The 80 Best Seductive Phrases

Seduction can start with words, as these have the power to charm and intrigue people about what you can offer. So do not hesitate to apply them seductive phrases to conquer that special person you just met, you want to know more about them or give a passionate detail to your partner and thus light the flame.

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    The most interesting seductive phrases

    Words have power and we will find out below in this collection of phrases to seduce the person you want to conquer.

    1. You must have coffee in your eyes because seeing you puts me to sleep.

    A phrase that will catch that person’s attention.

    2. If you guess what I’m thinking, I’ll put it on your lips.

    A way to invite a passionate kiss.

    3. I don’t know if I’m your type, but why not take the opportunity to find out?

    An open invitation to meet that person and show your interest.

    4. Do you believe in love at first sight or should it happen again?

    A great way to break the ice.

    5. I can’t kiss, could you teach me?

    A bold phrase that can lead to that kiss you want.

      6. I’m sorry…uh…you looked so beautiful I forgot what I was going to say.

      Complimenting someone’s appearance will result in the perfect conversation starter.

      7. I bet you a kiss that I kiss better than you.

      A proposal without escape.

      8. Get rid of this desire for you!

      So your partner will know that you can’t live without her.

      9. First I kiss you, then I exist.

      A way to express love in a different way.

      10. You looked a lot like my favorite drink, because you crave me every time.

      Interest, seen in a relaxed and fun way.

      11. The two parts of your body that do the dirtiest things are the ones I love the most. (James Joyce)

      A slightly cheeky phrase that will awaken hidden passions.

      12. Suéñeme, it suits you. I dream that he will like it. (Eduardo Galeano)

      To convince that person that you were what they needed.

      13. The more distant you are, the more I think of you, but the more I think of you, the closer I feel to you.

      This way you will show how much you care about a person, missing them in the distance.

      14. Who was the only one who understood love, which illuminates so much, which warms the heart so much.

      It’s okay to show vulnerability and some confusion about how you feel.

      15. I name you the eighth wonder of the world.

      Make that person feel like a unique beauty.

      16. I am that little person who came into your life by accident and stayed on purpose.

      Things don’t happen by chance.

      17. Since last night, I know that the most beautiful place in the world is between your arms and your warm embraces.

      A beautiful way to describe a special evening.

      18. Let me love you, I will change your fears into happiness, your weaknesses into strengths and your sadness into smiles.

      Promises that must not only be said but demonstrated.

      19. Your body and your aroma live all day in my thoughts.

      A way to let the other person know that they are getting the better of you.

      20. I like to sin with temptations like you.

      Love is a temptation that we cannot condemn.

      21. I wouldn’t change you for anything in the world, but I would change the whole world just for you.

      When you love, you want the best for that person.

      22. I feel like I lose half of me when I walk away from you.

      It shows the impact of being separated from that special someone.

      23. If I seduce you with my letters, imagine with my caresses.

      A promise that will arouse the curiosity of the other person.

      24. If the trees had your face, I would go live in the forest.

      When we love someone, we cannot push them out of our mind.

      25. Don’t waste time looking for your half orange, you’ve already found it.

      Remember that you don’t need another person to be complete, you just need someone to share your life with.

        26. If being sexy was a crime, you’d spend your life in prison.

        Audacity also arouses the interest of the person, because we are sexual beings.

        27. When I don’t write to you, something happens and I’m dying to write to you.

        Never stop expressing your feelings.

        28. There is no one in the world who can understand me better than you. I feel like I can tell you everything.

        Letting this person know that you can trust them with everything will make them more open to you.

        29. It is not enough to conquer; you have to learn to seduce. (Voltaire)

        To conquer is only to attract attention, to seduce implies a deeper and more real interest.

        30. All great lovers are articulate, and verbal seduction is the surest way to real seduction. (Marie Mannes)

        The first step to being with someone is to talk to them.

        31. I don’t have a watch. Can you tell me what time it is? I saw you and lost track of time.

        The first impression counts.

        32. We wear our lips and strip our thoughts!

        It’s not just a physical attraction, but an emotional one.

        33. You just left, but I miss you like never before.

        When you love, the time you spend with that person is never enough.

        34. I enjoy my celibacy, but for you I can leave it.

        If you’re looking for a relationship, you have to commit to making it work.

        35. If you want, I want; if you dare, I dare.

        Sometimes the other person needs to be reassured that you are also on board.

        36. If you need love, let me know and we’ll make it.

        A business proposal.

        37. Has the sun just risen? or did you smile at me?

        A great way to complement your charisma and charm.

        38. Come, I invite and together we pay the consequences.

        Whatever happens, both must bear the consequences.

        39. I forgot the flowers, but I bring you more desire.

        The details are essential, but above all, the signs of love and interest.

