The 75 most famous German proverbs and their meanings

The German people are perhaps one of the oldest in Europe, they are the current descendants of the so-called Germanic tribes.

Like all great people, the Germanic tribes succeeded through proverbs in being able to transmit vital information in a transgenerational way. Proverbs are a source of wisdom of great importance for a particular ancient society manage to thrive over time.

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    The best German proverbs

    Would you like to know the most interesting German proverbs?

    Below is a small selection of the 75 most famous German proverbsMany of them can be very useful in our daily life.

    1. Anar guten Dinge sind drei. All good things come in threes.

    The good news always comes together, when we are in a streak it seems like everything is going well for us.

    2. Age is more important than beauty. Age before beauty.

    Over time, we all grow. Old age always comes to us.

    3. Auch ein blind Huhn findet malament ein Korn. Even a blind hen sometimes finds a kernel of corn.

    Anyone can get lucky at any time.

    4. Aus donin Augen, aus dem Sinn. Out of sight out of mind.

    Eyes that do not see the heart that does not feel.

    5. Besser spät ALS nie. Better late than never.

    It is better to achieve something in the long term than never to achieve it.

    6. Hope dies for the last time. Hope dies in the end.

    Hope is the last thing lost.

    7. Ehrlich währt am längsten. Honesty is the best policy.

    We have to be honest in life.

    8. An accident rarely happens on its own. Misfortunes never come alone.

    Indeed, the misfortunes seem to come suddenly.

    9. A swallow does not make summer. A swallow doesn’t make a summer.

    A small clue should not guarantee us victory.

    10. Don’t transplant an old tree. An old tree is not transplanted.

    When we are old, we should seek peace in our lives.

    11. Nothing hurts a beautiful person. Nothing disfigures a beautiful person.

    If we have the right values, we will always be good people.

    12. Perception is the first route to improvement. Insight is the first path to recovery.

    Knowing how to prevent can help us reduce a bad future.

    13. Es gibt nichts Gutes, Australian male tut és. There is nothing good unless you do it.

    If we don’t get to work, we will never reach our goal.

    14. No master has yet fallen from heaven. No master has fallen from the sky.

    Great successes don’t come out of nowhere.

    15. Giving is more blessed than receiving. Giving is happier than receiving.

    It is better to give than to receive, the act of giving reveals us as good people.

    16. Gelegenheit macht Die Be. Opportunity makes thieves.

    If we give them a chance to get ripped off, sooner or later they will steal from us.

    17. Getroffene Enfonsa Bellen. Dogs that bite do not bark.

    Beware of the one who is silent, the one who seems the least can betray us.

    18. Gut Ding will be Weile haben. Good things take time.

    To achieve something valuable, we must be patient.

    19. Enfonsa die Bellen beißen nicht. Dogs that bark do not bite.

    The one who talks a lot may really not have the courage to do anything.

    20. In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft. At rest, there is strength.

    Knowing how to rest will allow us to be much more efficient at work.

    21. No answer is an answer. No answer is an answer.

    Nothing we can say will clarify anything about this.

    22. When the time comes, tips come. Time will tell us.

    Over time we will see how the events unfold.

    23. Short and long story. Long story short.

    Something that had been happening for a long time.

    24. Liebe geht durch den Magen. Love is in the stomach.

    Knowing how to cook can help us fall in love with the person we love.

    25. Lügen haben Kurze Beine. Lies don’t travel far.

    As one would say in Spain: “lies have very short legs”.

    26. Man soll donin Tag nicht vor dem Abend loben. You should not count your chickens before they come out of the shell.

    We don’t have to anticipate events.

    27. Mit Speck fängt man Mause. You can catch mice with bacon.

    By setting a trap, we can surprise our prey.

    28. Morgenstund Gold im Mund hat. The morning bird catches the worm.

    Whoever rises on God helps him, dawn is a good custom.

    29. Not macht erfinderisch. Necessity is the mother of invention.

    When we have an urgent need for something, we will hone our ingenuity.

    30. Ordnung ist das Halbe Leben. Order is half the battle.

    Preparation will allow us to achieve our goal.

    31. Probieren geht über Studieren. The proof of the pudding is in the food.

    What we love will happen in due course.

    32. Travelers should not stop. Never stop travelers.

    We should not get involved in the affairs of others.

    33. Steter Tropfen höhlt donin Stein. The constant stream carries the stone.

    Something insignificant, but happening multiple times, can make a big change in the long run.

    34. Totgesagte leben Langer. The dead live longer.

    Only death has no solution, we must make the most of our life.

    35. Übermut tut Selten gut. Exuberance is rarely good.

    Something that looks really good may not be.

    36. Weeds do not go away. Weeds never die.

    A proverb that is also widely used in Spanish speaking countries.

    37. Being a parent is not difficult, but very difficult. It is not difficult to be a father, but it is very difficult to be a father.

    Having a child isn’t complicated, but truly exercising as a parent is.

    38. Nothing comes from nothing. You can’t do nothing for nothing.

    Having a good foundation will allow us to go further in life.

    39. Caution is the mother of the porcelain box. Caution is the mother of the porcelain box.

    To be successful, we have to be very careful in what we do.

