The 95 best poetry phrases

While poetry is how poets create their art, it also becomes a form of expression and catharsis for those emotions that have overwhelmed us and need to come out of it.

Therefore, here we will review several the best phrases about poetry; quotes and reflections cited which give an overall picture of this way of expressing through the artistic.

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    The most memorable and inspiring quotes about poetry

    Poetry paints the world in thousands of colors through subtle emotions and feelings; To understand its impact on us, keep reading, as here are many quotes about poetry that reflect many of its nuances and properties.

    1. The more transparent the writing, the more poetry is seen. (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

    Poetry does not need embellishments.

    2. A request is a poem and a poem is a request.

    A poem reveals our deepest feelings.

    3. Poems should be written infrequently and reluctantly, in intolerable pain and only in the hope that good spirits, not bad ones, will choose us as their instrument. (Czeslaw Milosz)

    A very special way to get inspiration for writing poetry.

    4. Poetry is the union of two words that we never thought we could bring together, and which form something like a mystery. (Federico García Lorca)

    As to the activity behind the verses.

      5. Poetry is a weapon with a future. (Gabriel Celaya)

      There is no one who does not feel inspired by a poem.

      6. Poetry must be human. If it’s not human, it’s not poetry. (Vicente Aleixandre)

      Poetry must be written with the truth.

      7. Art makes verses, but only the heart is a poet. (André Chénier)

      Poetry is elegant, but it is also raw.

      8. Poetry is true with Sunday clothes. (Joseph Roux)

      One way to show what is happening in the world, without losing art.

      9. Poetry is the echo of the melody of the universe in the hearts of humans. (Rabindranath Tagore)

      It is a mystical and highly prized gem.

      10. Poetry sometimes flees from books to nestle outside walls, in the street, in silence, in dreams, in skin, in the rubble, even in the trash cans. (Joaquin Sabina)

      there can be poetry everywhere, as long as there are those who stop to listen to it.

      11. The book is strength, it is value, it is power, it is food, a torch of thought and a source of love. (Rubén Darío)

      Books give us the power of knowledge.

      12. Poetry is written when it wants. (José Hierro)

      Writing cannot be forced.

      13. Poetry does not want followers, it wants lovers. (Federico García Lorca)

      Only those who open their hearts can understand poetry.

      14. The real poet is what inspires … (Paul Valery)

      A poet is one who shows himself as he is.

      15. A poet is a world enclosed in a man. (Victor Hugo)

      someone who is not afraid to put their life to the letter.

      16. Poetry is nothing other than the revolt of man against reason. (Dalmiro Sáenz)

      In poetry, logic has no fixed place.

      17. Eroticism and poetry: the first is a metaphor for sexuality, the second an eroticization of language. (Octavi Pau)

      romance and letters united in one.

      18. Poets love blood! In the blood locked in the body bottle, not in the blood spilled from the fields. (Glòria Fortes)

      Poetry is based on the passion that burns in everyone.

      19. When a poet sings, we are in his hands: it is he who knows how to awaken these secret forces in us; his words reveal to us a wonderful world that we did not know before. (Novalis)

      The power of a poet over readers.

      20. Poetry is still so far away. (Henri-Frédéric Amiel)

      It is a mythology that cannot be fully understood.

      21. Poetry is only the evidence of life. If your life burns well, poetry will be ashes. (Leonard Cohen)

      Each poem reflects your writer’s situation.

      22. The story tells what happened; poetry what was to come. (Aristotle)

      The role of poetry in history.

      23. History has tested the devastating capacity of poetry and I rejoice in it without further ado. (Pablo Neruda)

      Poetry can offer a different view of the world.

      24. Poetry must be a little dry so that it burns well, and thus enlightens and warms us. (Octavi Pau)

      The verses do not have to reveal everything.

      25. In contact with love, everyone becomes a poet. (Plato)

      Many find poetic inspiration in love.

      26. Poetry is the feeling that stays in the heart and comes out of your hand. (Carmen Condé)

      Poetry is the voice of our soul.

      27. Each poem is unique. In each work beats more or less all the poetry. (Octavi Pau)

      There is no way to write poetry.

        28. Abstract painting, sculpture and music can be created, but a house, a love and a poem cannot be abstract. (Glòria Fortes)

        A poem should reflect the truth about everything.

        29. Do not be the martyr slaves of time, get drunk, get drunk without stopping! with wine, poetry or virtue, as you wish. (Charles Baudelaire)

        Poetry is sometimes necessary in order not to drown in reality.

