The 80 best phrases of Julio Iglesias

Julio José Iglesias de la Cova, popularly known as Julio Iglesias, Is a Spanish singer and songwriter born in 1943 in Madrid, Spain.

Being one of the greatest references of music in the world and ambassador of Spanish culture throughout the world, Julio Iglesias he is perhaps the most famous Spanish artist in the world. Since the 1980s, his albums have reached number one in sales on countless occasions and his songs have been the most acclaimed on a number of radio stations.

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    Epic phrases by Julio Iglesias

    Who doesn’t know this music benchmark yet?

    In the text below you can discover the 80 great phrases of Julio Iglesias the most relevant of his entire career as an artist.

    1. In 1970, I gave 41 concerts in 41 different Spanish cities in 30 days. I made love every night. 41 different cities, 41 different wives. It was my rock scene.

    The career of this singer has known very, very festive stages.

    2. I am 40 years old and too old to be the new American sex symbol.

    Ultimately, the weather affects us all, including Julio Iglesias.

    3. When I look at myself in the mirror, I don’t understand what is happening to me.

    We all go through very confusing stages in our lives, this singer has also gone through very turbulent times.

    4. Notice I had a Kabbalah, or a whim, or whatever, it was this: I couldn’t go on stage to sing if I hadn’t made love before. Then it was like a rabbit, “chaca, chaca, chaca” … and I was going to sing. But it was scary, because then, while I was on stage, I wanted to finish quickly knowing that a naked woman was waiting for me in the room.

    A phrase that can very well define the luxurious life that this singer had the chance to live.

    5. I am 63 years old, I am disgusted. But of course, I still have the ability to physically seduce.

    The ability of this singer to seduce women is considered by many to be legendary.

    6. They are awesome. What would I be without them (About the paparazzi).

    The harassment this singer suffered by the so-called paparazzi has undoubtedly been one of the most notable in the world.

    7. Passion has been in my DNA for generations.

    Spanish men are generally of a very passionate character and this singer is no exception.

    8. I gave my first kiss to the girl I thought was my girlfriend, she probably didn’t know it. There was no kiss. The first kiss that I don’t quite remember, but it was probably stolen.

    When it comes to love, Julio Iglesias has often been somewhat reserved, the private life of those close to him is something he has always wanted to safeguard apart.

    9. He has never been interested (in reference to Isabel Preysler) in my artistic career in an active but passive way. She filled me with emotions, she helped me a lot, but as for the artist, she always tried to separate the paths and that was one of the root causes of our marriage breakdown.

    The marriage of Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler is one of the best known internationally, but unfortunately in the end love could not with everything.

    10. My goal is to make people dream. When they see me on stage, what they imagine of me and reality come together. I seduce them. But first I have to seduce myself.

    As an artist, churches must know how to dazzle their target audience, on which all their professional success depends.

    11. I have respected women since the beginning of my life.

    This singer has always had and continues to have great esteem for all the women in his life.

    12. I think it’s perfect to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature because Dylan represents the “hey, baby” revolution. He’s a great writer. He has done a lot for English linguistics. I will never forget the day I walked into an elevator with him in Sao Paulo, where all the floors were visible, and he said to me, “Listen, July, let’s see when you start recording my songs, my boy.

    Julio Iglesias’ life has undoubtedly been very exciting, a life that many of us wish we could have lived.

    13. To love red wine, you must have a healthy approach to life. Red wine is life, the only life you can bottle.

    As a good Spaniard Julio Iglesias is passionate about wine, in Spain wine is consumed socially at every meal.

    14. For me, to do nothing is to have two hours to float in the water, which is a paradise, and I think: God, what a lucky man I am.

    This singer knows very well how to enjoy the good life.

    15. Spanish television reports very poorly. It is amazing that when the most important televisions in the world follow the concerts of Plácido Domingo, Montserrat Caballé or connect live so that people can experience the moment when Ángel Nieto wins a race or witness the triumph of Severiano Ballesteros, ignore here these events. But they’d rather do boring things and talk about abortion instead of having a really fun and interesting schedule.

