The 90 best temperance phrases

Temperance is an effective and necessary quality for dealing with different types of challenges and problems in life. This not only serves to find a good solution, but also to maintain a constructive attitude and as calm as possible.

In this article you will find a selection of the best phrases about temperance, which help to understand this concept and apply it to everyday life.

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    The Most Inspirational Quotes About Temperance

    This is a collection of quotes and thoughts on temperance that are interesting and can lead you to analyze and improve your reactions.

    1. We become righteous by doing righteous acts; temper, perform acts of temperance; courageous, performing acts of courage. (Aristotle)

    This Greek philosopher tells us that justice begins with honest deeds.

    2. Temperance and hard work are the two best keepers of virtue. (Don Bosco)

    It is essential to have a calm conscience and to be active.

    3. Temperance is intelligent friendship with that which makes us benefit. (Fernando Savater)

    An example of how temperance is represented.

      4. I have no control over your words, but I have control over my answers. (Day)

      Critics are not always personal attacks.

      5. His knowledge has not yet learned to smile and not to be jealous; her majestic passion has not yet returned to beauty. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

      A sign of insecurity.

      6. The measured man has had enough. (Euripides)

      He doesn’t get caught up in greed.

      7. Good taste is in the middle, like virtue; between the madness of the vulgar and that of the elect. (Jean Rostand)

      It is important to know what we can get and what is not within our reach.

      8. Nothing excessive, all in moderation. (Solo)

      Excesses can lead us to perdition.

      9. Temperance is one way when it comes to pleasures. (Aristotle)

      It is knowing how to profit instead of abusing.

      10. Exercise and temperance can preserve some of our initial strength even in old age. (Marc Tuli Ciceró)

      It is because the strength comes from within us.

      11. Health, longevity and beauty are other names for personal purity; and temperance is the regimen for that. (Amos Bronson Alcott)

      Temperance as an ingredient of wholeness.

      12. Temperance is the vigor of the soul. (Jaime Balmes)

      It is a representation of what we wear inside.

      13. Do not curse the darkness; just light a candle. (Confucius)

      We all go through tough times, but they are the ones that make us appreciate the good ones.

      14. Anyone who fights monsters must make sure that by doing so he does not become another monster. (Friederich Nietzsche)

      Be careful not to get carried away by power.

      15. Eternal life is a real and guaranteed fact for those who manage to reach an evolved world. (Enrique Barrios)

      Eternal life is one where we all have an open mind, respectful and empathetic.

        16. It is a great wealth for a man to live calmly and in a serene spirit, for in this way he will never lack a little. (Works)

        Tranquility leads us to moderation.

        17. Here is one of the rules that I find the most useful in life: never abuse it. (Terenci)

        A very important and functional standard.

        18. Order and measure, you will have a good life.

        we all need to have some organization in our lives.

        19. The ingredients of health and long life are great temperance, the outdoors, easy work, and little self-care. (Philippe Sidney)

        Do you agree with this recipe?

        20. I neither drink nor smoke, for my master instilled in me three cardinal virtues; in-person cleaning, head cleaning; temperance. (John Burns)

        Great lessons that we must keep.

        21. Temperance: Don’t eat to the point of boredom and don’t drink until you lose your mind. (Benjamin Franklin)

        Any excess makes us lose control.

        22. She did everything in a methodical and parsimonious way, as if there was nothing that had not been planned for her since birth. (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

        Fate may exist, but it is subject to change.

        23. Patience is the science of peacekeeping. (popular saying)

        What it really means to be patient.

        24. You should always keep a cool head, warm your heart, and throw out your hand. (Confucius)

        It helps us to have a clear view of the world.

        25. Maturity in a man means that he has regained the seriousness he had as a child when he played. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

        Maturity is a sign of a good childhood.

        26. The same virtue is to moderate in joy as to moderate in pain. (Seneca)

        It’s important not to get carried away by excess, but it’s also important not to get carried away by the pain.

        27. Moderation is the state of mind which is possessed. (Marquis de Vauvenargues)

        This is how we can control our actions.

          28. The lively temperament makes people healthy and rich.

          Because it allows you to enjoy life in a healthy way.

