The 90 best scientific phrases

Science is a field as vast as the cosmos itself; through it, every day we can discover something new or find a new change in the old knowledge. In addition, science is dynamic and is always looking for ways to improve itself in order to contribute to the advancement of humanity.

This time we will review the most interesting scientific phrases, a very useful way to understand the characteristics and the functioning of this mode of research and creation of knowledge.

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    The most memorable scientific phrases

    This list of the best science phrases provides many interesting phrases and thoughts on this human activity of knowledge generation.

    1. Science is always worthwhile, because its findings, sooner or later, still apply. (Severo Ochoa)

    Science is part of the advancement of mankind.

    2. A little science takes us away from God, but a lot of science brings us back to Him. (Louis Pasteur)

    Science and religion do not necessarily have to be fought.

    3. Science is man’s progressive approach to the real world. (Max Planck)

    There is always something new to discover in this world.

    4. Science is the father of knowledge, but opinions are those which breed ignorance. (Hippocrates)

    This is why it is better not to get carried away by the opinions of others.

      5. Science is a business that can only prosper if truth comes before nationality, ethnicity, class and color. (John C. Polanyi)

      Science doesn’t have to be restrictive.

      6. Our science has made us cynical; our intelligence, hard and devoid of feelings. (Charlie Chaplin)

      Feelings should never be put aside.

      7. What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean. (Isaac Newton)

      There are still thousands of mysteries to be discovered.

      8. Mathematics is the science of order and measure, beautiful chains of reasoning, all simple and easy. (René Descartes)

      Math is everywhere.

      9. The experimenter who does not know what he is looking for will not understand what he finds. (Claude Bernard)

      You must have an initial guide.

      10. Science is the key to our future and if you don’t believe in science then you are holding us all back. (Bill Nye)

      Science is necessary for the development of any nation.

      11. Science is easily corrupted if we allow it to stagnate. (Edmond Burke)

      That is why science must be dynamic.

      12. Applied sciences do not exist, what does exist are applications of science. (Louis Pasteur)

      Science is multifaceted.

      13. It is those who know little, and not those who know a lot, who positively assert that this problem can never be solved by science. (Charles Darwin)

      The majority opinion is not always what matters.

      14. In science, the only sacred truth is that there are no sacred truths. (Carl Sagan)

      No truth is absolute.

      15. The truths revealed by science always exceed the dreams it destroys. (Joseph E. Renan)

      Sometimes the greatest discoveries come from the worst tragedies.

      16. Science is the aesthetics of intelligence. (Gaston Bachelard)

      A sample of what our skill can create.

      17. Science serves to give us an idea of ​​the extent of our ignorance. (Robert De Lamennais)

      What we don’t know is always bigger.

      18. We must realize that science is in fact a double-edged sword. (Michio Kaku)

      This is the best form of evolution, but it can also be used as a punishment for humanity.

      19. The history of science shows us that theories are perishable. (Nikola Tesla)

      All scientific theory is subject to change.

      20. Science which deviates from justice, rather than science, should be characterized as cunning. (Cicero)

      Science should never be used to generate evil.

      21. Science is proud of everything it has learned; wisdom is humble because it knows no more. (William Cowper)

      All new knowledge should make us humble and not arrogant.

      22. Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand better, so that we can fear less. (Marie Curie)

      All knowledge should be used to understand and understand the unknown.

      23. A subtle mistaken thought can lead to a fruitful investigation that reveals valuable truths. (Isaac Asimov)

      In science, trial and error are always the law.

      24. Men like to be amazed. It is the seed of science. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

      Scientists are people who find beauty in every new discovery.

      25. True science teaches above all to doubt and to be ignorant. (Miguel from Unamuno)

      Science invites us to keep discovering new things.

      26. Equipped with five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls it the adventure of science. (Edwin Hubble)

      Each scientific discovery is the result of a path of exploration.

      27. Apollo, the god of medicine, sent diseases. In the beginning, the two trades were one, and it still is. (Anonymous)

      Sometimes, to find a solution, you have to create a problem.