    Television in Spain often leaves something to be desired, perhaps there should be a better understanding between the public and the media themselves.

    16. I want to sing simple things for the simple life of simple people.

    A simple life can also be a very happy life.

    17. I loved and have been and continue to be a natural flirt. But how not, if life is still flirting with me. If I turned my back on this, I would be bitter.

    Julio Iglesias is considered by many to be the greatest Don Juan of the 20th century.

    18. Love is like wine. Drinking little is good, but emptying the bottle gives you a headache.

    In life, everything is positive but always in its right measure, it is always necessary to have a certain self-control.

    19. You sell records because you are my son, otherwise you wouldn’t sell them (about his son Enrique).

    The family life of the Churches has always been very appreciated by the international public, the musical career of his son Enrique has shown us very controversial moments, like this one.

    20. I must say that I have the immense chance to sing for the people, and not for the leaders.

    As singer Julio Iglesias he always felt a great connection with the countries he visited. There is no doubt that this singer is causing a sensation wherever he goes.

    21. Women drive me crazy, but completely crazy … Since I was four … But I want to tell American women that I am not a superman.

    The libido of this famous singer was perhaps one of the best known internationally, his own father had his last daughter at 91 named Ruth.

    22. Once you have received the applause of 50,000 people, you will feel bad the day they applaud you only 2,000 people. The biggest problem with my work is that you can lose it. One day you are a winner, but the next day, no matter how tall you are, you can be a loser.

    Success can lead to a great dependence on the artist himself, which is why many singers change their musical style, trying to adapt to a certain audience.

    23. The house reads a dog to him. It’s called Berkeley, like the university.

    In his most familiar life, Julio Iglesias is a simple and normal man like any other.

    24. I like to exercise. I still walk an hour a day.

    Physical activity is something we all need to do, we need to find the time to do it.

    25. I am the most successful Latin artist in the history of Latin culture.

    Julio Iglesias was the greatest representative of Spanish speaking culture in history, bringing Spanish or Spanish to everyone.

    26. I do not believe in borders and I do not believe in races or nationalities.

    After all, we are all citizens of a place called the world.

    27. My children’s success has helped me immensely.

    As a father, Iglesias wants the best for his children, which of course we all share.

    28. The opportunities available to public officials are numerous.

    Knowing how to take advantage of the opportunities that are offered to us is an essential thing in life.

    29. Vanity in me has always been intelligent, but it has also been varied.

    We must not fall into vanity, we must be who we really are.

    30. Enrique (Iglesias) is perhaps a rebel with cause, because I was never a father very attached to my children, I traveled all the time.

    As an international artist, Julio has always lived a very unknown life.

    31. Spain is a country with two speeds: the one which enthrones failure precisely for not having succeeded and the one which condemns and mistreats the winner out of pure envy.

    Envy in Spain is the order of the day, the envious always try to harm the one who has achieved professional success.

    32. If I have walked through the lie, then blessed be he. He was probably less ugly than he looked.

    Having a certain appearance can allow us to better adapt to a certain environment, even if our lifestyle later does not resemble that environment.

    33. I was like Ronaldo at the Bernabeu. The critics made me score more goals.

    When someone criticizes us challenges us, we need to know how to grow – and do our job even better.

    34. Life gave me a little voice but it gave it to me from the inside and the singers inside we live forever.

    Lyrics are much more important than a good voice, it’s better to be a great songwriter than a great singer.

    35. I can’t see myself doing reggaeton. I listened to Luis Fonsi’s “Little by Little” and loved it. It reminded me a lot of what my son Henry had invented.

    The style of this artist is clearly very different from what is currently done, his music is much more timeless.

    36. When there is a lot of light, the shadows are also larger.

    When success comes, there is always someone ready to take you down.