        40. Te quiero como para leerte every night… line by line, space by space. (Mario Benedetti)

        Poetry can also seduce.

        41. A hundred hearts would not be enough to be able to house all the love I feel for you.

        We feel that we are going to explode with love, but we can always want more.

        42. What a mistake you read me and let it be your best mistake.

        Nothing is a coincidence, even mistakes.

        43. I, who fell in love with your wings, will never cut them.

        No relationship should force a person to give up on their dreams.

        44. ¿Me das fuego? I need to turn you on.

        A way to let that person know how much you need them.

        45. You were the closest to heaven I will ever be.

        A religious experience that impacts the soul.

        46. ​​Who was a ship to be wrecked deep in your heart…

        A way of saying that you want to get to know a person better.

        47. I would love to see you without makeup every morning of my life.

        Highlighting natural beauty generates confidence.

        48. Have you thought about where we go on our first date?

        A subtle invitation when things seem to be going to the wind.

        49. If my life was a book, you would be among the best pages.

        Let this person know that they are the best thing that has come into your life.

        50. If I talk to you, it’s because you interest me, and if I look for you, it’s because you matter to me.

        A clarification of your true intentions.

        51. I wish this was your favorite song ever in your mouth all the time.

        Try to stay in that person’s mind.

        52. You were that moment that lasts forever in my soul.

        In love, time is relative.

        53. There are 24 hours in the day: I spend 8 dreaming about you and the other 16 thinking about you.

        Demonstrate the impact that this person causes in the absence.

          54. I have to tell you that you have one flaw: not waking up next to me every morning.

          A way of proposing that the relationship progress further.

          55. There is no aphrodisiac more powerful than the spoken word, no seduction more effective than curiosity. (Manju Kapoor)

          The intrigue of wanting to know more about that person is what leads us to keep getting to know them.

          56. Seduction is a matter of intelligence and ingenuity Someone who makes me laugh has every chance of seducing me. (Riccardo Tisci)

          You should not just show your lips, but be yourself.

          57. I think of you. It doesn’t matter when you read this.

          If someone really interests you, that person never leaves your mind.

          58. I never understood the meaning of love until I met you, but then I knew I was going to be yours for the rest of my life.

          There are people who let us know that they are the good ones.

          59. If I keep looking at you for a long time, I will need new eyes.

          When you love, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend admiring the other person.

          60. Could you tell me your number? I dreamed about you yesterday, but I woke up just when you were going to tell me.

          If you’re looking to break the ice, this phrase can be a great option.

          61. I see you little, but I think about you a lot.

          It’s not worth seeing each other every day, but to miss each other in their absence.

          62. You have so much sweetness, beautiful, that if I kissed you, you would give me diabetes.

          Letting that person know how you feel encourages them to keep showing interest.

          63. I feel there is a special magic between us, will we disappear?

          Create a world just for them both.

          64. Let’s take it easy, que quiero llegar muy lejos contigo.

          Even for love, small steps make big accomplishments.

          65. You were the pleasant dream I don’t want to wake up from.

          When you want to blend in with that person.

          66. 24 hours thinking about when it’s time to make love to you.

          Foreplay ignites any new intimate encounter with passion.

          67. If with a kiss I could demonstrate my love, I would kiss you forever.

          About the extent of the impact this person is causing for you.

          68. I don’t know why, but I always smile when I look at you without knowing why.

          Love cannot be hidden.

          69. Gastame los labios.

          A short, direct sentence about what you are looking for.

          70. On the map of my heart, your number means “dreamland”.

          Show your love that you feel at home by his side.

          71. Your gaze drives me crazy, your scent puts me to sleep, and every time I get closer, I fall more in love.

          Love is experienced with all the senses of the body.

          72. I will only live for your love.

          Love alone is not enough, but it must never be lacking.

          73. My opinion on pleasure is to use all of your senses. (Marquis de Sade)

          Pleasure is experienced with all our senses.

          74. A man loves a woman and kisses her: from this kiss the world is born. (Octavio Paz)

          Showing interest in poetry can be a great interest hook.

          75. With you, I am able to undress to the core.

          Trust is the main pillar of any healthy relationship.

          76. With me, the only thing you won’t miss is love, and if it is, we will do it to solve it.

          All is not perfect in a relationship, but you can work to improve it.

          77. I love you like that, in a low voice and on high rhythms.

          Love doesn’t have to be shouted, it has to be shown.

          78. I would like to kiss you until I discover the flavor of your dreams.

          You must not only stay in the day, but make yourself present in their dreams.

          79. I just moved to town, could you give me directions to your place?

          A funny and mischievous sentence that serves for a conversation.

          80. It’s not my fault that I like you. It’s your fault for having everything I love.

          This is how you let that person know that you love everything about them.

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