The 80 most famous quotes from Steve Jobs

Steven Paul Jobs, better known as Steve Jobs, Was a famous businessman specializing in the computer industry born in 1955 in San Francisco, California.

Being one of the co-founders of “Apple”, Jobs has succeeded in establishing himself as one of the richest people in the world according to the prestigious “Forbes” magazine. His open-mindedness and his continuous search for innovation were very relevant for the famous apple company to reach the highest levels of the business world.

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    Excellent quotes from Steve Jobs, creator of Apple

    Perhaps this entrepreneur is a good source of inspiration for any entrepreneur who wants to enter the business world with certain guarantees. Would you like to know the most interesting and inspiring quotes from this tech genius?

    Then you can discover the 80 best quotes of Steve Jobs, A clear benchmark of the business success we should all experience.

    1. Why join the army when you can be a pirate?

    Waging war on our own can bring us more benefits in the long run.

    2. Quality is more important than quantity.

    The quality of a product is what the end consumer should perceive, a poor quality product will be much less salable.

    3. You cannot connect the dots facing forward. You can only do this by looking back.

    Knowing where you are from, you can know where you want to go, we must never forget our past.

    4. Innovation differentiates a leader from a follower.

    Innovation is very important and even more so in the field of technology. Jobs had to put a lot of emphasis on this aspect if he was to be successful.

    5. Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.

    Our employees need to know what attitudes to avoid, in this way they can achieve the efficiency we are looking for in them.

    6. You have to trust something, be it your gut, your destiny, your life, your karma, whatever.

    Having faith in the future will help us in the arduous task of our daily life. We must be patient, success will not come overnight.

    7. I was lucky. I knew very early in my life what I wanted to do.

    Having our goals clear will be absolutely necessary so that we can pursue them more precisely. Find out what you want first, then fight for it.

    8. Things don’t have to change the world to be important.

    Our small actions are also important, their accumulation will mean a big change in the future.

    9. Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.

    Life can be very difficult, but persevering in our work will allow us to be successful.

    10. If I could, I would trade all my technology for an afternoon with Socrates.

    Without a doubt, Socrates was a genius of antiquity. As we can see, Jobs would have loved to spend time with him.

    11. Work will occupy a large part of your life, the best way to deal with this is to find something that you really love.

    Devoting ourselves to what excites us the most will give us the opportunity to be the best in our profession.

    12. I am convinced that half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful entrepreneurs is sheer persistence.

    Perseverance is, without a doubt, vital to being able to achieve our goals, without it we will never be able to achieve the goals we previously set for ourselves. As Jobs tells us in this quote, persistence can be the real key to success.

    13. Everyone here feels that the present is one of those moments that influence the future.

    The present will undoubtedly have a great impact on our future, and this businessman knew that the actions he was doing at this precise moment would have an echo in posterity.

    14. Design is not just what you see and what you feel. Design is the way it works.

    For an electrical device to function as it should, its external and internal design must be perfect.

    15. You have to do something that you are passionate about, otherwise you will not have the persistence to do it.

    The tasks we are most passionate about will undoubtedly mark our lives. Devoting yourself to them is a privilege that not everyone can enjoy.

    16. Great artists like Dylan, Picasso and Newton risked failure, and if we are to be great we must also take risks.

    We should not be afraid to fail because we learn from our mistakes. All experiences will always be positive if we know how to take advantage of them.

    17. I think if you do something and it turns out to be pretty good, you should be doing something wonderful.

    The pursuit of perfection will help us perform at our best, we don’t have to be content with what we currently have, there can always be room for improvement.

    18. Be a quality criterion. Some people are not used to an environment where excellence is expected.

    The quality of our product must be indisputable, we must teach our competitors what we are capable of.

    19. Everything around you calling for life was made by people who weren’t smarter than you, and you can change it, you can influence it, you can create your own things than other people. can use.

    We all have the capacity to do great things, we don’t have to put limits on our imaginations.

    20. I am optimistic in that I believe that humans are noble and honest and that some are really intelligent. I have a very optimistic view of individuals.

