The 90 best quotes of a good monday

Starting a week is not always easy, because many times, in these first moments, the energies are not completely renewed.

That’s why we need an extra stimulus to wake us up and help us implement the new plans on Monday. The idea is to take a weekend break to refresh your mind and exercise better.

So let’s go a review of several sentences to wish you a happy Monday with which you can start your week to the fullest.

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    The best phrases to wish you a happy Monday

    With these dedications and reflections from Monday, you can help yourself and those around you when it comes to gaining motivation to face the week ahead.

    1. Draw a smile on your face, it’s Monday and you need to motivate yourself.

    The best way to start a Monday is to have a positive attitude.

    2. If you are sleepy on Monday, pair it with a good cup of coffee and you will see how much more energy you have.

    A loaded coffee is part of Monday morning.

    3. New week, new opportunities, new blessings … Take advantage of it. Happy monday.

    Mondays represent a new opportunity that you cannot pass up.

      4. This Monday, I greet you with love and send you a kiss accompanied by my best wishes for happiness so that your week is full of success. I love you!

      When you send good wishes, they come back to you.

      5. Very good Monday. The week begins and you must receive it well.

      Remember that every week is a new opportunity.

      6. Hello… if you’ve ever woken up… good morning! And if not also. To get up it’s Monday and a new week begins.

      Thank you for making a fresh start.

      7. Good Monday, have a productive new week.

      It’s time to put all those plans you are looking to make into practice.

      8. Hello, rest assured it’s not Monday, it’s just a day after your glorious Sunday.

      A fun way to watch Mondays.

      9. Monday is a cause of hope, it is a new opportunity that we have to start the week well.

      A great way to see Mondays.

      10. A new week has arrived, it’s time to recharge our batteries and improve our mood.

      Use Mondays as motivation to improve yourself.

      11. Mondays have a very bad reputation, but the truth is, they are only one more day in the week.

      Mondays are what you want them to be.

      12. Hello friends. We start Monday and the week with a smile, because if you smile at life, life will smile on you.

      You attract the energies that you think.

      13. Let go of the pillow and start your Monday with a lot of energy, the best thing to keep inside and wait in silence for the sunset to see us Strange!

      You won’t get to the top if you hang on to the bed.

      14. Today is Monday… and it will surely be a great day! To get up and enjoy the start of the week.

      There is no excuse for making a Monday a bitter day, just for being a Monday.

      15. A good Monday begins with a person thanking God for all of his blessings.

      Always grateful to have a new day.

      16. Monday is the day of the start of new projects, the start of the day, with joy and enthusiasm we start this day.

      Mondays are synonymous with new beginnings.

      17. This week I want to start with joy because I know that I have many opportunities to improve myself.

      The right attitude to start the week.

      18. On Mondays, I focus all of my energy on good rather than bad, and I know everything will be okay.

      When you focus your energy on positive things, you are better able to deal with problems.

        19. Smile! no one else will do it for you. Have a nice Monday.

        The only person who can brighten up your day is yourself.

        20. The path to happiness is right in front of you, go forward with a positive walk and never stray from your thoughts. Have a good start to the week my love.

        There won’t be any good times, but we decide to stagnate or move on.

        21. A sunny Monday is a little less Monday.

        Make your sun your energy.

        22. Today is a day to enjoy what you are doing, whether it is a small or large event, whether it is a focused day where you are doing your best.

        Focus on the things you love and celebrate your little accomplishments.

        23. Mondays don’t have to be boring, you can change all the gray with a big smile to get you started.

        It all depends on how you look on Monday.

        24. I face it on Monday with a coffee in my hand. Good day !

        Coffee as an essential element of the mornings.

        25. Mondays are the first chance of the week to be happy, so you know it: smile and enjoy this beautiful Monday.

        This is the start of what you want your week to be.

        26. If what you want is to change something in your life, it is best to start on a Monday, this is the best way to smile in life and show all you have to give.

        Things change if your view of the world changes.

        27. You decide how you want Monday to be.

        You have the power to make your Monday what you want it to be.

        28. Start the week with a smile, with or without the sun, you can shine.

        Your glow comes from your personality.

        29. I hope that many good things will happen to you today, so that you can start the week the way you deserve.

        Everyone deserves a good Monday.

