The Beatles’ 80 Best Phrases

If you think of popular music from the 60s, there is one rock band in particular that sticks in the minds of fans. And it is that the Beatles were not just a group of British boys, but that they caused a sensation among young people, making them part of pop culture to this day.

Consisting of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, The Beatles have become the most influential band of all time, thanks to their blend of musical styles and lyrics on various life topics. Let’s see what was the philosophy of life of this group through this compilation of the best phrases of the Beatles.

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    The Beatles’ most memorable phrases

    The ‘Beatlemania’ will forever remain in the hearts of those who lived during this era, but we can find out a little more with the following best Beatles phrases and songs.

    1. And, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. (Paul McCartney)

    Remember that you give what you get.

    2. There is nothing you can do that cannot be done.

    Many things we think are impossible are only in our minds.

    3. What I can tell you is that you must be free.

    The freedom to be whoever you want to be.

    4. Nothing is real and there is nothing to fear.

    Worrying more only makes the problems worse.

      5. If people pay attention to what we say, we say that we have lived in the world of drugs. There’s nothing like being healthy. (John Lennon)

      As young drug victims, they knew this was not a place to stay.

      6. I will keep going as long as I can hold the sticks… (Ringo Starr)

      Live from his passion for drums.

      7. I fall fast, but I’m miles ahead of you.

      Failure is not synonymous with the end, if you learn to get up afterwards.

      8. He’s a man from nowhere, sitting in his country from nowhere, making his plans out of nowhere, for no one.

      Do we exist if no one remembers us?

      9. Here comes the sun, here comes the sun and I say all is well.

      There will always be a tomorrow.

      10. You say you want a revolution, well you know we all want to change the world.

      A feeling very present in the soul of young people.

      11. Count your age by friends, not by years. Count your life with smiles, not tears. (John Lennon)

      We must cherish the most precious experiences.

      12. Take those broken wings and learn to fly.

      Something broken can be rebuilt, even with new parts that give it great value.

      13. I am him, you were him, you were me and we are all together.

      Although we are different people, we are united by the same thing, that we are human.

      14. The movement you need is in your shoulder.

      You just need to know which path you want to take.

      15. I used to think cualquiera haciendo algo raro was rare. I suddenly realized that anyone who did something rare wasn’t rare at all, and the people who said it was rare were the ones who were rare. (Paul McCartney)

      People categorize as strange that which does not adhere to their standards, and sometimes, to be ourselves, we have to break those standards.

      16. It is better to be an avowed atheist than a hypocrite. (George Harrison)

      Talk about his religious inclination.

      17. I’m a loser and I’m not what I appear to be.

      We’ve all felt like losers at some point.

      18. And whenever you feel pain, hey Jude, be happy; don’t carry the world on your shoulders.

      Sharing our problems with others makes the burden less.

      19. Life is very short and there is no time for complaining and fighting, my friend.

      It is better to enjoy life than to live bitterly in it.

      20. A love like ours could never die as long as I have you near me.

      Love needs commitment to stay long.

      21. When you have seen beyond yourself, then maybe you will find peace of mind.

      It is when we know ourselves perfectly that we find peace with ourselves.

        22. Declare it. The same way we declare war. This is how we will have peace…we just have to declare it. (John Lennon)

        The way John believed world peace could be achieved.

        23. My independence seems to have faded into the fog.

        No one can take away your freedom of mind.

        24. Someone told me “but the Beatles are anti-materialists”. It’s a big myth. (Paul McCartney)

        Clarifying the rumors that were constantly being created against them.

        25. You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one. I hope you will join us one day. And the world will live as one. (John Lennon)

        Encouraging all his fans to make a positive change in the world.

        26. As usual, there is a great woman behind every idiot. (John Lennon)

        Love can abound even in places where it shouldn’t be.

        27. I had only two alternatives. Give up or continue. (Paul McCartney)

        A choice that can change the direction of our life, but that no one can take for us.

        28. The important thing is to be here and now. There is no past and there is no future. (George Harrison)

        We live in the present, so there is no point anticipating tomorrow or clinging to yesterday.

        29. Oh please tell me you will let me be your man, and please tell me you will let me hold your hand.

        The need to be with the loved one.

        30. Yesterday all my problems seemed so far away…

        When we don’t face our problems right away, they build up until they explode.

        31. But when you talk about destruction, learn that you can’t rely on me.

        Stay away from those people who don’t bring you anything positive.

        32. Yoko didn’t fall in love with a Beatle, she didn’t fall in love with my fame. He fell in love with me for myself; That’s why I had the best of me. She was the last trip. (John Lennon)

        Explaining her relationship with Yoko and how it started.

        33. I have often been criticized for saying “peace and love”, but I continue to do so. (Ringo Starr)

        An example of continuing with what we preach regardless of the opinions of others.

        34. When I hug you and feel my trigger finger, I know no one can hurt me, because happiness is a hot weapon.

        Love makes us strong, not weak.

        35. Somewhere in her smile, she knows I don’t need another lover. There’s something about his style that shows me that.

        The moment when you are sure you want to be alone with this person.

        36. And in his eyes you see nothing, not a single sign of love behind his tears, he cries for no one, a love he must have had years ago.

        The wounds of love are the hardest to heal.

        37. When your precious possessions start to tire you, look at me, I won’t be far away.

        The most precious treasure is the things that make you happy.

        38. Love is like a flower: give it time and it will grow. (John Lennon)

        Love also needs constancy and patience.

