The 75 best quotes from the Marquis de Sade

Donatien Alphonse François de Sade, known as the Marquis de Sade, Was a famous French philosopher, writer and nobleman, born in the picturesque city of Paris on June 2, 1740.

In his works, this writer spoke about a large number of sexual erotic subjects, many of which are still considered taboo today. As well as being a very active man on the subject of sexual experimentation, the Marquis de Sade also considered himself an atheist, an idea that was beginning to gain importance in French society at the time.

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    Famous quotes from the Marquis de Sade

    Without further ado you will find below a selection of the 75 best phrases of the Marquis de Sade, Who was probably one of the most interesting philosophers of all time.

    1. Sex should be the perfect balance between pain and pleasure. Without this symmetry, sex becomes a routine rather than an indulgence.

    Each person has a totally unique way of experiencing sex, finding someone who is the perfect complement to us in the sexual area is not as easy as we sometimes think.

    2. Allow us to indulge without discernment in whatever our passions suggest, and we will always be happy … Conscience is not the voice of nature but only the voice of prejudice.

    To be happy, you will sometimes have to be a little reckless, happiness is not something that is usually achieved without taking risks.

    3. It is always through pain that we arrive at pleasure.

    The line between pleasure and pain can actually be much thinner than some realize. An experience that we may not understand until we live it in our own flesh.

    4. To know virtue, one must first become familiar with vice.

    Addictions can teach us many interesting life lessons, but mismanagement can also be the last key to our coffin.

    5. Conversation, like some parts of the anatomy, always works best when lubricated.

    Alcohol is known to often disinhibit people, a property that over time has made it one of the most widely used narcotics in the world.

    6. One must do violence to the object of one’s desire; when he surrenders, the pleasure is greater.

    We humans have always found pleasure in submitting our desires to others, which once again shows us how treacherous we can become.

    7. We are no more guilty of pursuing the primitive impulses which govern us than the Nile by its floods or the sea by its waves.

    Much of our emotions will guide us through our passage through life, a fact that no one should be ashamed of.

    8. Monsters are also necessary for nature.

    Through our daily problems we learn to value moments of quiet, maybe with people we know the same can happen.

    9. Imperious, angry, irascible, extreme in everything, with a dissolute imagination as never seen before, atheist to the point of fanaticism, there you have me in a few words, and kill me again or take me as I am, but I will not change.

    As we see, the Marquis de Sade was very clear about his emotions, others, no matter how hard they tried, could never change them.

    10. I told you before: the only way to reach a woman’s heart is the path of torment. I don’t know of anyone more sure.

    French women have always had an iron will, both in the time of the Marquis de Sade and today.

    11. How charming are the pleasures of the imagination! In these delicious times, the whole world is ours; not a single creature resists us, we devastate the world, we repopulate it with new objects which, in our turn, we sacrifice. The means of every crime are ours, and we all use them, we multiply the horror by one percent.

    Our imaginations can take us where we want and allow us to have great experiences that we will hardly be able to replicate in our real life.

    12. Are you saying that my way of thinking cannot be tolerated? About her? The man who changes his way of thinking to adapt to others is a fool. My way of thinking is the result of my reflections. It’s part of my inner being, the way I’m made. I don’t contradict them and I wouldn’t even if I wanted to. For my system, disapproval is also my greatest solace in life, the source of all my happiness, it means more to me than my life itself.

    He would never try to change the way third parties thought and humbly hoped that everyone would do the same with him.

    13. My passions, concentrated in a single point, resemble the rays of a single one, gathered with a magnifying glass: they immediately set fire to any object they encounter in their path.

    Many of us go through life letting ourselves be carried away by our great passions, where you end up taking us is something none of us know.

    14. Kill me or take me as I am, for I will be doomed if I ever change.

    If someone really loves us, they will love us for who we are. Someone who tries to change the way you are is unlikely to love you completely sincerely.

    15. If it is the dirty element that gives pleasure to the act of lust, then the dirtier it is, the more pleasurable it will be.

    Sex can lead us to experience totally surreal situations, because when we are with the right person, in private, anything can happen.

    16. Your body is the church where nature asks to be worshiped.

    We have to listen to our body, because when it asks for something, maybe the best thing we can do is give.

    17. His service will be arduous, it will be painful and rigorous, and the least crime will be demanded immediately with corporal and afflicted punishments; therefore, I must recommend to him promptitude, submission and total self-denial to which he can pay attention only to our desires; let them be your laws, fly to obey their orders, anticipate them, give birth to them.

    The society we live in gives each of us rights and also obligations, in the same way if we work hard we must also be rewarded for it.

    18. There are thorns everywhere, but on the path of vice roses bloom above them.

    A truly poetic phrase from the Grand Marquis de Sade, a vice may seem a priori a very pleasant activity but in the long run it will very probably end up harming us.

