The 80 best Greek proverbs (and their meanings)

Greek culture is one of the oldest in Europe, These atavistic people laid the foundations on which the Old Continent ruled for thousands of years.

Since it is one of the original societies of this region of the world, many countries in the region have, over the centuries, absorbed a large number of customs from the so-called Hellenic people. Proverbs, or proverbs, are a means by which it is possible to synthesize great wisdom, facilitating their verbal communication in an efficient and simple way.

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    The great Greek proverbs and their meaning

    Greek proverbs or proverbs may have been the precursors of all the proverbs we use today in Latin speaking countries. Would you like to know the most famous proverbs of this ancestral culture?

    Then you will discover a selection of the 80 best Greek proverbsMost likely, the origin of which many of you now know.

    1. You want wealth and honor, don’t sleep at dawn. If you want success and honor, you don’t want to be rewarded.

    Working from the first hour of the day will allow us to achieve our professional goals.

    2. As soon as you get up early, it doesn’t shine in front of you. Even if you get up early, it doesn’t turn on earlier.

    Whatever needs to happen will happen no matter what you do. We don’t have to worry about the account anymore.

    3. The longer you live, the more you learn. The longer a person lives, the more he learns.

    Our personal experiences allow us to draw great lessons.

    4. Many opinions sink the ship. Many notices sink the ship.

    Knowing how to concentrate our efforts on a single objective will give us the opportunity to be more efficient in our work.

    5. Tell me who you’re going with, let me tell you what you’re worth. Tell me who you’re going with and I’ll tell you what you deserve.

    Our friendships in most cases determine who we are in our society.

    6. They gave him a donkey and he clenched his teeth. They gave him a donkey and he looked at his teeth.

    If they give us a present or a present, we should never underestimate it.

    7. Those who shine strike the eyes. What glitters surprises the eye.

    What gets a lot of attention will be easier to desire.

    8. With patience, everything is done. With patience, everything is done.

    Patience will allow us to reach our goal.

    9. Look beautiful in your naked place, instead of adorning it in foreign countries. It is better to play naked than outdoors.

    Our home or region to which we belong will always be the best place in the world for us.

    10. As for appetite, pumpkin pie. About appetite, pumpkin pie.

    There is nothing written about tastes, there are as many tastes as there are people in the world.

    11. Feed the crow to get the eye out. Food to keep it safe.

    If we allow toxic people into our lives, we will eventually be betrayed by them.

    12. Gift and small, big grace. Endowed with a small, big grace a.

    Any gift should always be welcome. We have to be thankful.

    13. The tongue has no bones, but breaks the bones. The tongue has no bones because the bones are broken.

    Language can be a very powerful tool, words can seriously harm society or enable us to achieve a very high goal.

    14. Five in hand, instead of ten and a cartridge. The five best and in the way ten and Esperanto.

    Better to be smart and walk safely. Nothing should be left to chance.

    15. The one eye rules over the blind. The whole queen to the blind.

    The smartest person in a company or group of people will always take control.

    16. The first hundred years are difficult. The former are different.

    It is okay to last a hundred years, in the end we will emerge victorious from our problems.

    17. The camel does not see its hump. The camel does not look like him.

    Often we are not aware of our own faults, we have to be more humble.

    18. Anyone who participates a lot benefits a little. Who mixes a lot of hair, does not go further.

    Getting entangled in too many cases will not allow us to be effective in all of them, we must know how to concentrate our efforts.

    19. Let the knot be tied and let the world say. Let me tie the knot and let the people say.

    We have to do our job regardless of what others think. We must not get carried away by third party ideas.

    20. The stick of a hungry donkey does not count. The search office has nothing to do with bullets.

    If we really want something, we will do everything to be able to achieve it. Although with this we suffer from many disadvantages.

    21. He who sleeps does not take fish. Who sleeps, does not catch fish.

    If you want to accumulate wealth, you have to work to get it.

    22. Poverty wants to have a good time so as not to bring you down. Poverty requires pleasure before you want to participate.

