The 80 best consolation phrases

Consolation is not only to offer condolences, but also to show understanding and affection in any time of difficulty someone is going through.

It even serves as a sedative when we fail to take a desired step. This experience goes beyond sadness and pity; it helps us understand that you don’t always win, but if you can learn a valuable lesson from it.

In this article you will find a selection of consolation phrases inspiring, he commented.

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    The most memorable phrases of consolation

    These are the best consolation phrases, which can be very helpful in difficult times.

    1. Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the spirit, you want the imagination, consolation to sorrow, and life and joy to all things. (Plato)

    Music is one of the greatest consolations in the world.

    2. There are better things in front of those we leave behind. (CS Lewis)

    In a difficult situation, it is important not to cling to the suffering, but to focus on finding a solution to the problem.

    3. It is better to console yourself than to hang yourself. (Diogenes of Sinope)

    If you need to cry, do it. But don’t stay too long in this experience.

    4. If faith were not the first of the virtues, it would always be the greatest of consolations. It’s both. (Fernán Caballero)

    Many find comfort in faith.

    5. The consolation is in great calamities that another great calamity cannot come. (Seneca)

    It is a way to regain strength.

    6. The unhappy person is not comforted by the grieving company.

    You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.

      7. Kiss me out of desire, not out of consolation. (Jeff Buckley)

      Never force a relationship out of pity.

      8. The thought of suicide is a powerful consolation factor: you can endure more than one bad night. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

      A strange way to justify suicide.

      9. In times of misery and suffering, I will embrace you, rock you and make your pain mine. When you cry, I cry, when you suffer, I suffer.

      Surround yourself with people who are with you for better or for worse.

      10. There is no more skillful solace than the thought that we have chosen our misfortunes. (Jorge Luis Borges)

      Every action has a consequence and the ideal is to learn from it.

      11. I don’t think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that still remains. (Ana Frank)

      One way to find comfort is in our positive thoughts.

      12. Much harm, consolation of fools. (Proverb)

      Some are comforted when they witness the misfortune of others.

      13. The only thing capable of consoling a man for the stupid things he commits is the pride he gets from them. (Oscar Wilde)

      After all, each choice is personal.

      14. Hope is above all in those who find no consolation. (Théodore Adorno)

      They find a way to continue to persevere.

      15. The poor have no consolation even with an increase in wages.

      Sometimes money isn’t everything.

      16. The faults of great men are the consolation of fools. (Isaac Disraeli)

      No one is perfect, even if some think they are.

      17. Imagination comforts men that they cannot be. The humor comforts them for who they are. (Winston Churchill)

      Imagination can be motivating, but it can also be threatening.

      18. Most people are afraid of change, but while you see it as something that you can always count on can be a consolation, there isn’t a lot that you can really count on.

      Changes can be positive if we look at them that way.

      19. That is the homeland, equity, respect for all opinions and the consolation of the sad. (José Marti)

      It means homeland.

      20. Nothing like the active work of consoling those most in need. (Anne Brontë)

      In consoling others, we also find consolation.

      21. What consolation would we find if we told our secrets. (John Churton Collins)

      There are secrets that weigh more than sharing them.

      22. He had always offered the same words of consolation: courage, strength. Time heals all wounds. (Taylor Caldwell)

      It is necessary to give ourselves time to treat and overcome any injuries.

      23. Tears are a consolation for women and a torment for men.

      Different ways of seeing tears.

      24. The great comfort in life is to say what you think. (Voltaire)

      It’s a favorite way to experience freedom.

      25. One of the greatest consolations of this life is friendship, and one of the greatest consolations of friendship is having someone to tell a secret. (Alexandre Manzoni)

      Friendship is a very powerful relationship for anyone.

      26. Since I am still weak in love, imperfect in virtue, I need your strength and your consolations. (Thomas de Kempis)

      Sometimes we need another person to find our way back.

        27. You cannot comfort yourself and heal from a loss until you allow yourself to truly feel it. (Mandy Hale)

        Full ventilation is required before healing.

        28. Resignation, the renunciation of all hope, is a consolation like death, and therefore a great consolation. (Benito Pérez Galdos)

        There are things we have to resign ourselves to because we cannot change them.

        29. There are more sayings about bread, and when I have no bread, I ask for comfort from a saying.

        Words have a great effect on the feelings of people.

        30. The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect trust is given to the less gifted as a consolation prize. (Robert Hugues)

        About consolation as a form of reward.

        31. Bad consolation is having friends in misfortune. (Seneca)

        Remove from your life those who do not bring you any positivity.

        32. Whatever happens tomorrow, we will have had today.

        Take advantage of the present.

        33. For anyone who is afraid, alone or unhappy, the best medicine is to go outside, somewhere where you can be completely alone, alone with heaven, with nature and with God. (Anne Frank)

        A great way to find comfort and encouragement.

        34. Only religion makes men endure inequalities of rank, because it has consolation for everything. (Napoleon Bonaparte)

        An interesting critique of religion.

        35. A father is a treasure, a brother a consolation. A friend is both. (Benjamin Franklin)

        Friends are the family we decide to have.

        36. Cold and stale is a consolation when it is not wrapped in some remedy. (Plato)

        A consolation is useless if it does not offer a solution.

        37. There is no mourning without consolation.

        These are the times when we need support the most.