        30. Good Monday! Good week start. It had been a while since I decided that even Mondays wouldn’t erase the smile from my face.

        Don’t let small things negatively influence your life.

        31. Friends have started a beautiful Monday, life is only one so savoring it with passion and a lot of desire to live will be the best decision today.

        A good start to the week requires additional energy recharging.

        32. Good start to the week… to live is always to start.

        Just by living, we have all the opportunities available.

        33. Good start to the week, no doubt you will appreciate it.

        How you start your Monday can influence the rest of the week.

        34. A new start has come to improve all of this. Happy monday!

        Use Mondays to improve yourself a little more.

        35. Monday is the perfect day to start new challenges. I wish you a good Monday and a good week.

        The challenges are an opportunity to demonstrate your abilities.

        36. I don’t care about the day he arrives, because I always put the same attitude on him. Happy monday!

        Whatever the day, show your best attitude.

        37. This week will be different, you have seven good reasons to start profiting.

        If your Monday didn’t go very well, remember that you have other days to try it out.

          38. Have a nice day! Don’t think it’s Monday, but you have one more day to shine.

          Mondays are just one more day of the week.

          39. Have a very good day. Happy monday. Today is the perfect day to take the first step towards realizing that dream you have longed for.

          Your goals are only achieved when you take the first step.

          40. It starts Monday and the week with a good wave because facing life with optimism and enthusiasm everything is easier.

          Negativity doesn’t let us move because it keeps us stagnant.

          41. If you start your week with a smile on your face, you will find that many doors will open for you and you will prosper. With that spirit!

          You can try this attitude and assess the results you get.

          42. Today we start the week… Do it with enthusiasm! Happy monday!

          Think of Monday as a new gift to unwrap and enjoy.

          43. Every day is a gift, so it becomes the best opportunity to start full of joy and optimism. That’s why I’m here, I wanted to tell you Go ahead you can!

          Every gift should be careful as well as Mondays.

          44. We will start the week with enthusiasm, here there is no room for laxity or bad humor.

          Get rid of bad attitudes in your life to be productive.

          45. This new dawning desire for the blessing of God to abound in your heart and for whatever you do to come to fruition as you expect. Happy monday.

          Blessings always help motivate us.

          46. ​​Friends, I wish you all to live this Monday with enthusiasm, do not lose your mind that the week is flying away. Enjoy every step.

          Enthusiastic Mondays can make a big difference in taking on new challenges.

          47. For today Monday, I had nothing to wear and I was smiling broadly. I wish you a good Monday and a good week.

          Smiles are an accessory to happiness.

          48. If you are comfortable with your life and feel happy. Even on Monday, they won’t be able to wipe the smile off her face.

          Remember, the days don’t influence your mood unless you allow it.

          49. Remember, the days go by so quickly, so enjoy this Monday!

          No Monday is forever.

          50. Monday is a perfect day to recharge your batteries, don’t be discouraged before you start.

          If you start something with little courage, things won’t end as planned.

          51. Monday challenges are the ones that give life meaning and show how strong you are, which is why the load lightens as the week progresses.

          The right way to look at challenges.

          52. Have a good Monday. With the right attitude and with the help of God, it will be a great week for you.

          Faith can give you the strength to start a good week.

          53. Good Monday! Rejoice in your victories, but also those of your loved ones.

          Celebrating the victories of all fills us with happiness and satisfaction.

          54. Do not be discouraged the first day because life can surprise you by giving you the greatest happiness. Start with energy!

          Life is not static, so better things can await you anytime.

            55. You must always be positive, on Mondays they only visit you once a week.

            Mondays are just one day of the week that unfolds like the rest of the days.

            56. Smile at him on Monday and the week will definitely bring back a smile. life with joy is better lived. Good Monday friend.

            At all times, we are reaping what we sow.

            57. Good Monday! Nothing happens if something is wrong today, because there are still many days in a week to try again.

            Don’t be put off by failure, there is always the option to try again.

            58. Friends, I wish you all to live this Monday with enthusiasm, do not lose heart as the week goes by. Enjoy every step.

            A lot of people complain about Monday and at the same time the week ends in an instant.

