The 74 best phrases of Saint Francis of Assisi

Saint Francis of Assisi (Officially and in Italian, Francesco d’Assisi, born Giovanni di Pietro Bernardone) was a saint of Italian origin, deacon and founder of the Franciscan order.

Born in 1181, he is considered one of the essential figures of Christian spirituality of the Middle Ages.

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    Big phrases and thoughts of Saint Francis of Assisi

    In today’s article we will deepen the philosophy of this Christian icon through the best phrases of Saint Francis of Assisi.

    If you think we’ve forgotten any of your famous quotes, please report it in the comments section and we’ll add it to the post soon.

    1. It is by dying that we are resurrected to eternal life.

    Sentence that sums up his vision of the afterlife.

    2. We are not to do anything other than diligently follow the will of God and please all things.

    According to Saint Francis of Assisi, humans must feel and reproduce the divine commandments.

    3. When spiritual joy fills hearts, the serpent spills its deadly poison in vain.

    Nothing better to relieve hatred than a dose of happiness and companionship.

    4. All the good we do should be done for God’s sake, and the evil we avoid should be avoided for God’s sake.

    A philosophy based on the approach of kindness.

    5. What you are doing may be the only sermon some people hear today.

    Actions are worth more than words, according to this phrase from Saint Francis of Assisi.

    6. As you proclaim peace with your lips, make sure you have it even more fully in your heart.

    On the need to avoid hypocrisy.

    7. Without prayer, no one can progress in divine service.

    A ritual that marks the difference between believers and practicing believers.

    8. I need a little and what I need, I need a little.

    An austere vision which has been one of the ethical foundations of the Franciscan Order.

    9. Blessed is he who has no more joy and gladness than the words and deeds of the Lord.

    Phrase that sums up his love and devotion to God.

    10. Jesus Christ called a friend to the one who delivered him up and offered himself spontaneously to those who crucified him.

    On the infinite goodness of the messenger of God.

    11. Animals are my friends and I don’t like my friends.

    A vegan phrase that clashes with the medieval context.

    12. Man must tremble, the world must vibrate, all of heaven must be deeply moved when the Son of God appears on the altar in the hands of the priest.

    A few words of thanks to the messenger of God.

    13. It is forgiving that we are forgiven.

    It is only when we are able to be humble that others forgive us for our mistakes.

    14. God created all creatures with love and goodness, large, small, human or animal, they are all children of the Father and He was so perfect. There is no need to walk anywhere to evangelize unless our way is our gospel.

    A reflection of Saint Francis of Assisi on the Gospel.

    15. Preach the gospel at all times and use words as necessary.

    A maxim to be applied on a daily basis.

    16. If God can work through me, He can work through anyone.

    Omnipresent and omnipotent.

    17. Love your enemies and do good to those who hate you.

    Expression of the Christian spirit in which the good must prevail over the unfavorable circumstances.

    18. With more love, one of us can love and nourish his brother in spirit.

    Reflection on sharing love.

    19. The real teaching we impart is what we experience; and we are good preachers when we do what we say.

    Individual practice and experience are fundamental to being a moral example.

    20. Where stillness and meditation reign, there is no room for worry or dissipation.

    About calm and its psychological benefits.

    21. It is giving as one receives, it is forgetting oneself as one finds.

    Self-realization is a process that can take years.

    22. He who works with his hands is a worker.

    Worker par excellence.

    23. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.

    Creativity at the service of society.

    24. He who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist.

    The culmination of cultural production: art.

    25. Overcoming temptation is, in a way, the ring with which the Lord preaches.

    A sentence to make us think.

    26. Sanctify and dedicate yourself to society.

    Spiritual redemption must begin with oneself.

    27. May the peace which they proclaim with their words be the first in their hearts.

    Another of these sentences from Saint Francis of Assisi in which he underlines the importance of the word.

    28. We have been called to heal wounds, to unite what has fallen apart and bring home those who have lost their way.

    The Italian saint, on the mission of the Christian people.

    29. To entertain oneself to find the faults of one’s neighbor is sufficient proof of not taking care of one’s own pains.

    It’s best to focus on what we can improve on.

    30. If there are men who exclude any of God’s creatures from the protection of compassion and mercy, there will be men who will treat their brethren alike.

    Kindness must be preached generously and constantly.

    31. Praying daily makes us kind.

    Another sentence on steadfastness in Christian devotion.

    32. Prayer is a real rest.

    It is only in this ritual, according to Saint Francis of Assisi, that our soul rests.

    33. The devil rejoices above all when he succeeds in wresting joy from the heart of the servant of God.

    Sadness and anger are incompatible with Christian devotion.

    34. He is happy who has nothing for himself.

    Austerity is the best guide to happiness.

    35. Remember that when you leave this world, you cannot take anything that you have received; only what you gave.

    Beautiful phrase from Saint Francis of Assisi.

    36. May the peace which they proclaim with their words be the first in their hearts.

    Never say something that you don’t feel.

