The 80 best famous quotes of Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar was a famous Roman Emperor born in the 1st century BC, Who took control of Roman institutions after a civil war, he led against a sector of the senate.

He is perhaps the most famous Roman emperor of all time and what many of us remember when we think of ancient Rome. In the end Caesar was assassinated by a group of senators who conspired against him, a conspiracy in which his own son Brut was also found.

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    The best famous quotes from Emperor Julius Caesar

    Many of us have heard a lot about him or seen movies about him, but in the compilation you will find below, you will be able to discover the 80 most memorable sentences of Julius Caesar written or spoken by himself.

    1. Continue to give me back my legions

    As we see in this quote, Caesar got angry with Publius Quintilius Var when he was defeated at the Battle of Teutoburg.

    2. Divide and gain power.

    When you divide an army, it loses much of its effectiveness.

    3. I like the name of honor, more than I am afraid of death.

    For this emperor, honor was something of terrible personal value, honor meant everything.

    4. What we desire we easily believe, and what we think we imagine others think.

    We must not get carried away by the ideas of others, we must think for ourselves.

    5. It is not these well-fed, long-haired men that I fear, but the pale and hungry.

    A man who has nothing to lose can be very dangerous.

    6. I have lived long enough, both in years and in success.

    Julius Caesar had a life in which he achieved great personal success, a life that would be exciting for everyone.

    7. In times of war, important events are the result of trivial causes.

    A war can be decided by many different factors, controlling them all can be an impossible task.

    8. Which death is most preferable for all? The unexpected.

    In the end, Caesar got the death he so longed for, being assassinated by a large number of senators.

    9. I have lived long enough to satisfy both nature and glory.

    He certainly lived a full and successful life, a life that is still studied to this day.

    10. Men are at one point masters of their own destiny.

    Each of us has forged our own destiny with our daily actions.

    11. Death, a necessary end, will come when it does.

    No one has control over their own death, it will happen in due course.

    12. I am constant, like the north star.

    Our daily work will allow us to be successful.

    13. It is better to die than to live while waiting for death.

    We must not live in fear, fear paralyzes us and makes us live miserable lives.

    14. He who has not overcome fear every day has not learned the lesson of life.

    By overcoming our own fears, we reveal ourselves to others as a much stronger person.

    15. The whole of Gaul is divided into three parts.

    Gaul was divided into three major factions: the Belgians, Aquitaine and the Celts.

    16. It is great to have the strength of a giant, but it is tyrannical to use it like a giant.

    Every great power bears a great responsibility, we must not abuse it more weakly.

    17. All bad precedents start as justified action.

    We need to make sure we make the right decision, because a wrong decision can haunt us our entire life.

    18. The cause is: my will. I will not go. That is enough to satisfy the Senate.

    Our daily actions or inactions can have direct consequences on our lives

    19. The gods do this in the shame of cowardice.

    When we are ashamed of something we have done, we can end up doing anything to restore our honor.

    20. Caesar must be a heartless beast.

    Julius Caesar must have accomplished certain acts in his life of which he was not proud, but the future of the Empire depended directly or indirectly on it.

    21. I hear a song, louder than all music, cries Caesar!

    The sound of the masses shouting your name can get addicting. Even current artists have commented on this curious fact on several occasions.

    22. Many of you here have fought against me today, many of you longed for my death, many of you might even feel like it.

    This emperor must have known how to use diplomacy in many situations in his life.

    23. Oppose me and Rome will not forgive you a second time.

    A threat from Julius Caesar should never fall on deaf ears, it can end up costing anyone their life.

    24. This argument between you must end, Rome wants you both to be at peace.

    In order for the empire to prosper, it must reign inner peace, with disputes, profits are never made.

    25. As long as you are able to ride a horse, it’s dangerous!

    We must never despise our enemy!

