The 80 best phrases to tattoo

Nowadays, it is very common to meet people who have got a tattoo or are going to get a tattoo. Used since prehistoric times to convey ideas, to reflect important moments or to make visible the identity or the position of its wearer, the tattoo is an element which makes it possible to externally express internal aspects of the person.

Sometimes this form of artistic expression is language-based, using phrases and maxims that have special meaning for the person who is made of them. What these tattoo phrases usually have in common is that they are generally brief and deal with universal life issues and attitudes that speak to the character and personality of the wearer.

Unlike autobiographical quotes which are easy to relate to someone’s life trajectory, these forms of expression are not so obviously self-referential, and you usually need to know how to interpret them, or who is wearing the tattoo, to know what they mean in each particular case.

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    80 inspirational phrases for tattoo

    Below you can find 80 tattoo phrases that best represent the use that is made of this art form. In many cases, pictorial elements such as drawings allowing a better understanding of the sentence are usually added to the sentences in question.

      1. Fall down seven times, get up eight

      This sentence motivates us to never give up the many adversities that we encounter. This is one of the best phrases for tattooing to stay motivated.

      2. Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future

      Oscar Wilde wrote this sentence, which reflects the fact that we can all change.

      3. Carpe diem

      This well-known phrase in Latin prompts us to make the most of our time.

      4. The show must go on

      The show must continue. Whatever happens, we must move forward no matter how much our prospects for the future diminish.

      5. Now is the time

      Don’t put off your dreams. Fight for them.

      6. Stay strong

      A short and motivating sentence that pushes us to keep fighting.

      7. Breathe

      A word that encourages us to calm down and see things calmly and with perspective.

      8. I came, I saw, I conquered

      Another typical phrase written in Latin, Which tells us to achieve our goals.

      9. So I think I am

      This sentence written by René Descartes speaks to us about the need to think and reflect and the fact that this makes us people.

      10. Fly with my own wings

      Dream, create, live. You don’t depend on the world but on yourself. Do it.

      11. If there is a will, there is a way

      This sentence tells us that there will always be a way to achieve our goals if we have the will to strive to achieve them. Nothing is impossible,

      12. More drama

      The continued sadness and melancholy gets us nowhere. They usually carry people who have gone through a long period of discomfort and have decided to remember that meaningless suffering is not worth it.

      13. Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes

      This sentence, translated from Jackson Brown, tells us that our emotions and feelings allow us to see aspects that are not normally objectively visible.

      14. There is always hope

      Motivating sentence that pushes us to live without decomposition.

      15. Still young

      To have a young, dynamic and active soul is what this sentence asks of us.

      16. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

      In life we ​​are going to feel painful things, but we can choose how we deal with what happens to us.

      17. Whether

      This short and beautiful phrase for the tattoo it pushes us to give up what is already worrying us in order to relax and put things in perspective. It’s also the title of a Beatles song.

      18. Hakuna Matata

      This sentence is known from the movie The Lion King. It means to live happily or carefree in Swahili language.

      20. Let go of your fears

      Don’t let fear paralyze you. It’s okay to be afraid, but don’t hang on to it. Let it sink.

      21. Every breath is a second chance

      Whatever happens, as long as we stay alive, we can make a difference.

      22. Art is life, life is art

      This sentence in French by William Blake indicates that life is an art.

      There are 23 of the most powerful

      The gods are with the strong. This Latin phrase prompts us to strive so that we can achieve our goals, because only if we try can we have the chance to achieve them.

      24. Alea jacta is

      The luck is on. This phrase is used when an effort has been made and only the result can be observed.

      25. We know who we are, but not who we might be.

      William Shakespeare is the author of this sentence, which prompts us not to limit ourselves.

      26. To be or not to be

      Another line from Shakespeare, especially from his play Hamlet. It is also common to see its translation into Spanish, “To be or not to be.”

      27. I have not failed. I found 10,000 solutions that don’t work

      This line is popular thanks to Thomas Edison and tells us that making a mistake is not something to be ashamed of – but a bit of what to learn. The number can vary widely.

      28. I am the master of my destiny, I am the captain of my soul

      You alone will live your life. You decide how to do it.

      29. Never stop dreaming

      We all need dreams and goals in our lives. We must not lose hope or stop being excited.

      30. I can resist anything but temptation

      Another excellent quote from Oscar Wilde.

      31. Actions speak louder than words

      Words can be a very beautiful thing, but they can be treacherous, when everyone’s actions are much more obvious, and ultimately, it’s the one that ends up having the most real effect. One of the best phrases for tattooing and clarifying our opinion on the subject.

      32. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

      Whether or not someone or something we find beautiful will depend on our expectations, tastes and preferences, but that does not in itself make them beautiful or unattractive.

      33. There is no luckier than the one we make ourselves

      this sentence notit forces you to struggle and not justify us at random or luck of not achieving our goals

      34. Love is the essence

      Love is the essence of life, as this Latin phrase indicates.

      35. Live each day as if it were your last

      Take advantage of the time you have because you don’t know how long it will last. Live fully.

      36. Letting go is not saying goodbye, but saying thank you

      Having a relationship ending doesn’t necessarily mean a cold goodbye, but we need to remember the good this person has brought us.

      37. One step at a time

      We don’t have to run. The path to being happy and achieving our goals is usually not immediate, but involves a long process with many steps in between.

      38. Everything goes through something

      Everything that happens in our lives ends up taking us somewhere. Both good and bad are part of our lives and lead us somewhere.

      39. Not all who wander are lost

      This sentence, written by Tolkien, Reflects that the search for new goals, objectives and hopes does not mean being lost in life.