        39. There is no one you can save who cannot be saved.

        You cannot help a person who does not want to be helped.

        40. We are discreet, authentic and British at heart. (Ringo Starr)

        Proud of their roots and the place of origin of the group that they always carry with them.

        41. All single people, where do they come from? All lonely people, what do they belong to?

        People who are still looking for their place in the world.

        42. Nothing is going to change my world.

        You have the power to roam the places you want go.

        43. There is a certain type of innocence that is measured in years.

        The innocence that allows us to continue to discover the world.

        44. And, though we may be blind, love is here to stay, and that is enough.

        Love is the guide that the world must take more seriously.

        45. If we had known we would be the Beatles, we would have tried harder. (George Harrison)

        If there was anything these young people weren’t expecting, it was to become such a big movement.

        46. ​​I would like to finish something like this…unforgettable. (Ringo Starr)

        A goal they will more than achieve.

        47. My mother was from heaven, my father was from earth, but I am from the universe and you know that how much is it worth

        Take the values ​​that were instilled in you to find your own conviction.

        48. Bright are the shining stars, dark is the sky, I know my love will never die. And I love her.

        A love that blooms even in the most difficult times.

        49. And when the heartbroken people living in the world agree, there will be an answer.

        When we are ready to change to find something better, we can go far.

          50. I’m not good at the technical part, but I’m good at rhythm, like moving my head. (Ringo Starr)

          You don’t have to be good at everything, just focus on what you love doing the most.

          51. You ask me if my love will grow. I don’t know, I don’t know. Don’t look away and that may be how you see it.

          Love cannot move forward if there is no will to move forward.

          52. It’s hard to be somebody.

          It’s never easy to find our place, but it’s worth it.

          53. Return to where you once belonged.

          Returning home can help us find the lost path.

          54. In real life, the one who does not give up is all brave. (Paul McCartney)

          True courage tries again and again without giving up.

          55. Time is a very deceptive thing. Everything that exists is now. (George Harrison)

          Time comes and goes, it never stops and so should we.

          56. I’m not the Beatles. it’s me Paul is not the Beatles… The Beatles are the Beatles. Separately, they are separate. (John Lennon)

          The Beatles were the whole band, not just one member.

          57. I am a neat guy. I don’t like clutter. I put the records in the record rack, the tea in the tea cart, and the teapot in the teapot box. (George Harrison)

          Talk about his organized personality.

          58. I am alive and well and I don’t care about rumors of my death. But if he was dead, he would be the last to know. (Paul McCartney)

          Taking with humor the rumors of his supposed death.

          59. It is better to disappear like an old soldier than to burn. (John Lennon)

          The way Lennon believed we could stay forever.

          60. Music is like a psychiatrist. You can say things to your guitar that you can’t say to people. And he will answer you with things that people can’t tell you. (Paul McCartney)

          Music is also a form of therapy.

          61. It’s all in the mind. (George Harrison)

          Both the good and the bad, as well as the things we think we can achieve and the things we cannot achieve.

          62. You look for the girl with the sun in her eyes and she’s gone.

          Not everyone who marks you is meant to stay by your side.

          63. We were all in this boat that was the sixties, our generation, a boat that was going to discover the New World. And the Beatles went to the cofa. (John Lennon)

          A movement that seemed small but has spread all over the world.

          64. Peace is not something you wish for, it is something you create, something you do, something you were and something you give. (John Lennon)

          Peace comes from within and we externalize it to make it a reality.

          65. I would give you everything I have for a little peace of mind.

          Fame can hold a costo muy alto.

          66. Free as a bird is the next best thing to being.

          Enjoy the freedom you have now to do whatever you want.

          67. I climb high with a little help from my friends.

          Friends are people you can rely on to get you going when you don’t have the motivation to do so.

          68. Words are like the rain that flows endlessly into a paper cup, they slip in their path, they cross the universe.

          Words can change the course of a person’s day.

          69. Of all the love that I have gained or lost, there is a love that I should never have crossed.

          Have you had a love that doesn’t make you proud?

          70. I never listen to the radio. If it’s bad, I don’t care and if it’s good, I get jealous that I didn’t think of it. (John Lennon)

          An example of the ego some artists share.

          71. I never did anything to create what happened. He was created alone. I’m here because it happened. But I didn’t do anything to make it happen other than say “yes”. (Ringo Starr)

          A hobby that has become his way of life.

          72. I wish fans would take meditation instead of drugs. (Ringo Starr)

          A very valuable tip for the well-being of your fans.

          73. Help me get my feet back on the ground.

          People who truly love you help get you back on track when you need them.

          74. Living is easy with your eyes closed, misinterpreting everything you see.

          The negative effect of living locked in a bubble of perfection.

          75. All you need is love.

          Love the things you do and what you want to give to others.

          76. Well, you can radiate all that you were, yes, you can radiate all that you were. Oh now!

          The best way to stand out is to be yourself.

          77. Pools of sadness, waves of happiness run through my mind towering over me and caressing me.

          We will always go through good times and bad times.

          78. Love has a bad habit of disappearing overnight.

          Nights always bring a scent of distance when you’re in love.

          79. He doesn’t have a point of view and he doesn’t know where he’s going… Doesn’t he look a bit like you and me?

          We don’t always know what future we want to pursue.

          80. The world is like a birthday cake. So take a piece, but not too much. (George Harrison)

          Take risks, but be careful.

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