The 95 best cunning phrases

Intelligence is a mental ability that we can use to resolve conflicts or escape unnecessary problems. It is also used to achieve things or achieve goals in a creative way.

However, there is a dark side to it, and that is that a lot of people can use trickery for their ambition, to go above and beyond.

Below is a selection of the best cunning phrases, he commented.

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    The most memorable cunning phrases

    This is a collection of cunning quotes and thoughts that will help you use it and understand how it is reflected in relationships, communication, decision making, etc.

    1. In any negotiation, the honest man is destined to take the worst part, while evil and bad faith are the ultimate goals. (Mika Waltari)

    The cunning of others stands between the honesty of some and their goals.

    2. Cunning is the dark sanctuary of incapacity. (Philip Stanhope of Chesterfield)

    The one who shows cunning for good as for evil, in reality hides his lack of skills to achieve his goals while respecting others.

      3. The cunning of a fox is better than the scent of a good hunter.

      There are times when being smart is the best way.

      4. Have the courage to stop the anger and wait for the right time to release it. (Genghis Khan)

      Practice the trick at the right time.

      5. The crafty may have dresses, but in reality she likes to get naked. (Thomas Fuller)

      Intelligence always comes in the most frivolous way.

      6. And you are not surprised by my cunning but by your ignorance which makes it stand out. (Reynaldo Arenas)

      Intelligence is wiser than ignorance.

      7. The misfortune of man, as I interpret it, comes from his greatness; it is because there is in him an Infinite which, with all its cunning, cannot sink completely into the Finite. (Thomas Carlyle)

      Man always tries to be smart when it comes to infidelity.

      8. They are also nice to you. But it has always been the ruse of cowards. Yes, cowards are cunning! (Friedrich Nietzsche)

      Cunning disguises itself as kindness.

      9. Skill is tricky what dexterity in the scam.

      Skill goes hand in hand with cunning.

      10. Even sacrificing or giving up is a matter of cunning. (Cesare Pavese)

      To solve a situation, you have to be smarter than the problem.

      11. Intelligence is not one of the best or the worst qualities. He floats between virtue and vice. (The Heather)

      Being cunning can be classified as a virtue or as a flaw.

      12. A sage is not a human being who sidesteps the parka with cunning, ingenuity and innovation, but neither is he desperately looking for it, he waits patiently while he has more ideas in development and production in the future. her head. (Hermès Antonio Varillas Labrador)

      An intelligent person waits for his moment and then acts.

      13. The people learned that they were alone and that they had to fight for themselves and that they would draw from their bowels the means, the silence, the cunning and the strength. (Rodolf Walsh)

      When fighting for ideals, you should always be smart.

      14. The cunning of the woman is so great that in the long run even Machiavelli himself could not escape his nets. (William Thackeray)

      Woman is cunning by nature.

      15. There comes a time when patience ceases to be a virtue. (Edmond Burke)

      Patience is a virtue that very few have.

      16. Cunning is the art of hiding our faults and uncovering the weaknesses of others. (William Hazlitt)

      When you learn to recognize other people’s weaknesses and your own, then you can see yourself as a cunning person.

        17. Never stay in the barren heights of cunning, but better to descend into the green valleys of madness. (Ludwig Wittgenstein)

        Being cunning means not showing it off in front of others.

        18. Lying is very tricky. (Anonymous)

        Whoever lies is looking for a way to be credible.

        19. God has taken power from the devil, but not knowledge.

        Being powerful is not the same as being smart.

        20. Science which deviates from righteousness rather than science should be characterized as cunning. (Marc Tuli Cicero)

        He who is outlaw should not be called cunning.

        21. Nature hides its secret because it is sublime, not by cunning. (Albert Einstein)

        Not revealing our secrets is an act of intelligence.

        22. No woman marries for personal interest: all have the cunning, before marrying a millionaire, to fall in love with him. (Cesare Pavese)

        Love is not a matter of cunning, but of feelings.

        23. The cunning always win at the start and are usually defeated before the end. (Phaedra)

        A cunning person wins first, but it doesn’t last forever.

        24. The trick is to see a hundred yards ahead, wisdom fifty miles ahead. (Charles William Day)

        Clever cunning is a wise decision.

        25. Intelligence grows in deception when it is discovered and tries to deceive with the truth itself.

        Someone who is discovered is quickly lost to follow-up.

        26. There are two peaceful powers: law and cunning. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

        Doing things legally and intelligently is the right way to achieve your goals.

          27. Skill, which is part of ingenuity, is often used to compensate for its scarcity. (Giacomo Leopardi)

          When insight is lacking, cunning makes its appearance.

          28. The great cunning of some is often nothing more than the stupidity of others. (Hugues-Bernard Maret)

          The cunning exist because there are the stupid ones.

          29. The lion would be cunning if he took advice from the fox. (William Blake)

          Learn from what you know.

          30. The weak in value is strong in cunning. (William Blake)

          Cunning makes the fragile man regain courage.

