The 90 best hospitality phrases

Hospitality is not just about welcoming a person warmly to our home or country to make them feel comfortable and secure. It is also offering a hand to those who need it because a gesture of benevolence can help more than one thinks.

Here you will find a selection of the best hospitality phrases that help to understand and appreciate this interpersonal phenomenon.

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    The most memorable hospitality phrases

    These are hospitality phrases that will show you the importance of hospitality to others and to society in general.

    1. Charity is humiliating because it is exercised vertically and from above; solidarity is horizontal and implies mutual respect. (Eduardo Galeano)

    He chooses to be more united, it is an act of great empathy.

    2. If you light up the life of your brother, it will shine more in you. (Albert Schweitzer)

    It is always rewarding to help those in need.

    3. The guest should be entertained when they are at home, but also dismissed if they wish. (Homer)

    It is important to be kind to those who stay at home, but to give them the same affection when you decide to leave.

      4. I see that your reputation as a hospitable person is just a legend.

      Don’t let your solidarity go to waste for any reason.

      5. The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. (Mahatma Gandhi)

      When you live to help others, life has a different meaning.

      6. Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. (John Ruskin)

      Don’t just do something mediocre, put in all your willpower and everything will be wonderful.

      7. When the spiders congregate, they can tie up a lion. (Ethiopian proverbs)

      Teamwork gives very good results.

      8. The fate of each depends on the behavior of each. (Alexander The Great)

      Your actions do not only affect you, but others as well.

      9. Good hospitality is easy; it consists of a little fire, a little food, and a lot of stillness. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

      Always try to give the best of yourself in all situations.

      10. Great opportunities to help others rarely arise, but small ones surround us every day. (Sally Koch)

      Every day offers you an opportunity to bring help to those in need, just watch it.

      11. Helping others is like helping yourself.

      When we help another person, we grow a little more.

      12. Hospitality knows neither sex nor race. (Danny Meyer)

      When we offer our help, we do so without discrimination.

      13. Airbnb is a company with values ​​of hospitality. (Brad’s Stone)

      The hotel industry is also present in the industrial sector.

      14. Many little people, in small places, doing little things, can change the world. (Eduardo Galeano)

      You don’t need to have the power to help anyone who needs it.

      15. Almost all good things arise from an attitude of contempt for others. (Dalai Lama)

      If you do good things, great things will happen to you.

      16. Solidarity is the tenderness of peoples. (Gioconde Belli)

      Each country has a unique hospitality.

      17. Imagine how different the world could be if we all spoke to each other with respect and kindness. (Holly Branson)

      Respect and benevolence are values ​​that have the magic to change the world.

      18. Alien food, no matter how bad, is good. (unknown)

      When it is given a little the right way, joy comes.

      19. Remember that there is no small act of kindness. Each act creates a logical endless wave. (Scott Adams)

      No matter how little help you can give, just give it selflessly.

        20. Joining is the beginning; being together is progress; working together is a success. (Henry Ford)

        Working as a team makes everything easier.

        21. You will not know how much I am until I am all I am by your side. (Gregorio Marañon)

        Never allow others to want to be yours which you are not.

        22. Be kind to strangers… Help them feel at home and make their life a little better. Well, that kindness will help them be better. (Abdu’l-Baha)

        Treat others with the same affection and respect you want for yourself.

        23. When someone is invited to eat, if no good dish is presented, he leaves disappointed. (Samuel Johnson)

        If a person feels that they are not well received, they immediately look for a way out.

        24. We cannot become good by striving to be good but by finding the goodness that dies in us to let it go. (Eckhart Tolle)

        If you practice kindness you will be a better person.

        25. A gesture of benevolence can reach a wound that only compassion can heal. (Steve Maraboli)

        Always try to be compassionate, someone will thank you.

        26. The customer is never wrong. (Caesar Ritz)

        A sentence that can have multiple answers, depending on the point of view.

        27. A vocabulary of truth and simplicity will serve you throughout your life. (Winston Churchill)

        The simpler you are, the better you’ll feel.

        28. Solidarity is not an act of charity, but mutual aid between forces fighting for the same goal. (Samora Machel)

        Find friends who have the same generosity as you.

        29. We need to come together, not to be together, but to do something together. (Donoso Cortés)

        Friends are important teamwork tools for others.

