The 80 most famous Turkish proverbs

Turkey today is the site of what was once known as the Ottoman Empire, In Asia Minor.

The Ottoman Empire was one of the largest that mankind has known and one of the few that managed to last for centuries. Like any advanced civilization, the Ottomans needed to impart to their people a minimum of education and a minimum of vital information that everyone within their empire should know.

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    The best Turkish proverbs

    This way, proverbs became a source of wisdom that enabled this famous empire, To give to all its population a basic knowledge which was at the base of its civilization.

    Want to know the most interesting Turkish proverbs? Below you can find out the 80 most famous Turkish proverbs today, Which contain the ancestral wisdom of this thousand-year-old nation in the form of proverbs and popular sayings.

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    1. Be good, be good.

    We should always wish our loved ones well.

    2. Good words will open iron gates.

    Being careful in our words will open many doors for us in the future.

    3. If the skill could be learned by watching, dogs would be butchers.

    To gain experience, we have to get down to business.

    4. If a dog’s prayers were answered, it would rain bones from heaven.

    Working for our dreams will be the only thing that will allow us to make them come true.

    5. God finds a low branch for the bird that cannot fly

    We must have hope, God can help us tomorrow.

    6. Every bad guy has his worst.

    There will always be someone worse than us.

    7. Eat and drink with your friends, but don’t negotiate with them.

    We must not mix friendship and business.

    8. Do what your teacher says but not what he does.

    You have to know how to advise yourself, but also have your own personality.

    9. It is better to die with a full stomach than to live in a vacuum.

    It is better to die than to live a life of shortcomings.

    10. Work creates prosperity.

    Our daily effort will allow us to be more prosperous in the future.

    11. A thousand friends is too few; an enemy is too much.

    A single enemy can cause a lot of damage. We must take care of our enemies.

    12. A red apple invites the stones.

    We must be generous with those around us.

    13. A man is so wise that he does it in his head, not in his years.

    Wisdom is given by the development of our intellect, not by the passage of years.

    14. A loving and beautiful heart is never old.

    We are as old as we feel.

    15. Two heads are better than one.

    Sharing our doubts can help us resolve them.

    16. An overly protectionist person always has misfortunes.

    Whoever is always careful will be more likely to have accidents.

    17. Take a needle and pierce it (to see how much it hurts) before piercing the others.

    Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want them to do to you.

    18. I have found today, I will eat today. Tomorrow? Well … God is great.

    Let’s live in the present, tomorrow, God will say.

    19. He who rises in anger sits on a stake.

    Acting in haste can be counterproductive, we need to think carefully about our actions before taking them.

    20. The barking dog does not bite.

    The one who talks a lot does not really have the courage to act.

    21. The wind desired by the sailor does not always blow.

    We must act when possible, otherwise we risk missing our chance.

    22. A guest arrives with ten blessings, eats one, and leaves nine.

    If we go to a friend or family member’s house, we should not abuse their generosity.

    23. An inexperienced duck plunges its tail first.

    Experience is a degree, if we don’t have it we won’t be as qualified.

    24. A hand does not clap. Two hands, yes.

    As a group, we are always stronger.

    25. A donkey doesn’t like fruit compote.

    Whoever is a foodie does not appreciate the most subtle nuances of a food.

    26. Two captains sink a ship.

    If a project is run by two people, it will rarely happen. There must be a leader capable of setting a clear goal.

    27. The sheep separated from its group is captured by the wolf.

    Getting away from our group will expose us to the enemy.

    28. It’s not embarrassing to ask, it’s embarrassing not to know.

    Asking comes to Rome, if we don’t ask, we will never learn anything.

    29. Many ants kill a camel.

    Small mistakes can cause us to fail if they add up. We must not overlook the small mistakes.

    30. A lake is formed drop by drop.

    Little by little, you can end up achieving a big goal.

    31. The owner of the house is the servant of the host.

    If we have a guest at home, we should be generous with him.

    32. Do not talk about ropes in a hanged man’s house.

    Knowing how to measure our words can save you a lot of annoyance.

    33. The bird that sings at the wrong time will die.

    Talking too much will be counterproductive for us.

    34. He who does not like one cannot have a thousand.

    In order to achieve something very precious, we must know how to value everything that brings us closer to being able to achieve it.

    35. The fly is small, but big enough to get sick.

    A little discomfort can eventually cause a lot of discomfort.

    36. What ignites quickly is soon extinguished.

    If we don’t measure our strength, we can collapse. You have to know how to act calmly but without pause.

    37. Kill two birds with one stone.

    Achieve two goals in one act. In Europe, it is often said: “kill two birds with one stone”.

    38. A cup of coffee has been friends for forty years.

    We must be generous and invite our guests to a coffee.

    39. A hungry stomach is meaningless.

    If we are too hungry, we will not be able to pay attention to it.

