attitude is a very important thing, because with it we can give a much more powerful image of ourselves.

    19. I would treat Mexico with order and honor.

    In this quote he tells us that if they had been allowed to do so they would accept the role of head of state, surely it would be a woman president.

    20. Now operating (from the face) is like climbing a frame. People criticize out of envy.

    The time in which she was able to live was a time of great changes in society, but she always knew how to update herself and always stay in fashion.

    21. I call on all women to take care and exercise caution in bed.

    Maria knew very well that women should have decision-making power in matters of love and that they should take all possible precautions.

    22. If you want to leave a man, investigate him, but if you don’t want to leave him, don’t look for him because you are going to find him.

    All men keep their own secrets, just like a lot of women do.

    23. I don’t rely on the past. New things are always coming.

    You always have to think about the future and be ambitious, this great woman has always been a very positive person.

    24. I am against the exploitation of Mexican women. Much of the good Mexico has had since the dawn of time is due to women. The woman has been a bulwark and an advocate for the environment inside and outside the home. These are largely men who have been killed in wars and who have turned the country upside down in politics.

    Maria was fully aware of the relevant role women play in any society and how women should be given more power in decision making.

    25. The worst evil that makes us losers is masculinity.

    Masculinity is something that has been present in almost all societies since time immemorial and must be eradicated.

    26. Mexicans learn from failure.

    Mexicans, like all societies, learn by the method of error or success, in the end they solve their own problems.

    27. The woman must be strong, firm, as autonomous as possible, seek to have an independent life, of course with her role of mother, with her role of wife. Its good. I have been mother and wife and have been completely, but I forged myself in the dust and made my own life.

    Women should be free to lead the life that satisfies them the most, no matter what the rest of society thinks about it.

    28. Have so many men … cry for one?

    She knew full well that romantic relationships could not end well and that was not why it was the end of the world.

    29. There are husbands who use physical violence with their wives. I make a wish: that justice be more severe for these domestic torturers.

    Gender violence from which women have always suffered, María Félix was a great activist who pleaded for the law to be as severe as possible with these monsters who practiced it.

    30. Dona, are you a lesbian? asked an Argentinian journalist

    -If all men were like you, but immediately.

    Maria repeatedly suffered comments as unfortunate as this one, as there were men who did not understand a character as strong as hers and felt intimidated.

    31. Don’t feel bad if someone rejects you, people usually reject the dear because they can’t afford it.

    A very inspiring sentence that encourages us to value ourselves, and which has a way of seeing the typical life of María Félix.

    32. It is better to instill envy than pity.

    This great actress was much envied throughout her career, but she always knew how to overcome the problems that envious people could cause her.

    33. It is not difficult to be beautiful, it is difficult to know how to be beautiful!

    Being a beautiful woman is not only a question of physique, but also of attitude to adopt.

    34. An original woman is not one who imitates no one, but one whom no one can imitate.

    Being someone unique is very difficult in this society, but María Félix certainly knew how to be one.

    35. I have a little trouble talking about myself; talking about me is very harsh because I am much better than what I watch.

    The self-esteem of this actress has always been something that characterized her throughout her life, she knew very well that she was not to be trampled on by anyone. One of the most recognized phrases of Maria Felix.

    36. I do not believe myself to be the divine heron: I am the divine heron.

    A very famous quote from María Félix where she made it clear that she was very aware of her own worth and that she was going to make a name for herself in society.

    37. Money is not happiness, but it is always better to cry in a Ferrari …

    This is perhaps his most famous date. Who has never used it in reference to possible personal wealth? One of Maria Félix’s most international phrases, even though few people know she said it for the first time.

    38. Am I fighting for a gentleman? No! They do it for me; but me not for them […] I’ve never cried for a man because when he doesn’t want me anymore, I don’t want him anymore. “

    The world is very big and you can always find another person to start a new relationship, María Félix knew that very well.

    39. A man has to cry for three days … And in the bedroom you put on new heels and clothes.

    A way in the purest Maria Félix style to overcome a love affair. Always with attitude!

    40. If all men were as ugly as you are, of course you would be a lesbian, she replied to a journalist in Argentina who questioned her sexual preferences.

    On that date, Maria Felix also had to arrest a reporter who hinted at what his sexual preferences might be and even went so far as to call him ugly.

    41. (I represent) the triumphant Mexican who does not give up. I am not a remnant. I’ve never been.

    Mary has always seen herself as a triumphant, fighter, and empowered woman.

    42. There are (men) who did not suit me, some because they were ugly, others because they were very poor and I don’t like walking around asking for stockings.

    She always knew very well what she was looking for in a man and never hid it from anyone.

    43. One day, a journalist asked me in a very bad way: you really like to talk about yourself, don’t you ?, And I replied: I prefer to speak well of myself rather than badly. others.

    Maria has always been a woman whom I do not speak of with back pain, she has focused her life on her own well-being and her professional career, something we should all be doing.

    44. I will be one more woman in your life to you, but you one less man in mine.

    When a man wasn’t right for her, she knew full well that it was time to start something new in her life.

    45. In Mexico, when they want to insult one, they tell her that she is old.

    In Mexico they have a bit of a peculiar way of insulting and Maria was told she was old as if she cared.