    Even though we are poor, we must know how to enjoy life. Optimism is essential to prosper.

    23. Better late than never. Better late than never.

    It is better to reach a goal, even if it takes time, than never to reach it.

    24. When the cat is gone, the mice dance. When the cat’s away the mice will play.

    If the leader of a group is not present, the group will leave doing what it wants. We must know how to lead by example.

    25. God gives you suffering, whatever you can take. God torments you, how much you can take.

    We are prepared for whatever life throws at us, we are stronger than we think.

    26. Everywhere. All parts of the body.

    Being disoriented or dispersed. You have to know how to concentrate to be more efficient.

    27. No prophet in his place. No one is a prophet in his country.

    To be successful in our professional career, it is very likely that we will have to emigrate.

    28. Hugs hugs you go. Slowly, slowly you go away.

    Little by little, we will succeed in our task.

    29.’τ ‘ονται κύκνοι, ὅταν κολοιοὶ σιωπήσωσιν. The songs are sung when the cows calm down.

    To be able to listen to what really interests us, we must know how to be silent.

    30. Love, cough and paralysis are not hidden. Love, cough, and fire cannot be incubated.

    Some things are too obvious, we can’t hide no matter what we do.

    31. Where land and country. The heart goes where the foot leads. Where the heart bends, the foot walks.

    Our emotions often determine our actions in life, emotions are very important in our lives.

    32. He who loves educates. The one who loves you will make you cry.

    Whoever wants good for us will always speak frankly to us. Even if it hurts us emotionally.

    33. Love is blind. Love is blind.

    We don’t choose who we fall in love with.

    34. The abyss is the soul of man. Every man is an abyss.

    We all have a great inner life, very few will know what we really are.

    35. In addition to drought, green also burns. Pagans always righteous for sinners.

    Those who are not to blame are often the ones who pay for the broken dishes.

    36. Royal odors, although withered. The one who had, withheld. Genius and figure, in the tomb.

    If we have ever been an exceptional person in a sporting or professional field, we will always retain a large part of our skills.

    37. Spoil the good. Either way, it seems so.

    What we achieved easily, we don’t tend to give it the value it really has.

    38. The stranger is sweeter. He likes what is stranger, more for others than for good.

    Some people want what the other just wants, we shouldn’t be jealous in our personal life.

    39. He wants the whole cake and the full dog. It cannot be used at all.

    A great quote that contains a great truth, we can never have everything we want.

    40. Make the bean, fill the bag. Grano doesn’t make a barn, but he helps his teammates.

    If we have a little something, we can always share it with our friends and family,

    41. The cube has been launched. The luck is on.

    A great quote generally attributed to Julius Caesar which is also a saying widely used in Greece.

    42. He who has no spirit has legs. The one who doesn’t have one, the one who has cakes.

    It is always necessary to guard against a possible escape, it is necessary to know how to escape if necessary.

    43. Some are called and others are served. From saying to doing, there is a long way to go.

    Words do not have to guarantee possible acts, as we say, “words are blown away”.

    44. The beginning is half of everything. The emperor is the company of finishers.

    To achieve our goal, we will have to start working on it and the sooner the better.

    45. We haven’t seen it yet, we told John. We have no sons and we name him.

    Humans tend to anticipate things which can be counterproductive in our personal lives.

    46. ​​Many mothers make the child twisted. Cute pampered and spoiled child.

    Giving our child the right values ​​is a very important thing in his education.

    47. He who is in a hurry stumbles. Very popular, soon.

    If we try to go too fast we run the risk of collapsing and not being able to reach the finish line.

    48. Illiterate man, rough wood. Illiterate king, crowned donkey.

    We need to know how to choose leaders who know how to do the job well.

    49. Pumpkin pie for hunger. Because tastes are colors.

    Each person has their own particular taste, we must respect the tastes of others.

    50. Do you want to lose a friend? Lend him some money. The money you loaned, the enemy you threw away.

    The one to whom we lend money one day may object to not paying us.

    51. Power in the union. The union has the power.

    Members of a group are much more powerful.

