The 70 most revealing quotes from Saint Thomas Aquinas

One of the most important thinkers who gave way to the Renaissance, his life was devoted to study, writing and teaching. The Thoughts and Phrases of St. Thomas Aquinas they are based on the close relationship between human reason and faith.

Founder of the Thomist school, he had an Aristotelian influence, and focused his studies on metaphysics and cosmology. All this added to a life understood as a fixed mission in the service of the Christian god and ‘ use of philosophy to understand this divine dimension in which he believed.

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    The 70 sentences of Saint Thomas Aquinas

    In this collection of phrases from Saint Thomas Aquinas appear the reflections and aphorisms which best represent his philosophy.

    1. Good can exist without evil, while evil cannot exist without good

    Either way, each pole needs the other’s shadow

    2. Fear the One Book Man

    This sentence from Saint Thomas Aquinas refers to people who have a fixed ideal and show it frankly.

    3. Beings endowed with intelligence always want to exist a natural desire cannot exist in vain

    This is why they transcend through their works.

      4. The scientist is what leads others to what he has understood: the truth

      This phrase from St. Thomas Aquinas values ​​the power of people who dedicate their lives to study while they resonate with others.

      5. There are particular goods which have no necessary relation with happiness, for without them one can be happy. The will does not necessarily adhere to these goods

      And this stuff doesn’t appear without forcing them.

      6. To be a voluntary act, it must come from an intrinsic principle with some knowledge of the end.

      If we offer our help, it must be free and spontaneous.

      7. If a captain’s highest goal was to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever.

      This sentence tells us that if we don’t take risks, we won’t see the results of what we set out to do.

      8. Believing is an act of understanding which consents to divine truth through the empire of the will moved by God through grace.

      In this one from St. Thomas Aquinas, we can appreciate the reaffirmation of his faith.

      9. Faith refers to things that are not seen and hope to things that are not at hand.

      A simple way to conceptualize these two elements.

      10. The right is the fairest or adjusted to another agreement of some type of equality

      We do not all have the same perspective on what is right.

        11. The law is the prescription of reason, ordered for the common good, given by the person responsible for the care of the community.

        This sentence from Santo tomás de Aquino focuses on situations of civil coexistence.

        12. God loves everything that exists

        In this sentence from Saint Thomas Aquinas, he centers the reason for his faith.

        13. Since the private sciences do not deal with certain things which require research, it becomes necessary to have a universal and primary science which studies those questions which the private sciences do not deal with.

        On the study of different types of subjects which in their time were little taken into account.

        14. Divine love, without comparison, is a power of fusion, because it wants good for others.

        This sentence from Saint Thomas Aquinas he talks about unconditional love.

          15. It is properly to love someone: to want the good for him. Therefore, in what someone loves, he wants good for himself

          About this love that nourishes both people.

          16. The essence of love is to become a friend of God, for he is happy and the source of happiness. “

          Another phrase from St. Thomas Aquinas, focuses on the love of God, as an expression of his faith

          17. One must admit something absolutely necessary, the cause of his need is not in another, but it is the cause of the need of others. They all call him God

          Saint Thomas Aquinas, in this sentence, makes apology for Christianity.

          18. The existence of God is taken for granted, but not for us, so it must be proven. “

          On the struggle and the importance of paving the way for religion.

          19. Jesus Christ is the image of God in man

          In this sentence from St. Thomas Aquinas reinforces the idea that Jesus emanates directly from God, something that characterizes Christianity and its conception of what is divine.

          20. Christian spirituality has no more standard than that of following Christ the Master.

          Another sentence dedicated to religious faith.

          21. Contemplate and give to others what is envisioned

          This sentence from Saint Thomas Aquinas underlines the importance of solidarity.

          22. In itself, mercy is the greatest of virtues, for it belongs to him to turn to others and, even more, to help their faults.

          On dogmas based on mercy.

          23. This is proper to the superior, and it is for this reason that God should have mercy, in which his omnipotence shines in the highest way.

          In this sentence from Saint Thomas Aquinas he humanizes God, and this weight transfers him to everyone’s duty.

          24. If anyone does not like the truth, he is not a man.

          Truth as an inherent and pure characteristic of humanity.

          25. The root of freedom is reason. There is no freedom but in truth

          Lies always enslave us.

          26. To educate is to promote the offspring in the perfect state of man as man, that is to say in the state of virtue.

          For Saint Thomas Aquinas, dedication to study was the most important thing after faith.

