Valentino Rossi’s 75 best quotes

Valentino Rossi is a famous motorcycle rider, Born in 1979 in the idyllic town of Urbino, Italy.

Having won 9 world championships, this famous rider is perhaps one of the most daring he has ever competed in the premier class.

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    Excellent phrases and thoughts from pilot Valentino Rossi

    Rossi’s character and way of being has earned him both friends and foes throughout his career, but he has always remained completely true to his own style, currently being the biker with the most number of fans around the world.

    Below you can enjoy a selection of the best 75 quotes from Valentino Rossi, A great athlete who will always be remembered for his many qualities on and off the court.

    1. The most important thing is to have a good relationship with the bike … you have to understand what you want. I think of a motorcycle as a woman, and I know it sounds silly, but it’s true.

    The link between the pilot and his machine must be very deep, otherwise we will never be able to compete in the most demanding categories.

    2. The most important thing to be a great motorcycle rider is the passion for motorcycles.

    If you don’t like the world of motorcycles, you will never stand out in it. Motorcycles are a passion that you have to carry within you.

    3. Riding a motorcycle is an art, something you do because you feel something inside.

    The pleasure of speed is something not everyone shares, many of us can even cause us some discomfort.

    4. If I try the event for a year, I can be quite competitive next season.

    The best riders in the world are capable of driving any machine they offer, both motorcycles and cars.

    5. Perhaps the motorcycle is more dangerous, but the passion of the interlocutor for me is the second.

    As can be seen from this quote, Rossi also feels a great interest in the automotive world. Something that many of us may not have known.

    6. My father rode a motorbike. It gave me passion very early on. I got my first bike when I was three or four.

    The best drivers always start training at a very young age, if they didn’t do it that way they could never race for the world championship.

    7. Also when I started the race I knew a lot of people and it was easier for me to find my first bike so I had a lot of chances to be safe.

    Rossi felt an immediate connection to the racing world, a connection that continues to this day.

    8. Once the races have started it is more difficult and there is never so much time for testing.

    When the world championship begins, the motorcycle must be sufficiently developed and tested, because when the races start there is no time for further testing.

    9. Fortunately, over the course of my career I have won just about everything, so I need to take advantage of it to have the right motivation.

    Enjoying victories is also a very important thing, sometimes you have to take a well-deserved time for yourself.

    10. I am Valentino Rossi and I want to be a person, not an icon.

    Fans of this famous pilot will surely remember the fantastic personality of Rossi forever, a boy very endearing to everyone he has met.

    11. I run to win. If I go by motorbike or by car, it will always be the same.

    As we can see Rossi is also a very competitive man, victory will always be a completely primary goal for him.

    12. I can handle the bike and think clearly about strategy and tires. I also have a positive thought. I am very critical in a constructive way.

    There are many factors every rider should be aware of during a race, the motorcycle is not just about speeding up.

    13. I probably would have stolen cars, it would have given me the same adrenaline as racing.

    Who knows where this great rider would be if life had unfortunately taken him in other directions, luckily the world of motorcycles has always been there to help him.

    14. If you watch Moto3, the race is very exciting. Moto2 is fantastic, then MotoGP is boring.

    Small categories can also be very interesting, as overruns and other carelessness are often much more common there.

    15. How does Ferrari know what I’m going to do next year when I don’t know what I’m going to do next week?

    It has been said that Valentino Rossi might be willing to race for the famous Maranello team in F1, which unfortunately did not materialize.

    16. I don’t like being famous, it’s like a prison. And driving for Ferrari would only make matters worse.

    Fame is something this athlete has never strived for, it can certainly be very heavy for some people.

    17. I won at Honda and Yamaha, so it might be interesting to win with a third team, Ducati, which is Italian.

    Ducati is also a very interesting team for any rider who races in the highest category, their bikes are renowned for reaching top speed.

    18. Maybe if Graziano had done another job or another sport, he wouldn’t have had this passion to be a pilot.

    Graziano Rossi, father of this famous athlete was also a pilot in his time, which certainly marked the life of this great motorcyclist.

    19. As for the level of performance in the two disciplines, I will leave it to the spectators of the races to comment.

    The racing world always pushes the capabilities of pilots and their machines to the limit, unfortunately accidents are very common in all categories.

    20. Winning the championship the first year will be difficult. We need time to be competitive and to win races.

    Preparation is essential when we are racing in any MotoGP category, without it victory will be a distant dream.

    21. This is a very big advantage, because understanding what changes we could make a long time ago takes time to fix the configuration and figure everything out on the new machine.

    In the world of competition, the bike must be prepared as much as possible, a preparation which will certainly take time and will have the best engineers.

    22. In my opinion, we are now at the limit, and 17 races is really too many. With all the testing we’re doing now, that means we’re still on the bike and it’s pretty tough.

    Sport always demands the maximum from those who practice it, motorcycling is a sport which will require very intense physical and mental preparation on our part.

    23. In 2002, the Yamaha was at about the same level as the Honda, better in some ways, worse in others. But in the winter of last year, between 2002 and 2003, Honda took a big step forward and it looked like Yamaha couldn’t match that improvement.

    The rivalry between Honda and Yamaha has always been present in MotoGP, thanks to these two brands, fans were able to experience real battles on the circuits.

    24. But you can also start F1 or rally. I like to get together a lot more.

    For this runner, running is part of his life, regardless of the category in which he does it.

    25. We have the M1 2004 here as a reference, which is useful. It worked well here last year; we won the race and we always did fast laps so it will be interesting to compare it to the new bike and it will help us to understand which parts have improved.

    The technical development never stops in the world of competition, the bike and the pilot are pushed to their limit with each championship.

