The 80 Best Architecture Phrases

Architecture is not just a sample of what humans can do with imagination and building materials, magnificent works, solid palaces and temples which, despite their millennial age, are still stable and present today. today. It also represents the ability to move forward and give everyone a home to love.

To better understand this art and its nuances, here we will give an overview many of the best architectural phrases.

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    The most inspiring phrases about architecture

    With this compilation of quotes and thoughts on architecture, we will show the impact and beauty it has left on the world.

    1. A fuerza to build well, bequeaths to a good architect. (Aristotle)

    The best builds are those that hold up.

    2. It is necessary to adapt the buildings to the needs and the different conditions of the people who have to live there. (Mark Vitruvius)

    Even the architecture must evolve and be updated.

    3. Beauty perishes in life but is immortal in art. (Leonardo DeVinci)

    A great way to see it is through the old structures.

    4. The job of the architect today is to create beautiful buildings. That’s all. (Philip Johnson)

    A bit of superficial work.

    5. The world is not a right angle. (Zaha Hadid)

    As everything changes and moves, so does the world.

      6. The house should be the setting for life, the machine for happiness. (Le Corbusier)

      It should be a personal environment that offers us peace and happiness.

      7. A building has two lives. The one who imagines his creator and the life he has. And they are not always the same. (Rem Koolhaas)

      Not everything is going as we expect.

      8. The practice of architecture is the most delightful of professions. It is also with agriculture, the most necessary for man. (Philip Johnson)

      It is necessary for life, because we all deserve a home.

      9. Architects do not invent anything, they only transform reality. (Alvaro Siza)

      They shape what will ultimately happen.

      10. Architecture awakens feelings in man. Therefore, the task of the architect is to make these feelings more precise. (Adolf Loos)

      Bringing into reality what is created in the mind.

      11. The many and very complex issues we face today, such as sustainability, ecology or the smart city, are an opportunity for architects. (Jean Philippe)

      About green and ecological constructions.

      12. My architecture is a kind of natural setting. (Kengo Kuma)

      A way to respect our green world.

      13. My priority is to focus on what improves people’s quality of life, makes them healthier and happier. (Norman Foster)

      A way to make people happier.

      14. Architecture cannot force people to connect, it can only provide crossing points, remove barriers and make meeting places useful and attractive. (Denise Scott Brown)

      Eliminate those barriers that keep us apart.

      15. Details are not details. The details are the design. (Charles Eames)

      The details are part of the whole.

      16. In decoration always place a controversial piece. This will give your guests something to talk about. (Dorothy Draper)

      Each draws its attention to a distinctive element.

      17. Loves the color. Take risks. i’m curious (Kelly Wearstler)

      This is the time to experiment.

      18. I try to understand place on a deeper level than just physical or environmental aspects. It also includes cultural and intellectual forces. (Antoine Predock)

      It is an element that encompasses all phases of humanity.

      19. I have always liked to talk about architecture as entertainment; if it’s not done with joy, it’s not architecture. (Alejandro de la Sota)

      Everything we do should be done with love and joy,

      20. What is conception? A plan to place the elements in the best way and thus achieve a particular objective. (Charles Eames)

      A way of seeing the purpose of design.

      21. Ecological responsibility must be the driving force behind the development of these settlements. (Richard Rogers)

      Constructions must respect nature, not destroy it.

      22. Architecture is an inhabited sculpture. (Constantine Brancusi)

      To be able to live in something beautiful.

      23. Architecture is a visual art and buildings speak for themselves. (Julia Morgan)

      We can verify this with the old constructions that continue to amaze us.

      24. Architecture is the least corruptible witness to history. (Octavio Paz)

      He is the only one to express the truth without alterations/

      25. Architects know everything about the romantic style, except how to build it. (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)

      A critique of the romantic style.

        26. Architecture is not about designing something from a free and imaginative idea. It is a matter of discovering and establishing the very principle, a kind of regularity. (Shigeru Ban)

        Design is embodied in all architecture.

        27. Architecture is the reach of truth. (Louis I. Khan)

        It’s the way the story can be shown as it was.

        28. I think buildings should mimic ecological ecosystems. (Ken Young)

        Bringing nature to the city.

        29. The aesthetics of architecture must be based on a broader idea of ​​human activities such as walking, relaxation and communication. (Thom Mayne)

        It must be user-friendly and make everyday life easier.

        30. The aim of architecture is to find the best way to distribute space so that people feel good there. (John Passon)

        A living space is made comfortable and charming.

        31. My work is not about “form follows function”, but about “form follows beauty” or, even better, “form follows femininity”. (Oscar Niemeyer)

        Each architect has his own inspiration that animates him.

        32. We must try to bring nature, homes and human beings closer to a higher unity. (Mies van der Rohe)

        The future of architecture must focus on respect for the environment.

        33. The more advanced a country is, the less attention it pays to architecture. (Raphael Moneo)

        An evil that must be changed.

        34. I believe life is celebrated when lifestyle and architecture merge. (Balkrishna Doshi)

        The perfect combination of indoors and outdoors.

        35. Architecture does not exist without people. (Kjetil Traedal Thorsen)

        Who will admire architecture if not humans?

        36. The rule of architecture is to do things with love and obsession in large proportions. (Miguel Fisac)

        But always with the aim of leaving something beautiful.

        37. Architecture is based on science as well as intuition. (Jorn Utzon)

        It is the midpoint between logic and instinct.

        38. The sheer joy of taking an idea into your own hands and shaping it into the right shape is exciting. (George Nelson)

        It’s a perfect example of how we can use our creativity.

        39. I think the architect should be a humanist. Its vision must be global, universal and therefore local. (Carlos Raul Villanueva)

        The most important characteristic an architect must have.