    As we can see, this entrepreneur really believed in people, and he also believed in the ability of human beings to overcome themselves.

    21. Turning interesting ideas and emerging technologies into a business capable of innovating for years to come takes a lot of discipline.

    Starting a business like “Apple” is no small feat, it may even be one of the greatest business successes of the 20th century.

    22. I’m sorry, that’s right. Having children changes your outlook on things. We are born, live briefly and die. It has been around for a long time. The technology doesn’t change much.

    Nature is wonderful, we must enjoy life to the fullest. Enjoy the little pleasures that life gives you.

    23. How does someone know what he wants if he hasn’t even seen it?

    Marketing is very important in business, how you sell your product is as important as the product itself.

    24. Taking LSD has been a profound experience, one of the most important things in my life. It reinforced my idea that it was important to create big things instead of making money.

    LSD is a hallucinogenic drug that they believe can expand your mind, Jobs tried this drug and as we see it gave him a new perspective on his work.

    25. The problem is, I’m older now. I am 40 years old and it does not change the world.

    Time flies for all of us and for him too. When he passed away in 2011 at the age of 56, humanity was orphaned by one of its most prodigious spirits.

    26. To be honest, I never graduated from college.

    Not graduating from college shouldn’t limit your abilities, if you are truly capable of being successful, so will you.

    27. My mother orchestrated everything for me to have the chance to go to college, so she made sure that those who adopted me were a lawyer and his wife. The problem is, when I was born, they decided they wanted a baby girl.

    As a child Jobs had a number of lifelong issues, but he was not intimidated by negativity and managed to achieve the success he dreamed of.

    28. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life let alone the way university would help me understand.

    College can give you the tools to be successful, but at the end of the day it will be entirely up to you to be able to achieve your own goals.

    29. When I left university, I decided to stop seeing the compulsory subjects and enter the classes that seemed the most interesting to me.

    Find out what interests you most and study it thoroughly, so you will be the best in your field.

    30. I walked more than 10 kilometers on Sunday evening to eat decently at least once a week at the Hare Krishna temple.

    Jobs have had to seek life on countless occasions to eat, so it’s going to be able to build the magnetic personality that we all know.

    31. Woz and I installed Apple in my parents’ garage when I was twenty.

    One of the most important companies in history, it had one of the most honest principles. This is definitely a lesson we could all learn from.

    32. I am convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I liked what I was doing.

    The love he felt for what he did made him a real success machine. Take the time you need to figure out what you want to do.

    33. In all good relationships, things only get better over the years.

    Over the years, the most stormy relationships always end up calming down. Being patient is vital in professional and personal relationships.

    34. For every person capable of assembling their own computer, there are a million who do not know how to do it.

    Selling PCs was something that just didn’t exist back then, nowadays it’s hard to find a home that doesn’t have a computer.

    35. Roman Famolenc, Roman esbojarrat.

    The thirst for success is very important to be successful, without it we could not be ambitious and innovative enough to achieve it. Dream big and be patient, in the end you will be able to achieve what you are proposing today.

    36. The world is in your hands.

    Working for our goals will lead us to achieving them, make every second that passes you a little closer to them.

    37. We created the computer out of necessity because we couldn’t buy one.

    Who was going to tell these friends what would become of their invention? The technological leap that humanity would have thanks to them would be unprecedented in history.

    38. Hiring is difficult. It’s looking for needles in a barn. You can’t know enough about a person in an hour-long interview.

    In order for Apple to become the company it should be, they needed to add the best minds in the world to their cause.

    39. I have always been drawn to the most revolutionary changes.

    New technologies have always interested this great entrepreneur, it is not in vain that this interest is reflected throughout his career.

    40. We just want to make great products.

    “Apple” sought under the direction of Jobs, to become a company whose products stand out for their originality and quality.

    41. Remembering that I will be dead soon is the most important tool I have found to help me make the big decisions in my life.

    When Jobs was in his dying days, he knew he had to make decisions very quickly because he had little time left.

