The 90 best tie phrases

Many think that equality is to ensure that everyone has the same economic or social level, but in reality this concept goes beyond economics; it’s about respecting the rest and trying to make sure that everyone has the same opportunities to be fulfilled and to make their life meaningful and fulfilling.

It has to do both with the way we treat others and with the social transformations we want to lead.

To better understand this value, we go here a review of the best phrases on equality, he commented.

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    The most memorable equality phrases

    This collection of phrases on equality helps us appreciate the importance for all of us to have the same opportunities to improve.

    1. All people are born equal, but this is the last time they are. (Abraham Lincoln)

    As we get older, we may be tempted to think of ourselves as very special or even better for others.

    2. Achieving gender equality is more than a goal, it is a prerequisite for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance. (Kofi Anan)

    Gender equality is very important.

    3. The sex is between the ears and not between the legs. (Chaz Bono)

    Gender is a set of roles and expectations that are partly arbitrary, but which allow the establishment of a system of domination and inequality.

    4. I don’t want women to have power over men, but over themselves. (Marie Wollstonecraft)

    A reflection on the need to take the helm of one’s life.

      5. Equal rights for all, privileges for no one. (Thomas Jefferson)

      We all have the right to be equal before the laws and men.

      6. The two sexes are neither inferior nor superior to each other. They are just different. (Gregorio Marañon)

      There is no such thing as a strong or a weak sex.

      7. Before God we are all equally wise and equally foolish. (Albert Einstein)

      We are all the same in the sight of God.

      8. A man is only allowed to look down on another when he has to help him up. (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

      No need to squat in front of others, no one is inferior.

      9. The sun rises for everyone, and when it rains we are all wet.

      People have a lot in common.

      10. All human beings have their own dignity and each is an end in itself. (Immanuel Kant)

      Decency is important and it helps us to be better.

      11. The first equality is equity. (Victor Hugo)

      Justice must be for everyone.

      12. Where there is little justice, it is a danger to be right. (Francesc de Quevedo)

      Injustice is to avoid speaking out.

      13. If man does not manage to reconcile justice and freedom, everything fails. (Albert Camus)

      We must fight for justice and freedom.

      14. If you practice fairness, even if you die, you will not die. (Tao and ching)

      When you fight for an ideal, your legacy will not die.

      15. The homeland is fairness, respect for all opinions and consolation for those who are sad. (José Marti)

      Respect for the nation is an attitude that we must all apply.

      16. When you lie, you deny the other person the right to the truth. When you cheat, you are stealing the right to fairness. (Khaled Hosseini)

      Lies and deceit are thieves of equality and justice.

      17. Justice is the queen of republican virtues and with it equality and liberty are defended. (Simó Bolivar)

      Without real justice, there are no rights and no freedom.

      18. Success for gender equality requires the participation of women and men, girls and boys. It is everyone’s responsibility. (Ban Ki-moon)

      We must all strive to ensure gender equality.

      19. A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle. (Gloria Steinem)

      It refers to the importance of living as a couple.

      20. The problem with equality is that we only want it with those above. (Henri Becque)

      Many times we focus on helping those who are like us and put those in the lower class aside.

      21. Gender equality must be a lived reality. (Michelle Bachelet)

      It is inconceivable that in the middle of the 21st century, gender equality will not be a reality.

      22. All men are equal in at least one aspect: the desire to be different. (William Randolph Hearst)

      We always have the desire to be different from others.

      23. All men should be feminists. If they cared about women’s rights, the world would be a better place. (John legend)

      Woman is despised in many ways.

      24. To be free is not only to let go of one’s own chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. (Nelson Mandela)

      Our own freedom is achieved when we fight for the freedom of others.

      25. To call women “the weaker sex” is a slander; it is the injustice of the man towards the woman. (Mahatma Gandhi)

      The woman is classified as being of the weaker sex, the reality is completely different.

        26. Equality may be a right, but no human power ever comes to make it a fact. (Honoré de Balzac)

        Achieving equality is a difficult task to accomplish.

        27. When a man wants to kill a tiger, he calls it sport; when it is the tiger who wants to kill him, he calls it ferocity. (George Bernard Shaw)

        Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want them to do to you.

        28. Fighting for women’s rights often makes us synonymous with hatred of men. I just know one thing’s for sure: we need to stop these thoughts. (Emma Watson)

        Women should not underestimate men when they are fighting for their ideals.

