The 95 best deceitful phrases

A lot of things can be deceptive in this life, such as a person’s supposed affection, love for someone, the quality of a product, or the opportunity someone offers us … Deception is a element common to many human interactions, even if it is an uncomfortable reality.

This is why it is important to know the nuances of this phenomenon and its ways of manifesting itself in communication. If the topic interests you, keep reading; here you will find a selection of the best deceitful phrases, he commented.

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    The most interesting and memorable deception phrases

    This collection of phrases on deception helps to understand the phenomenon of lies and betrayal in all its forms.

    1. In an age of universal deception, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. (George Orwell)

    Never put the truth aside, as it can lead to large-scale social change.

    2. The first time you cheat on me, it will be your fault; the second time, the blame will be mine. (Arabic proverbs)

    We must beware of people who have already failed us.

    3. He who wants to lie deceives, and he who wants to deceive lies. (German Matthew)

    Lying goes hand in hand with deception.

    4. The person who cheats on you once will cheat on you all your life, not like the first time, but will cheat on you in different ways no matter what they say.

    Better to cut all ties with someone who cheated on you.

    5. Over time, a painful truth is better than a useful lie. (Thomas Mann)

    To live in a lie is to deny reality.

    6. What worries me is not that you lied to me, but that now I won’t be able to believe in you. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

    When we experience the deception, it is very difficult to trust that person again.

    7. To whom you tell your secret, you make it your master.

    Be careful who explains your stuff.

    8. Faced with what is repeated, and in the absence of anyone to contradict, everyone believes, which does not mean knowing. (Fernant de la Rúa)

    They all have an opinion which they consider to be true.

    9. It is better to be defeated by telling the truth than to succeed by a lie. (Mahatma Gandhi)

    A victory based on deception is an empty victory.

      10. He who receives what he cannot pay is deceiving. (Seneca)

      There is always a reason to go out with our own.

      11. I understand that a lie is a deception and that the truth is not. But I was deceived by both. (Antonio Porchia)

      A disappointment even more difficult to overcome.

      12. A community is always better off than a man. (Pio Baroja)

      It is awfully easy to control the masses.

      13. Lies are in the mind, but the truth is in the soul. (Sofia Reis)

      A closed mind refuses to see change.

      14. The half-truth is the most cowardly of lies. (Mark Twain)

      A half-truth is more of a lie than anything else.

      15. The most common lie is the one a man is wrong with. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

      It is very common to lie to yourself.

      16. Art is the most beautiful of all deceptions. (Claude Debussy)

      Art makes everything beautiful.

      17. Don’t lie to me unless you are completely sure that I will never find the truth.

      A lie is always discovered.

      18. Slander with boldness: something will always remain. (Francis Bacon)

      It takes great daring and a good memory to lie.

      19. Lies and secrets are like cancer in the soul. They eat what is good and leave nothing but destruction. (Cassandre Claire)

      Nothing comes out of a lie.

      20. Tell the truth every now and then so that they will believe you when you are lying. (Jules Renard)

      A dangerous recipe.

      21. A lie is the same as a betrayal, which is why I prefer the truth even if it hurts my heart.

      We see lying as a way to make fun of ourselves.

      22. The intention never to deceive never exposes us to being deceived more than once. (François de La Rochefoucauld)

      There is also no need to sin innocently, it is better to have some indication of doubt.

      23. When you lie, you deny the other person the right to the truth. When you cheat, you are stealing the right to fairness. (Khaled Hosseini)

      Reality after a deception.

      24. The whole art of war is based on deception. (Sun Tzu)

      A deception which is beneficial, to avoid the war itself.

      25. You can fool anyone all the time. You can cheat some of them all the time. But you can’t fool everyone all the time. (Abraham Lincoln)

      Sooner or later someone will find out about your lies.

      26. To cover up a fault with a lie is to replace a stain with a hole.

      We have to take responsibility for our mistakes to correct them.

      27. Most men, falsifying the truth, want to pretend to be better. (Aeschylus)

      Those who brag all the time have something to hide.

      28. If someone is lying about something small, you don’t know what else they are lying about. (Jennifer Morrison)

      When you find out about a lie, you start to doubt the rest is true.