    42. Some people suggest: Give customers what they want. But that’s not my position. Our job is to figure out what they want before they know it.

    Anticipating the wishes of the general public will give us the opportunity to create a market conducive to our sales.

    43. If you take a closer look, most of the hits have taken a while.

    Success will always have to be achieved at the right time. Great feats are never created without a lot of prior effort.

    44. Death is probably life’s best invention. It is the agent that changes life. Clean out the old to make room for the new.

    Death will come to all of us, human beings have a limited time in life and this perhaps gives us the opportunity to better value our time.

    45. My business model is that of the “Beatles”: they were four guys who controlled the negative tendencies of others; they balance each other out. And the total was greater than the sum of the parts.

    Knowing how to integrate the ideas of others into our business will be critical to your success in the future. We must take advantage of any advantage that life gives us.

    46. ​​How can they fire you from the business you have created? Well, as “Apple” grew, I decided to hire someone who I thought had a lot of ability to run the business with me. At first everything went well, but our views started to diverge. When our differences were too strong, the board of directors took its side. And I was kicked out, in a very public way.

    Jobs was removed from his post, but will always remain for all clients of this company as the most relevant original founder.

    47. Whenever I ask people why are they doing this? The invariable answer was “because that’s how it’s done”. No one knows why he does what he does in the business context, that’s what I found out.

    Knowing all the secrets of your business will give you the knowledge of what is wrong or what can go wrong and can thus be corrected.

    48. Teamwork depends on the trust of others, without the need for supervision. That’s why I don’t believe in committees, I believe in people.

    Having a competent and committed team will be essential for success. If we don’t have a team to rely on, we’ll be doomed.

    49. The best ideas should always prevail.

    Ideas are truly precious, without them we could never innovate in any area.

    50. Talented people working together polish themselves, polish their ideas and what comes out are gems.

    People around you can inspire you to improve, making you a much more effective professional.

    51. If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.

    The question is as important as the answer, it is necessary to know the problem well in order to find a workable solution.

    52. I had a hundred million dollars when I was 25, but it never mattered because I never did things for money.

    Money was only a cause and effect of Jobs’ success, he wasn’t really looking for great wealth.

    53. A home run is better than two doubles.

    We have to do things the best we can, if you think you can do better why not give it a try?

    54. I am generally not nice to those whom I know can improve.

    He firmly believed in the capabilities of his employees and was frustrated that many of them partially boycotted themselves.

    55. We believe that there are passionate people who can change the world for the better.

    Passion is always necessary for the development of human civilization. The human being is able to achieve everything that is proposed.

    56. If you want to hire great people, you have to be clear that you have to let them work, make their decisions and accept their criticism of you.

    To get the most out of our workers, we need to let them work in their air. If we have selected them well, they will only know how to organize themselves.

    57. I created two companies: one called “NeXT” and the other called “Pixar”. “Pixar” went on to create the first computer animated feature film called “Toy Story”, and is now the most successful animation studio in the world.

    Jobs didn’t focus on building a single business, he completed many projects, some successful and some not.

    58. I met Woz when I was 13, in a friend’s garage. He was about 18 years old. It’s here first person I met to know more about electronics than I did at the time. We became good friends because we shared an interest in computers and had a good sense of humor. We have done all kinds of mischief together.

    With his friend Steve Wozniak, Jobs formed the most successful duo in the tech world. Both were flesh and blood from the moment they met.

    59. Your time is limited, don’t waste it living other people’s lives. Do not get caught up in dogma, which lives on the thoughts of others. Don’t let the sound of other people’s opinions silence your inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition.

    In this beautiful rendezvous, the most famous tech mogul in history, encourages us to live the way we really want to. Learn how to throw away everything you don’t really need with your life.

    60. Getting fired from “Apple” was the best thing that could have happened to me. The heaviness of success was again replaced by the lightness of being a beginner.

    Changing air can be good for us. When a door of life is closed, a window sometimes opens.

    61. Death is the fate we all share. No one has escaped him, and that is the way it should be.

    As a living being, we will all die at one time or another, which is why it is so important to make the most of the time we have in our lives.

