The 75 Best Quotes About Silence

Noise is usually something that almost always surrounds us in our daily life, in order to be able to think more clearly and order our thoughts, silence is a great tool that can allow us to do this more effectively.

Many people don’t usually enjoy silence the way they really should, but in today’s busy society, it’s something that happens a lot. We all need to take our time to be able to reflect or meditate and finding a quiet place to do these activities is currently quite a complicated task.

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Phrases and thoughts on silence

When we seek silence and cannot find it, we begin to realize how rare it is in the world we live in.

This is why we thought it was appropriate to do so a selection of the 75 best phrases about silence, A few sentences that will help us value it the way we really should.

1. Don’t speak unless you can improve the silence. (Jorge Luis Borges)

If we don’t have anything smart to contribute to a conversation, it would be better not to speak.

2. Make sure your words are as beautiful as your silences. (Alejandro Jodorowsky)

Sometimes not speaking can be much more convenient than saying the wrong words.

3. All distance is not absence, and all silence is not forgotten. (Shooting of Mario Vine)

Even if we are not talking about a person, that does not mean that we have forgotten him.

4. Beware of those who see only disorder in noise and peace in silence. (Otto von Bismarck)

If we want to be successful, we must know how to read between the lines, a place in silence does not have to be synonymous with tranquility. Sometimes the biggest downside is the silence.

5. Silence is the sun which ripens the fruits of the soul. We cannot have an exact idea of ​​what is never silent. (Maurici Maeterlinck)

Being silent can be a symptom of intelligence, the one who speaks normally the least can also be the one who thinks the most.

6. The man enters the crowd to stifle the cry of his own silence. (Rabindranath Tagore)

Silence can be overwhelming at times, when we don’t want to hear our thoughts a busy environment can be a good place.

7. I don’t know who said great talent isn’t exactly knowing what to say, but knowing what to shut up. (Mariano José de Larra)

Words are not always the best answer, something that many people should learn and apply in their lives.

8. Better to remain silent and make them suspect your absurdities, than to speak out and dispel any doubts about it. (Abraham Lincoln)

An excellent quote from the former US president. When we know a subject in depth, it is better not to talk about it.

9. Silence is the great art of conversation. (William Hazlitt)

Mastering silences can help us conduct a conversation, with them we can give an idea of ​​the topics that interest us the most.

10. What we cannot talk about, we must keep silent. (Ludwig Wittgenstein)

The best way to avoid a problem is not to talk about it, if we want to avoid lying, silence can be our great ally.

11. Great elevations of the soul are possible only in solitude and silence. (Arturo Graf)

In order to achieve more effective meditation, silence and solitude are always necessary. The best place to meditate will always be the quietest one can find.

12. I am so in favor of the discipline of silence, that I could talk about it for hours. (George Bernard Shaw)

Whenever we want to deepen our thoughts, silence will be totally necessary for us. Whether we want to study, read or meditate. The absence of noise will always help us achieve this.

13. Silence is the sign of wisdom and chatter is a sign of stupidity. (Pedro Alfonso)

Many of those who tend to talk too much show their stupidity with it, while those who know how to be more silent rarely prove it.

14. The cruelest lies are told in silence. (Robert Louis Stevenson)

With silence we can deliberately hide information and with that we can imply a bad idea.

15. I have repented many times for having spoken; never have been silent. (Genocrat)

Certainly a big date that reveals a very important lesson, too much talking can be detrimental to us.

16. Does not all this depend on the interpretation we give to the silence that surrounds us? (Lawrence Durrell)

A certain environment in silence can convey a lot of things, but the perception that each of us has of it may not be the same.

17. Silence cannot be removed from silence. (Stanislaw Lec)

Remaining silent can prevent us from making a lot of mistakes, which can be very helpful in our personal life.

18. Whoever does not understand your silences will probably not understand your words. (Elbert Hubbard)

When we are not talking about human beings we also say a lot of things, if someone really wants us, they will understand us even if we do not say anything.

19. The biggest challenge after success is to say nothing about it. (Criss Jami)

Bragging about our success will be something that shows others our arrogance, a flaw that neither of us surely wants to own.

20. Sometimes there are just no words, just a silence floating like an ocean in between. (Jodi Picoult)

Sometimes the words between two people are not necessary, because when there is a total connection between the individuals, a small gesture can be enough.

21. There is no sound more boring than the rage of a child, and none more sad than the silence he leaves when he is gone. (Mark Lawrence)

When children leave the house, they leave behind a silence that some parents cannot stand, a new stage in life that can surely offer us many other entertainments to discover.

22. Silence is a source of great power. (Lao Tzu)

The silence can get really deafening, for there is nothing more cruel than the silence of those we love the most.

23. Of all the possible reactions to injury, the most skillful and economical is silence. (Santiago Ramón i Cajal)

It shouldn’t matter what others say about us, to show our total indifference, silence can be our best ally.

24. My silence makes them mean. I was like an upside down bottle of water can’t come out because the bottle is too full. (Leo Tolstoy)

When we don’t find other people’s ideas interesting, our silence may be the best response.