    26. Can you imagine a more terrible sacrilege than that which our beloved republic is in the hands of a madman?

    Power struggles in ancient Rome were continuous, there was always someone ready to take command.

    27. I am ready to resort to anything, to submit to anything, for the good of all the people.

    As leader, Caesar could make any sacrifice for the good of the Roman people.

    28. Of all the wonders I have ever heard, it seems strange to me that men are afraid.

    Fear is a feeling that we have to put aside in our lives, with it we will not get anything positive.

    29. I have always considered the dignity of the Republic more important than life.

    Caesar was a statesman, if he had to lay down his life for him he would gladly do so.

    30. Without training, knowledge does not exist. Without knowledge there is no trust. Without confidence, there is no such thing as victory.

    Education is a fundamental aspect of everyone’s life, without it we are just a shadow of what we could become.

    31. When the drums of war have reached their most critical point, the blood boils with hatred, and the mind is completely closed, the leader will not need to grasp the rights of the citizens.

    War can change anyone, anywhere. Caesar matured a lot during his battles.

    32. The greatest enemy will always hide in the last place you look.

    Use the terrain to our advantage, this is something all great generals do in battle.

    33. It is better to take a blow to be in perpetual suffering.

    Bad situations, the sooner the better, we must not live in fear.

    34. He who conquers twice is he who has mercy on overcomers.

    In war, there is also a kind of internal code by which the warriors respect each other.

    35. In the event of extreme danger, fear is not to be pitied.

    When we find ourselves in a situation as complicated as a battle, fear will only prevent us from acting more effectively.

    36. There is a tide in men’s affairs, which caught in the flood leads to good fortune.

    Events occur in an order that may seem pre-established, these can lead us to our fortune or our failure.

    37. Let me run and I will fight things that everyone thinks are impossible.

    We are able to do a lot more than many think, we set our limits.

    38. It is a right of war for the conquerors to treat those whom they have conquered as they please.

    As we see in this quote, Caesar was relentless with those to whom he submitted.

    39. Gaul is subject.

    The conquest of Gaul cost this nobleman dear emperor.

    40. There are also animals called wood … they have legs without joints or ties, they do not lie down to rest … trees serve as beds … they only rest. a little.

    At that time, some animals looked like features from a science fiction book.

    41. Of all this, the Belgians are the strongest.

    Among the tribes that housed Gaul, Caesar knew that the so-called “Belgians” were the most powerful.

    42. Believing is the essence of life.

    In order to be able to lead a successful life, we must believe in our own possibilities.

    43. Let us go to the place where the gods have shown us the way and the injustice of our enemies calls us.

    Our actions in life will take us to the destination we truly deserve.

    44. In a sea so full, we are now on the surface and we have to go with the flow.

    In some circumstances we have to get carried away by the mainstream, it can save our life.

    45. The difference between a Republic and an Empire is the loyalty of the army.

    The political currents of ancient Rome were quite turbulent, but in the end it was just different factions trying to seize power.

    46. ​​There is no such thing as simple faith.

    Cheating on these people with simple lifestyles can be a very complicated thing.

    47. In the event of a decision, it is simply because I have too much pride and ambition.

    Our mistakes are often the direct result of our own faults.

    48. As a rule, what is out of sight disturbs the minds of men much more than what they can see.

    The unknown is something that terrifies us and takes us by storm, men whom we have always feared the unknown.

    49. The evil that men do he lives after them; the good is often buried with its bones.

    Our actions must determine what we left in the world when we die, we can do good with them or on the contrary do bad.

    50. I don’t hold a grudge and I don’t seek revenge. I just have this request … to unite with me to build a new Rome, a Rome that offers justice, peace and land to all its citizens, not just a privileged few.

    Rome was a dream come true for many, a society founded on law and justice. We owe many aspects of modern society to this ancient metropolis.

    51. It was the custom of the gods to give prosperity and long impunity from time to time to the men whom they intended to punish for their crimes, so that in a turn of fortune it would make them suffer more.

