The 90 best quotes of Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo (February 26, 1802 – May 22, 1885) was a famous writer of romantic novels, considered one of the most important writers of the French language. She is credited with international recognition for her novel “Les Misérables”, as well as “Notre-Dame de Paris” and her poems such as “Diverses Odes et Poésie”.

In the following lines you will find a selection of the best sentences of Victor Hugo, he commented.

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    The most memorable sentences of Victor Hugo

    Not only was he known as a novelist, but he was also a poet, playwright, intellectual and social politician. To know a little more about its history, here are the best sentences of Victor Hugo.

    1. The smaller the heart, the more hate it nourishes.

    It happens when people are not ready to move on.

    2. Thinking is nothing more than a simple blow. But a blow that makes the world tremble.

    Thoughts can cause us to make big changes.

    3. Forty years is the ripe age of youth; middle age fifties youth.

    Youth is, in part, only a state of mind.

    4. The future has many names. For the weak, it is inaccessible. For the fearful, the unknown. For the brave, this is the opportunity.

    The future depends on everyone’s point of view.

      5. A man would be judged with much more certainty by what he dreams than by what he thinks.

      Dreams are what mobilizes us towards the future.

      6. It’s okay to die at all. It’s scary not to live.

      There are people who do not enjoy their life and it is as if they are walking dead.

      7. My friends, keep this in mind: no weeds and no bad guys. There are only bad cultivators.

      A lot of people get bad for not having opportunities or love in their childhood.

      8. Music expresses what cannot be said in words but cannot remain silent.

      Music is another means of expression.

      9. Dare: progress can only be obtained this way.

      No one moves forward while staying in the comfort zone.

      10. How did your lips meet? How is it that the bird sings, the snow melts, the rose opens? A kiss; that was all.

      It all starts with a kiss. 11. Giving thanks in solitude is enough. The act of giving thanks has wings and goes where it needs to go.

      If you are grateful, everyone will notice.

      12. The supreme happiness in life is knowing that one is loved by oneself, or more precisely, loved in spite of oneself.

      The most important love is what we have for ourselves.

      13. All power is duty.

      People in power are able to help others.

      14. The soul has its illusions, like the wings of a bird: they are what sustains them.

      Illusions allow us to seek a better future.

      15. As short as life is, we make it even shorter by the mad waste of time.

      Losing time is one of the most heinous crimes of all.

      16. Hell is everything in that word: loneliness.

      Loneliness can consume us if we lock ourselves into it.

      17. The human body is only appearance and hides the true reality. The reality of who we are is the soul.

      Our true being is within us.

      18. Those who suffer because you love: love even more; to die of love is to live.

      In love, things don’t always turn out the way we want them to, but it’s better not to love.

      19. What is a desire? An ungrateful person who hates the light that illuminates and warms him.

      The envious feel unable to do things on their own.

      20. Architecture is the immense book of all mankind.

      Much of the ancient history we know today is due to architecture.

      21. Common sense is despite education, not the result.

      Common sense is acquired through experience.

        22. What a curious thing! The first symptom of love in a young man is shyness; in a girl, it is daring.

        Roles that are reversed in love.

        23. What animates and drags the world are not machines but ideas.

        It’s the ideas that keep us going.

        24. Woe to him who loved only bodies, forms and appearances. Death will take everything away from him.

        Physical beauty is not eternal and the one who bases his love on it is just a superficial person with no honest feelings.

        25. Life is the flower for which love is honey.

        Love is an integral part of life.

        26. Melancholy is the happiness of sadness.

        A poetic way of seeing sadness.

        27. The eyes can only see God well through tears.

        They are in the most difficult times when people are turning to faith.

        28. The future is more a matter of the heart than of the mind.

        There is no point in advancing technologically if we do not advance as a civilization respectful of others.

        29. It is said that slavery has disappeared from European civilization, and that is a mistake. There is always; only it weighs only on the woman, and is called prostitution.

        Slavery evolves differently.

        30. God manifests himself to us, first, through the life of the universe, second, through human thought. The first manifestation is called nature, the second art.

        The way Victor Hugo believed that God manifested himself.

          31. Tolerance is the best religion.

          Tolerance leads us to accept things without judging them.

          32. Truth is like the sun. He does not let himself be seen, but he sees everything.

          Sooner or later the truth will be revealed.

          33. There are so many beautiful women, but there are no perfect ones.

          Perfection only exists in the mind of each person.

          34. There is a shameful solidarity between the government which governs badly and the people who allow it.

          Many governments are corrupt because the people themselves allow it.

          35. Like the stomachs, we should have pity on the spirits who do not eat.

          A closed-minded person is a person who cannot move forward in society.

          36. Success is a bit disgusting; its false resemblance to merit deceives men.

          Not everyone deserves their success.

          37. The water that does not flow makes a swamp; the mind that doesn’t work doesn’t care.

          The ignorant are a parasite of society.

          38. The history of cities is reflected in the sewers.

          An interesting way to see how far a city goes.

          39. A man is not idle because he is immersed in his thoughts. Just as there are visible jobs, there are also invisible ones.

          There are fruitful thoughts that are silent in our minds.

          40. Anyone who has been in love will grasp all the radiant meanings which correspond to the four letters of this word: She.

          Love makes things strange.

          41. Faith: This is what is most necessary for man. Woe to him who believes in nothing.

          Everyone needs to believe in something in their life.

