The 90 best quotes of January

January is always a good time to start all over again, leaving behind problems, difficulties, anger and any negative situation that only brings conflict into our lives.

These are days to plan for the start of the year and load up some good energy to do all daily activities with the best of spirits. To encourage this mentality, we’ll go through several the best sentences of january, ideal for devoting to friends, family and relatives in general.

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    The most inspiring and memorable January phrases

    In this collection you will find the best phrases about the month of January and the start of a new year, which will give you strength and inspiration to create new plans, continue your old plans or change what you think is necessary in your life. . .

    1. Let go yesterday. Let it be a fresh start today, be the best person you can be and you will get to where God wants you to be. (Joël Osteen)

    It is healthy to put grudges aside, they can be a very heavy burden.

    2. A good traveler has no fixed plans and does not intend to make them. (Lao Tzu)

    Live every opportunity that life offers with joy and enthusiasm.

      3. The first day of January always presents itself to my mind as a series of very solemn and important reflections and an easier question to ask than to answer: How have I improved in the last year and with what good intentions I see the dawn of his successor? (Charlotte Brontë)

      Starting the first day of the year with good thoughts will keep you motivated for the rest of the year.

      4. Life is actually very simple, but men insist on complicating it. (Confucius)

      Life is good, but we are the ones who turn it into a nightmare.

      5. It takes as much energy to desire as it does to plan. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

      Put all your effort into working for what you want.

      6. January the month of empty pockets. We endure this damn month, anxious as the forehead of a director. (Sidonie Gabrielle Colette)

      In general, January is a month when finances are in the red, so action needs to be taken.

      7. January is the month to dream. (Anonymous)

      January is a new opportunity to plan, build and dream.

      8. With January comes snow, and it makes our feet and toes shine. (Sara Coleridge)

      Smiling is free, you have to know how to take advantage of it.

      9. It’s a new beginning and, as a phoenix, I will rise from my ashes and I will not let anyone stop me. (Xavier Wilson)

      Never give up first, fight continuously.

      10. This year I will be stronger, more courageous, kinder and unstoppable. This year I will be fierce.

      Make it a goal to be better every day.

      11. January 31, seven diapers and a hat, and I’m still freezing! (popular saying)

      12. Start the year on a positive note. You are losing an electron!

      Remove from your life what is not working for you.

      13. January 26. The day when nothing important happens to someone else. (Ashley Newel)

      Many people have a very special day in January.

      14. January is the first month, if it’s cold he’s a good gentleman.

      In many parts of the world, January is a winter time.

        15. I hope you make mistakes this year, because making mistakes means doing new things, learning, living and changing the world. (Neil Gaiman)

        Never stop making mistakes, this is teaching.

        16. I think it would be a lot smarter to start with the New Years Resolutions on January 2nd. (Hélène Fielding)

        We have nothing to leave for tomorrow, it’s time today.

        17. January is too sad if you don’t take it as a metaphor for the life to come. (unknown)

        Earning a living is not always easy.

        18. January 1, we walk our lives, room by room, taking note of all the work that remains to be done … (Ellen Goodman)

        The first day of the year is a great time to plan and let go.

        19. At the beginning and at the end of the year, each step grows each day. (Anonymous)

        The most complex days are the last day of the year and the start of the next.

        20. In January, adopt your best attitude and get ready for a good start.

        At the start of the new year, consider new beginnings, you can do it.

        21. Tomorrow will be the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good story.

        January 1 is a good time to start planning your New Year.

        22. If someone doesn’t like you with your gender, they don’t deserve you in August.

        If they don’t like you for your mistakes, then that person doesn’t deserve you.

        23. I like the beginnings; if i was in charge of calendars, each day would be january 1st. (Jerry Spinelli)

        The beginnings, although difficult, are important.

        24. May this January give you the chance to make less and make better mistakes.

        Don’t be afraid to fail, give it a try.

        25. In the waning moon of January, chop your wood.

        January is a great time to cut back on unprofitable spending all year round.