    19. I have been to hell. You just read about it.

    Hell is closer than you think, leaving vices is described by some people as having to go through hell.

    20. My way of thinking, from what you say, cannot be approved. Do you think I care? A poor fool is one who adopts a way of thinking for others!

    Regardless of what others might think, he would always have his own opinion, the one opinion that was really important to him.

    21. Crime is the soul of lust. What would be the pleasure if it were not accompanied by crime? It is not the object of libertinism that excites us, but the idea of ​​evil.

    Certain criminal activities are considered by some people to be very exciting, an idea with which many end up entering the world of crime.

    22. There is no sensation more vivid than that of pain; their impressions are sure and reliable, they never deceive like those of pleasure which women perpetually feign and hardly ever feel.

    Pleasure can be imitated, but real pain is always palpable on people’s faces.

    23. Can we be different from who we are?

    We can be the person we want, if we fix ourselves firmly and persevere, the future we want in the end will be within our grasp.

    24. The weakness to which nature condemns woman indisputably demonstrates that her design is that man, who enjoys her strength more than ever, exercises it in all the violent forms which suit him best, through torture, if he’s so inclined, or worse. .

    As we can see, for the Marquis de Sade, sodomy was a very common thing in his daily life. No doubt this man had some very disturbing ideas.

    25. Sex is as important as eating or drinking, and we must allow one appetite to be satisfied with as little moderation or false modesty as the other.

    Sex as it can be enjoyed was one of the main axes of his life, the vast majority of his usual thoughts were generally about his practice.

    26. If the objects that serve us feel ecstatic, they care much more about themselves than about us, and therefore our own enjoyment is affected. The idea of ​​seeing another person experience the same pleasure reduces it to a kind of equality that ruins the indescribable charms that come from despotism.

    This French nobleman used to fantasize about the idea of ​​rape, a totally despicable fact about which he would later end up developing the idea of ​​what we all know today as sadism.

    27. Being chimerical and empty, only your name has caused more blood to be spilled on the face of the earth than any political war. Return to nothingness from where the mad hope and the ridiculous fear of men dared to lead him to his misfortune. You have only appeared as a torment to the human race. What crimes would have been saved from the world if they had drowned the first idiot who thought he was talking about you.

    According to this famous writer, wars simply never should have existed, because life is certainly too precious and it must always be used to the maximum.

    28. Look, my love, look at everything I do at the same time: scandal, seduction, bad example, incest, adultery, sodomy! Oh Satan! One and only God of my soul, inspire me in me something more, present more perversions in my smoking heart, And you will see how I will immerse myself in them!

    As we see, the idea of ​​hell didn’t instill in him any fear, something really very unusual at that time.

    29. The main and most beautiful of the qualities of nature is movement.

    Nature never stops. If we patiently observe a landscape, we can always find something moving within it.

    30. She had already let her delicious lover pick this flower which, so different from the rose to which it is sometimes compared, does not have the same ability to be reborn each spring.

    Previously, when a man got married, he sought to make his wife a virgin, an idea that still weighs heavily in many cultures around the world.

    31. You are never so dangerous when you are not ashamed, when you have become too old to turn red.

    Over the years, the opinions of others will start to be indifferent to us, just then we will begin to be completely free to live as we wish.

    32. Beauty belongs to the realm of the simple, the ordinary, while ugliness is something extraordinary, and there is no doubt that any fiery imagination prefers lubrication, the extraordinary to the common.

    As they say, beauty is in the eyes of those who watch, men and women will be ugly or beautiful depending only on the taste of those who value us.

    33. Why do you complain about your fate when you can change so easily?

    We are the direct causes of our destiny, all our daily actions will be those which will direct us directly towards it.

    34. I write what I see, the endless procession on the guillotine. They were all lined up, waiting for the crack of the sword … rivers of blood flow under our feet … I have been in hell, young man, you only read that.

    He didn’t know where his actions would take him, but as we can see, this well-known philosopher did not have high expectations of success.

    35. Judging from the notions expounded by theologians, one must conclude that God created most men simply to fill hell.

    A truly very particular vision of God, even if, on the other hand, one could not expect less from the Marquis de Sade himself.

    36. Put in your head once and for all, my simple and very weak friend, that what fools call humanity is but a weakness born of fear and selfishness; that this chimerical virtue, which enslaves only weak men, is unknown to those whose character is formed by stoicism, courage and philosophy.

    Our values ​​must be responsible for guiding us throughout our life journey, if we remain faithful to them, our actions will always be the most appropriate.

    37. Virtue can only seek imaginary happiness; true happiness resides only in the senses, and virtue satisfies none of them.

    Satisfying our senses can be something that gives us a great feeling of well-being, a real happiness from the point of view of this great writer.