        40. To create, you have to question everything. (Eileen Gray)

        To bring something new, you have to study what already exists.

        41. Architecture points to eternity. (Christopher Wren)

        To be a piece of the past in the future.

        42. Architecture must belong to the environment where it will be located and adorn the landscape instead of displeasing it. (Frank Lloyd Wright)

        A reflection on the fact of not attacking nature to please the whims of people.

        43. The extension of the art of living is the art of living, living in harmony with the deepest impulses of man and with his adopted environment. or prefabricated. (Charlotte Perriand)

        Any house can be converted into a dwelling.

        44. We must base architecture on the environment. (Toyo Itō)

        I insist on combining the environment with the architecture.

        45. If a work is intense, worthwhile and has a powerful idea, imperfections will take a back seat. (Alberto Campo Baeza)

        Perfection is in the beauty of different things.

        46. ​​Memory is an intrinsic part of architecture, because without knowing where we have been, we have no idea where we are going. (Daniel Libeskind)

        The past is essential to improve the shape of the construction.

        47. The functional is better than the beautiful, because what works well stays in time. (Ray Eames)

        A beautiful facade is worth nothing if it fades quickly.

        48. Form follows function. (Walter Gropius)

        One cannot exist without the other.

        49. The pride of quienes no pueden edificar is destroyed. (Alexandre Dumas)

        This is why many terrorists destroy important structures.

        50. Architecture does not deal with abstract things like philosophy. (Peter Zumthor)

        It’s a combination of strategy and empathy with feelings.

        51. Each new situation requires a new architecture. (Jean Nouvel)

        Architecture should not be static.

        52. The difference between good and bad architecture is the time you spend on it. (David Chipperfield)

        It is better to have a solid foundation than a quick job.

        53. Architecture builds a landscape or builds a city: it is not a sculpture. (Carme Pinos)

        The difference between architecture and sculpture.

          54. The only sustainable form of urban development is compact cities. (Richard Rogers)

          Talking about the future of sustainable architecture.

          55. If possible, it is preferable to strip a building. (Toyo Itō)

          A witty way of dealing with architecture.

          56. Architecture is another component to produce relevant changes in society. (Michel Rojkind)

          This is the example of how a society moves forward.

          57. Space is meaningless without light. A building speaks through the silence of perception orchestrated by light. (Steven Hall)

          The importance of lighting buildings.

          58. We shape our buildings, then they shape us. (Winston Churchill)

          As we are part of society, we are also part of its architecture.

          59. Originality consists in the return to the origin; thus, original is that which returns to the simplicity of the first solutions. (Antonio Gaudí)

          The original can be a variant of the classic.

          60. My home is my refuge, an emotional architecture, not a cold room of convenience. (Luis Barragan)

          The right way all homes should feel.

          61. I found Rome as a city of bricks and left it as a city of marble. (August)

          A great example of how spaces can be transformed into something iconic.

          62. In all architecture, there is equality between the pragmatic function and the symbolic function. (Michael Graves)

          A way to combine logic and emotions.

          63. Any work of architecture that does not express serenity is a mistake. (Luis Barragan)

          Each structure must transmit a little peace to its inhabitants.

          64. Architecture is the skilful, correct and magnificent play of forms assembled in light. (Le Corbusier)

          Prevent structures from being immersed in darkness.

          65. When I work on a problem, I never think about its beauty. I’m just thinking how to fix the problem. But when I finish it, if the solution isn’t beautiful, I know it’s wrong. (Richard Buckminster Fuller)

          Rigorous work can also lead to something beautiful.

          66. The architect is the synthetic man, the one who is able to see things as a whole before they are made. (Anthony Gaudi)

          A way to see the future.

          67. Light is not something vague and diffuse that can be given by sitting down for the simple fact that it is always there. The sun does not rise in vain every day. (Alberto Campo Baeza)

          The use of light is essential for every construction.

          68. Architecture is the art of expending space. (Philip Johnson)

          Use empty space to bring it to life.

          69. There is no house so bad that it cannot be turned into something worthwhile. (Elsie de Wolfe)

          Every home can recover with a touch of love.

          70. The task of the architect is to endow life with a more sensible structure. (Alvar Aalto)

          A construction that makes us reflect and give thanks.

          71. An architect is a designer of dreams. (Grace McGarvey)

          The greatest capacity for architectural talent.

          72. There are so many big cities in the world that the people who live there live more isolated than ever. (Toyo Itō)

          Cities are attractive, but they can also be overwhelming.

          73. Architecture is a way of embodying dreams in the real world. (Bijiarke Ingels)

          Build the imagination.

          74. I always believed that my architecture would solve more questions than my political action. (Rem Koolhaas)

          Even constructions can carry a message of revolution.

          75. I’ve always said that places are stronger than people. (Aldo Rossi)

          Places help tell the stories of a place.

          76. To give meaning to architecture is not to parody history, but to articulate it. (Daniel Libeskind)

          It will leave a trace that will pay homage to a historic era.

          77. Architects spend their whole lives with this reasonable idea that gravity can be fought. (Renzo Piano)

          Each time, they are more risky with their creativity.

          78. Every great architect is necessarily a great poet. He must be an original interpreter of his time, of his days, of his time. (Frank Lloyd Wright)

          A way of linking architecture to art.

          79. The purpose of a house is to provide a pleasant and comfortable life, and it would be a mistake to overestimate an exclusively decorative result. (Lina Bo Bardi)

          Every home should have a personal home atmosphere.

          80. Architecture should speak of its time and place, but aspire to timelessness. (Frank Gehry)

          Represent an era, but succeed in imposing itself in the future.

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