        29. If someone considers himself limited by sex, race or origin, he will become even more limited. (Carly Fiorina)

        There is no obstacle preventing you from being free.

        30. There is no barrier, lock or bolt that you can impose on the freedom of my mind. (Virginia Woolf)

        Freedom of thought is something we should all have.

        31. The only stable state is one in which all citizens are equal before the law. (Aristotle)

        For this great philosopher of ancient Greece, the law was made for everyone without any distinction.

        32. Equality is like gravity, a necessity. (Joss Whedon)

        Without equality, the world would be chaos.

        33. Racial, gender-based, sexual and other forms of discrimination and violence cannot be eliminated without culture change. (Charlotte Bunch)

        There are cultures where women, people of color and of sexual preference, are grounds for segregation and intimidation.

        34. Don’t walk in front of me, maybe don’t follow each other. Don’t walk behind me, maybe I won’t guide you. Walk with me and be my friend. (Albert Camus)

        We should not think of ourselves as superior or inferior in front of anyone.

        35. To educate for equality and respect is to educate against violence. (Benjamin Franklin)

        When we educate children in an environment of respect and equality, we will form noble and empathetic people.

        36. Is not the superior idea of ​​discipline that these soldiers carry in their blood enough to invalidate their capacity for fairness? Who says discipline says obedience. (Emile Zola)

        Discipline does not always mean obedience.

        37. Love cannot be tamed, cannot be improvised, does not impose itself; it is built in between. In all fairness. (Yasmina Khadra)

        Love is built between two, from an equal relationship.

        38. Nothing is preferable to justice. (Socrates)

        Justice must be the north.

        39. Equality before the law is not a fact but a political demand based on a moral decision. (Karl Raimund Popper)

        Laws should be the same for everyone.

          40. No one can give you your freedom. No one can give you your equality or your justice or anything else. If you’re a man, take it. (Malcolm X)

          You alone are responsible for your destiny.

          41. If you practice righteousness, even if you die, you will not die. (Lao Tse)

          If you are fair you will be an example to follow.

          42. Anyone who knows a little about history knows that progress would be impossible without the female figure. (Karl Marx)

          Women have been a key figure in all the important events that have existed and will exist.

          43. The desired equality cannot exist in society, as it does not exist in nature.

          Nature also deserves respect.

          44. The level of civilization attained by various human societies is proportional to the independence enjoyed by women. (Flore Tristan)

          Women have been a key figure in society.

          45. Not all citizens of a state can have the same power, but they should be equally free. (Voltaire)

          Freedom is more important than power.

          46. ​​Gender inequality decreases the ability to see the other as similar.

          Inequality allows people to be seen as inferior.

          47. If there is no coffee for everyone, there will be no coffee for anyone. (Ernest ‘Che’ Guevara)

          It refers to the fact that we must all have the same rights.

          48. The good of many is better than the wealth of a few. (José Marti)

          We must all have the same opportunities.

          49. I am a woman and I write. I am a commoner and I can read. I was born a servant and I am free. I have seen wonderful things in my life. I have done wonderful things in my life. (Rosa Montero)

          Neither gender nor social class are excuses not to fight for what is wanted.

          50. Privilege is the greatest enemy of the law. (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

          To have privileges is to believe that you are superior.

          51. When women are in power, they make a huge difference in the lives of everyone around them. (Prince Harry of England)

          Words that reinforce the power of the female figure.

          52. Let every man recognize his neighbor as his equal by nature. Breaking this precept is pride. (Thomas Hobbes)

          Pride prevents us from recognizing the equality of persons.

          53. Equality is a vital necessity of the human soul. (Simone Weil)

          Human beings must be recognized for their equality.

          54. The test of courage comes when we are in the minority. The test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority. (Ralph W. Sockman)

          Tolerance and courage are learned by living with other people.

            55. Marriage must be open to any adult couple wishing to enter into this contract, regardless of their sexual orientation. It is a question of inequality of civil rights. (Judith Butler)

            Love knows no sexual orientation.

            56. What greater word or glory than to belong to a country where the laws, equity and judgment of public opinion are respected! (Francesc de Paula Santander)

            To have a country where respect and justice are its flag, it is a place where it is worth living.

            57. Ethics and fairness are principles of justice which do not change with the timetable. (DH Laurent)

            Behaving impeccably and being fair is something that has no expiration date.

            58. The absence of surprises gives us confidence, we are on the path to well-being. (Margaret Mazzantini)

            Surprises are not always pleasant.