        26. Things to do in January: Try to be happy. That’s it, January is already too hard on its own. (unknown)

        At all times, seek to be happy, that no one will steal this from you.

        27. Anyone who thinks gardening starts in the spring and ends in the fall is missing out on the best part of the year because it starts in January with dreams. (Josephine Nuesse)

        Do not miss any opportunity that presents itself to you.

        28. Love is the first, glasses are January.

        January is a very good month to seek love.

        29. Remember that on January 7 at 8 am you have to delay the 5 kg scale. (unknown)

        After the feast of the Magi, you need to take food and exercise seriously.

          30. You change your car, your house, your clothes, your shoes, your month, your look, your job, your year; but never friends. (unknown)

          In the New Year, keep true friendships.

          31. Janvier is a good gentleman if you don’t become a fan.

          January is a good month, don’t get carried away by the opinions of others.

          32. It wouldn’t be a New Year if you had no regrets. (William Thomson)

          It is normal to have old year remorse.

          33. Coast of January, February, March, April, May, June…

          Each month has its challenges.

          34. The eurets are gone, it will be on the coast in January.

          The big bill that leaves us in December.

          35. If January and December pass without cold, when February the river freezes. (popular saying)

          February is also a month when the cold is present.

          36. In January, the sun enters every stream.

          January reminds us that we have a new opportunity every year.

          37. And now we believe in a long year given to us new, intact, and full of things that never were or never existed. (Rainer Maria Rilke)

          38. Every January drop is worth money.

          A sentence that reminds us that it is a good idea to practice saving.

          39. On the day of Epiphany, the stars are seen at noon.

          It refers to the beauty of the tradition of the Magi.

          40. Poor those who have years in January, already when we are all poor. (unknown)

          Funny phrase to say January birthdays don’t get gifts.

          41. In January, the dog’s nose sweats.

          January is a very cold month, so you have to make forecasts.

          42. If the toads are singing for January, close your cillero. (popular saying)

          There are things that should not be shared.

          43. Let each new year find the best version of yourself. (Benjamin Franklin)

          At the start of the year, set yourself the goal of being a better person.

            44. January 2 should be named “International Day”. of food that will become bad ”. (popular saying)

            It is normal that on the second day of January we are still experiencing the effects of December.

            45. January sun, ephemeral.

            Speaking of the relentless cold of January.

            46. ​​Whoever wants water in January is neither a farmer nor a herder.

            You cannot ask for what you cannot give.

            47. Dusty January, rainy February. (Proverb)

            There are always good times and others not so good.

            48. Hope smiles on me from the threshold of the coming year and whispers to me that this one will be happier. (Alfred Lord Tennyson)

            The new year that begins will be much better.

            49. We are all equal but the born in January we are the first.

            It’s a phrase that reflects that January birthdays are important.

            50. I decided it would be a very good year.

            Good decisions are those that lead to the goal.

            51. Anyone that mows in January is mowed all year round.

            As we act in January, the rest of the year will be the same.

            52. General. Let go yesterday. Let it be a fresh start today, be the best person you can be and you will get to where God wants you to be. (Joël Osteen)

            To start a successful successful new year, you have to put all the bad tastes of last year behind you.

            53. Happy New Year and good new opportunity to do it right. (Oprah Winfrey)

            It’s time for you to fix a mistake, recover, and get better.

            54. This year, to find balance, we must begin by examining the potential of our life, not its mistakes. (Ellen Goodman)

            In order to grow, although we need to learn from our failures, it is also important to harness our strengths.

            55. The snow that falls silently in the middle of the night will always fill my heart with sweet clarity. (Novala Takemoto)

            Find the light wherever you shine.

            56. Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. (Winston Churchill)

            Failure is learning that leads to the future.

            57. January salmon, for me the first.

            Take the first good opportunity to cross your path.

            58. A month before and another after Christmas, it’s a real winter.

            All around Christmas is full of snow.

              59. On January 17th, they ask for their animals, from the shepherd to the forest ranger.

              On the dismantling of the crib.