          29. Temperance is simply a disposition of the mind that binds passion together. (Thomas Aquinas)

          It is being at peace with who we are and what we want to accomplish.

          30. Temperance in everything is a requirement of happiness. (Benjamin Haydon)

          You cannot be happy if you cannot manage your life well.

          31. Dawn, which is no small feat. (Spanish proverb)

          there is always a new opportunity.

          32. The optimum: the measure. (Cleobule)

          Don’t underestimate the power of organization and calm.

          33. No premature knowledge, no sudden procedures, no problematic jumps. (Fernant the Catholic)

          All at the same time and with the right preparation.

          34. Who is free? Only the one who knows how to master the passions. (Horace)

          When we control our feelings, we allow them to express themselves better.

          35. The smaller the drink, the clearer the head and the colder the blood. (William Penn)

          A tip to moderate with the drink.

          36. The best is temperate temperance; excessive temperance damages the cause of temperance. (Mark Twain)

          Take responsibility for our actions and learn from our mistakes.

          37. Once we learn to make our interlocutors feel differently, instead of bringing them to their senses, we will be better communicators. (Arthur Rowshan)

          It is normal to have different opinions and to respect them.

          38. For me, temperance is essential to a good job. (Edgar Rice Burroughs)

          Good work requires good organization.

          39. Who can be wise, surprised, temperate and angry, Loyal and neutral, in an instant? Anybody. (William Shakespeare)

          Nobody is perfect.

          40. Temperance and work are the two true teachers of man; work sharpens his appetite, and temperance forbids him to abuse it. (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

          The beneficial relationship between temperance and work.

          41. Modesty and humility are sobriety of the spirit, just as temperance and chastity are those of the body. (Benjamin Whichcote)

          One way to keep ourselves clean.

          42. It is little sign of a wise or good man to undergo the transgression of temperance to buy the reputation of a generous entertainer. (Francis Atterbury)

          It is very common to be tempted by easy pleasures, without thinking of the consequences.

          43. The hidden message is only available when it is ready. (Tony Parsons)

          You can’t understand anything that you don’t want to know.

          44. Live soberly and you will be as rich as a king. (Anonymous)

          Not only is it rich in money, but in quality of life.

          45. No table is well adorned without temperance. (Ramon Llull)

          We all need that moderation.

          46. ​​Discipline is necessary in our temperance. (Sunday Adelaja)

          Discipline helps us to know the extent of our limits.

          47. Temperance to be a virtue must be free and not forced. (CA Bartol)

          No one can force another person to be someone else.

          48. The public imagination is seldom captured by a gentle temperament. (Larry J. Saturday)

          Sometimes the imagination is seen as a threat.

          49. All virtue is based on measure. (Seneca)

          some see moderation as a punishment.

          50. I know why the just means are not followed: the intelligent man goes further, the fool goes further. (Confucius)

          It never hurts to explore our options.

          51. In the dark you have either fear or the ability to turn on the light. (Joan Miquel Viadé Freixes)

          It all depends on the confidence you have in yourself.

          52. Temperance is the belt of reason and the brake of passion, the strength of the soul and the foundation of virtue. (Jérémy Taylor)

          It involves temperance in us.

          53. Temperance is a disposition that restricts our desires for the things that are the basis of desire. (Saint Augustin)

          It teaches us what is really important.

          54. Time … excellent doctor of our passions. (Michel Eyquem de Montaigne)

          Time helps us with a myriad of things if we let it happen.

          55. Temperance is moderation in using what is good and total abstinence from what is bad. (Françoise Willard)

          It is what teaches us what makes us good and what hurts us.

            56. We must have a strong mind to maintain moderation when things are going well with us. (Seneca)

            It is very easy to get carried away when you have the money.

            57. Rude people are almost always mistaken in their thoughts. Simplicity is a force that overcomes all cunning. (Giovanni Papini)

            Rude people don’t have the ability to reason.

            58. A mother’s influence on the lives of her children cannot be measured. (Billy Graham)

            Mothers are the primary influences on children.

            59. Health consists only in temperance. (Alexander Pope)

            When we learn to live in peace, our health improves.

            60. When you are irritated, count to ten before speaking; if you are very angry, count to a hundred. (Thomas Jefferson)

            You will appreciate not speaking when you are angry.