    40. Was Hänschen nicht lernt, lernt Hans nimmer mehr. What an old dog never learns a new dog never learns.

    If someone with a lot of experience hasn’t been able to accomplish something, most likely no one can.

    41. What makes fun of each other is loved. What you tease, you like.

    Many of us hide our feelings from others.

    42. Whoever says A must also say B. You must learn to say A and B.

    You have to know how to appreciate the opinions of others.

    43. He who does not honor the penny is not worth the thaler. He who does not honor the penny is not worth the pound.

    If someone truly values ​​something, they’ll appreciate even the smallest aspect of it.

    44. He who sits in a glass house must not throw stones. A man in a greenhouse must not throw stones.

    Being forewarned is essential in life. We must not do things that could pose a risk.

    45. He who does not dare will not win. Nothing is risky, nothing is won.

    To achieve big goals, we have to put everything on our side. If we don’t take risks, we won’t achieve our goal.

    46. ​​Wer schön sein will be muss leiden. If someone wants to be beautiful, he must suffer.

    It takes a lot of effort on our part to be able to have a beautiful body.

    47. Wer zuletzt lacht, lacht am Besten. Whoever laughs last laughs the loudest.

    We should not anticipate events, because life can always take an unexpected turn.

    48. As a father as a son. From such a stick, glow of a valley.

    Our descendants will always be, in part, like us.

    49. Where there is a will, there is a way. Where there is a will, there is a way.

    Death is the real end, after it there is nothing else.

    50. Zeit heilt alle Wunden. Time heals all wounds.

    After enough time, we learn to live with our past mistakes.

    51. Wo gehobelt wird, gives fallin Späne. Where there is wood to be crafted, there are shards to be crafted.

    From a great task, they can also emerge smaller ones.

    52. When the forest is called, it resonates. Like tears in the forest, it resonates.

    What we show others influences them all. We have to be careful showing our thoughts and emotions.

    53. Life punishes those who arrive too late. Anyone who arrives late will be punished for life.

    Punctuality is something the Germans have always hated.

    54. First come, first served. The first come is served.

    Whoever achieves a certain goal first is the one who takes the best advantage.

    55. Wer nicht will, der hat schon. If you don’t want to, you already have.

    If we don’t want to make a little heart, we can’t get it.

    56. Whoever does not come at the right time must see what is left. Whoever does not arrive on time must see what is left.

    If you arrive late, you will only receive leftovers. We must be punctual in our social life.

    57. He who lies once is not believed, even if he speaks the truth. A liar is not believed even when he is telling the truth.

    If people think we are unreliable, they will never believe in us. We must not use lies, because in the long run it will be counterproductive.

    58. He who digs a well for others falls into it himself. Whoever digs a pit falls into it himself.

    If we do wrong in our life, in the end it will hurt us too. We must always act positively towards others.

    59. Without the word “yes” my father would be a millionaire. Without the word “yes” my father would be a millionaire.

    Knowing how to say no to life can save us a lot of upheaval.

    60. Was ich denk und tu, trau ich Andern zu. What I think and what others are doing.

    Our personal opinion may not be the truth, we need to know the difference between the two.

    61. Was Du heute kannst besorgen dons verschiebe nicht auf Morgen. What you can do today cannot be postponed until tomorrow.

    We are enjoying the day, because tomorrow we may not be able to do it.

    62. Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude. Anticipation is the greatest joy.

    If we can anticipate something, we can be much more decisive. Being able to anticipate something will always be positive for us.

    63. A full stomach does not like to study. A full belly does not like to study.

    Whoever has all their needs covered does not need to work.

    64. Among the blind is the one-eyed king. Among the blind, the one-eyed is the king.

    Whoever is one step ahead of others will always be the one who benefits the most.

    65. Übung macht den Meister. It is practice makes perfect.

    Through practice, we will be able to be better at our profession.

    66. Trau, Schau wem! Trau, look who’s there!

    Speaking of the King of Rome, an expression that Spanish speakers also frequently use.

    67. Stille Wasser sind Tief. The calm waters are deep.

    One who does not show his feelings can have a great inner world. We have to be careful with people who don’t show their feelings.

    68. He becomes wise for evil. You learn from mistakes.

    Our mistakes teach us the right path in life.

    69. Speech is silver, silence is gold. Talking is money, silence is gold.

    If we don’t have something interesting to say, it’s best not to comment.

    70. Pech in der Liebe, Glück im Spiel. Unlucky in love, lucky in letters.

    Whoever is unlucky with loves can get lucky with gambling.

    71. No gain without diligence. Without pain, there is no gain.

    To achieve great goals, we must strive to the maximum.

    72. After eating, you will rest or take a mile. After dinner you should rest or take a mile.

    We must choose one side or the other, we must not be left behind.

    73. Morgen, Morgen nur nicht heute sagen alle faulen Leute. Tomorrow, not tomorrow, all the lazy say.

    The one who leaves things to be done is certainly a lazy person. We must do all we can today, seize the moment!

    74. Knives, forks, scissors and lamps are not intended for young children. Knife, fork, scissors, not for small children.

    We have to watch out for the little ones in the house, because they could be injured.

    75. The holidays should be celebrated as they come. You should celebrate the holiday as it falls.

    We have to do something while we can, maybe tomorrow will be too late.

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