The 80 Best Peaky Blinders Phrases

Peaky Blinders is a British series set in post-war Britain, where people try to figure out what’s next in a world of misery, corruption, ambition and war.

In this story, gangsters and street gangs are the order of the day and one of them is Peaky Blinders, who we see working to become the criminal kings of the working class.

If you want to immerse yourself in the topics covered in this audiovisual fiction, keep reading; Here you will find a selection of the best phrases from Peaky Blinderscommented.

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    Peaky Blinders’ Most Memorable Lines

    It is a series that shows us the harsh reality left behind by war and the family ties that hold together for better or for worse and that can be seen in the following best sentences of Peaky Blinders.

    1. In bars, sometimes people say things, and other times it’s whiskey talking. It is difficult to discern who is speaking. (Thomas Shelby)

    Bars can also be confessional.

    2. We hate people, and they in turn hate and fear us. (Chester Campbell)

    A love-hate relationship.

    3. Men do not have the strategic intelligence to support a war between families. (Aunt Polly)

    Many women are responsible for managing the family.

    4. Intelligence is very precious, isn’t it, my friend? And it’s usually too late. (Alfie Solomon)

    There is knowledge that takes time to arrive but does not solve anything.

    5. Lies spread faster than the truth. (Thomas Shelby)

    The lie is spreading almost uncontrollably.

    6. I hope you can be in heaven for half an hour before the devil realizes you are dead. (Grace Burgess)

    There are those who underestimate the consequences their actions can bring.

    7. This site is re-operated on behalf of Peaky Blinders. (Arthur Shelby)

    A small criminal group that has become the largest group.

      8. Who wants to be in heaven, huh? Who wants to be in heaven when you could send men to hell? (Arthur Shelby)

      The thought of those who are blinded by power.

      9. You have your mother’s common sense, but your father’s wickedness. I can see them fighting. Let your mother win. (Aunt Polly)

      Tommy’s biggest struggle was seeing which side won in him.

      10. What made you think I would go to bed with you after a whiskey and a light conversation? (Grace Burgues)

      No compromise can be taken lightly.

      11. Either way, we’re Peaky Blinders. (John Shelby)

      The union of a family beyond barriers and justice.

      12. In bars, sometimes people say things, and other times it’s whiskey talking. It is difficult to discern who is speaking. (Thomas Shelby)

      Drunk people are the ones who talk the most.

      13. To make sure your dog obeys you, you should show him the stick from time to time. (Inspector Campbell)

      A reference to control people.

      14. Everything is for sale. All. (Aberama Gold)

      Do they all have a price?

      15. There is no rest for me in this world. Maybe in the next. (Thomas Shelby)

      The weight of being in the criminal world.

      16. She’s in the past. The past is not my problem. And the future is not my concern either. (Thomas Shelby)

      Love has no place in the world of Peaky Blinders.

      17. No one works with me. People work for me. (Billy Kimber)

      A world where kill or die is.

      18. Good taste is for those who cannot afford sapphires. (Thomas Shelby)

      Boasting of his power.

      19. Ambition for respectability does not make you a saint. (John Hughes)

      Not all people who work for justice are good.

      20. Rum is for recreation and sex, right? Now whiskey is for business. (Thomas Shelby)

      Each liqueur fulfills its function.

      21. My brother Tommy helped me survive some of the worst times. Although the circumstances of their union were tragic. (Arthur Shelby)

      With faithful dedication to which it all began.

      22. Anyway, we are Peaky Blinders. (John Shelby)

      A motto that can be a banner or an excuse.

      23. I came back for love. And common sense. (Ada Shelby)

      Love can be a weakness or a strength.

      24. Men and their penises never cease to amaze me. (Aunt Polly)

      There are men who get carried away with what they think is their manhood.

      25. When you are dead, you are free. (Aunt Polly)

      Death is a release for criminals.

      26. As an honorable man, not as a fucking citizen who doesn’t understand the twisted way our world works, my friend. (Alfie Solomon)

      The moment when morality can more than all power reaches.

        27. London Is All Smoke and Trouble (Esme Shelby)

        A dark vision of post-war London.

        28. A good man sometimes needs to endure. (Thomas Shelby)

        You have to learn to be patient and wait for the right moment.

        29. If this was heaven, what would I be doing here? (Charlie Strong)

        Hell on earth for this whole gang.

        30. Every man aspires to certainty. (Alfie Solomon)

        Everyone wants recognition.

        31. I don’t need a knife to keep me from telling secrets. It’s a matter of honor. (Esme Shelby)

        Honor is a key element in the mafia world.

        32. Every religion is a stupid answer to a stupid question. (Thomas Shelby)

        A phrase that rejects religion.

        33. The end of a rope has been this man’s fate since the night he was born. (Inspector Campbell)

        Do you think fate is written for everyone?

        34. You told me about her as a gentleman, now kindly behave like a gangster again. (May Carleton)

        One of Tommy’s biggest weaknesses.

        35. Men like us will always be alone. And for the love we have, we will have to pay.

        In the criminal way, trust is overrated.

        36. Tomorrow we will be one of the two dead. But whoever that person is, they will wake up tomorrow in hell. (Thomas Shelby)

        All injustices are paid in hell.

        37. I have decided. I want to earn real money. With you. (Michael Gray)

        There is easy money that becomes very expensive over time.

        38. You must be as bad as those above to survive. (Aunt Polly)

        Evil is the order of the day in the mafia world.

        39. What line should I have crossed? How many parents, of course, how many children? Yes, you cut, killed, murdered, murdered, innocent and guilty to send straight to hell, right? (Alfie Solomon)

        The price to pay within the gangsters, to lose humanity.