    46. ​​Since the dawn of time, men have brought the best of the cake. I have a man’s heart and that’s why I have done so well.

    She has always been a woman with ambitions and she knew that no one, neither society nor men was going to be able to bend her.

    47. If one is beautiful on the inside, it naturally reflects and beautifies the outside.

    Maria knew that our personality is what makes us attractive inside and out.

    48. I am liberal because I always do what I want.

    She was a woman who made a wish her all her life, an example of an empowered woman.

    49. Flowers! I hate flowers! They will last a day and you have to be grateful for a lifetime.

    Flowers are a gift she considered trivial and meaningless, because they do not last over time.

    50. I am not afraid of gray hair or wrinkles, but of a lack of interest in life. I am not afraid that they will fall on me over the years, but to fall on myself.

    Losing the illusion of living is what really makes us old, as long as we have ambitions and the desire to discover things, our mind will stay young.

    51. In order for a man to know what a housewife is, he must try the others. Also the woman. The thing must be a couple.

    A date that tells us about infidelity and how it can be something both within a couple.

    52. I am an extremely antisocial woman, I would rather have the attention of a brilliant man than that of a horde of fools.

    Maria knew very well how to surround herself with these people who really brought her something positive in her life.

    53. Don’t give me advice, I can make mistakes on my own.

    We learned from our mistakes and she knew it, so she only needed anyone’s advice from her own mistakes.

    54. Of course I have a soul, what a blind man like you can’t see doesn’t mean he doesn’t have it.

    He suffered many unfortunate comments throughout his life, these by men who did not understand his genius.

    55. I’m not impressed with the price, but with the results.

    In our lives, our successes are what defines us as individuals within society.

    56. A man must be sculpture to satisfy, a woman to satisfy only smiles.

    Maria liked well-trained men, she had a very personal taste for choosing who would be her partner.

    57. Diva is something invented, but I was not made. Life made me and maybe very well.

    She knew that all the credit for what she had obtained was for herself and not for the intervention of a third party.

    58. I think I knew how to run my life and I managed my career well, because there are people who manage their jobs well but who do not manage their life well. I made it clear that I did well, because first I had a fabulous time.

    She enjoyed it a lot throughout her career and throughout her personal life she was a woman who knew how to get everything she wanted.

    59. Beauty gives you everything, but it is not everything.

    She knew how to use her beauty, but she also knew that her intelligence was what allowed her to use a wider range of qualities to achieve her goals.

    60. I am up to the assholes and especially those who want to continue to see our face. And since some men don’t put on their pants, we’ll put them on today.

    A sentence that describes very well the strong and determined character of this celebrity of Mexican cinema of the 40s and 50s.

    61. People without ambition never come out of the hole.

    Ambition has led María Félix to be the iconic woman we all know, the same who has achieved the highest level of the Mexican firm.

    62. My enemies are many and they are evil; my few and good friends.

    True friends can be counted on the fingers of the hands and this was well known to this great woman. Another of Maria Félix’s great phrases.

    63. I don’t know her, my work had no rivals. I don’t know, I’ve always been so good at everything. I think I never had a real competition.

    There were people who wanted to attribute certain rivals to her during her time as an actress, but she still saw them as mere companions doing her own work.

    64. There was a Zapata, Pancho Vila himself, an adventurer, he was a man, you could see the size of the guy. There are no more men like before; it is a product that has been lost, the quality is lost. Look at the physique of the new men and you will see that they do not have stature.

    Mary longed for men to be made of a dough different from that of their contemporaries.

    65. The best way to love someone is to accept them as they are, that’s what I do with Antoine, it’s not easy, but loving assholes is easy.

    True love can be hard to find, and it can even be hard for us to maintain it over time, but if we find it, we have to fight for it.

    66. I have no displeasure. A lot of women I know are sad because they’re not 20 or 25 anymore. I do not care. I am as old as I am.

    Mary was always happy no matter what age she lived, the important thing is how we live each year, not how many years we live.

    67. In life, I consider success to be less than fame. Success can be achieved by many people, fame touches you and goes with you for a lifetime.

    When you achieve celebrity status, it will stay with you for life.

    68. Leave the dead alone, if those who are inside cannot go and those who are outside do not want to enter.

    We must be respectful of our dead and let them rest in peace, the time will come for all of us.

    69. The scent of incest has no other love.

    Recent studies suggest that Maria’s first love was her brother two years older than her, which has certainly raised a lot of controversy in this regard.

    70. Ask me or tell me the word, the other day a journalist of his great prestige said to me: “I would like to make you a biography” and that seemed good to me; so many biographies of chafas were made to me and so many that I did not allow and well we had dates, we had recordings, we had visits, we were stuck in this story of the biography so that at a certain moment this person says to me “I can’t do your biography anymore because I was already your friend I already feel your friend I don’t want to investigate you anymore” and the word fills me: why are you going to investigate me if I am not Porfirio Díaz or Emiliano Zapata why are you going to examine me, they are investigated, an actress is invented, an actress is a dream.

    A beautiful quote that speaks very well about the humility of Maria Felix, who was undoubtedly a woman with a strong character but who has always been honest with herself and who is therefore loved by thousands of people around the world.

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