    40. A man is judged on the basis of his work.

    Our work determines who we are in our company.

    41. A small key opens big doors.

    Something that may seem insignificant can help us achieve our goal.

    42. A wise man always remembers his friends; a fool, only when he needs it.

    Our friends can be great allies in the most difficult times, we should always thank them for their friendship not just when we need it.

    43. Beauty passes away, wisdom remains.

    In life, wisdom is more important than beauty.

    44. Hunter and driven out of trust in God.

    Both parties in a discussion generally believe that luck will favor them.

    45. The dogs bark, but the caravan passes.

    Although we are disrespectful, we don’t have to pay attention to it.

    46. ​​Empty words do not fill an empty stomach.

    Words are not enough, actions are what defines us.

    47. For every wise man there is a wiser one.

    A lot of people try to sell a false image of themselves. We must not get carried away by false appearances.

    48. God created us brothers but gave us separate scholarships.

    Everyone takes care of their own economy, we must not believe that others will solve our economic problems.

    49. If God closes one door, he opens a thousand others.

    Even if one path draws near to us, there will always be others that we can take. We can always look for a different path to success.

    50. It is easier for a camel to cross the ditch than for a fool to find out the truth.

    We should not waste time trying to get others to understand our point of view.

    51. Listen hundreds of times; weigh thousands of times; speak once.

    Knowing how to listen and think carefully will allow us to speak reasonably.

    52. Do not look for a calf under a bull.

    We don’t need to order elm pears, some people will never be the way we want them to be. We must let everyone express themselves freely.

    53. A fighter is never defeated if he never tires of fighting us.

    We are not defeated if we ever give up, we must persevere in our quest for success.

    54. Bitter vinegar damages only its container.

    We don’t have to pay with our immediate surroundings for our personal problems.

    55. The heart is hard when the eye does not see.

    If we are not aware of a fault, we will not be able to react to it.

    56. You reap what you sow.

    What we share with others will be what they share with us.

    57. If we are far away, we also move away from the heart.

    Distance can calm any love affair.

    58. He who sows the winds will reap storms.

    If we hurt others, eventually they will turn on us.

    59. A bachelor feels like a sultan.

    Celibacy can allow you to live much more freely.

    60. You are not going to fill a fig seed.

    A small change won’t make a big difference.

    61. Storm in a shell again.

    Proverb that refers to the time when we are faced with big problems with very few resources.

    62. Love is bold.

    When we truly love someone, we are able to do whatever it takes for that person.

    63. In the eyes of the crow, its chickens look like hawks.

    Our children will always be the prettiest for us.

    64. An ember is burned where it falls.

    He who does evil continually does evil wherever he is.

    65. The branch of the tree should bend when it is young.

    When we are young, this is the time when we have to work the hardest.

    66. What a man is at seven is also what he is at seventy.

    Many of us live with the same flaws throughout our lives.

    67. Honor is like a long road without return, like a perfume with an unapproachable odor.

    To be honorable for a lifetime is something that very few people manage to do.

    68. Man is harder than iron, stronger than an ox, and more agile than a rose.

    We are able to do whatever we set out to do, many of us never reach our full potential.

    69. The game tests gold and gold tests judgment.

    We must not fall into gambling addiction, it will always be a disadvantage in order to be able to accumulate wealth.

    70. The water flows, the sand remains; the money goes, the bag stays; the man dies, the name remains.

    There will always be something we leave on earth after we die. We must try to leave a better world after our passage.

    71. If a rich man falls, it is an accident; but when a poor man falls, he is said to be drunk.

    The poor are always seen in a worse way, wealth makes us look like nobler people.

    72. When the cart is broken, many will tell you where not to go.

    When something has already happened, people will always say that they have already warned us.

    73. I know master of those who do not love you and slave of those who love you.

    Those who show their love to us should be the ones we value the most.

    74. For the love of a rose, the gardener is a servant of a thousand thorns.

    If we want a very beautiful person, we have to know how to deal with all of these things that separate us from them.

    75. The man who wishes to be silent must be deaf, blind and dumb.

    Everything that is happening around us day in and day out certainly makes us much more restless. Knowing how to meditate can help us find greater peace of mind.

    76. He who falls has no friends.

    When we are defeated or lose everything we had before, false friends will always turn their backs on us.

    77. Whoever goes to pray hesitates between two mosques, will find himself without prayer.

    If we are looking for excuses not to do something, in the end we never will.

    78. An ounce of false vanity spoils a whole quintar of true merit.

    We need to know how to guard against fake people, because a little lying can infect a large number of people.

    79. The coffee is: black as the night. Strong as sin. Sweet as love. Hot as hell.

    Coffee was very popular in ancient Persia and also in today’s Turkey, it is without a doubt one of the most popular drinks in all of our civilization.

    80. The true orphan is one who has not received an education.

    Education is absolutely essential in any society, with it we will be able to develop much more effectively.

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