          31. Every man wants to be wise, and those who cannot be wise are almost always cunning. (Samuel Johnson)

          A wise person is very difficult to find, while a cunning person is everywhere.

          32. Intelligence is a short blanket, if you put it on your face, expose your feet. (Austin O’Malley)

          Wisdom is not eternal.

          33. Human life is like a game of dice: if you cannot face the one that suits you best, you must skillfully try to take advantage of whatever has touched you. (Terenci)

          Life should be lived with cunning.

          34. Tears are not only an indication of a sensitive and compassionate nature; they are also an indication of weakness and cunning. (François Fénelon)

          Many people use crying as a cunning tool.

          35. In contact with things, the heart of man becomes tangled and struggles: prudence, cunning, calm. (Zhuangzi)

          In combat, you need to have common sense, playfulness and calm.

          36. Honesty may be the best policy, but leaving on time was smarter of me. (Robert Crais)

          There are situations where a timely withdrawal is better than being inactive.

            37. A thug favored by fortune ceases to be a thug. He is already a banker, a politician, an administrator, a trader, in short, a successful man. (Etienne Rey)

            A malicious person manages to get high.

            38. There is nothing trickier than the deception involved. If you want to find out the truth, first find out the lies that surround the illusion. (Virginie Alison)

            The lie is still uncovered.

            39. Learn to think well, then be your own Shepherd; otherwise, you will be the miserable sheep of all kinds of cunning shepherds! (Mehmet Murat ildan)

            Find your way.

            40. An individual’s intelligence is measured by the amount of uncertainties he can endure. (Immanuel Kant)

            A wise person knows how to best handle each situation.

            41. Someone is so intelligent that he learns from the experience of others. (Voltaire)

            It’s good to learn from the experiences of others.

            42. God dies for materialized man, who thinks that he cannot be man or superman, rather than if God is not God. (Jacques Maritain)

            Man wants to be superior at all times.

            43. He has the ferocity of a lion, the cowardice of a hare, the cunning of a fox… (Lu Xun)

            It must be fierce, but a little scared and being shrewd.

            44. In addition to prudence and reserve, prudence means cunning. (Arturo Pérez-Reverte)

            Caution is a way of being cunning.

            45. You will see that this gift of observation, called knowing the world, is more often used to make men cunning than to make them good. (Samuel Johnson)

            Today’s world is so turbulent that not everyone is looking for a trick.

            46. ​​Self-esteem is more cunning than the cunning man in the world. (François de La Rochefoucauld)

            Self-esteem should never be lost.

            47. Only intelligence is examined. (Jaime Balmes)

            An intelligent person is superior to himself.

            48. The prince must make use of man and beast: cunning as a fox to escape snares, and strong as a lion to frighten wolves. (Nicolas Machiavelli)

            You just need to be more discriminating in helping others.

              49. Virtue is a horizontal line; the force is the vertical line; and the trick is an oblique line. (Jean Louis Auguste Commerson)

              Cunning has its ups and downs.

              50. Intelligence always surrounds people, and how many houses surround the burning fire! (Alhacén)

              In every family, cunning is always present.

              51. The cunning steals a horse, the wise one leaves him alone. (Benjamin Franklin)

              A shrewd person acts badly, while a clever one knows how to act.

              52. We are just an advanced race of apes on a planet smaller than an average star. But we can understand the universe. It makes us very special.

              Despite his imperfections, man is a very intelligent being.

              53. The primary obligation of intelligence is to be wary of it. (Stanislaw Jerzy Lec)

              Do not think that you are superior to a great knowledge.

              54. Regardless of her size, a woman always beats the devil with cunning. (Italian proverbs)

              The woman is very intelligent and clever.

              55. Be courageous or cunning in the face of an enemy. (Publilius Syrus)

              In front of your opponent, stay strong, insightful, and fearless.

              56. Illness makes a thug. (Samuel Johnson)

              In difficult times, man becomes more skillful.

              57. Here you must be able to live the trick. (Bertolt Brecht)

              In life, you have to be very cunning.

              58. He had the faithfulness and devotion born under the protection of fire and roof, but he had retained the ferocity and cunning. (Jack London)

              In a relationship, loyalty and cunning must be maintained.

                59. Love seeks in beings, beyond the flesh, a secret of burning, science and cunning that only those who have lived a long time possess. (François Mauriac)

                Love focuses not only on physical contact, but also on shared moments and shared secrets.

                60. The strategy is to make decisions, compensate; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different. (Michael Porter)

                Many of the decisions we make require strategies in order to thrive.

                61. One man may be cunning than another, but not cunning than everyone else. (Benjamin Franklin)

                The cunning reaches a very short space.

                62. You may be smarter than others, but it is dangerous to look like this. (Etienne Cueilhe)

                Don’t prove that you are smart.

                63. Intelligence is often boring like a lamp in a room. (Ludwig Börne)

                It’s disgusting to always be around someone cunning.