      40. Happiness is a journey, not a destination

      Many people are obsessed with the desire to be happy and try to be so anyway, forgetting to try to have fun.

      41. Fate is not a a matter of chance. It’s a question of choice

      This sentence from William Jennings reflects that our life is not frozen. What we experience will be largely determined by our choices.

      42. Always believe in yourself

      Sometimes we can face situations that shake our self-esteem. But we must always believe in ourselves and in our possibilities.

      43. You only live once

      That is why we must make the most of our time.

      44. Some people walk in the rain, others get wet

      Once again, in this sentence from Roger Miller, we are quoted in live accept the pain I dare to face.

      45. A small obstruction can prevent a big fall

      Accepting that we make mistakes teaches us. Avoiding them and not admitting them can mean that in the end they have not been learned and that in the event of a disaster the situation is insurmountable.

      46. ​​Everything is relative

      This sentence of Einstein makes us see that there is nothing absolute, which can vary our perception of the facts according to the circumstances surrounding each situation.

      47. The truth will set us free

      Knowing the truth enables us to act and adapt successfully.

      48. If you believe everything you read, you better not read

      This Japanese proverb we encourages you to think critically and to draw our own conclusions, without basing our opinions on what others tell us.

      49. Laugh as much as you breathe, love as much as you live

      This phrase reflects the need to see the positive side of life, joy and love being among the main things that make us happy.

      50. Breathe in the future, breathe out the past

      Let go of what has already happened and try to focus on what is happening and what is to come.

      51. Without madness, there is no happiness

      We are not automatons. Follow your instincts and dare.

      52. One eye open. The other dream

      In this sentence we are cited in find a balance between reality and dreams.

      53. The best is yet to come

      We have a lot to live with, and a positive attitude will make us enjoy it more.

      54. The wise man can change his mind. He fools, never

      This sentence reminds us that it is okay to be wrong, and that it is good to be able to be flexible and value other points of view. Our opinion is just that, not an absolute truth.

      55. The purpose of our life is to be happy

      It’s a phrase that pushes us to do not forget to live in order to be happy and do those around us.

      56. Fly high

      Don’t limit your dreams. Pursue them intensely.

      57. Don’t dream your life, live your dream

      Don’t just imagine what you want, fight for it.

      58. If you want peace, prepare for war

      Life is not easy. Let’s be ready to face evil.

      59. Only God can judge me

      It doesn’t matter what other people think of a person. We all have our own and no one has the right to judge us. Another version that does not refer to God is “I alone can judge myself”.

      60. Never forget

      Never forget who we are, what we have been through and those who accompanied us on our journey. One of the best phrases for tattooing and this it can be applied to a multitude of times, people and situations.

      61. Respect is not necessary, it is earned

      A memory that earns the approval and respect of others does not mean arousing their fear, but quite the contrary.

      62. There is no way to walk, we make our way by walking

      This part of Antonio Machado’s poem tells us that there is no pre-established destiny, but that we have plowed it ourselves.

      63. Live and let live

      A phrase that encourages us to live our life without trying to influence others too much, while respecting their freedom.

      64. I don’t regret anything

      Part of the lyrics of the famous song by Edith Piaf, this sentence tells us that we do not regret anything.

      65. Mai diguis mai

      We don’t know what life offers us, so we can’t be sure what we’ll end up doing or thinking.

      66. Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees

      Freedom of choice is a fundamental thing for us to build our own life. This sentence asks us not to allow people, situations, conditions or diseases to dominate or limit our lives.

      67. The harmony of victory grows

      What was Arsenal’s slogan it is also a beautiful sentence in latin which tells us that victory passes through harmony. It is not a question of going to extremes but of seeking a midpoint.

      68. As long as there is life, there is hope

      Whatever happens, there will always be new opportunities and elements that will allow us to get excited and live.

      69. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

      What hurts us makes us learn and strengthen us.

      70. All you need is love

      Love is the most important thing, and that’s all we need or at least a big part of to be happy. Plus, it’s the title of a well-known Beatles song.

      71. Drop by drop, the river becomes

      Achieving a goal is achieved through continuous effort, taking small steps to reach our goal. this sentence it also reflects that there is strength in unityIf we can organize ourselves with others, it is easier to reach common goals and get to the desired point.

      72. A healthy mind in a healthy body

      Usually tattooed by athletes, this phrase reminds us of the benefits of taking care of both mind and body and that one affects the other (and vice versa).

      73. Do it or not, but don’t try

      This phrase, known to have been spoken by Yoda’s character in one of the Star Wars saga films, tells us that we are not giving up. We don’t have to just try, we have to persist in achieving our goals.

      74. Don’t worry, be happy

      This line, known for the song of the same title, pushes us to stop worrying about everything and focus on life. This is one of the best phrases to remember that the important thing is to try and live our lives.

      75. Forever

      This phrase is generally used either as a reminder of a deceased person or as a promise of love.

      76. In a kiss you will know everything I have been silent about

      This beautiful sentence by Pablo Neruda reflects the need to express what we feel and how we tend to hide those we love.

        77. Always faithful

        Always faithful. This phrase can have several meanings. It speaks to us of loyalty and fidelity, which can be towards the couple, towards the family, towards the friends, towards a specific ideology or towards oneself.

        78. Be yourself

        This sentence prompts us not to get carried away by what others create, but to be authentic and act according to our convictions.

        79. When a door closes, a window opens

        Maybe in life we ​​miss opportunities. But this is not the end. New ones will always emerge.

        80. Life is good

        We can laugh or cry, suffer or be happy … life is full of contrasts, but throughout life we ​​will find wonderful things. Even in the worst of times, life is good.

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