    A slightly Machiavellian way perhaps, of seeing the designs of the gods, no one really knows the vicissitudes of life.

    52. Cry for destruction and let down the dogs of war.

    In this poetic way, Julius Caesar confided in the divine in his next battle.

    53. Those who surround public figures should not even be suspected.

    When you are a very important person, you will always have people around you ready to see what they can get out of it.

    54. Luck, which has great power in various fields, especially in times of war, can bring about great changes in a situation where there are very few forces.

    The power of bullying can help you a lot in battle.

    55. In the future, they will remember that only I and no one else offered them mercy.

    Caesar was perhaps one of the most righteous rulers of his historic moment.

    56. We must win or die.

    In wartime, only these two options exist.

    57. Senators! The war is over.

    Something that probably made him very happy to proclaim Caesar.

    58. It is easier to find willing men to die than to find those who are willing to endure pain patiently.

    Finding worthy men of the Roman Empire was sometimes tricky. The legionaries had to endure the harshest conditions imaginable.

    59. Come, my right hand, that sense is deaf, and tell me what you really think.

    Knowing how to advise correctly was essential at the time.

    60. Caesar does no harm, not without cause.

    Sometimes Caesar had to act in a way that wasn’t really what he would like.

    61. We are two lions put down in one day, and I, the oldest and the most terrible.

    He was fully aware of his talents and abilities, he used these qualities to always achieve victory.

    62. Caesar will go ahead. The things that threaten me have never seen more than my back, when they see Caesar’s face, they disappear.

    To openly threaten this great emperor, one had to be clearly a fool.

    63. Danger knows very well that Caesar is more dangerous than he.

    In this quote, we clearly see how Julius Caesar felt totally untouchable.

    64. It is only arrogance if the decision.

    In this way, he protected himself from his arrogance at certain times of the day.

    65. I don’t care if they respect me, as long as they fear me.

    Fear can be a good tool for controlling people, but it can also involve enemies.

    66. All men who reflect on controversial issues should be free from hatred, friendship, anger and sorrow.

    In order to be able to think clearly about something, we need to put our emotions aside.

    67. I found Rome, a city of bricks, and I left it for a city of marble.

    As a ruler, he helped improve the appearance of his city, which his citizens will certainly appreciate.

    68. Great things must be done without hesitation, so that possible difficulties cannot stop.

    Doubt at a decisive moment can cost us our lives, we must act decisively in life.

    69. Even now we can back down. But once we cross that bridge everything has to be decided by guns.

    When a battle reaches a certain turning point, the only solution is to kill or die.

    70. Cassius has a bitter, hungry look; think too much: men like that are dangerous.

    Key Casio Longino is considered one of the architects of the attack that killed Julius Caesar.

    71. The brave savor death only once.

    We all die once in our life, whether you are brave or cowardly.

    72. Good men will believe in what they desire.

    What we most desire is true, we believe it to be true even if it is not.

    73. Caesar’s wife must be above all suspicion.

    During his life, Julius Caesar married three times and also had many romances.

    74. The chance is cast.

    As he rightly said “Alea jacta est.” Certainly one of the most important appointments of this emperor.

    75. I would rather be the first in a village than the second in Rome.

    Wherever we are, we need to be the best version of ourselves.

    76. There is nothing easier than censoring the dead.

    History is written by the victors, many events that took place in ancient times have come down to us in a distorted way.

    77. No one is so brave that they don’t mind something unexpected.

    The unforeseen situations are the most difficult to manage because we have not been able to prepare for them.

    78. You too, Brutus, my son?

    No doubt Caesar was very surprised to see that his own son murdered him.

    79. Nothing is so difficult that it cannot be achieved with force.

    With perseverance and dedication, we will achieve our goals.

    80. I have come, I have seen, I have conquered.

    A beautiful phrase from Julius Caesar, which perfectly describes the kind of person he was.

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