      29. The only thing worse than a liar is a hypocritical liar. (Tennessee Williams)

      Stay away from those who don’t take their mistakes, but look for excuses to justify them.

      30. With a lie he usually goes very far, but with no hope of returning. (Jewish proverb)

      You may not be able to regain the confidence you once had.

      31. A lie may seem like the solution to getting out of the present, but it has no future.

      It may help you now, but it will cost you dearly tomorrow.

      32. How many times does it result from a deception, against the deceiver the greatest evil! (Félix Maria Samaniego)

      Both good and bad are coming back.

      33. History is a set of justified lies. (Napoleon Bonaparte)

      There are a lot of lies in the story, it depends on who is telling it.

      34. The lies we tell to others are nothing compared to the lies we tell ourselves. (Derek Landy)

      Sometimes it’s a defensive element in the face of reality.

      35. I found myself after cremating the clothes of deception. (Alejandro Lanus)

      The advantage of lying is that it allows you to see the truth clearly.

        36. It costs nothing to tell the truth, but to lie can cost you dearly.

        You may not see any problem now, but you will regret it later.

        37. Know the facts first, then twist them as much as you want. (Mark Twain)

        To change something, you have to know its origin in depth.

        38. Don’t lie, said the liar. (popular saying)

        Ironically, liars are the most offended when they discover a lie.

        39. When you realize that a truth is a lie, what follows is anger. (Grace Slick)

        No feeling of kindness can arise in these situations.

        40. A half-empty glass of wine is also half-full, but a half-lie is by no means a half-truth. (Jean Cocteau)

        The truth is complete or nothing.

        41. If you have been successful in cheating on a person, it doesn’t mean he’s stupid, it means he trusted you more than you deserve.

        Don’t waste the trust someone gives you.

        42. Deceiving what deceives is doubly entertaining. (Jean de la Fontaine)

        A revenge that arises of itself.

        43. Don’t be fooled by how people look. (Brian Weiss)

        As the saying goes, appearances deceive

        44. It is prudent not to completely trust those who once deceived us. (René Descartes)

        If someone cheats on us once, they can do it a second time.

        45. We are easily deceived by those we love. (Molière)

        Unfortunately, it is our loved ones who can hurt us the most.

        46. ​​Deceit hurts, destroys, breaks and tears. Not a good decision, nor a good accomplice. (Eduardo Alighieri)

        So think twice when you think it’s better to lie to someone.

        47. The greatest friend of truth is time; its fiercest enemy, prejudice; and his constant companion, humility. (Charles C. Colton)

        The truth always comes out.

        48. Lying is a basic means of self-defense. (Susan Sontag)

        One way to prevent others from harming you.

          49. With the bait of a lie, a real carp is caught. (William Shakespeare)

          The only positive side of a lie.

          50. No lie to those who trust you, don’t trust those who decide to lie to you.

          Great tips for applying.

          51. Although the analogy is often misleading, it is the least misleading we have. (Samuel Butler)

          Try to reason and listen to your gut at the same time.

          52. Deceiving others is a relatively futile flaw. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

          Nothing productive happens after hurting someone.

          53. I would rather be hurt by the truth than feel comforted by a lie. (Khaled Hosseini)

          The pain of the truth lasts a moment, the weight of the lie can be carried away forever.

          54. Secrecy is the mother of all lies. (Toba beta)

          There are secrets that should not be kept.

          55. An error does not become true because everyone believes it. (Mahatma Gandhi)

          We forgive a mistake when the person is ready to correct it.

          56. No one is more likely to fall into deception than one for whom the lie is in accordance with his wishes. (Jorge Bucay)

          Be careful with the fantastic things they promise you.

          57. Deception is when what was first refused is granted. (Seneca)

          There are great things that are accomplished by deception.

            58. Lie once and all your truths will turn to doubts.

            The price you pay when you decide to use the lie.

            59. The liar is caught before the lame. (Spanish proverb)

            No one can lie to everyone at the same time.

            60. There is nothing more hateful than the stench of lies. (Martin Sheen)

            No one wants to be fooled.

            61. We are all islands that cry out lies, across the seas of incomprehension. (Rudyard Kipling)

            It is misunderstandings that breed betrayals.