    37. I am a great copier, I have always been a good thief.

    There are many positive aspects to being an intelligent person in our life.

    38. My impression of Trump from the start is that of an irascible man, close to a comedian.

    Donald Trump made this impression in his political debut on this famous singer-songwriter.

    39. The title is I’m Alive.

    The most important thing in our lives is to be able to stay alive, a new opportunity to continue and to be able to reach our goal step by step.

    40. Nothing and no one will make me change my Spanish nationality. I am and always will be Spanish. In addition, including Spanish in the world.

    Julio Iglesias is well aware of his Spanish origins, but is currently very accustomed to an internationalized lifestyle.

    41. When I was younger, I read everything, in disorder, like any student. Now I read the press, the scary novels. I love ET and everything that doesn’t confuse me.

    Reading is something that has always accompanied Julio Iglesias throughout his life, being something that many of us should learn from this artist.

    42. Friends like Dúo Dinámico or Raphael went to Sonorama. All the Spanish music is gone and I will be going next year.

    This celebrity has always surrounded himself with great artists, artists that he can now consider as friends.

    43. I have not reconsidered any situation of my ex-wife, just as she has not done for me.

    When something doesn’t work, it’s best to cross and scratch.

    44. I am no longer stuck in these necessities. I think I got out of these necessities 30 years ago (about Isabel Preysler and Vargas Llosa).

    The churches over time have moved beyond their previous relationships, to this day they are not interested.

    45. I’m an old man, but today I got up boy.

    Age is just a number, the important thing is how we really feel.

    46. ​​Lovers look at their souls and it’s that feeling that I try to capture in my songs.

    When we are in love, we experience certain emotions very intensely.

    47. I won’t stop singing until people say it.

    The fans never leave Julio Iglesias, they are very loyal fans.

    48. I have a big secret: I sleep naked. It doesn’t just mean physically; My heart and my head are bare.

    Sleeping without clothes can allow us better circulation and sleeping with a clear head less headaches.

    49. When the picture is hung on your wall for a long time, you don’t notice it. You’ve had enough of him, even though he’s a Picasso. When the next generation inherits the painting, they sell it. I don’t want to be sold.

    We must know how to value the things we own, even if we have had them for a long time.

    50. Love reaches everyone in many ways. The attraction is always the first, right? But love must be more than that. It must be magic.

    Love and sexual attraction are two very different things, to love someone you have to meet them first.

    51. There is nothing more intense, more complex and more expensive than creativity.

    Creativity is a quality over which we have no control, it simply stems from our subconscious sporadically.

    52. A good lover of the one who has time, of the one who has no problems, of the one who devotes himself to it.

    Indeed, to be a good lover, you must have free time and want to dedicate it to your loved one.

    53. Infidelity is a very strange concept. I imagine a person at a table writing and seeing someone beautiful pass by and thinking, “I’d fuck that one.” Well, that’s infidelity. If you think you are going to fuck someone, you are committing a sin and they are committing it every day.

    We are all in some way unfaithful, if only in thought.

    54. I’ve been an asshole for a few generations, but maybe now I’m not that asshole anymore because when I am given a wine, I know if it’s white or red, sometimes I even know if it’s a wine. 82 or 61.

    Certain generations of young people, as this singer tells us, have been and are quite reluctant to his music.

    55. I am the favorite singer of Soviet youth.

    Fans of this famous singer-songwriter can come from any country in the world.

    56. Dreams are a necessity. I sell them night after night.

    We have to chase our dreams and try to make them come true, that’s what life is.

    57. What happened to Gwendolyne? She was the daughter of the richest family in France. I didn’t know she was rich, but she was rich. She was 18 and I was 25. She married a banker. The last time I saw her was at a concert in Lyon, about 20 years ago. She was still beautiful.

    Novels have accompanied Julio Iglesias all his life and he has had a large number of lovers.