    62. For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and have asked myself: if today was the last day of my life, would I do what I am going to do today? And every time the answer was “no” for several days in a row, I knew I had to change something.

    This quote gives us some great life advice, don’t focus on what doesn’t really satisfy you. Life is too short to waste what you don’t want to do.

    63. Creativity is just about connecting things. When you ask the creatives how they did something, they feel a little bit guilty because they don’t really know it, they just saw something.

    Where does creativity come from? A very complicated question to answer, to which no one has an answer yet.

    64. My job is not to make it easier for people. My job is to improve them.

    As an employer, Jobs was ready to unleash the full potential of all of his workers. A way of acting that certainly says a lot about him.

    65. Your job has occupied a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you think is a great job.

    We don’t have to be content with a job in which we don’t feel fully satisfied. You can always look for one that looks the most like you.

    66. I did not return to “Apple” to make a fortune.

    Money was always in the background for this privileged spirit, personal development was certainly much more important to him.

    67. The wider the understanding of human experience, the better the conception we have.

    Jobs was looking to create the best possible product, so he had to rely on an army of testers to give his opinion on the subject.

    68. We are capable of creating something, with the capacity to control certain global infrastructures which cost billions of dollars.

    Businesses can grow very quickly and have a huge impact on society. The business world can be really exciting if we know how to understand it.

    69. I stumbled upon my first computer when I was 10 or 11, I can’t remember because I’m a real old asshole.

    From a young age, this technological genius already used computers frequently, which at the time was not usually usual.

    70. When I was diagnosed with cancer, my doctor told me to go home and pack my things. It was his way of telling me: prepare to die.

    He quickly learned that his life was drawing to a close, a truly bitter time for which, at that point, he had everything in life.

    71. When I was 17, I read a quote that said something like: If you live every day of your life as if it were your last, one day you will be right.

    Someday it will be the last of all of us, and at this point we wish we hadn’t left anything in the inkwell. The experiences we have in our lives will be all that we wear.

    72. You have to find what you like, and that applies to both your job and your lovers.

    We must live our lives with the utmost passion, putting the best of ourselves in everything we do.

    73. In ten years, “Apple” has grown from Woz and I in the garage to a company valued at over $ 2 billion with 4,000 employees.

    The growth of this tech giant has been very rapid, as we see in this quote, even its creators were totally amazed at its growth.

    74. Many curious things that I encountered in my youth turned out to be invaluable thereafter.

    The experiences of our young people will accompany us throughout our lives, which we will remember regularly over the years.

    75. In the vocabulary of most people, design means sheet metal. It is interior decoration. It is the fabric of the curtains and the sofa. But for me, nothing could be further from the sense of design.

    The design of a product is essential in all aspects of its construction, it is not only relevant to its simple physical appearance.

    76. In college, I didn’t have a bedroom, so I slept in the beds my friends lent me in their rooms.

    From an early age, Jobs knew how to surround himself with the right people, thanks to which he managed to push himself to the highest level of society.

    77. My adoptive mother never graduated from college, and my adoptive father didn’t even graduate from high school.

    His adoptive parents, as we can see, were not his role models, he was a man who had to make himself.

    78. My biological mother was a young graduate who decided to leave me for adoption.

    His birth mother abandoned him for adoption, possibly seeking a better future for him. Who would tell their biological mother the man she would become?

    79. If you keep your eyes on the benefit, you will be skimping on the product. But if you focus on making great products, the benefits will come.

    Owning a great product will allow us to make a profit without a doubt, make sure you have a better product than your competition.

    80. This is a tribute to fools. To the unsuitable. To the rebels. To rioters. In the round tiles in the square gaps. To those who see it differently. They don’t like the rules and they don’t feel any respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify them, or defame them. Almost the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they are changing things. They are the ones who advance the human race. And although some consider them crazy, we see their genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who change it.

    Great motivational speech from computer genius Steve Jobs, perhaps the quote that best represents him as the great person he has become.

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