The 80 Best Stranger Things Phrases

Stranger Things is a web series directed by the Duffer Brothers and inspired by the stories of Stephen King and the films of 80s-era directors such as Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

The plot takes place in the fictional village of Hawkins, where a boy named Will disappears without a trace and his friends decide to go looking for him, but along the way they find another girl named Eleven, who has telekinetic powers. and offer their help. If you like this star Netflix series, keep reading; here you will see a compilation of the best phrases from Stranger Things.

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    The most memorable phrases from Stranger Things

    This series left us with shocking and memorable moments, but they also highlighted the importance of friendship during youth, that’s why we bring a compilation with the best Stranger Things phrases.

    1. I’m going with my friends. I’m going home. (Eleven)

    Our friends represent the family we have decided to have.

    2. You don’t have to like things just because people say they’re supposed to like you. (Jonathan Byer)

    Everyone should do what they love, no matter what others think is “right”.

    3. Why do you keep the curiosity door closed? (Dustine)

    Curiosity is the most effective tool for discovering new things.

      4. Scientists have made many mistakes of all kinds. (Sat)

      Science has its dark side, which they justify as a means to achieve their results.

      5. If you believe this story… finish it. (Karen)

      The only way to achieve anything is to believe you can do it.

      6. We talk about the destruction of our world as we know it. (Lucas)

      Lucas showed real concern which made him a bit cruel.

      7. Sometimes people don’t say what they really mean, but capturing the right moment… says a lot more. (Jonathan)

      Remember that words must also have actions.

      8. Sometimes bad guys are smart too. (Will be)

      Intelligence does not distinguish between good and bad people.

      9. These books… these books are my oars. I need my oars! (Dustine)

      Books have the power to expand our imagination.

      10. Excuse yourself, on leave. (Nancy)

      Do you think apologizing is better than asking permission?

      11. I was once like you. I kept my anger inside, I tried to hide it, but the pain was building up, growing. Until I finally faced my pain and started to heal. (Kali)

      There will always be someone who fully understands what you are going through.

      12. What is a friend? (Eleven)

      As the chapters of this series progressed, we got to see how Eleven learned what true friendship is.

      13. They lied to you the whole time, they locked you up. They took everything from you, they stole your life. (Kali)

      People get used to what they know, even if it hurts them.

      14. I don’t want you to get hurt at all. And I don’t want to lose you. Just be sure to reheat real food. Not just waffles. (Jim)

      A very faithful sign of care and love.

      15. Two options: go back to hiding and never be found, or fight and face them. (Kali)

      There are things that we can’t run away from all our life, sooner or later we have to deal with them.

      16. A friend… is someone you would do anything for. You lend them all your stuff, like comic books and maps, and they never break a promise. (Mike)

      A very successful concept of friendship, especially with young people.

      17. There is more to life than stupid boys. (maximum)

      Love at any age marks us, although have no doubt that you can overcome any breakup.

      18. Science is great, but I’m afraid it’s not very forgiving.

      Sometimes, to achieve what is proposed, science can be very cruel.

      19. Three hundred fifty-three days. I heard you. (Eleven)

      Eleven confirms that he was on the lookout for all of Mike’s calls.

      20. We’re looking for the monster, but you kept thinking… Maybe she’s the monster? (Lucas)

      Luke has always doubted Eleven’s true nature.

      21. Maybe I’m a disaster. I may be crazy. Maybe I’m out of my thoughts! But, God help me! I’ll keep those lights on until the day I die if I think there’s a chance Will is still there! (joyce)

      Mothers never give up when it comes to their children.

      22. No, Him, you are not the monster. You saved me. Do you understand You saved me. (Mike)

      Mike convinces Eleven that he’s a good person, because he did a good deed.

      23. We would never have made you feel bad if we knew you had superpowers. (Dustine)

      In true friendships, differences are not grounds for ridicule.

      24. Anyway, it doesn’t get very far.

      The myth that things or people who walk away from Hawkins eventually come back.

      25. A shadow grows on the wall behind you, engulfing you in darkness. (Mike)

      A feeling of despair that takes away all hope.

        26. Don’t fall in love. Otherwise, they’ll break your heart, and you’re too young for this shit. (Steve)

        Broken hearts are very common in adolescence, as they begin to love.

        27. This is called a code of silence. (Erica)

        There are times when we have to be silent.

        28. Our friend has superpowers, and she squeezed your bladder with your mind, so we made you pee on it. (Dustine)

        Proud of Eleven’s mental capacity.

        29. I don’t care if anyone believes me. (joyce)

        Despite her opposition, he continued to search for his son.

        30. You left him to die in this place! You pretended to die! We had a funeral. We buried him. And now you’re asking for my help? Go to hell!

        When you play with someone’s feelings, don’t expect them to help you when you need it.

        31. I guess my parents loved each other at some point, but… I wasn’t there when it happened. (Jonathan)

        It’s hard for anyone to see that their parents never showed love.

        32. I just didn’t want you to think I was a wastoid, you know? (Mike)

        We tend to hide things from ourselves for fear of what others will think.

        33. I know everything. I know they experiment with abducted children and fry their parents’ brains. And I know that this time they came by, and they really fucked her. They fucked her to the heart, yes, and a lot… That’s why they try to cover the trail.

        Solve the main mystery hidden in the village of Hawkins, experiments with children.

        34. It’s hard to have an open heart even when friends seem to hurt you.

        Friends deserve trust, but when they damage that trust, nothing is the same.

        35. We’re not even in the game; we are on the bench. (Mike)

        Showing his frustration at not knowing what to do.

        36. I’m on a curiosity trip and I need my oars. (Dustine)

        Don’t deny the power of your curiosity to go where you want to go.