                64. I will watch over the cunning of the serpent and I will bite you with poison. Mortal !, you will regret the harm you have done me. (Marie Shelley)

                Beware of a woman’s cunning.

                65. No person of humble state has ever acquired great power by force alone, but only by cunning. (Nicolas Machiavelli)

                You always win more with cunning than with power.

                66. What does it matter to a God who does not know anger, vengeance, mockery, cunning, violence? (Friedrich Nietzsche)

                God can also be cunning.

                67. You have to be cunning and mean in this world. (Leo Tolstoy)

                A lot of people see cunning and meanness as the best way to behave.

                68. Intelligence leads to evil. There is only one step from one to the other, and it is very slippery. Just lying makes all the difference; add this to the ruse, and it is wrong. (Ovid)

                Picardy is also an art of living.

                69. Because we may also need cunning for love. (Sándor Marai)

                Love also works with a touch of cunning.

                70. The man, whose appetite for rapacious acucia, naive malice and natural cunning, formed intelligence and monopolized the earth. And yet the truth proclaims! Supreme war tower! (Antonio Machado)

                He refers to the way this great author sees man.

                71. Intelligence is a kind of myopia, which discovers the smallest objects nearby, but is unable to discern things at a distance. (Joseph Addison)

                A shrewd person can only see up close.

                72. The truths revealed by intelligence remain sterile. Only the heart is capable of making dreams come true. (Anatole France)

                Love with all your heart every dream you want to make.

                73. The more cunning a man, the less he suspects that he will get caught up in something simple. (Fyodor Dostoyevsky)

                A cunning man is also dangerous.

                74. Stupidity is the strangest disease. The patient never suffers, those who really suffer are the rest. (Paul-Henrl Spaak)

                Stupidity does not affect those who suffer from it, but those around them.

                75. For my part, I believe that this uneducated spirit was one of those caught up in their own lies, and that fanaticism ran through him like a ruse. (Marguerite Yourcenar)

                The ignorant are trapped in their own world.

                76. One may be more cunning than another, but not more cunning than all the others. (François de La Rochefoucauld)

                We may be better than others, but there will always be someone better than us.

                77. What would a writer be without this obstacle which forces him to take subtle detours to say what cannot be said? Literary technique wins. (Azorin)

                The ignorant are trapped in their own world.

                78. When stating the obvious, never choose cunning. The call works better. (Cynthia Ozick)

                It is better to say something directly than to seek the artifice to do it.

                  79. Art is the ultimate ruse of the human soul which would do anything before facing the gods. (Iris Murdoch)

                  Intelligence is an art.

                  80. Patience and time do more than strength and violence. (Jean de la Fontaine)

                  Give it time and incorporate a dose of patience.

                  81. Nothing is more like an honest man than a rascal who knows his trade. (Xavier Güell)

                  The clever man knows very well what he is doing.

                  82. The aim of war is homicide; their instruments, espionage, betrayal, the ruin of the inhabitants, looting and theft to supply the army, deception and lies, called military ruse. (Leo Tolstoy)

                  Intelligence is one of the great weapons of war.

                  83. I am cunning, cruel, cunning and addicting. (Anthony Hopkins)

                  Phrase that refers to the way this actor sees himself.

                  84. Nothing hurts more in a state than shrewd men pass for wise men. (Francis Bacon)

                  The cunning of many impoverishes a country.

                  85. It is the great lack of wine; first he stumbles with his feet: he is a cunning fighter. (Plautus)

                  Despite the difficulties, you have to be very cunning.

                  86. Looks like the innocent flower, but it’s the serpent below. (William Shakespeare)

                  Don’t show all of your cards at once.

                  87. Time is the only capital of people who have only their intelligence by chance. (Honoré de Balzac)

                  The only thing a lot of people have is their intelligence.

                  88. Do not be stupid or cunning, but be wise. (Benjamin Franklin)

                  Commitment to knowledge.

                  89. Most people are like needles: their heads are not the most important thing. (Jonathan Swift)

                  There are people who just focus on cultivating their egos.

                  90. Envy, like the worm, never runs except towards the most beautiful fruit; like a cunning sage, he chooses the largest deer of the herd. (Francis Beaumont)

                  Envy always goes for the best price.

                  91. There’s an old saying, the devil knows better about the old than the devil. And my dad is both.

                  Older people have in-depth knowledge.

                  92. The art of using deception and cunning is continually becoming weaker and less effective for the one who uses them. (John Tillotson)

                  A person who always cheats, over time loses strength.

                    93. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

                    Patience is a very difficult art to master.

                    94. Love is a cunning weaver of fantasies and fables. (Sappho)

                    Love brings excitement and dreams.

                    95. Where there is only cunning cunning, there is necessarily pettiness. To say cunning is to say mediocre. (Victor Hugo)

                    Intelligence brings selfishness.

                    Intelligence is not a good or a bad quality, but an attitude that a person has towards a situation and how it affects their environment.

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