          42. It is better that I be hissed for a good verse, than for a bad one to be applauded.

          By letting go of bad things, people get lazy.

          43. He who always insults me never offends me.

          The offenses are proportional to the amount of worry the words cause us.

          44. When love is happy, the soul takes the path of meekness and goodness.

          Stick with the person who makes you happy.

          45. Some thoughts are prayers. There are times when, whatever the activity of the body, the soul is on its knees.

          Prayers that are only heard in our thoughts.

            46. ​​What’s the story? An echo of the past in the future.

            What the story represents.

            47. You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving.

            Giving and receiving is a natural part of love.

            48. The death penalty is a special sign of barbarity.

            Personal opinions on the death penalty.

            49. Have courage for the great pains of life, and patience for the smallest; and when you have done your hard daily work, fall asleep in peace.

            How to keep a calm mind, according to the novelist.

            50. A poet is a world imprisoned in a man.

            Many poets are misunderstood.

            51. The masterpiece is a varied kind of miracle.

            A miracle that is born only in art.

            52. Compulsory primary education is the right of the child.

            Every child should have equal access to education.

            53. The first equality is equity.

            In all fairness, we are able to appreciate true equality.

            54. let’s sacrifice one day to gain, perhaps, a lifetime.

            There are great achievements which require sacrifice. It may hurt you today, but it will be worth it tomorrow.

            55. There are many mouths that speak and few heads that think.

            Everyone has an opinion, even if it arises from ignorance.

            56. Which is well thought out, well expressed.

            When we have something clear in our mind, there is nothing wrong with expressing it.

            57. Conscience is the presence of God in man.

            Conscience as an act of faith.

            58. The paradise of the rich is made up of the hell of the poor.

            Many rich people are hurt by the suffering of the lower classes that they perpetuate.

            59. Balancing everything is good, putting everything in harmony is better.

            Harmony leads us to achieve true stillness.

            60. In the eyes of the young man, the flame burns; to the old man, the light shines.

            Two ways of seeing life.

            61. A house without children is a beehive without bees.

            In favor of forming a family with children.

            62. Inspiration and genius are almost the same thing.

            Geniuses need continuous inspiration.

            63. The hero has a dream: to be tall next to everyone and small next to his father.

            There are no heroes greater than our parents.

              64. The first justice is conscience.

              Justice begins in our conscience.

              65. To love is the only thing that can occupy and satisfy eternity. Infinity needs the inexhaustible.

              Love never ends, it can always be found in another form or in another place.

              66. Even the darkest night will end with sunrise.

              Nothing lasts eternally. Neither good nor bad.

              67. There is no army which can stop the force of an idea when it comes in time.

              If you have a productive idea, give it a try.

              68. Laughter is the sun which keeps winter away from the human face.

              Laughter is what allows us to drive away bad vibes.

              69. Try to love souls and one day you will find them again.

              True love is when we are able to see the soul of the other person.

              70. When an innocent is punished, a wicked is born.

              Not because he has always been bad, but because he has lost faith in humanity.

              71. An old man needs affection as much as he needs sun.

              Everyone needs affection, regardless of their age.

              72. Great acts of love are performed by those who usually do small acts of kindness.

              Greatness is created from little things of value.

              73. To be good is easy, to be fair is difficult.

              We don’t always have the capacity to be fair.

              74. The lightness with which the wicked believe that all will be well is strange.

              People with bad intentions always seem relaxed.

              75. Change your mind, keep your principles; change your leaves, keep your roots intact.

              It’s good to change if it will lead you to a better place.

              76. You ask me what forces me to speak? Something strange, my conscience.

              Let your morale speak for itself when you feel it is necessary.

              77. Volcanoes give stones, and revolutions men.

              Revolutions are armed with men tired of injustice and in search of a better future.

                78. Intelligence with little competence is interested in extraordinary affairs. High capacity intelligences deal with simple questions.

                Two completely different types of intelligence.

                79. Freedom is, in philosophy, reason; in art, inspiration; in politics, in law.

                Freedom is everywhere and we have the right to live it.

                80. God is the invisible evidence.

                Talk about the omnipresence of God.

                81. Many have enough strength, what they don’t have is willpower.

                There is no point in making big plans if we do not have the conviction to achieve them.

                82. Your prayers know more than you need to.

                Sometimes you just need to be more discriminating in helping others.

                83. Believing herself to be beautiful, she knew very well, though vaguely, that she had a weapon. Women play with their beauty like children with a knife and injure themselves.

                There are women who use their beauty for convenience.

                84. To recover from a real mistake is strange and beautiful.

                The only way to fix a bug is to recognize it and find the right one.

                85. Suffering deserves respect, submission is contemptible.

                Submission is a form of humiliation.

                86. When you have an idea in your head, you see it everywhere.

                It’s an energetic feeling that you can’t get over.

                87. Try it as much as you want, you will not be able to wipe out this ancient relic in the human heart called: Love.

                Love is present in all hearts.

                88. What is said about people has as much influence on their lives and destinies as what they do.

                This is why we should strive to have good deeds that speak well for us.

                89. Whoever opens the doors of a school closes the doors of a prison.

                Education is the first step in creating good and caring people.

                90. Great hearts keep the secret of their greatness in the word persevere.

                Perseverance is what gets us sooner or later where we need to be.

                Victor Hugo is an example of going beyond and achieving success without neglecting the humanity we all need to relate to others and understand their situations.

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