          38. I had no consolation, I went through a lot of pain to see that in such a short time you forgot me. (Violet vine)

          When loneliness seems eternal.

          39. To be free from guilt is the ultimate consolation. (Cicero)

          There is nothing more peaceful than having a clear conscience.

          40. Nothing comforts our afflictions and a noble resolution at the same time. (Arm Palau Valdés)

          Finding a way out will always bring relief.

          41. Just like a day well spent gives you a happy dream, a life well lived gives you a happy death. (Leonardo DeVinci)

          Live your life without repentance.

          42. Do not say in pain “he is no longer there”. Say with gratitude that “he was here”. (Hebrew proverb)

          A great way to deal with a loss.

          43. What is beautiful never dies, but passes to another kind of beauty. (Thomas Bailey Aldrich)

          Things only die when they are forgotten.

          44. Loneliness is a consolation to a grieving soul. (Jalil Gibran)

          Loneliness can be a time of personal reunion.

          45. A little consolation is nothing but a little memory of grief. (Olivier Goldsmith)

          In this case it is not a consolation, it is a pity.

          46. ​​There is a certain solace in the familiar. (Kristin Hannah)

          The known things provide security.

          47. This pain gives hope, which is the beauty of life, the supreme beauty, that is to say the supreme consolation. (Miguel from Unamuno)

          Pain from another point of view.

          48. When the itch is inside the boot, the scratching offers little consolation. (Proverbs)

          Many seek solace in unfamiliar places.

          49. An evil alien is bad consolation.

          To comfort us in the face of the sorrows of others.

          50. The need to console the human being is insatiable. (Stig Dagerman)

          We are always looking for understanding and relief.

            51. We only know what consolation of the heart is when we are left alone. (Edgar Allan Poe)

            When we are alone it is because we appreciate things and lost relationships.

            52. Love is not a consolation, it is a light. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

            What love really should be.

            53. The present constitutes the only patrimony of life, which can never be taken away. It is the only consolation of the transience of the individual when there is the will to live. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

            This is why it is important to focus more on the present and less on the past or the future.

            54. After all, tomorrow will be another day. (Vivien Leigh)

            There is always hope for a better future.

            55. This auspicious something which serves as a consolation to all those who close their eyes when they look, or who understand when they reason. (Jane Austen)

            They all have a place, a person or a thought to take refuge.

            56. There is a consolation in being sick, and that is the possibility that you may recover in a better condition than before. (Henry David Thoreau)

            Hope does not die.

            57. Never confuse a single loss with a final loss. (F. Scott Fitzgerald)

            Life is full of obstacles to overcome.

            58. Try to understand that things are not as good or as bad as they seem to you now. (John Steinbeck)

            Things take on more or less meaning when you let yourself be carried away by emotions.

            59. Like a bird singing in the rain, let memories of gratitude survive in times of sadness. (Robert Louis Stevenson)

            The pains are overcome by positive thoughts.

            60. Never be offended, first of all, when you notice that someone needs consolation, give them and comfort each other and help each other… (María Mazzarello)

            All the good you do comes back to you.

            61. Do not feel pain. Anything you lose comes back another way. (Rumi)

            Great things await us tomorrow.

            62. Try and fail, but be sure to try. (Stephen Kaggwa)

            Don’t let fear take hold of you.

            63. Modern science has yet to produce reassuring medicine as effective as a few kind words. (Sigmund Freud)

            Positive words are those that help us emerge and move forward.

              64. Books, although we take them for consolation, only add depth to our unhappiness. (Orhan Pamuk)

              A dark side on the books.

              65. Sometimes the best way to help someone is just to be close to them. (Véronique Roth)

              If you don’t know how to help, stay with you.

              66. But the consolation was that the painful memories were soon forgotten as well. (Yoko Ogawa)

              May the bad times of the past not affect your present.

              67. Death cannot kill one who never dies. (William Penn)

              Death is not the end.

              68. If there is any consolation in the tragedy of losing someone we love so much, it is the hope, always necessary, that it may have been better this way. (Paulo Coelho)

              There are times when a loss is most beneficial for everyone.

              69. Little comforts us because little grieves us. (Blaise Pascal)

              Don’t let the little things hurt you.

              70. He who is gone finds us more intensely than the man who lives. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

              People stay alive in our hearts.

              71. Sex is the consolation for those who no longer have love. (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

              sex can be a way out.

              72. It is more appropriate for a man to laugh at life than to lament. (Seneca)

              A more effective way to face life.

              73. The simple juxtaposition of hot bodies procures the deepest of animal consolations. (Lionel Shriver)

              Sex as a natural consolation.

              74. The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude. (Dennis S. Brown)

              It all depends on how we view life.

              75. Never say anything about yourself that you don’t want to come true. (Brian Tracy)

              The importance of trusting our abilities.

                76. The consolation is knowing that I loved as much as I could love. (Laure Conan)

                You will never regret loving it.

                77. Learn to value yourself, what it means: fight for your happiness. (Ayn rand)

                Make sure you improve yourself to your advantage.

                78. One key removes another. (Proverb)

                One of the most popular consolation sayings of all time.

                79. What a worm calls the end of the world, God calls it a butterfly. (Richard Bach)

                Sometimes an end is just a new beginning.

                80. Wisdom serves as a brake on youth, a consolation for the old, wealth for the poor, and a garnish for the rich. (Diogenes of Sinope)

                Wisdom in different forms.

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