    37. For a small reward, something is lost which is invaluable and easily causes the donor to stop giving.

    Timely reflection from which to reflect on the misdeeds of selfishness.

    38. Prayer brings us closer to God, even though he is always close to us.

    A beautiful sentence to understand the omnipotence of the superior being.

    39. We begin to serve, we do our best. What we have done so far is little and nothing.

    You can always do more and better.

    40. We love God and worship with simple hearts.

    Without big beetles, loving God has an easy path.

    41. Evil and false spirits, do whatever you want with me. I know you cannot do more than the hand of the Lord allows. For my part, I am willing to suffer gladly whatever he leaves behind.

    A sentence aimed at evil, in a provocative tone.

    42. Every child in disgrace has the same right to be protected.

    Kindness should not be deprived of anyone.

    43. God created all creatures with love and goodness, large, small, human or animal, they are all children of the Father and He was so perfect in His creation that He gave each one his own environment and his animals a house full of streams, trees and meadows as beautiful as paradise itself.

    About the incredible logic of nature.

    44. Man, to whom he possesses nothing of himself, belongs to God.

    A curious conception of human property.

    45. All the brethren must preach by their works.

    Actions speak for us in a clear and transparent manner.

    46. ​​Just as some animals feed on others to survive, God told man that he could only take the animals he needed until he found a better solution, not by fancy clothes or ferns, their slaves or their entertainments.

    Feed animals only if there is no more reasonable option.

    47. Terrible is death !, But how desirable is also the life of the other world, to which God calls us!

    Ambivalent view on death.

    48. Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.

    The “magic” potion against misfortune.

    49. All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of one candle.

    Metaphor that we can apply to different contexts.

    50. Start by doing what is necessary; so do your best and suddenly you will be doing the impossible.

    Great philosophy to develop projects of all kinds.

    51. Wisdom is acquired through experience and lessons learned.

    There is no other way to develop.

    52. It is in the gift that we receive.

    Phrase on the importance of sharing.

    53. He is a faithful and prudent servant who, for every guilt he commits, hastens to spy on him: internally, out of contrition, and outwardly by confession and job satisfaction.

    On the virtues of a faithful believer.

    54. If you, the servant of God, are worried, you should immediately turn to prayer and bow down to the Lord until your joy returns.

    According to Saint Francis of Assisi, concerns are resolved by returning to prayer.

    55. We are not to do anything other than diligently follow the will of God and please all things.

    Gratitude to God is a way of being humble and kind.

    56. Lord, let me not seek so much to be comforted as to comfort, to be understood, to understand, to be loved, to love.

    Another sentence on the importance of giving without expecting anything in return.

    57. Above the grace and gifts that Christ gives to those close to him, there is self-transcendence.

    Absolute worship of Jesus Christ.

    58. We strive for the serenity of accepting the inevitable, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to be able to distinguish one from another.

    A maxim to apply in our daily life.

    59. He who obeys must not turn to his superior to man, but to him out of love has abandoned himself to obedience.

    A demonstration of respect and reverence.

    60. Don’t canonize me too soon. I am perfectly capable of having a child.

    An ironic phrase about canonization in life.

    61. Lord, to me, sinner and unworthy, you sent me from heaven this consolation and this meekness; I give them back to you because you reserve them for me, because I am a thief of your treasure.

    An ode to the goodness of God.

    62. He seeks above all; and we have in them always the room and the abode of him who is the Lord God Almighty, Father and Son and Holy Spirit.

    Another maxim directed at the attention of God.

    63. The devil is above all delighted to be able to steal the joy from the heart of a servant of God. Filled with dust the smallest cracks of consciousness that can tarnish the candor of the spirit and the purity of life. But when spiritual joy fills hearts, the serpent spills its deadly poison in vain.

    Of the devil and his vices.

    64. Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, I sow love; where there is offense, forgiveness; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy.

    Eliminate the negative to restore the positive.

    65. The servant of God must shine for his life and his holiness.

    Example is the best virtue of a devotee.

    66. When your mouth is filled to proclaim peace, try to be even fuller.

    Another of those phrases from Francis of Assisi in which he reinforces the honesty of the heart.

    67. Courtesy is the sister of charity, which allays hatred and promotes love.

    Cordiality, generosity and good manners always add up.

    68. It is useless to walk everywhere preaching, except that our walk is our preaching.

    For example, we mark the path of others.

    69. Preach the gospel at all times and, if necessary, use words.

    A way of religiously communicating.

    70. Do not argue with each other and with others, but try to respond humbly by saying: “I am a useless servant”.

    Out of humility, we can resolve all conflicts.

    71. A ray of sunlight is enough to scare away many shadows.

    A metaphor that can be applied to many contexts.

    72. Be patient with all things, but especially with yourself.

    A reflection that should make us value calm and serenity in front of ourselves.

    73. Go, dear ones, two by two through the different parts of the earth announcing to men peace and penance.

    Petition addressed to kind-hearted people.

    74. His deeds may be the only sermon some people hear today.

    Another famous quote from Saint Francis of Assisi on the importance of setting an example with facts.

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