The 80 best quotes from the Simpsons

The Simpsons is an animated television series created by the great Matt Groening, And produced by the famous Fox Broadcasting Company.

This particular series chronicles the adventures of The Simpsons, an average American family in their daily adventures and misadventures. In its episodes, we can see satire after satire of American culture and the customs of its people. It is not in vain that this series tackles humor on subjects as complex as: alcoholism, abuse, occupational risks, racism, sexism, etc.

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    The best famous quotes from The Simpsons

    It is one of the most famous television series in history and many of its episodes are already a part of the lives of many of us.

    How would you like to know the best phrases from this particular family? Below you can enjoy the 80 best quotes from The Simpsons, A few sentences that will surely bring you more than a smile.

    1. Stupid Flanders and its eroticism! (Homer)

    It was without a doubt one of the funniest moments of the series, as always Ned Flanders has an important role in this chapter.

    2. Oh, look at me, Marge !!! I am the happiness of many people, I am the magical man of the happy land of the jelly house on Lollipop Street. (Homer)

    Homer can show a healthy dose of madness in several of his episodes.

    3. Please don’t eat me! I have a wife and children who eat there! (Homer)

    The survival instinct is sometimes stronger than us.

    4. How lucky Marge !, Our children are getting smarter, if we have another one, we could build a time machine to travel in the past and not have children. (Homer)

    Something no father will ever say, but many of them have already thought.

    5. Yuhuuu! I am a student! I don’t need the insti degree anymore, how ready am I, how ready am I, how ready am I, LSTO, I say LIST O. (Homer)

    Homer J. Simpson is certainly not distinguished precisely by his intelligence.

    6. Can you tell me where the toilets are? I would like to show that I wash my hands. (Homer)

    Cleaning is an essential thing in everyone’s life, and above all we have to wash our hands several times a day.

    7. Remember that postcard my grandfather sent us from Florida of an alligator biting a woman’s ass? We all found it very funny. But we were wrong. This alligator was sexually harassing this woman. (Homer)

    The Simpsons are distinguished by the production of funny satires, the most difficult times that our society sometimes goes through.

    8. What if we are wrong about religion? God would be angrier every week. (Homer)

    Who has never thought about whether their religion is the right one or not? Hope we weren’t wrong.

    9. Unlike love, respect cannot be bought. (Homer)

    To be sure, neither love nor respect can be bought with money, or at least no real love or respect.

    10. When I look at the smiling faces of the children, I just know that they are planning to hit something. (Homer)

    Knowing how to cover your back can get rid of more than one upheaval in life, Homer Simpson knows he doesn’t have to trust anyone at all.

    11. There are two types of students: the forts and the Gilis. As an athlete, it is my duty to make life impossible for the Gilis! (Homer)

    This particular father was a member of the high school football team.

    12. Children, you have struggled. And why? To make it look ridiculous. The moral is this: don’t make an effort. (Homer)

    The law of least effort brought the mantra to life. A minimum of effort can also lead to an optimal result.

    13. Menopause is when a drunken hunter is shot by a stork. (Homer)

    A very funny and simple way to explain this physiological process that all women go through.

    14. Getting rid of being on a popular jury is easy. Suffice it to say that you are prejudiced against all races. (Homer)

    Racism is a topic often discussed in this comic book series, as in American society, racism plays a key role in the lives of the people of Springfield.

    15. Lisa, vampires are made-up beings, like goblins, gremlins and eskimos. (Homer)

    As we can see, Homer Simpson doesn’t distinguish too well between beings who existed and those who did not.

    16. Sea, toilet of the world. The Greeks called you Poseidon, the Romans, eeeeh Aquaman. (Homer)

    Not having been to college, Homer is a bit lost in Roman mythology.

    17. Marge, Where is this … this thing … that is used to “stain” and eat? (Homer)

    Some words can be forgotten from time to time. The word Homer is looking for in this quote is fork!

    18. Marge, you are as beautiful as Princess Leia and as intelligent as Yoda. (Homer)

    This particular father’s wife is arguably the most fundamental piece of his entire life.

    19. It is not easy to organize with a pregnant woman and children in difficulty. But somehow I organize myself to watch TV 8 hours a day. (Homer)

    Like any good American family, watching television is one of the Simpsons’ favorite pastimes.

    20. I don’t see why I can’t punish, they are my children, I am their master, (Marge growls). Alright, alright, alright! WE ARE YOUR MASTERS. (Homer)

    Both parents should be equally involved in the education of their children, but it is not in vain that Homer seems to have his own ideas.

    21. I don’t usually pray, but if you’re there, save me Superman. (Homer)

    Who has never wanted to be saved by Superman himself?

    22. Oh, yes, what will you do? Let the dogs go? Or the bees? Or dogs with bees in their mouths so that when they bark they’ll shoot you? (Homer)

    Among Montgomery Burns dogs, it is best to run away at full speed because they are really hungry dogs.

    23. To lie, you need two: one who lies and another who listens. (Homer)

    As Homer tells us in this quote, we cannot lie to each other.