        30. Poets have a hundred times more meaning than philosophers. In search of beauty, they find more truth than they do. (Joseph Antoine René Joubert)

        An interesting comparison.

        31. The experience of the poem does not reside in each of the words, but in the interaction of these words, the music, the silences, the forms. (Paul Auster)

        It is not about what is written but about the feeling with which it is done.

        32. Each reader looks for something in the poem. And it is not uncommon for him to find it: he already wore it inside. (Octavi Pau)

        The poems come from us.

        33. Poetry was an object of luxury, but for us it is an article of first necessity: we cannot live without poetry. (Nicanor Parra)

        Everyone appreciates poetry.

        34. I know that poetry is essential, but I wouldn’t know why. (Jean Cocteau)

        A need that we can respond to without problem.

        35. Music, when accompanied by a pleasant idea, is poetry. (Edgar Allan Poe)

        Poetry arises all the time.

        36. It is for those who are narrow-minded to strike against anything that does not suit them. (Antonio Machado)

        Some people don’t appreciate the art behind a poem.

          37. Poetry is not different, in essence, from a game of hiding in which the poet discovers it and denounces it, and between it and him, as in love, all that exists is the joy of this. room. (José Gorostiza)

          An interesting comparison.

          38. The first to compare the woman to a flower was a poet; the second, an idiot. (Voltaire)

          Original things carry more weight than copies.

          39. Poetry is one of the most beautiful nicknames given to life. (Jacques Prévert)

          Look at life as if it were a poem.

          40. A perfect sonnet is worth a long poem. (Nicolas Boileau)

          Poetry doesn’t have to be extensive to be perfect.

          41. Let us say that there are two kinds of poetic minds: one able to invent fables and the other ready to believe them. (Galileo)

          Different types of poets.

          42. There may not be poets, but there will always be poetry. (Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer)

          Poetry is in the hands of whoever is inspired to write it.

          43. Rhythm is the very essence of persuasive and non-informative poetry. (José Hierro)

          A prudent way of putting it.

          44. Poets are men who have preserved the eyes of a child. (Leon Daudi)

          A poet needs to find beauty and magic anywhere.

          45. Painting is silent poetry; poetry blind painting. (Leonardo DeVinci)

          Both are great expressions of art.

          46. ​​Writing poetry is like making love: you will never know if your own joy is shared. (Cesare Pavese)

          Poetry is a personal process.

          47. Poetry is always an act of peace. (Pablo Neruda)

          There is no violence in the world of poetry.

          48. Do not write under the rule of emotion. Let her die and then summon her. (Horacio Quiroga)

          Special advice for expressing our emotions.

          49. Poetry is the ambition of discourse, which aspires to be charged with more meaning and anointed with more music, than ordinary language. (Paul Valéry)

          Describe the true presence of poetry.

          50. Poets are soldiers who free words from the possession of a constant definition. (Eli Kamarov)

          The interesting role of a poet.

          51. Poetry touches the fibers of the heart and makes music with them. (Dennis Gabor)

          Everything in poetry is about emotions.

          52. Poetry is something that happens in the street. (Federico García Lorca)

          Poetry has no exact place to find.

            53. The poet who would be satisfied with the world in which he lives would not be a poet. (Giovanni Papini)

            Worms are a form of relief.

            54. Poetry is the kind of ultimate and irreversible sincerity. (Mario Benedetti)

            It’s a way of telling the truth without feeling intimidated.

            55. Writing bad verses offers more happiness than reading the finest verses. (Hermann Hesse)

            There are no bad lines in poetry.

            56. No one has destroyed himself to write a poem. Anybody. (Alejandro Jodorowsky)

            Doing poetry doesn’t mean you destroy yourself.

            57. Prose: words in the most appropriate order; poetry: the most appropriate words in the most appropriate order. (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

            Poetry as a great transformer.

            58. Poetry must deal with everything, like prose, so as not to be anemic. (Ernest Cardenal)

            It should never be fixed, but dynamic.

            59. Our poems will have failed if our readers are not drawn beyond the poems. (Muriel Rukeyser)

            There is always a lesson to be learned.

            60. The year full of poetry is usually starving. (Miguel de Cervantes)

            Many great works are born out of disturbing moments.

            61. Literature is a state of culture, poetry is a state of grace, before and after culture. (Juan Ramon Jiménez)

            Poetry is not linked to anything.

            62. Each poem is unique. (Octavi Pau)

            Because each poet is unique.