        28. What I love most about science is that as you learn, you don’t really get answers, you just have better questions. (Jean Vert)

        What science really leaves us.

        29. It is strange that only extraordinary people make discoveries which then appear easily and simply. (George Lichtenberg)

        Anyone with the skills and the passion can be a scientist.

        30. Science is the systematic classification of experience. (George Henry Lewes)

        Each experience brings us a series of results to learn.

        31. Science and literature carry within them the reward for the work and vigils devoted to them. (Andrés Bello)

        Every result in science is fruitful.

        32. What started today as a science fiction novel, will end tomorrow as a report. (Arthur C. Clarke)

        The everyday things of today were the impossible wonders of the past.

        33. In matters of science, the authority of thousands is worth only the humble reasoning of one. (Galileo)

        In science, it is important to listen and to have an open mind.

        34. The birth of science was the death of superstition. (Thomas Henry Huxley)

        The best way to run away from ignorance.

        35. Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition. (Adam Smith)

        Science gives us a real explanation of the things they feared out of ignorance,

        36. A scientist has the fate of humans in his hands, because it is in his hands that we live better and longer.

        A hopeful and terrifying reality.

        37. The saddest aspect of life right now is that science accumulates knowledge faster than society acquires wisdom. (Isaac Asimov)

        There is no point in having new discoveries if people do not want to hear them.

        38. Every day we know more and understand less. (Albert Einstein)

        For every thing we learn, there is a new one we don’t know.

        39. All the credit belongs to the first inventor. (Pindar)

        Each inventor must have his deserved recognition.

        40. The end of speculative science is truth and the end of practical science is action. (Aristotle)

        The goals of science.

        41. Four things cannot be hidden for long: science, stupidity, wealth and poverty. (Averroes)

        Things always reveal themselves.

        42. The best doctor is the one who knows the uselessness of most drugs. (Benjamin Franklin)

        Doctors should be the most human people.

        43. A true scientist solves problems, he does not regret not being able to solve them. (Anne McCaffrey)

        The attitude scientists should have.

        44. Above all else, preparation is the key to success (Alexander Graham Bell)

        No one can succeed without preparation.

        45. Science is the acceptance of what works and the rejection of what does not. It takes more courage than you think. (Jacob Bronowski)

        In science, you have to accept good and evil.

        46. ​​You never know where the next leap will come from, or from whom.

        A little science is that it always surprises us.

        47. Science is believing in the ignorance of scientists. (Richard Phillips Feynman)

        Even in science, we must seek second opinions.

        48. When a prestigious but ancient scientist claims that something is impossible, he is probably wrong. (Arthur C. Clarke)

        In this world, the novelty also aims to have young scientists.

          49. Success in artificial intelligence is the worst thing that can happen to mankind. (Stephen Hawking)

          Criticism of artificial intelligence.

          50. Politicians are short-sighted and science is a long-term thing. (Maria Josefa Yzuel)

          Science is looking for lasting results.

          51. Doubt is the mother of discovery. (Ambroise Bierce)

          Without a doubt, the greatest discoveries have their origin.

          52. Science knows no country because knowledge belongs to mankind, and it is the torch that lights up the world. (Louis Pasteur)

          Knowledge is for everyone.

          53. Science never solves one problem without creating 10 more. (George Bernard Shaw)

          Doubts that never end.

          54. The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new data, but to discover new ways of thinking about it. (William Laurent Bragg)

          Novelty is not limited to new things, but to favorable changes in old knowledge.

          55. Nature has given us the seeds of knowledge, not knowledge itself. (Seneca)

          Knowledge is something that we seek on our own.

          56. A man who dares to waste an hour has not discovered the value of life. (Charles Darwin)

          A call to action and to take advantage of our time.

          57. The end of any exploration will be arriving at the starting point and knowing the place for the first time. (Thomas S. Eliot)

          A beginning that has no end.

          58. Research is what I do when I don’t know what I am doing. (Wernher von Braun)

          Investigate when you feel the need to.