    24. You can have all the money in the world, but there is something you can never buy … A dinosaur. (Homer)

    At this time, dinosaurs are not for sale in the Simpsons world.

    25. You know, kids, a nuclear reactor is like a woman. Just read the manual and press the appropriate buttons. (Homer)

    Homer is, without a doubt, a great connoisseur of the female psyche, a potential Don Juan in the world of The Simpsons. It really is not.

    26. Yes, Marge, in theory I am with you, but in theory it works until communism. (Homer)

    The Simpsons being an American series, this family has always been a staunch supporter of capitalism.

    27. Just because I don’t care does not mean I don’t understand it. (Homer)

    A very revealing quote from the great Homer, indeed that something doesn’t matter to you doesn’t mean you don’t understand it.

    28. Three short sentences that will help you throughout your life: the first ¡Cúbreme !, the second Good idea no! And the third; It was like that when I arrived. (Homer)

    Write down these three sentences, because as this quote tells us, they can be of great help to us on more than one occasion.

    29. I will kill Moe … wiiiii … I will kill Moe … wiiii. (Homer)

    This is one of the most memorable moments of all, Homer in this sequence really enjoys going down the street in a cart.

    30. You already know me, Marge; I like cold beer, full volume TV and revolting gays. (Homer)

    As we can see, Homer has very clear ideas, he likes things simple and clear.

    31. “Milhouse, how can someone with such big glasses be so stupid ?! (Bart)

    The couple formed by Bart and Milhouse are perhaps the funniest couple of friends in history.

    32. kiss you? Dad, I’m just your son! (Bart)

    Bart is much more used to being strangled by his father than not being kissed.

    33. I am a belated unicorn! (Ralph)

    Ralph Wiggum is one of the most beloved characters in this series, his lines are often really epic.

    34. Everything came out of Milhouse! (Milhouse)

    In this quote, Milhouse makes a real ostentation of originality, showing a security in itself never seen before.

    35. Family, friendship and religion, three demons to destroy if you want to be successful in business. (Mr. Burns)

    Mr. Burns is perhaps the most famous old miser in the world of television, he could do anything for his money.

    36. They say that alcohol erases the memory … I don’t remember the rest. (Barney)

    Barney is the official drunk of this series, do you have any friends or family who remember you?

    37. Beans, musical legumes. The more you eat, the more music there will be. (Bart)

    We are all familiar with the style of music played by beans, Bart is definitely an expert on eschatological matters.

    38. How much do movie extras charge? Because they say I look like Macaulay Culkin. (Moe)

    Moe the Tavernkeeper is famous in Springfield for being a really ugly man. In many episodes, he also demonstrates the stealthy love he feels for Marge.

    39. I thought searching on Google meant something else. (Margin)

    Marge is the typical housewife, who takes care of her family and does the housework. Her love for Homer makes her the perfect woman for him.

    40. Oppression and tyranny are a small sum for living in the land of freedom. (Mr. Burns)

    A satire that this series does to its own country. Well, it is also true that in order to live comfortably in the United States, the important thing is to have wealth.

    41. Oh no! Elections! It’s one of those days when the taverns close, isn’t it? (Barney)

    Barney couldn’t live without beer, lives in Moe’s tavern, and drinks beer around the clock.

    42. And why study? When I grow up, I want to be a big handicapped person like my father. (Bart)

    Having good examples from childhood is absolutely necessary to be successful in our lives.

    43. I had an inflatable doll … and she left me too. I didn’t need to use helium. (Moe)

    Who would tell Moe that even inflatable dolls would run away from him? The poor man is a really miserable man.

    44. Do you remember Alf? He is back! And in the form of plates! (Milhouse)

    Badges have been part of the childhood of many generations of children, The Simpsons make in this chapter a small gesture of complicity to the nostalgia of their viewers.

    45. I am not interested in buying a house. But he would like to use his bathroom, flip through his magazines, rearrange his numbers, and staple his food in an unhygienic way. Now! Now they know what it feels like. (Could)

    Apu, an immigrant of Indian origin and owner of the famous Badulaque, is one of the most recurring characters in this series. As everyone in Springfield knows, the hygiene measures in their store leave a lot to be desired.

    46. ​​Lisa, you have the intelligence to go as far as you want. And when you get there, I’ll be with you to borrow you. (Bart)

    Although Bart is seen in many chapters as a simple thug, he’s actually a really smart and very smart guy.

    47. My cat’s breath smells of cat food. (Ralph)

    You never know what Ralph will say in sentences can be really funny.

    48. If I can feed a family of five on twelve dollars a week, I can do it. (Margin)

    The average American housewife is capable of doing whatever it takes.

    49. We started out as Romeo and Juliet, how could this end in tragedy? (Milhouse)

    Milhouse’s love never ends well, is it because he comes from a divorced marriage?

    50. Multiply by zero. (Bart)

    The most famous phrase and for which everyone knows this great character, we were all a bit Bart in our childhood.

    51. You go through life trying to be good with people, you try to resist the temptation to hit him in the face, And all for what? (Moe)

    Without a doubt, Moe is one of the characters who shows the most resentment towards society in this fun series. Poor Moe has not had it easy.