            61. Observe moderation: what is provided is the best in all things. (Hesiod)

            What is provided gives us balance.

            62. Nothing excessive. (Solo)

            When we have too many things, they are out of our control.

            63. Moderation is like temperance. We are no longer as reluctant to eat as we are afraid of harming ourselves. (François de La Rochefoucauld)

            It makes us aware of what we need.

            64. Temperance is the wisdom of knowing that not all constructive work requires a hammer. (Wes Fesler)

            You don’t have to be ruthless with someone to learn a lesson.

            65. If temperance prevails, education can prevail; if temperance fails, education must fail. (Horace Mann)

            Temperance goes hand in hand with a quality education.

            66. The righteous is not the one who does not do injustice, but the one who can be unjust does not want to be. (Menandre)

            Who knows what negative things are and how to correct their mistakes.

            67. Smallness has never produced great things. (George Bernard Shaw)

            Sometimes you have to take risks to get a little better.

            68. You will be safer in the middle ground. (Ovid)

            It’s a place to regain strength

            69. In bad weather, good looks. (Spanish proverb)

            Bad things never last long.

            70. What feels best in young people is modesty, modesty, love of temperance and justice. These are the virtues that must form his character. (Socrates)

            It’s never too early to learn to moderate.

            71. In the art of placing pleasure at the service of joy, that is to say in virtue which knows not to fall from taste into displeasure, it has long been called temperance. (Fernando Savater)

            When something is abused, it prevents us from causing pleasure.

            72. Joy, temperance and rest, close the door in the face of the doctor. (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

            Ways in which we can have a healthy life.

            73. Pleasure, peace and happiness live in method and temperance. (Margaret Cavendish)

            It is important to control yourself to benefit from it.

            74. If you cannot avoid anger, at least temper it; if you can’t beware of rabies, at least hold it back. (San Isidor of Seville)

            It’s okay not to suppress negative emotions, but it’s important not to get carried away by them.

            75. Wisdom or intelligence and prudence are intellectuals, liberality and temperance are moral virtues (Aristotle)

            It all starts with our deduction form.

              76. To excess, there is moderation. (Benjamin Disraeli)

              Otherwise it would hurt us a lot.

              77. A mystery that is solved with an explanation has never been. (Karoly Kerényi)

              A mystery is what has prevailed for a long time.

              78. It was told to me and I forgot it, I saw it and I learned it, I did it and I understood it. (Confucius)

              All knowledge must be applied to be conquered.

              79. Take care of your habits, because they will become your destiny. (Mahatma Gandhi)

              The things we do today will influence our lives tomorrow.

              80. It is continued temperance that sustains the body longer and certainly preserves it from disease. (Wilhelm Von Humboldt)

              This is what gives us the strength to continue.

              81. Chastity is a monastic and evangelical superstition, a greater enemy of natural temperance itself than non-intellectual sensuality. (Percy Bysshe Shelley)

              Temperance should not be restrictive.

              82. The virtue of prosperity is temperance; the virtue of adversity is strength. (Francis Bacon)

              Temperance helps us avoid being blinded by success.

              83. Temperance is the food of chastity. (William Wycherley)

              Chastity as a symbol of purity.

              84. The proper function of religion is to regulate the hearts of men, to humanize their conduct, to inculcate the spirit of temperance, order and obedience. (David Hume)

              The purpose of religions.

              85. Temperance adds enthusiasm to pleasure. (Anne-Thérèse de Marguenat de Courcelles)

              Responsible pleasure.

              86. Temperance is love in training. (Dwight L. Moody)

              One way to describe temperance.

              87. We become aware of things when we stop to look at behaviors and events with more distance than when we were fully involved in them. (Jean Shinoda Bolen)

              The way we really learn from experience.

              88. Let us learn to increase continence, to face the mass, to temper the throat, to attenuate anger. (Seneca)

              Learning to deal with our emotions will help us cope with problems.

              89. Half of life is luck. The other half must be the discipline because without it we will not know how to manage the luck. (Voltaire)

              Luck is not everything.

              90. The patient’s lack of temper makes the doctor cruel. (Seneca)

              There are those who do not collaborate with those who want to help them.

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