              60. On the January moon, I compare you, which is the brightest of the whole year.

              A beautiful reference to the first moon of the year.

              61. Forget the past, live the present and let the future come to you. (unknown)

              Don’t let the past stay in your life.

              62. The snow shines like a million little suns. (Lama Willa Miller)

              Even in something so cold we can find light.

              63. There is always time to do the right thing. (Martin Luther King jr.)

              Today is a good day, so make the most of it.

              64. Success knows neither cold nor fatigue, it only knows effort. (Anonymous)

              You just need to be more discriminating in helping others.

              65. Create a life that feels good on the inside, not just a life that feels good on the outside.

              Feeling good on the inside is what really matters.

              66. It is never too late to be what you could have been. (George Elliot)

              There is always time to start over.

              67. Change is the opportunity to do something extraordinary.

              Every day brings a new opportunity to do something new.

              68. There is no security in this life. There are only opportunities. (Douglas Mac Arthur)

              Take advantage of every moment, but you won’t know what your luck is.

              69. Always fight for the impossible, because 9 times out of 10 you can make the impossible possible. (unknown)

              Trying to persevere will ensure that we have the opportunity that we seek and deserve.

              70. Every great dream begins with a dreamer. (Harriet Tubman)

              For things to come true, you have to dare to dream.

              71. There will come a time when everything you believe will be finished. This moment will be the new beginning. (Louis L’Amour)

              Life will give you opportunities to start over.

                72. Failure will never happen to me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. (Og Mandino)

                Failure will not be such when the desire to succeed is great.

                73. You have been assigned this mountain to show others that you can move. (Anonymous)

                You are an example to follow.

                74. The most important investment you can make is in yourself. (Warren Buffet)

                Focus on preparing, studying, learning, and a better version of yourself.

                75. Life is like a movie: write your own ending, keep believing it, keep trying. (Jim Henson)

                Don’t let others decide for you.

                76. Fate is not a question of expediency, it is a question of decisions. It is not something to be expected, it is to be achieved. (William Jennings Bryan)

                Start the first day of the year by making the right decisions that will lead you to success.

                77. It only fails when it is no longer treated. (Anonymous)

                If you don’t try, how will you know you can?

                78. Always know the best version of yourself, rather than someone else’s mediocre version. (Judy Garland)

                Don’t be a copy of someone else, you are awesome.

                79. Life is like a big canvas, use all the paint you can. (Danny Kaye)

                You are the artist who will paint your life.

                80. Dear cholesterol, in January we make peace. (Anonymous)

                January is a good time for dieting.

                81. Snow provokes reactions that go back to childhood. (Andy Goldsworthdy)

                Many good memories are forged in the snow in January.

                82. The snow itself is lonely or, if you prefer, self-sufficient. There isn’t another time when everyone seems to be made up of one thing. (Joseph Wood Krutch)

                A deep reflection on winter.

                83. January, a good month for the coal miner.

                All possible hot meals are needed in January.

                84. What is good I will have fond memories of and what is bad will be precious lessons that I will never forget.

                Things we have to bring in and leave the old year.

                85. January still has a few hours left in all; whoever wants to count, an hour and a half must do so.

                About the eternal days of January.

                86. January mornings neither the good days are given nor the hats taken off.

                The coldest month of the year in northern countries. Although the hottest in the south.

                87. It is snowing outside and all is calm and peaceful. Right now, it is possible to believe that the world could still be good. (Richard Paul Evans)

                The snow gives a feeling of calm and reflection.

                  88. The secret to change is to focus all of your energies not on fighting, but on building something new. (Socrates)

                  Look for something new where you can be happy.

                  89. May all your problems last as long as your New Year’s resolutions! (Joey Adams)

                  He tries to focus on effective and not perfect solutions that are impossible to achieve.

                  90. With January comes the snow, and it makes our feet and toes shine. (Sara Coleridge)

                  The reflection of the snow which gives us the opportunity to shake off the old and welcome the new.

                  January is a month that invites you to reinvent yourself and have a moment of introspection to get things done.

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