        40. Your brother is ten times more manly than you. (Lizzie Stark)

        Comparisons are always harmful between brothers.

        41. Men always tell their problems to the waitress. (Grace Burgess)

        Waitresses are the ones who listen to the stories the most inside bars.

        42. Around the world, violent men are the easiest to deal with. (Irene O’Donnell)

        Violent men respond to aggression or submission.

        43. Your gypsy half is the strongest. (Esme Shelby)

        An identity that has never been lost.

        44. I’m glad I didn’t shoot you. It would have been a good thing. (Linda Shelby)

        Death is a good that some do not deserve.

        45. I find the most obvious vices the easiest to resist. (Chester Campbell)

        We all have some kind of addiction.

        46. ​​Killing a man affects the heart. (Chester Campbell)

        Murder will always consume a part of us.

          47. I can like dogs. Gypsy witchcraft. And those that I can’t love, I can kill them with my own hands. (Thomas Shelby)

          A charm for better or for worse.

          48. Don’t mess with the Peaky Blinders. (Aunt Polly)

          A threat he made to a more awesome family.

          49. He will wake up. I admit that even if he has no more teeth, he will be wiser for that (Alfie Solomons)

          Hard lessons teach us great lessons.

          50. One attacks when the enemy is weak. (Thomas Shelby)

          The best time to intervene is when you are most vulnerable.

          51. You never know with men. They go wherever their penises point at them and there’s no way they’ll change their minds. (Aunt Polly)

          Lust is a weapon that destroys men who allow themselves to be controlled by it.

          52. Oh! I’m a Shelby too, you know. Put back my fucking movie! (Ada Shelby)

          Everyone here has the same respect.

          53. We are not afraid of copper. If they come to pick us up, we’ll each give them a smile. (John Shelby)

          Ready to fight with all your weapons.

          54. I imagine getting shot by a woman hurts just as much as getting shot by a man. It’s just more embarrassing. (Thomas Shelby)

          A shot is deadly, coming from the hands of anyone.

          55. My fury is worth contemplating. (Inspector Campbell)

          People’s anger can be terrifying.

          56. You have to get what you want on your own. (Thomas Shelby)

          Everyone has the power to achieve their dreams.

          57. When there are no rules, women take over. (Tatiana Petrovna)

          There are women who have more courage and control to handle situations better.

          58. Politics is when something is done deliberately, something is better for some and worse for others. (Ruben Oliver)

          Politics is not always handled cleanly.

          59. I know ways back that take forever. (Aberama Gold)

          There are decisions that are made and you can’t go back.

          60. You can change what you do, but you can’t change what you want. (Thomas Shelby)

          Our goals remain with us insistently, until we meet them.

          61. He would have buried them all. But my mother knows them. He said it would be worse for you to let them live and take everything they have away from them. (Luca Changretta)

          A ‘subtle’ warning to enhance your way of showing mercy.

          62. An agreement is not the same as a guarantee. (Chester Campbell)

          Warranties are those that allow us to insure things.

            63. In France, I saw men die. I never got used to seeing horses die. (Thomas Shelby)

            The death of innocent animals weighs heavier.

            64. There is only one thing that can blind a man as smart as you, Tommy. To like. (Aunt Polly)

            Love can become an impossible dream.

            65. You know, gentlemen. There is hell, and there is another place under hell. (Thomas Shelby)

            When you think something can’t get any worse, you may be in for a nasty surprise.

            66. We are all prostitutes, Grace. We are simply selling different parts of ourselves. (Thomas Shelby)

            Everyone sells what they know how to do.

            67. Sometimes women have to take over. Like in war. (Aunt Polly)

            In the most conflicting moments, women bring out their power.

            68. By order of the fucking Peaky Blinders. (Arthur Shelby)

            An order that is fulfilled because yes.

            69. The only way to secure peace is to make the expectation of war inevitable. (Tommy Shelby)

            War always becomes an excuse for peace.

            70. Instinct is a curious thing. (Aunt Polly)

            A sense that can alert us to things we don’t realize.

            71. We’re an organization from another dimension, sounds good, Mr. Shelby. But now I see, not as well as me. (Luca Changretta)

            Boast of the power of the mafia against the “simple” gangsters.

            72. I don’t pay for costumes. My costumes are paid for by the house, or the house catches fire. (Thomas Shelby)

            An aggressive way to get what you want.

            73. I have long learned to hate my enemies, but I have never loved anyone before. (Thomas Shelby)

            Value can appear in the most unexpected places.

            74. Men are less good at keeping their secrets with their lies. (Aunt Polly)

            Lies are hard to follow.

            75. I collect everything, but I do not participate. Look, I have a bright future, you know? Trace. (Michael Gray)

            People who organize conflicts but do not participate in them.

            76. I am not the one who plays. I just bet. (Linda Shelby)

            Take advantage of the opportunities that arise.

            77. One thing I learned is that you and I are opposites, but also the same. Like the reflection of a mirror. (Chester Campbell)

            This strange co-dependent relationship that is created between detective and criminal.

            78. If you apologize once, you’ll do it again and again. It’s like removing bricks from the wall of your fucking house. (Thomas Shelby)

            Excuses undermine the power of gangsters.

            79. It’s much easier to face life when you’re dead. (Alfie Solomon)

            When death becomes a kind of relief.

            80. Instead of sending you a black hand, he could have killed you at night without knowing why. But I want you to know why, and I want to suggest that we fight this vendetta with honor. (Luca Changretta)

            Honor being a recurring element in this dark world.

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