    52. Do what my mother said: don’t talk, don’t say anything, don’t attract attention and be strong. (Margin)

    Values ​​that were once passed down from generation to generation also have a place in The Simpsons.

    53. That I am mistaken in the language? It is not possible. (Ralph)

    Ralph’s ability to study is quite limited, maybe he should take private lessons.

    54. Stop! I know what to do in these cases … Jumanji! Oh! Why do movies never work? (Homer)

    Homer is a big connoisseur of movies and TV series, without a doubt it is one of his main hobbies.

    55. I don’t promise to try, but I will. (Bart)

    Bart’s rebellion still forces him to do evil morally. We all need to know where our limits are.

    56. I want my sandwich! I want my sandwich! (Homer)

    Homer, as we all know, is one of the greatest gluttons in history. We can see this side of him in many episodes.

    57. I have to save! If I can never tell him “I told you before.” (Margin)

    Perhaps one of the most famous quotes from Marge, and also from every responsible mother.

    58. Marge, it’s three in the morning, shouldn’t you be cooking? (Homer)

    A date that can be morally incorrect, but also a lot of fun.

    59. What would happen if the King of England walked into your house and started pushing you? Would you like, eh, would you like him? (Homer)

    The difference between Americans and other countries can be clearly reflected in many of its episodes.

    60. Look, Otto, I have a test today and I’m not ready! Could you run over the bus or something? (Bart)

    Big Bus Driver Otto is the quintessential Simpsons rocker. Rockers must also have their representative in Springfield.

    61. When will I learn? The solution to all of life’s problems isn’t at the bottom of a bottle. It’s on TV! (Homer)

    As Homer tells us, television can be a great source of entertainment and education.

    62. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my room. (Lisa)

    Lisa is arguably the smartest member of the Simpson family and also the most independent.

    63. “To start, press any key”, Where is a key? (Homer)

    We have all been resisted on more than one occasion by new technology, Homer is, without a doubt, an old fashioned man.

    64. The problem for couples is communication … Too much communication! (Homer)

    If there is no communication, there can be no problem Or is it not true?

    65. Dear God, we are paying for all this food so thank you for nothing (bless the table). (Bart)

    As good 20th century capitalists, The Simpsons are a family that lives primarily in atheism.

    66. And if he was so ready, why did he die? (Homer)

    Homer dazzles us once again with this quote, his way of understanding life is really special.

    67. People who accuse others of being homosexual often conceal their own latent homosexuality. (Lisa)

    Throughout the Simpsons series, the gay community has always been represented. Several times in a playful tone and other times throwing indirect blanks on the viewer.

    68. Today, thanks to the Internet, children are raised alone. (Homer)

    How many parents today leave their children dizzy with their cell phones, instead of being entertained? New technology is great, but it should always be supervised by an adult.

    69. Marge, Bart is wearing a Hawaiian shirt and only two types of men wear these shirts, gay and obese party animals, and Bart doesn’t look like an obese party animal. (Homer)

    The fear of having a gay child is something that also occurs in today’s society. We need to support our children regardless of their sexual orientation.

    70. He lives fast, dies young and leaves an obese corpse. (Bart)

    In this quote, Bart refers to the famous line of the late James Dean which read: Live fast, die young and leave a beautiful corpse.

    71. I have come to hate my own creation, now I know how God feels. (Homer)

    As parents, we have all dreamed of stepping back in time. Homer has always been a misunderstanding.

    72. Hello squirrel. Do you know that you are a northern reticulated squirrel? That yes, that you are very reticulated. (Lisa)

    In this quote Lisa shows us once again the great wisdom she possesses, in the safe future she will be someone important.

    73. Marge, How many children do we have? No! We don’t have time to explain it to you. I’ll put it in your eyes: 9:00 am! (Homer)

    Homer’s life is so chaotic that sometimes the most important things are forgotten.

    74. Lisa, please. In this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics! (Homer)

    Will Homer really know the laws of thermodynamics? Or is a simple street lamp marked?

    75. If I have learned anything from television, it is that miracles can happen to poor children at Christmas. It happened to little Tim, it happened to Charlie Brown, it happened to the Smurfs and “To us too!” (Bart)

    In this chapter, Bart manages, after escaping on Christmas Eve, to find the whole family.

    76. Life is one failure after another until you start wishing Flanders to die. (Homer)

    Homer’s hatred for his neighbor Ned Flanders runs as deep as the ocean.

    77. Calla, brain. Now I have friends, I don’t need you anymore. (Lisa)

    To be popular, Lisa during this chapter stops listening to her own brain.

    78. The elderly do not need love, they need to be isolated and studied to see what nutrients can be extracted for our personal benefit. (Homer)

    Homer’s conception of the elderly is truly disturbing.

    79. People make up statistics to prove anything, and 91% of people know it. (Homer)

    As Homer rightly tells us, we don’t have to pay a lot of attention to statistics because statistics can be manipulated.

    80. When I get married I’ll keep my last name … mmm, maybe I should say “if I decide to get married” … (Lisa)

    As Lisa says in this quote, we must not get carried away by the ideas that society is trying to instill.

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