        37. Nothing will ever be the same. Actually no. But it will get better. Overtime. (Jim)

        Hope is never lost and after a strong storm the light will always come out.

        37. I may be an awful boyfriend, but I happen to be a really good babysitter. (Steve)

        We can be good at something, even if it’s not all we want.

        39. Friends never lie. (Eleven)

        Honesty is necessary to have an excellent friendship.

        40. I know who you are. I know what you did. You took my boy!

        Face to face with the real danger to Hawkins.

        41. So far I’ve tried to pretend everything is fine, but it’s not. (Nancy)

        Sooner or later, our true emotions explode out of control.

        42. Are you deaf? I thought we were friends, you know? But friends tell the truth. And they certainly don’t lie. (Mike Wheeler)

        Beware of lies, even if they are pious, they always leave a trace of pain.

        43. I don’t like most people. (Jonathan)

        Not everyone likes interacting with many people.

        44. I’m looking for myself stepsister. She is short, red-haired and a bit cursed. (Bowl)

        Quite an interesting description.

        45. First they act like my friend, but then they treat me like garbage. (MadMax)

        There are people who treat you well just to get something from you.

        46. ​​Do you know anything about sensory deprivation tanks? Concretely, how to build one? (Dustine)

        To solve the mysteries of Hawkins, children must take the initiative. ### 47. Sometimes I feel like I can see her. As if she was always there… but she never is. (Mike)

        An almost insane show of how much Eleven misses Mike.

        48. Make mistakes, learn from them and when life hurts you, because it will, remember the pain. (Jim)

        No one can escape their mistakes, so it is best to deal with them.

        49. There is nothing simple about this. There is nothing simple in all that you have told me. (Murry)

        Can you explain in a simple way what is happening in Hawkins?

        50. I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy. (Mike)

        Anxiety and extreme worry always work against us.

        51. My mother was young. My father was more mature, but he had an easy job, money and came from a good family. So they bought a nice house and started their family. Fuck that. (Nancy)

        Not all stories with a good start end well.

          52. Of all my brother’s friends, you are my favorite. You have always been my favorite.

          Do you have a favorite friend?

          53. You’re going to leave those three kids and the boys alone… So I’ll tell you… I’ll tell you where your science experiment is.

          An unfair but hopeless exchange.

          54. No normal person has achieved anything significant in this world. (Jonathan)

          The people who stand out the most are those who break the norm and bet on different things.

          55. You can’t have more than one best friend. (Dustine)

          Do you think that’s true?

          56. Stop talking to me. (maximum)

          People need space.

          57. Being a weirdo is the best thing. (Jonathan)

          Never be ashamed of who you are, embrace it and build your best version.

          58. I felt like this evil was watching me. (Will be)

          When we are immersed in negativity, everything around us seems to suffocate us.

          59. I kept my anger inside, tried to hide, but the pain…was piling up. He was getting bigger. (Kali)

          The only thing that happens when we accumulate our feelings is that they explode in the worst possible way.

          60. All living organisms develop defense mechanisms against attack. They adapt. They find a way to survive. (Dr. Owens)

          We all have the ability to adapt to new circumstances.

          61. Pain is good. It means you are out of this cave. (Jim)

          Pain is the first step to overcoming.

          62. I don’t want to go anywhere. I have found my home in you. (Eleven)

          What’s hard about leaving a place are the people we leave behind.

          63. I finally faced my pain and started to heal. (Kali)

          To improve, it is necessary to know and accept what bothers us.

          64. It’s day 353. Today I had a bad day. I don’t know, I guess I want you here. I mean, we all wanted it. If you’re out there…please just let me know. (Mike)

          One of the messages Mike left for Eleven without fail.

          65. You will have to give me your word. No one is going to find out all this.

          How much is silence worth?

          66. I always thought that kind of thing happened in movies and comics. (Bob)

          No one in their right mind could believe what was happening at Hawkins.

          67. A promise is something you can never break. (Mike)

          Never promise something you can’t keep.

          68. People don’t spend their lives trying to see what’s behind the curtain. They love the curtain. (Murry)

          A reference that people prefer to stay in their comfort zone.

          69. I never gave up, I called you every night. (Mike)

          A sign of Mike’s commitment to getting Eleven back.

          70. Mornings are for coffee and contemplation. (Hopper)

          Each person has their own particular way of having their mornings.

          71. This is not a normal family. (joyce)

          There are very few normal things in the town of Hawkins.

          72. Sometimes your complete forgetfulness leaves me speechless. (Dustine)

          There are people who can forget things very easily.

          73. We will have some rules. Rule number one: always keep the curtains closed. Rule number two: don’t open the door unless you hear my secret knock. And rule number three: never go out alone, especially in broad daylight. (Jim)

          Necessary rules to survive the bad surprises of the people.

          74. I don’t think my parents ever liked each other. (Nancy)

          A terrible truth that remains as a perpetual wound in the hearts of children.

          75. Grass, crops, trees. Everything in this area is either dead or dying, and it’s within a radius of more than 5 kilometers. And it all comes back here. (Jim)

          The destructive power that dwells in Hawkins.

          76. Do you want information? So I need something in return. (Keith)

          Many things are treated as if they were business.

          77. She helped just enough to get what she wanted. Food and a bed. It’s like a stray dog. (Lucas)

          The way Luke behaved towards Eleven, without any compassion.

          78. You will be the first and the last person I will love.

          The love of youth is one of the most intense of all.

          79. It’s not up to you to settle on your own. (joyce)

          There are times when we need someone else’s help, but we don’t want to accept it.

          80. If we go crazy, better do it together.

          Friends always lean on everything and often stay together.

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