25. I decided it was better to shout. Silence is the real crime against humanity. (Nadezhda Mandelstam)

Against all injustice, silence can be our biggest enemy, as long as something is not socially right, we should call to the four winds.

26. Seeing her sitting there without giving any sign of anything makes me realize that silence has a sound. (Jodi Picoult)

The silence of our loved ones can be a totally unwanted thing for us, as their voice will always be something that manages to emotionally comfort.

27. You have a great gift for silence, Watson. It makes you very valuable as a partner. (Arthur Conan Doyle)

Famous Sherlock Holmes partner known as Watson is the clear example of what a loyal friend should be. Well, this famous character is always there to hear his deductions.

28. Without silence there can be no true appreciation of life, which is as delicate as a closed rosebud. (Deepak Chopra)

Silence can increase our perception of the environment, because thanks to it we can achieve all these little things that are happening around us.

29. Happy are those who do not speak; because they understand each other! (Mariano José de Larra)

Human communication does not need to use sound, body and facial gestures for this are totally sufficient.

30. Silence is the element in which all great things are formed. (Thomas Carlyle)

Every great discovery is always preceded by silence, because the study of any science to find oneself in a quiet place will always be a very beneficial thing for us.

31. It is more difficult to respond with grace and gentleness than to be silent with contempt. Silence is sometimes a bad answer, a very bitter answer. (Gar Mar)

Silence can also mean indifference or recklessness, which in some cases we will not wish to convey.

32. There are certain types of silence that make you walk in the air. (Cecelia Ahern)

Thanks to the absence of noise, we can hear our thoughts better and thanks to this, we can give them the importance that they really mean to us.

33. God is silence. Now if only the man could be quiet. (Woody Allen)

So that we can know what we really want in life, silence can be a very interesting factor for us. So if you want to know what future you really want, you should always stop and listen to yourself carefully.

34. Silence is a true friend who never betrays you. (Confucius)

Silence can always be a good option to use in our conversations, if we don’t really know what to say sometimes, it’s better not to speak in vain.

35. Noise is relative to the silence that precedes it. The more the silence, the more frightening the thunder. (Alan Moore, V of Vendetta)

In absolute silence, any small noise can sound deafening. Something that shows us how in life, small actions at the right times can be very important too.

36. Nothing strengthens authority as much as silence. (Leonardo DeVinci)

For a certain authority to remain in power, the silence of those under its command is a very important fact.

37. Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, refrains from uttering a word to corroborate this fact. (George Eliot)

If we don’t have something smart to say about a certain topic, silence should always be our only answer.

38. I sat in a corner, waiting for some silence to enter. (Ana María Matute)

Sometimes being able to find silence is quite a complicated thing, like in big cities, silence is something that shines in its absence.

39. The deepest rivers are always the calmest. (Curcio)

People who don’t speak in vain are usually the smartest, knowing when to shut up is a very powerful virtue.

40. Silence is the mother of truth. (Benjamin Disraeli)

With our silence, we can express our opinion on a particular topic, because if we do not comment on it, it means that we feel good as they are.

41. When a question does not have a correct answer, there is only one valid alternative, the gray area between yes and no. The silence. (Dan Brown)

A poorly worded question does not need to have a correct answer, as this type of silence question will always be the best answer we will get.

42. Silence is peace. Calm. Silence reduces the volume of life. Silence consists of pressing the power button. (Khaled Hosseini)

In order to be able to rest from the hustle and bustle of our daily life, we will have to look for a quiet place. These quieter places will always be where we can rest better.

43. Green was the silence, damp was the light, the month of June was trembling like a butterfly. (Pablo Neruda)

Summer afternoons can be very calm and peaceful, a totally bucolic panorama that the great Pablo Neruda wanted to describe to us in this meeting.

44. I have always loved the desert. We sit on a desert sand dune, we don’t see anything, we don’t feel anything. However, through the silence, something beats and shines. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

The desert is still an empty place and in complete silence it is also very dangerous. We should beware of those who are not very talkative, because when the time comes for the truth, they can surprise us.

45. He held out a hand to me that he didn’t know how to take, so I broke his fingers with my silence. (Jonathan Safran Foer)

Our silence and our indifference can forever break a friendship, because if we are not at the time when our friends need us, they will not be tomorrow for us.

46. ​​There are such beautiful moments in life that even words are profanation. (Diana Palmer)

In these most beautiful moments of our life, we can be speechless. Well sometimes words won’t be enough to describe how we feel.

47. Sometimes you have to sit alone on the floor of a quiet room to hear your own voice and not let it drown in the noise of others. (Charlotte Eriksson)

In order to be able to meet and thus listen to our thoughts, a quiet place will always be the most appropriate.

48. Music pleases not only by the sound, but by the silence that is there: without the alternation between sound and silence, there would be no rhythm. (Thomas Merton)

Silences in music are as important as sounds, as Thomas Merton tells us very well in this quote, rhythm is the conjunction of sounds and silences.

49. The continuous breathing of the world is what we feel and say in silence. (Clarice Lispector)

Total silence usually does not exist naturally on Earth, because even in the most isolated places we can still hear the sounds that nature gives us.