            62. Don’t believe anything they tell you, and what you see, only half. (Popular proverb)

            Check things out for yourself.

            63. It is better to cry to hear the truth, than to smile deceived by lies.

            No lie is worth living.

            64. The crime of those who deceive us is not deception, but they no longer let us dream that they will never deceive us. (Víctor Ruiz Iriarte)

            The punishment is not to be discovered, but to lose confidence forever.

            65. I have more respect for a man who lets me know his position, even if he is wrong. Let the other come as an angel but turn out to be a demon. (Malcolm X)

            Differences are not our enemies, they are hypocritical people.

            66. Come closer, for the more they think they can see, the easier it will be to deceive them. (Morgan FREEMAN)

            We can be wrong when we create false expectations.

              67. The art of loving is the art of deceiving. (Marquis de Vauvenargues)

              Not all people are as wonderful as they claim.

              68. The truth hurts only once, lying every time it is remembered.

              The lie is a circle that always turns in circles.

              69. The punishment of the liar is not to be believed, even if he speaks the truth. (Aristotle)

              Relentless punishment.

              70. A lie cannot live. (Martin Luther King)

              Lies have no future.

              71. No liar wants to admit that he is.

              They don’t want to accept that they have a big problem.

              72. Of all the ways of deceiving others, the pose of serious is the one that does the most damage. (Santiago Rusiñol)

              The crudest lies are those that are told in a tone of unmistakable seriousness.

              73. The reason I talk to myself so much is because I am the only one who has the answers I accept. (George Carlin)

              Critics are assumed based on what we perceive.

              74. When witnesses invent lies, they often forget the most obvious questions. (John Grisham)

              No one repeats the same story perfectly.

              75. Sometimes people need to lie to themselves more than anything else. (Patrick Ness)

              As a kind of balm to relieve the pressures of society.

              76. The naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie. (Ann Lander)

              Never reject the power of truth.

              77. Living a lie will reduce you to being a lie. (Ashly Lorenzana)

              If you live a lie, anything you do will be a hoax.

              78. You cannot have a good relationship with people who wear masks all the time.

              How can you trust someone who won’t let anyone near you?

              79. The evil of slander is like the stain of oil: it always leaves imprints. (Napoleon Bonaparte)

              When you slander someone, without having precise bases, you ruin their life.

              80. Do not trust men even if you see them cry, that they think they cry how they are going to cheat on you.

              There are people who cannot be trusted.

              81. Lying is done with words, but also with silences. (Adrienne Rich)

              Silence makes us complicit in a deception.

              82. Nothing deceives us as much as our own judgment. (Leonardo DeVinci)

              That is why it is always good to ask for the opinions of others.

              83. The ironic thing about lies is that you want to uncover one, and you end up finding them all.

              When you find out a lie, you can see what is wrong.

              84. The easiest way to be deceived is to think that you are smarter than others. (François de La Rochefoucauld)

              One way to deceive us.

              85. It is not gold, all that glitters. (Proverb)

              So don’t get carried away by the things you see at first glance.

              86. Time turns our lies into truths. (Gene Wolfe)

              There is a saying that prays lie to yourself until you believe it

              87. The problem isn’t the lie, it’s that you think I don’t deserve the truth.

              It gives the impression of having been demoted.

              88. The scams and stories, of which hundreds are born. (Spanish proverb)

              When a lie is told this ladder to the mouths where it falls.

              89. A lie can be less a lie than a well-chosen truth. (Jean Rostand)

              Even the truths can be misleading.

              90. All men are born sincere and die liars. (Marquis de Vauvenargues)

              We’ve all lied once.

              91. A lie would be meaningless if the truth was not perceived as dangerous. (Alfred Adler)

              Lies arise when the truth is too risky to tell.

                92. In the mouth of the impostor, the truth becomes doubtful. (Spanish proverb)

                A liar will always have a reputation as a liar.

                93. Your lies don’t make me hate you, they make me lose all the respect I had for you.

                A more severe sentence.

                94. Your tongue may lie, but your eyes tell the truth. (Amber Jacobs)

                Our non-verbal language says more than we think.

                95. Liars make the best promises. (Pierce Brown)

                They are discovered when they are unable to meet them.

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