            59. It is necessary to move from a society of production of material products to another type of society of subsistence of all life, and of production of human values ​​which can be shared by all because the Earth belongs to all. (Leonardo Buff)

            Teaching values ​​is what will allow us to have a planet to live on.

            60. Democracy has the best name there is: Equality. (Herodotus)

            In a democracy, anything is possible.

            61. There are few righteous people because there are few people willing to give everyone what he deserves. (Ricard García Damborenea)

            Giving people what they deserve allows them to have a fairer and more balanced society.

            62. Everyone loves his equal, and feels his good and his evil.

            Each person has someone to love.

            63. There is a plan and a goal, a lifetime value, regardless of where you live, your age, your gender or your disability. (Sharron angle)

            We are all born with a purpose to accomplish.

            64. The same amount of respect and care is due to every human being, because the human being does not have degrees. (Simone Weil)

            No one can be considered superior.

            65. All the peoples of the earth are equal from birth, all peoples have the right to live, to be free and happy. (Ho Chi Minh City)

            Humanity was born to be free.

            66. Equality is the soul of freedom; in fact, there is no freedom without it. (Frances Wright)

            Without freedom, there is no equality and vice versa.

            67. Labeling gender-based violence as a “women’s problem” is part of the problem. He gives a lot of men the perfect excuse not to pay attention. (Jackson Katz)

            Man and woman are part of everything, they both have to work together.

              68. It is time to see genres as a spectrum rather than as two opposing ideals.

              The issue of gender is taboo in many societies.

              69. When the woman obtains equality with the man, she becomes superior to him. (Margaret Thatcher)

              Women were ranked with a higher degree of superiority than men.

              70. The two sexes superior or inferior are not to each other. They are just different. (Gregorio Marañon)

              The man and the woman are different but with the same rights.

              71. The bravest act is to think for yourself. Out loud. (Coco Chanel)

              It is always important to speak up for what is unfair.

              72. Wise women rarely make history. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

              Women who fought for a just cause are the ones who excelled.

              73. Equality for women is progress for all. (Ban Ki-moon)

              Increasingly, women have succeeded in occupying positions which were only the competence of men.

              74. I want for myself what I want for other women: absolute equality. (Agnes Macphail)

              We must fight to achieve equality for women.

              75. Equality between men and women will be achieved when a woman with an empty head can go as far as a man with the same characteristic. (Estella E. Ramey)

              There are women with few qualities who can go far.

              76. The longer we live, the more we realize that we are like other people. (Oliver Wendell Holmes)

              We all age the same.

              77. Death, fires and theft make all men equal. (Charles Dickens)

              Death is the fate we all have regardless of race, skin color, sexual preference, or religion.

              78. It is thanks to work that the woman has succeeded in bridging the distance which separates her from the man. (Simone de Beauvoir)

              The woman through struggle and effort could be at the same time as the man.

              79. The law must be like death, which excludes no one. (Montesquieu)

              Laws should be for everyone.

              80. It is always more valuable to have respect than the admiration of people. (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

              It is better to be respected than to be admired.

              81. Treat the little ones as you would like to be treated by the big ones. (Spanish proverb)

              Everyone should be treated the same.

              82. Equality implies individuality. (Trey Anastasio)

              Having a strong personality is what leads to equality.

              83. Whatever freedom we strive for, it must be a freedom based on equality. (Judith Butler)

              The freedom that implies equality is what is worth.

              84. Work is the only thing that can guarantee you complete freedom. (Simone de Beauvoir)

              Working hard is what guarantees complete freedom.

              85. It is fear that makes us lose consciousness. It is also what turns us into a coward. (Marjane Satrapi)

              Fear keeps us from reaching the goal.

              86. The soul has no sex. (Anonymous)

              In the heart there is no difference.

              87. Where someone fights for their dignity, for equality, to be free… look them in the eye. (Bruce Springsteen)

              Anyone who fights for rights and equality deserves our respect.

                88. I consider myself to be a “feminist man”. Isn’t that what we call someone who fights for women’s rights? (Dalai Lama)

                Men must also fight for women’s rights.

                89. The saddest thing a woman can do is make a mistake to please a man. (Emma Watson)

                A woman should never be disparaged to get a man’s attention.

                90. The test of whether or not you can do a job shouldn’t depend on how your chromosomes are organized. (Bella Abzoug)

                Discrimination against women at work is unfortunately part of life.

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