          59. Did science promise happiness? I do not think so. The truth has promised and the question is whether with the truth happiness will ever be achieved. (Emilie Zola)

          Science brings us the truth, whatever it is.

          60. There is hardly a scientific axiom which has not been denied by anyone today. (Max Planck)

          Advancement within science itself.

          61. Each sentence that I say cannot be considered as a statement but as a question. (Niel Bohr)

          How scientists should talk.

          62. Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind. (Albert Einstein)

          Another assertion that the two institutions can go hand in hand.

          63. Science is a center in some hands, while in others it is only a palitrocro. (Michel Eyquem de Montaigne)

          It all depends on people’s enthusiasm and ambitions.

          64. Human science is more about destroying errors than discovering truths. (Socrates)

          The goal that science should have.

          65. Almost everything that distinguishes the modern world from that of past centuries is attributable to science. (Bertrand Russell)

          What science represents for the history of mankind.

          66. The aim of science is to discover and clarify the truth. (Rachel Carson)

          Truth is the sole purpose of any new discovery.

            67. All is not math and all is not simple logic, it is also a little beauty and poetry. (Marie Montessori)

            Science should also not be in conflict with human sensitivity.

            68. What is research if not a blind encounter with knowledge? (Will Harvey)

            If you want to know something, do your research.

            69. For believers, God is in the beginning. For scientists, this is the end of all their thinking. (Max Planck)

            God can also be an important figure in science.

            70. The great thing about science is that it is true whether you believe it or not. (Neil de Grasse Tyson)

            You cannot hide the truth.

            71. Science will always be research, never real discovery. It’s a journey, never an arrival. (Karl Raimund Popper)

            It is an eternal path, never a fixed goal.

            72. The most useful science is that whose fruit is the most communicable. (Leonardo DeVinci)

            A new discovery is useless if it is not possible for everyone to understand.

            73. The role of science is to produce an economy of thought, as the machine saves an economy of force. (Henri Poincaré)

            One of the purposes of science is to invite people to use their curiosity.

            74. Science is like the earth: only a small part can be possessed. (Isaac Newton)

            Science is as endless as the mysteries of the universe.

            75. Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life. (Immanuel Kant)

            One way to see what science represents.

            76. Science without conscience is nothing other than the ruin of the soul. (Rabelais)

            No progress can be demonstrated without first being tested.

            77. With numbers anything can be proven. (Thomas Carlyle)

            The reality of mathematics.

            78. Art is the tree of life. Science is the tree of death. (William Blake)

            Many macabre discoveries have been exposed in the name of science.

            79. Science is a way of life, a perspective. (Brian Greene)

            It is also a passion for some.

            80. Science advances in stages, in leaps and bounds. (Thomas B. Macaualay)

            In this area, things are done with patience.

            81. Science, it will be said, has discovered that our existence is infinitely improbable, so here is a miracle. (Read Strobel)

            Science is proof that we can work miracles.

            82. Mathematics don’t lie, which there are a lot of lying mathematicians. (Henry David Thoreau)

            Never stick to what he teaches you, seek it for yourself.

            83. Religion is a culture of faith; science is a culture of doubt. (Richard P. Feynman)

            Doubt is the basis of all science.

            84. No great discovery has been made without first making a bold assumption. (Isaac Newton)

            It all starts with a thought.

            85. Above all, we need the imagination in the sciences. (Marie Montessori)

            Imagination is fundamental to any research work.

            86. Connect with a scientist and you will connect with a child. (Ray Bradbury)

            Scientists have the souls of curious children.

            87. I think the reason people are less interested in science today than they were fifty years ago is that it has become very complicated. (James Watson)

            For most people, the science is incomprehensible.

              88. Science is made up of mistakes, which in turn are steps to the truth. (Jules Verne)

              Errors that give way to innovative resolutions.

              89. With each new truth revealed, we have a better understanding of nature and our conceptions, and our views, change. (Nikola Tesla)

              All knowledge must be used to eradicate all forms of ignorance.

              90. Scientists do not pursue the truth, it is truth that pursues them. (Karl Schlechta)

              The truth always finds its way.

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