            63. Poetry is communication, which is used to talk to other men. (Vicente Aleixandre)

            A language that breaks down barriers.

            64. Make sure you believe that words and poetry can change the world. (Walt Whitman)

            Any form of dart can unite people.

            65. There is something in poetry that goes beyond the logic of prose, there is a mystery in it that should not be told but admired. (Edouard Young)

            It is not a question of understanding poetry, but of enjoying it.

            66. In each work, to a greater or lesser degree, all poetry beats. (Octavi Pau)

            Poetry can be present in other works of art.

            67. The dream is an involuntary poetic art. (Immanuel Kant)

            That is why we must never stop dreaming.

            68. Poetry is painting that moves and music that thinks. (Émile Deschamps)

            Poetry accompanied painting.

            69. You should know that there is no country on earth where love has not made lovers into poets. (Voltaire)

            Each person in love has created poems for their lover.

            70. Poems don’t always have to rhyme, they have to be creative. (Jared Gilman)

            Poems don’t need to follow a rigid metric, but a passion.

            71. A sigh is a prisoner who escapes from the prison of the soul. A sigh is the air that rubs against words. It’s a summary, it’s postdate. A sigh is drowned poetry. (Alejandro Sanz)

            Poetry as a reflection of melancholy.

            72. The world is not the same when we add a good poem to it. (Dylan Thomas)

            Poetry is made to change us.

            73. It has been said that the poet is the great therapist. (Alejandra Pizarnik)

            Many of us can relate to different poems.

            74. Poetry has no time, whoever reads it saves it, makes it present and then sends it back to his eternity. (Doménic Cieri Estrada)

            Poetry is eternal.

            75. I still think that poetry is something else: a form of love that only exists in the silence, in a secret pact between two people, of two strangers almost always. (José Emilio Pacheco)

            A very personal way of seeing poetry.

            76. Big or small, every man is a poet if he knows how to see the ideal, beyond acts. (Henrik Ibsen)

            Anyone can do poetry with deeds.

            77. Poetry must be the obedient daughter of music. (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

            Poetry as the inspiration for music.

            78. The poet is the priest of the invisible. (Wallace Stevens)

            The poet who lets people know what many carry in them.

              79. Poets are the unrecognized legislators of the world. (Percy Byshe Shelley)

              An interesting way to see poets.

              80. In poetry there is more truth than in history. (Aristotle)

              A fact to remember.

              81. The gods facilitate the first verse; the others, the poet does. (Paul Valéry)

              Inspiration gives the idea, but the rest is in the hands of the poet.

              82. Faced with poetry, it makes people both tremble and understand. (Baldomero Fernandez Moreno)

              Poetry makes us feel various sensations.

              83. The poetic task would consist in exorcising, conjuring and, moreover, repairing. (Alejandra Pizarnik)

              This occurs after writing poetry.

              84. It is impossible to make a good film without a camera which is like an eye in the heart of a poet. (Orson Welles)

              Poetry in other functions.

              85. To write a poem is to repair the fundamental wound, the tear. Because we are all hurt. (Alejandra Pizarnik)

              One way to ease our sorrows.

              86. Being a poet is not my ambition, it is my way of being alone. (Fernando Pessoa)

              Poetry as a personal escape.

              87. The meaning of a poem is to be speechless, to find the conclusion that equates productivity and assertion with all that is inexpressible. (Archie Randolph Ammons)

              One of the purposes of poems.

              88. What is mine is not spontaneous poetry, which bubbles up and comes out as inspiration. (Hanni Ossott)

              Many poets are inspired by something or someone to write.

              89. Many go to the truth by the paths of poetry. I arrive at poetry, by the paths of truth. (Joseph Joubert)

              Poetry always tells the truth.

              90. In the background, a poem is not something we see, but the light that allows us to see. And what we see is life. (Federico Major Zaragoza)

              The mystery of poems.

              91. Poetry is born from pain. Joy is an end in itself. (Jorge Luis Borges)

              Much poetry comes from sadness.

              92. Poetry does not exist, but because it finds its eternal reality in the finest instincts of the human heart. (Franz Liszt)

              It is the greatest expression of vulnerability and humanity.

              93. Poetry is the essential word in time. (Antonio Machado)

              Poetry as an immortal element.

              94. A poem begins with joy and ends with wisdom. (Robert Frost)

              You can always feel identified with a poem.

              95. One would say that the poetic image, in its novelty, opens up a future of language. (Gastó Bachelard)

              Poetry as another form of expression.

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