          27. Action follows being

          This phrase from St. Thomas Aquinas refers to the search for

          28. The law is the prescription of reason, ordered for the common good, given by the person responsible for the care of the community.

          One of the sentences of Saint Thomas Aquinas which invites deep reflection.

          29. The being of things, and not their truth, is the cause of truth in understanding

          In this sentence from Saint Thomas Aquinas, he alludes to the essence of all that exists as well as that which matters.

          30. It is clear that there is truth. Because whoever denies that the truth exists, knows that the truth exists. So if the truth does not exist, it is true that the truth does not exist

          What is denied is because it is somehow taken for granted.

            31. Sin offends God which harms man

            In this sentence from Saint Thomas Aquinas, he carries the idea that the basis of the relationship with God involves sin.

            32. All that is true, whoever has said it, has its origin in the mind

            This phrase from St. Thomas Aquinas places the origin of knowledge in the divine.

            33. Everyone must invent their own way

            It refers to the fact that each person can adjust the episodes of their life as they wish.

            34. Every movement of the will must be preceded by knowledge. But not the other way around: not all knowledge is preceded by a voluntary notion

            About the origin of why we decided to do things.

            35. Do to others as you would like others to do to you

            This sentence speaks of empathy and benevolence.

            36. The action of understanding is that the formality or concept of the thing known is in the knowing; on the contrary, the act of will is perfected by the movement towards the thing such as it is in itself.

            Everything takes shape according to its movements.

            38. God, who is pure act and has no potential, has infinite active power over other things

            Sentence of Saint Thomas Aquinas which strengthens his belief.

            39. As an individual, the woman is a weak and defective being.

            Position of Saint Thomas Aquinas in relation to the female figure.

            40. Love occupies the place left by knowledge

            In this St. Thomas Aquinas phrase refers to the fact that love and knowledge often go the same way.

            41. Bad law, void law

            If that doesn’t help, the law doesn’t exist.

            42. All truth, whoever speaks it, is of the Holy Spirit

            For Saint Thomas Aquinas, the origin of value is the divine.

            43. For one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. For an infidel, no explanation is possible

            If you don’t believe in something, you don’t believe.

            44. Love is not a passion, for no virtue is passion, and all love is “a certain virtue

            In this sentence of St. Thomas Aquinas exalts love in the face of any other expression of affection.

            45. In this life, it is better to love God than to know him

            For Saint Thomas Aquinas, God is the main reason for whatever reason.

            46. ​​The common good trumps the particular good

            It is better to fight for the causes of the other because it allows us to grow in spirit.

            47. Whatever gift we give someone, the first gift we give them is to love them

            Phrase of Saint Thomas Aquinas on solidarity and love of neighbor.

            48. The father must be loved more than the mother, since he is the active principle of procreation, while the mother is only the passive principle.

            This sentence of Saint Thomas Aquinas would be very much questioned today.

            49. True love grows with difficulties; the false one, goes out. We know from experience that when we endure hard trials for someone we love, love does not crumble, but grows.

            About the honest love he builds.

            50. Love leads to happiness. Only those who have it are promised eternal happiness. And without him everything else is insufficient

            This philosopher speaks to us of love.

            51. The one who loves comes out of his interior and moves towards that of the beloved as long as he wants his good and gives himself to achieve it, as if it were for himself.

            About tolerance i unconditional support for the couple.

              52. Every true friend wants his friend: 1- to exist and to live; 2- all goods; 3- do him good; 4- rejoice in their coexistence; and 5- finally, to share with him his joys and his sorrows, to live with him in one heart.

              In this sentence, Saint Thomas Aquinas tells us about friendship.

              53. A friend is better than honor, and a loved one is better than an honored one

              Above all, affection and friendship should prevail.

              54. Love produces perfect joy in man. Indeed, he really only loves what he lives in charity

              Another sentence about love.

              55. God, because of everything, by the immense goodness of his love, comes out of his interior to satisfy all things

              For Saint Thomas Aquinas, God is the answer to all kinds of questions.

              56. The only instrument at our disposal, both to improve ourselves and to live in dignity, is education.

              Reflections on the importance of study and knowledge.

              57. The true teacher is the one who helps the pupil to attain the perfection of science.

              On the role of the teacher.

              58. All men, by nature, desire to know.

              On the need for knowledge.

              59. The teacher who answers a problem only with arguments (citing the authors) leaves the disciple empty-headed

              The use of experience in knowledge sharing has more power.

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