    58. I haven’t been with a lot of women, but I’ve been with a lot of love, which is different.

    He has always loved the woman with whom he has been, deep down, he is quite romantic.

    59. I was born out of fear, I was born in a Caesarean section.

    Many of us are born today thanks to this technique.

    60. English is a language that took a lot of work from me. Until barely a fortnight ago, I had a teacher fifteen hours a day, a beautiful 27-year-old girl who didn’t speak Spanish and now speaks it perfectly even though I still don’t speak much English (she l ‘said when she retired her debut album in English).

    Languages ​​have always resisted it, but not in vain, English is a language that takes time to master.

    61. I don’t know how to do anything but sing. What do you want? Do I have to stay home to play the whistle? I could not.

    When you’ve worked hard all your life, you can’t let it go from day to day. next day.

    62. Today people are taller, better dressed and better fed.

    Society moves forward and people move forward with it. Over the years, Julio Iglesias’ audience has changed a lot.

    63. Discipline kills character, but it’s necessary and even more so at my age.

    We all need to bring some discipline into our lives, which is necessary in order to be able to lead an orderly life.

    64. The first time I visited London, my manager said to me: “The newspapers say you slept with 3,000 women”. I told him not to tell anyone it wasn’t true. We are now in 2014, so the number must be increased to 20,000. I am not carrying the bill.

    He himself does not know either how many women he has known throughout his life, how did the media know?

    65. Sometimes I’m ashamed to say, pussy !, people must think I’ve had so many, so many women. I probably got more than I deserved and millions less than you think.

    The numbers studied on the number of women he may have been with are simply absurd.

    66. I have not been a good lover, but what is a good lover? Joaquín (Sabina) and Joan Manuel (Serrat) must have been better lovers than me. People in a hurry are not good lovers.

    Sabina and Serrat are with Julio Iglesias probably the 3 best singer-songwriters in the Iberian country.

    67. I couldn’t sing and I sang and I couldn’t even be the prettiest and sometimes I looked like that.

    He always did what he wanted with his life, no one had to tell him what he could or could not do.

    68. When I got here (referring to Miami) I couldn’t speak a word of English, but my sex life was perfect. Now my English is perfect, but my sex life sucks.

    Life changes over time, even for this celebrity. The passage of time makes no concessions to anyone.

    69. I am a sure lover. I like to be loved.

    We all love to feel loved and wanted, this is something we all look for in our personal lives.

    70. I have changed a lot since I was young. For example: now I’m terrified of flying. I don’t like it and it makes me anxious when there is turbulence on the plane. Before, I didn’t care: my only interest when I got on a plane was to tie myself to the hostess to fuck her in the bathroom. Ah, Viagra, what a great invention.

    The intimate life of churches has been one of the most famous in the history of music, anecdotes numbering in the hundreds.

    71. I wanted to be a footballer and I couldn’t because of an accident that almost left me paralyzed.

    The Church’s football career was prematurely cut short, but it led to us being one of the best Spanish-speaking singers.

    72. The only thing that has improved is that I have learned to sing.

    Mastering singing is something that can take us a lifetime.

    73. Humility is not an imaginary thing.

    Humility is a quality that we should all try to embrace and nurture.

    74. Attempts are made to avoid mistakes made in the past.

    We must not fall back into the same mistakes, a big lesson for any of us.

    75. I have discipline, I take care of my voice.

    Any good singer must know how to take care of his voice, after all it is his musical instrument.

    76. If he were gay he would be the best homosexual in history.

    He would certainly be a highly regarded gay man within the LGTBI community.

    77. I love women, I love wine.

    One of the most famous phrases of this famous singer.

    78. I forgot to live.

    We must never stop being who we really are.

    79. Each friend is the family we choose from strangers.

    Friends can be our great support in life, you have to know how to take care of them.

    80. Between baptism and burial, each one makes a journey and with his decisions a destination.

    The decisions we make lead us to our own destiny, every decision we make is important.

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