    52. All the cheaters on your counter. Each owl has its olive tree.

    Each person feels better in their own home.

    53. The big fish eats the small one. The big fish hit the boy.

    The powerful always tend to beat the one with the fewest resources.

    54. Many hated wealth, but no one hated fame. Do not choose the name of the person who made the mistake.

    Having a good reputation can help us achieve fame in the future.

    55. I expected the best, I expected the worst. Seek the best, wait for the worst, and take what comes.

    We must know how to prevent possible problems, preparing for the worst will guarantee a better response from us.

    56. No harm for good. There is nothing wrong with not coming for good.

    You can always get positive from anything, even the greatest misfortunes.

    57. Great minds are known. The geniuses we believe are the same.

    People with similar intelligence will always come to the same conclusion.

    58. John whispers, John drinks. I cook it myself, I eat it.

    If I do a job, I also have to keep the benefits.

    59. When you left, I came. When you leave, I’ll be back.

    A saying that means we are more experienced than those we talk to. Be several steps ahead of the other person.

    60. If you don’t glorify your house, you will fall. Each potter praises his stew.

    A lot of people tend to exaggerate what is theirs. Ours will always be the best for us.

    61. Persistent victories. Whoever follows her understands.

    If we pursue a goal relentlessly, we will eventually achieve it.

    62. Warn the fox hens. They put the fox to keep the chickens.

    This proverb refers to the fact that a supposed person who has been left in charge of a task, is in fact the one who can do him the most harm.

    63. Will moves mountains. The mountains of volunteers are moving.

    Our will can make anything we do come true.

    64. He who digs another’s well falls into it. It falls in the cave what takes him from others.

    We too can fall victim to our own traps.

    65. Everything we eat and drink and everything in our ass. Drink and swallow, that the world will end.

    Faced with a very complicated future situation, people today will have no measure in their vices.

    66. Eyes that are not seen are quickly forgotten. Eyes that don’t see, a color that can’t be felt.

    What we don’t know shouldn’t affect us emotionally.

    67. With words anogia and katogia are constructed. Lots of noise and few nuts.

    Someone who constantly threatens, but doesn’t really have the courage to act.

    68. He who is ashamed does not eat. Either way, it’s not helpful.

    If we are ashamed, we will not be able to achieve what we aspire to.

    69. The apple under the apple tree will fall. Such a stick, such a shine.

    Children always look like their parents. Or at least we’ll act the same.

    70. Doll on the outside and plague on the inside. The apparent beauty of the two teeth is different.

    Being beautiful doesn’t make us better people, beauty isn’t everything.

    71. He got some wool and got out cut. He went to get some wool and came out disheveled.

    When we went looking for a possible prize and we ended up hurting ourselves.

    72. Hunger is the best dish. When there is hunger, there is no hard bread.

    If we are really hungry, any food will look tasty to us.

    73. Slow rivers to be feared. God save me from fresh water.

    The one who looks like a very calm man can also be the most dangerous.

    74. The phenomena deceive. Appearances deceive.

    Indeed, appearances do not have to define us.

    75. Where you like not to go too far, don’t get bored and don’t be bored, and then what are you going to give birth to. Where they love you so much, don’t come often.

    We must not abuse those who value us the most.

    76. Keep your clothes on, to have the halves. What a guard, he finds.

    If we save in the future, we will surely have it. We all need to know how to prepare for possible shortcomings.

    77. Who calla, agree. The one who is silent gives.

    Whoever does not complain about a possible injustice, accepts that what is happening is only from his point of view.

    78. When your neighbor’s house is on fire, wait for the fire at your doorstep. When you see your neighbor’s beard peeling, soak yours.

    If our neighbor has a problem, that problem can hurt us in the future as well.

    79. Whatever happens. By the way, the chest.

    We must be consistent with our actions.

    80. Where there is smoke, there is fire. Where no fire is made, no smoke comes out.

    If we don’t do certain things now, they won’t be able to relate to them in the future. This saying is very similar to the Spanish saying: “when the river rings, the water carries”, but in reverse.

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