    38. My way of thinking comes directly from my reflective thoughts; it is linked to my existence, to the way I am made. It is not in my power to change it; and if it were so, it would not be.

    His opinion would never change for the ideas of others, he would always remain stoic while maintaining his lifestyle.

    39. I believe if there was a God, there would be less evil in this country. I believe if evil exists here, then it was willed by God or was beyond His powers to prevent it. Now I can no longer fear a resentful or weak God. The challenge without fear and I do not care a fig of its rays.

    This philosopher was a staunch atheist, for him the idea of ​​an omnipotent God was just a mistake.

    40. Nature has endowed each of us with a capacity to have good feelings: we do not waste them on others.

    Without a doubt, self-centeredness was a constant throughout his life, his only vital purpose was always to satisfy his own desires.

    41. Some souls seem difficult because they are capable of having strong feelings and sometimes reach quite extreme extremes; their apparent recklessness and cruelty are but self-known forms of feeling more strongly than others.

    For him, being bad was just a way of life, the suffering of others was perhaps something that indirectly gave him great pleasure.

    42. The imagination is the stimulus of delicacies … everything depends on it, it is the main source of everything; now, is it not by the imagination that we know joy? Is it not from the imagination that the most lively pleasures are born?

    Imagination is definitely a great tool, using it we can all make our wildest fantasies come true.

    43. Love is stronger than pride.

    Love is the most powerful force that can move a human being, for him people are capable of almost anything.

    44. Lust is to other passions what nervous fluid is to life; he supports them all, he gives them strength, all the ambition, cruelty, greed, revenge, they are all based on lust.

    Lust is a really complex emotion, it is capable of appearing in us suddenly and then disappearing in the same way. Getting carried away by it, many will do things we will probably regret later.

    45. If Nature denies beings eternity, it follows that their destruction is one of her laws. Now, once we see that destruction is so useful to it that it cannot be dispensed with from now on, the idea of ​​annihilation that we attribute to death ceases to be real, which one calls the head of the living animal is no longer true. Finally, but a simple transformation, a transmutation of matter. According to these irrefutable principles, death is nothing more than a change of form, an imperceptible step from one existence to another.

    We will all die one day, so just like him, we must all live our lives enjoying every second.

    46. ​​There must be immediate links between understanding and faith.

    The Marquis de Sade, as a good atheist, did not believe in anything that he simply could not see, a way of thinking which, as we know, is very widespread today.

    47. I supposed that everything had to give way to me, that the whole universe had to flatter my whims, and that I had the right to satisfy them at will.

    Life does we will not always be benevolent, we must always be prepared for all of these possible misfortunes that can happen.

    48. God hanged his own son like a side of an ox. I shudder at what he would do to me.

    Aware of all his sins, this famous philosopher could not imagine that he would make with him a possible avenging Christian God. Something this writer may have discovered after his death.

    49. Was he supreme, was he powerful, was he righteous, was he good, was it the God you are telling me about, would it be through puzzles and pranks that he would like to teach me to serve and get to know him?

    Many believe that if there was a God, he should show himself openly before the people, or not a large majority of these people generally think that God simply does not exist.

    50. What we are doing here is just a picture of what we would like to do.

    Most people fail to make all of their dreams come true, a sad fact that many of us will have to learn to live with over the years.

    51. It was not my way of thinking that caused my troubles, but the way of thinking of others.

    The cravings and greed of everyone around us can certainly cause us serious damage, which the Marquis de Sade unfortunately had to learn by experiencing for himself.

    52. The degradation which characterizes the state in which you plunge him by punishing him pleases him, amuses him and delights him. Deep down, he likes to have gone so far as to deserve to be treated that way.

    Some people like to be submissive, in sadomasochism the role of submission is usually the most desired by men. A very curious fact that not everyone generally knows.

    53. The luckiest person is the one who has the most resources to satisfy their whims.

    It is not the richer who has more, but the one who needs less. Clearly, if we are content with a humble lifestyle, we will need very little to be able to live the way we want to.

    54. Think of the problem from the point of view of evil, evil is almost always the real and the greatest charm of pleasure; considered thus, the crime must appear greater when it is committed on a being of the same type than when it is inflicted on one who is not, and once established, the crime is automatically doubled.

    Making others suffer was a real pleasure for him, an idea that some minority sexual practices still use today.

    55. It is only by widening the field of his tastes and his fantasies, by sacrificing everything for the pleasure, that the unhappy man who is called man, thrown all of himself into this sad world, succeeds in picking up roses to the thorns of life.

    The pursuit of pleasure has always been for him the mission to which he has dedicated his life. Life in the 18th century was unfortunately too short not to be lived with maximum intensity.

    56. Happiness is only in what excites, and the only thing that excites is crime.

    Crime, and sex crimes in particular, seemed very interesting to him from his very particular prism. When the time came, he was even accused of sodomy.