        30. With diamonds and silver you really get a lot, but with sweet words you get a lot more. (Charles Perrault)

        Money often fails to achieve what a kind phrase can achieve.

        31. Imagine how different the world could be if we all spoke with respect and kindness. (Holly Branson)

        If we had the ability to respect others when talking to him, the world would be better.

        32. Concord, solidarity and mutual aid are the most important means to enable animal species to survive. (Christian Lous Lange)

        Solidarity is one of the tools that allows us to move forward.

        33. The fate of each depends on the conduct of each. (Alexander The Great)

        Every attitude has its consequences.

        34. We have come to this world as brothers; so we walk shaking hands and facing each other. (William Shakespeare)

        Treating others like family is what makes the world move forward.

        35. I am convinced that this consumer society, blinded by the market, will succeed another which will be characterized by the transcendent fact that it will not forget social justice and solidarity. (René Gerónimo Favaloro)

        We must not allow consumerism to sideline commitment to others.

        36. Buenaventura Durruti, Ascaso and García Oliver: Called The Solidarity, who despise power. (Chicho Sanchez Ferlosio)

        It refers to the ability of a few to relinquish power.

        37. Three things in human life are important. The first thing is to be nice. The second is to be nice. And the third is to be nice. (Henri James)

        Kindness is what makes a man great.

        38. Together we can change the world, just one random act of kindness at a time. (Ron Hall)

        If everyone got together, the world would change for the better.

          39. Strong people do not knock others down, they help them get up. (Michael P. Watson)

          If you want to be tall, help those in need.

          40. We seek solidarity not as an end but as a means for our America to accomplish its universal mission. (José Marti)

          A united people comes to many things.

          41. The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention. (Kahlil Gibran)

          Don’t focus on the size of your kind deeds, just do it.

          42. There is no way to achieve goodness without offering it first. (Sri Chinmoy)

          Offer your unconditional support.

          43. One by one, we are all mortal. Together we are eternal. (Apuleius)

          Working together can accomplish great things.

          44. Racism cannot be combated with racism, the best way to combat racism is solidarity. (Bobby Seale)

          Support anyone who feels rejected because of their skin color.

          45. The old trick to increasing self-esteem with the cuteness forklift. (Rafael Pérez gay)

          Being kind allows you to believe in your abilities.

          46. ​​The most important word in the language of the working class is solidarity. (Harry Bridges)

          Workers have the capacity to unite in the face of adversity.

          47. One act of kindness gives roots in all directions, and the roots grow and make new trees. (Amélie Earhart)

          Kindness attracts kindness.

          48. Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least expensive, and underrated agent of human change. (Bob Kerrey)

          Being kind makes the world a better place.

          49. It is only through the struggle for freedom, equality and solidarity that you will understand anarchism. (Néstor Majno)

          Lawlessness is fought by practicing help, respect and working for freedom.

          50. When you see a good man, think about imitating him; when you see a bad one, examine your own heart (Confucius)

          Imitate what is right, reflect on what is wrong.

          51. We live on what we receive, but we live on what we give. (John Maxwell)

          In life, the main thing is to give and to help the needs.

          52. There is no stability without solidarity, no solidarity without stability. (José Manuel Barroso)

          You have to be persevering to show solidarity.

          53. There is no better exercise for the heart than bending down and helping people to stand up. (John A. Holmes)

          Helping those in need is the greatest action that can be taken.

            54. You cannot force yourself to feel something that you are not feeling, but you can force yourself to do good despite what you are feeling. (Pearl S. Buck)

            Sometimes doing good requires personal sacrifice.

            55. There is no good that delights us if we do not share it. (Seneca)

            Sharing with others is what makes us great.

            56. When men come together for one purpose, they find that they can also achieve others until their fulfillment depends on their mutual union. (Thomas Carlyle)

            In union, it is strength.

            57. Kindness and faithfulness protect a king, by kindness his throne is secured. (King Solomon)

            Those in power are supported by their hospitality.

            58. To teach children good manners is to teach them kindness, consideration and respect. (Claire Stranberg)

            From an early age, children should learn the value of hospitality, respect and consideration.

            59. It is the duty of our generation to enter the twenty-first century: solidarity with the weak, the persecuted, the abandoned, the sick and the desperate. (Elie Wiesel)

            Supporting the weakest must be everyone’s commitment.