            59. It’s Monday but I feel good…

            Mondays have no mystical power to make us feel bad.

            60. No Monday is bad if you face them with the best attitude. Enjoy a beautiful Monday friend.

            It is all a question of attitude towards life.

            61. Look at the bright side … It’s only Monday once a week.

            A fun way to deal with heavy Mondays.

            62. Good Monday! Start the week with enthusiasm and the rest of the days will get lighter and lighter.

            By no longer seeing Monday as a burden, the rest of the days are passed lightly.

            63. Remember that strength is in your desire to surpass yourself, so don’t think about going back. With that spirit!

            If you want to excel and improve, you have to do your part.

            64. Today will be the best Monday of the week!

            Every Monday can be the best day of the week.

            65. So Monday becomes the perfect time to wish your loved ones a myriad of blessings to accompany their days from start to finish.

            Encourage your loved ones to have a favorable Monday as well.

            66. I wish you a happy Monday. A new week begins and new opportunities are to be seized.

            Seize all the opportunities that come your way.

            67. Start the day with joy, start the week with energy and everything will be in pure harmony. Happy monday!

            If we start something well, even if there are obstacles along the way, we will always end up being excellent.

            68. Remember that you are the creator of your own destiny, if you decide to be happy nothing will stop you. Good week start !

            The fate that awaits you is written with your own hands.

            69. God is by your side this Monday and every day of the week. See how he blesses you, thank him, and move on.

            Faith can also encourage you to face Mondays.

            70. If you want your Monday to be a perfect day… Smile!

            Perfect Monday? Have the right attitude.

            71. To you and your family, may God grant you what you yearn for the most and may every day of this week have a pleasant surprise in store for you. Happy monday.

            This Monday and every Monday can be something special.

            72. Mondays don’t look so bad if you face them with a good attitude. Have a brave Monday.

            Create your own favorable position on Monday.

              73. What to make Mondays bad says a lot about your outlook on life.

              It is your beliefs that dictate how you approach your life.

              74. I want to make the most of it so I won’t stop complaining because Monday has just arrived. Positive spirit!

              If you want to enjoy your days, Mondays will be just one more day.

              75. See this day from a positive point of view, a Monday to move, learn and teach, wait for better days.

              How to make the most of a Monday.

              76. To all my friends, put your batteries in because a busy week awaits us,

              To grow we must be in constant motion.

              77. Encouragement that the week goes by quickly… Good Monday!

              At least we realize that it will be over again this weekend.

              78. I want to wish a happy birthday to all those lazy people who are crying today. See you Monday!

              Lazy people need an extra stimulus to start their day.

              79. Look good on Monday And the hours will pass faster!

              So you won’t even notice that Monday has passed.

              80. There’s no way to skip Mondays, so go for it. Good day !

              The only way to overcome something is to face it.

              81. Draw a smile on your face and rock the world with your determination. Good week start !

              Don’t let your resolve ever wane.

              82. May you have a good week and may today be a good Monday, filled with great blessings, good thoughts and good deeds.

              The good wishes multiply.

              83. Get off the path Monday! It’s a job for the cafe.

              If you’re struggling to face this day, arm yourself with your best cup of coffee.

              84. May this Monday keep you in peace by asking God to keep your thoughts free from the worries that take away your calm.

              You are not looking for a problematic Monday, but a peaceful day.

              85. Let it be a spectacular Monday to start the week well.

              Every Monday they hope for a better week.

                86. Have a good Monday. Remember to have a smile on your face… you have to be positive and things will be okay.

                Good results start with good thoughts.

                87. Love, I wish you have the best of Mondays and that tonight you will be by my side to contemplate the starry sky together.

                Our couples also need motivation to get started day.

                88. I wish you all a beautiful Monday and a blessed new week.

                Good wishes for Monday that extend throughout the week.

                89. It’s already here Monday! Don’t think about it too much and go on with the week.

                May Monday not become an obstacle imposed on you.

                90. Aside from laziness, you have many reasons to take your pajamas off and go out in order to be successful. Good week start !

                Let go of your worries and pick up the urge to move on.

                Mondays can be a wonderful day if you have the right positive attitude to see them as one more day of the week where you can start doing new things.

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