    57. What do I see in the God of this infamous sect if not an incoherent and barbaric being, today creator of a world of destruction from which he will repent tomorrow? What do I see there if not a fragile being who is forever unable to put man aside and force him to bend one knee? This creature, although emanating from him, dominates him, knows how to offend him, and therefore deserves torment eternally! What a weak kind, this God!

    Blasphemies were for him his daily bread, throughout his life he never tired of hurling insults against what he considered as a God who lowered his opinion did not exist.

    58. Two things are enough to get credit for a miracle: a bank of volunteers and several silly women.

    As we see, 18th century women did not enjoy the respect and admiration they certainly deserved, which luckily improved greatly over the next two centuries.

    59. Raising nothing is less fun than having children. Pregnancies are harmful to health, damage the figure, wither, and it is the cloud of uncertainty that hangs over these events that darkens the mood of the husband.

    Pregnant women were in grave danger, one could say that even childbirth was one of the leading causes of death among women of that time.

    60. The horror of marriage, the most atrocious, the most disgusting of all the bonds that humanity has created for its own discomfort and degradation.

    Marriage as we see it had no place in their thinking, many people today consider that in reality human beings were simply not born to be monogamous.

    61. Nothing that we cannot do directly unworthy of nature. Our acts of destruction give it new vigor and fuel its energy, but none of our destruction can weaken its might.

    Human beings have always been part of nature, this in our development has endowed us with great virtues but also transmitted considerable defects.

    62. The reasoned man who despises the prejudices of the blessed necessarily becomes the enemy of the blessed; he has to wait so long and laugh at the inevitable.

    The irreverent opinions of others should not affect us, at most we can laugh at them when they are entertaining.

    63. Are wars something more than the means by which a nation is nourished, fortified, fortified?

    Wars can foster and stimulate the industries of nations, a fact that we have seen time and time again over the millennia.

    64. I am about to present some important ideas; they will be heard and meditated on. If that’s not all, please, some certainly will; then, in a way, I will have contributed to the progress of our era and I will be happy for it.

    As we can see, this famous French philosopher sought to directly influence the lives of people, which he certainly achieved thanks to his excellent texts.

    65. The mechanism which directs the government cannot be virtuous, because it is impossible to thwart all the crimes, to protect oneself from any criminal without also being a criminal; what leads to corrupt humanity must itself be corrupted; and it will never be by virtue, being inert and passive virtue, that you will keep control over vice, which is always active: the governor must be more energetic than the governed.

    Perhaps the best way to end an evil is to seek help from an even worse evil, advice this writer gives us in this interesting quote.

    66. No lover, if he is in good faith and sincere, will deny that he would rather see his lover dead than unfaithful.

    As we can see, masculinity was already evident in the contemporary society of the Marquis de Sade, ideas that we have not yet been able to eradicate to this day.

    67. The mirror sees man as beautiful, the mirror loves man; another mirror sees man as scary and hates him; and it is always the same being who produces the impressions.

    The image we have of ourselves is an illusion produced by our mind, depending on the person this image can be both positive and negative.

    68. The more faults a man can have, the taller he is, the less adorable, the more resounding his success will be.

    No one knows where his life will take him, although if we pick up a lot of bad habits, we will soon find out that it surely won’t be a good future.

    69. Never lose sight of the fact that all human happiness resides in the imagination of man, and that he can only dream of achieving it if he pays attention to all his whims. The luckiest person is the one who has the most resources to satisfy their whims.

    Maybe our happiness really lies in the little luxuries, granting ourselves little daily whims of doubt, is something that makes us people much more satisfied.

    70. It is not the opinions or vices of individuals that prejudice the State, but the behavior of public figures.

    Elected officials must always lead totally exemplary lives, which in current politics simply seems impossible.

    71. I do not know what the heart is, not I: I only use the word to designate the weaknesses of the mind.

    Our minds and hearts will seldom agree on their recommendations, whatever one we consider will be a choice each of us will make on our own.

    72. Truth excites the imagination much less than fiction.

    The impossible for all of us motivates and generally inspires us, the dreams of the vast majority of people are seldom easy to achieve.

    73. The impossibility of being indignant in nature is the greatest anguish that man can know.

    We humans generally seek to experience as much pleasure as possible, always doing everything in our power to achieve it.

    74. What you call disorder is only one of the laws of order which you do not understand, and which you have wrongly called disorder because its effects, although good for nature, go to the end. against your convenience or their opinions.

    Many internal mechanisms of nature may be completely unknown to us, but what we can be sure of is that nature never does anything without a good reason.

    75. Nature, which for the perfect maintenance of the laws of its general equilibrium, sometimes needs vices and other virtues, now inspires this impulse, now this one, according to what she asks.

    Falling in front of vices is a completely natural attitude, in the end people just want to be able to live in the most comfortable and pleasant way possible.

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