50. Our generation will not have deplored the crimes of the wicked so much as the silence of the genre. (Martin Luther King)

The silence of our allies will condemn us just like the actions of our enemies. Well, if those who can help us do not act, they will also be complicit in what is happening to us.

51. The power of the harasser, the aggressor, the rapist depends above all on silence. (Ursula K. Le Guin)

If society as a whole is not spoken out, many crimes will go unnoticed. When we see an injustice, we will always have to complain about it.

52. The silence is so deep that it hurts our ears. (Hariri Murukami)

Some silences can be really painful for us, because at times, hearing the voices of our close circles may be what we desire the most.

53. Will I ever be silent? (Alejandro Lanús)

We’ve all made the mistake of talking more about the account when we really didn’t have it, a mistake we’ll have to learn from so that it doesn’t happen again.

54. There was a little silence, I think the snow was falling. (Erich Segal)

Silence during a conversation can mean a lot, maybe even more than any word we can say.

55. For a few moments there was a silence reminiscent of the clean oil poured into a large frying pan. (Haruki Murakami)

After every difficult event, silence usually prevails, as humans tend to be calmer when we are very sad.

56. How to put them in their heads that silence does not magnify, that it is from Greek mythology. The limiting silence, the upheavals, the silences, makes you sick. (Alejandro Palomas)

Silence can sometimes be a positive thing, but for a successful society we humans must eagerly interact with each other.

57. Silence is the universal refuge, the result of all the boring speeches and all the stupid acts, it is a balm for each of our displeasure. (Henry David Thoreau)

As they say, in deaf ears, when faced with certain speeches, silence can be our best answer.

58. People cannot stand a minute of silence, that’s why there is music everywhere. It is a precious commodity because it is one of the things that allows us to think. (Javier Marías)

Traffic in today’s society prevents us from thinking clearly, so those who wield power over us often use it to their own advantage.

59. Silence is you: body of Pierre. (Manuel Altolaguirre)

When we die, silence will be the only thing we hear, so as long as we stay alive, music can be a good option that allows us to greatly enliven our daily life.

60. I have the power to enjoy the company of my friends in silence and conversation. (Anne Bronte)

Our close friends and relatives can explain a lot in the course of a conversation, either in their own words or with whatever we know they are not telling us.

61. Silence is not a natural environment for stories. They need words. Without them, they are nothing, they get sick and die. And then they chase you. (Diane Setterfield)

Words are the natural antagonists of silence, with which we can fill ourselves with life wherever we are.

62. You ignore me so loudly it’s deafening. This silence is so deep that it resonates. (Anna Jae)

When someone ignores us, their silence can be very painful for us, the words of those we love the most will always be music to our ears.

63. A nervous silence lets loose the tongues. (Jacqueline Carey)

Some people just can’t shut up, their nervousness forces them to keep talking.

64. Beware of silence. It doesn’t always mean you’ve won the discussion. People are often busy reloading their guns. (Shannon L. Alder)

Silence can mean a lot of things and it won’t always be what we thought.

65. There are all kinds of silences and they exude different meanings. (Charlotte Brontë)

The absence of noise can be the result of many different activities, for example, it is very common for libraries to be silent.

66. You think the silence is peaceful, but it is in fact painful. (David Levithan)

How we perceive a situation will always depend on the emotions it arouses in us, these can be both positive and negative.

67. We refuse to turn off our computers or phones and remain silent, for at this point we will have to face who we really are. (Jefferson Bethke)

Some people don’t want to be alone with their thoughts because they may discover very unhappy aspects of themselves in themselves.

68. The splendor of silently falling apart is that you can start over as many times as you want. (Sanober Khan)

Life can be very painful at times, but if we have faith and perseverance, we can always overcome them.

69. I like it when you are silent because you are as if you are absent. (Pablo Neruda)

One of the most famous quotes from famous poet Pablo Neruda, in a love story, we should never cancel our partner.

70. Silence is the ultimate weapon of power. (Charles de Gaulle)

Power can only be maintained if the people remain silent, for it is the ordinary people who really have the power within a nation.

71. When the words become clear, I will focus on the photographs. When the images become inappropriate, I will limit myself to silence. (Robert Capa)

Robert Capa is a pseudonym used by a young couple of photojournalists, both witnesses and photographed of many war crimes committed during WWII.

72. It is good to talk about beautiful things and it is even more pleasant to watch them in silence. (Leaving Stojanovic)

The finer things in life can be enjoyed more fully in silence, for words will never be enough to describe them.

73. Your silence will not protect you. (Audre Lorde)

Injustices will not be benevolent to us even if we ignore them, if we see something that is just not right, we must always speak out against it.

74. Silence is gold when you cannot think of a correct answer. (Muhammad Ali)

When you don’t know what to say, it’s best not to say anything. A technique Ali used in several of his interviews.

75. She was still in the room waiting for him; they were separated by two brick partitions, a few inches of plaster and nine years of silence. (Paolo Giordano)

In a relationship, silence should never be imposed, the best way for two people to understand each other is to talk to each other.

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