            60. Sorority is twinning between women, feminine solidarity.

            Women are in favor of all situations.

            61. You can make more friends in two months just to get more interested in others than you would in two years by trying to get people interested in you. (Give Carnegie)

            Showing solidarity with others is a positive way to gain attention.

            62. We have to be the change we want to see in the world. (Gandhi)

            We have to change to make the world a better place.

            63. Small things are responsible for big changes. (Paulo Coelho)

            At the very least, things are changing.

            64. A bone for the dog is not charity. Charity shares the stone with the dog when he is as hungry as the dog. (Jack London)

            Sharing what you have is one of the greatest charities we can find.

              65. I now understand that my well-being is only possible if I recognize my unity with all the peoples of the world without exception. (Leo Tolstoy)

              We are good if others have better well-being.

              66. He who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants good receives love. (Sant Basil)

              Hospitality attracts good friends.

              67. Kindness is like a pillow which, although there is nothing inside, at least cushions the onslaught of life. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

              Kindness gives another person a warm moment that allows them to ease their pain.

              68. When the ego is replaced by us, even sickness becomes well-being. (Malcolm X)

              Working as a team allows you to reach deeper paths.

              69. There is no good that does not delight us if we do not share it. (Seneca)

              Sharing is very enriching.

              70. Your most dissatisfied customers are the greatest source of learning. (Bill Gates)

              We are still learning from people.

              71. Large companies are created by people who constantly think about ways to improve their business. (J. Willard Bill Marriott)

              The business world is full of people who are thinking about improving themselves.

              72. I would rather make mistakes with kindness and compassion than perform miracles with cruelty and harshness. (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

              Hospitality can do it all.

              73. I have discovered that kindness is everything in life. (Isaac Bashevis singer)

              Being kind, kind and hospitable makes us smile.

                74. To invite someone is to take charge of their happiness as long as they are under our roof. (Anthelme Brillat-Savarin)

                Kindness leads to its successes and its failures.

                75. Hospitality is greater than receiving the Sheikh, the Presence of God. (Najman from Breslov)

                Being kind brings a reward from the hand of God.

                76. Do good to as many people as possible, and you will often meet faces that will bring you joy. (Alexandre Manzoni)

                A smile is the best gift when done right.

                77. Those who are happier are those who do more for others. (Booker T. Washington)

                Happiness is helping others.

                78. Do your little good wherever you are; it was these little pieces of good together that overwhelmed the world. (Desmond Tutu)

                With just small jobs, they help make the world a better place.

                79. Kindness does wonderful things to one face. (Dixie Doyle)

                Hospitality is a wonderful thing.

                80. Solidarity is not an act of charity, but mutual aid between forces fighting for the same goal. (Samora Machel)

                Solidarity is not charity, but empathy.

                81. Let mankind stop being dominated by the desire to make unnecessary gains. May it be renewed among peoples in a sense of international solidarity. (Alicia Moreau from Just)

                We have to work to make hospitality a way of life for most people.

                82. If I help a person to have hope, I will not have lived in vain. (Martin Luther King)

                Help is not monetary, the spiritual is also important.

                83. There is nothing stronger in the world than the heart of a volunteer. (Colonel James H. Doolittle)

                This individual who serves others is worthy of all admiration.

                84. How can the hotel industry be franchised? (Danny Meyer)

                The hotel industry is not a business but a way of life

                85. When hospitality becomes an art, it loses its very soul. (Max Beerbohm)

                You don’t have to be nice to be recognized.

                86. Men are only rich from what they give. He who does a great service receives a great reward. (Elbert Hubbard)

                Fortune is proportional to this which is given.

                  87. I don’t know of any great man except those who have rendered great service to the human race. (Voltaire)

                  A great man is one who serves others.

                  88. Christmas is the season to light the fire of hospitality in the bedroom, the great flame of charity in the heart. (Washington Irving)

                  At Christmas we all become more hospitable.

                  89. Culture is linked to objects and is a phenomenon of the world; Hospitality is linked to people and is a phenomenon of life. (Hannah Arendt)

                  Hospitality has nothing to do with culture.

                  90. What is the essence of life? Serve others and do good. (Aristotle)

                  Hospitality and service to others are the key to life.

                  Hospitality is a way to become better human beings and to build a gentler world.

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