    26. We are all interested to see the new circuit in Turkey.

    Each new circuit is a new test to which they must adapt, knowing full well that each curve will be something quite simply vital in order to be able to win.

    27. The work we do during the winter is very important; we have a new bike and it’s important to develop it during this time, and we started with this test.

    MotoGP teams work all year round, if they don’t race they will undoubtedly develop next year’s prototype of the bike.

    28. I’m disappointed because I wanted to win the first race of the season, but there is nothing we can do now. I can’t wait to participate in the next race in Qatar.

    Sometimes things get out of our hands, for now it’s best to learn from them and patiently wait for our next opportunity.

    29. I am very happy to be able to announce the continuation of my relationship with Yamaha.

    Being able to reconnect with the team that gave him the most joy was something Rossi certainly knew how to value and appreciate.

    30. I lost control of the motorcycle. I was in second place and I fell to ninth place but I was able to come back to second place and get some important points.

    No matter what we do, we must fight and persevere in everything we do.

    31. I have a lot of energy after 2 pm. I like to sleep in the morning. I have a few problems at the start of the day.

    Rest is very important for everyone, but for an elite athlete it is even more so.

    32. I have a fantastic relationship with this factory and my team, who have worked hard to make the M1 as competitive as it is today, and it made sense to stay with Yamaha for another year.

    Having the best mechanics is an essential condition to be able to win the maximum number of races possible in MotoGP.

    33. I felt safe on the bike and pushed harder, but Nicky came with me.

    Nicky Hayden was also a great driver who competed against Valentino Rossi in the past. Sadly, Hayden died in May 2017 as a result of a collision while riding a bicycle.

    34. I cannot reveal the lap times because Ferrari does not want to.

    No one knows the times Rossi tested the famous car of this legendary team. It was surely a moment that would leave more than one with an open mouth.

    35. Of course, it is possible to win the championship. There is always more pressure than usual, but we are trying to win this race like we do in other races.

    All the riders are still trying to achieve victory and we can be sure that this nine times world champion will not make it easy for others.

    36. Of course, this is one of the safest trails in the world.

    All the circuits are studied down to the millimeter, the runners always try to maintain the maximum possible safety during the races.

    37. Of course, this is the last challenge for me: a crazy challenge.

    Challenges do not scare this famous pilot, he is always ready to embark on new and exciting adventures.

    38. Under braking I just grabbed the rear wheel and we both crashed. Hope you don’t have too much pain.

    Riders are always concerned about the health of their teammates, because they know very well that motorcycling is a very difficult sport, in which one must always try to ensure the safety of everyone on the track.

    39. I always race to win, but last year it was like a motocross track and there was a lot of sand there. I have very bad memories of last year and you could say I have a score to settle with the circuit.

    The weather and the circuit conditions can influence our times, a bad day can discredit a preparation of several months.

    40. We made some modifications to improve acceleration and unfortunately we lost a lot of grip under braking.

    As we can see, any modification made to the bike will have a big influence on its handling. In Motogp, getting the perfect setup is almost like winning the lottery.

    41. He was one of the best runners and it was a great opportunity to remember him.

    In the motor world, respect for those who are no longer there always prevails over everything else.

    42. It was a very interesting test, considering that it was the first time that I tested a Formula 1 car with other drivers. I must say that I felt comfortable and had no particular problem. Maybe I need a little more driving experience on a wet track.

    Being able to see Valentino Rossi compete in Formula 1 would surely be a sight to remember.

    43. I think he will test motorcyclists and motorcycles to the max.

    Some circuits can be very difficult to tackle, some of them (the more complicated) really test the skill of the runners.

    44. I saw the F1 race on TV and the track looked a lot of fun … it’s a new challenge but also a new opportunity for a lot of drivers to be at the forefront so we see what happens.

    Who knows where this legendary rider will compete in the future, we hope to see him racing for as long as possible.

    45. It’s an amazing season and today we won the constructors’ title for Yamaha … so I’m very happy.

    Competition is a lifestyle that this rider has enjoyed since his childhood, a lifestyle that has fortunately given him a lot of satisfaction.

    46. ​​The records aren’t the most important thing, but I’m very happy to have the same number of wins as Mike the Bike ”.

    In this quote, Rossi remembers the legendary English rider Mike Hailwood, who was named The Bike for his innate ability to ride motorcycles.

    47. Our bike worked really well when we went to Qatar for the pre-season testing, so we hope it will be like that again.

    The preseason is a very important time for all riders, where they can test their machines to find out how they will react in competition.

    48. Starting from the third row will make life difficult tomorrow because it will be difficult to move forward.

    Getting pole position can make our career much easier, with it we will just have to try to stay ahead without having to overtake anyone.

    49. I have won many times at this track and I think I won two of the three most important races of my career here.

    All the riders have their favorite circuits, Catalonia, for example, is one of their favorites for Il Dottore.

    50. “Starting the day after a race is always a bit difficult, and when you’ve won the race, it’s even more difficult to feel motivated! However, we know that we have to keep improving, because the championship is not over yet and anything can happen!

    Finding enough motivation on a daily basis, when you’ve won the World Championship 9 times, shouldn’t be easy at all.

    51. I thought it was possible but then decided it was too risky and after that I knew the comeback was over and I had lost my lead.

    Knowing how to take advantage of the moment can be something essential to be able to win, because maybe when that moment passes, our opportunities will also disappear with it.

    52. “It was the best battle of the year!

    The rivalry on the track will always be fierce, as all the riders will try in every race to be the fastest on the entire grid.

    53. We were looking for the optimal bike setup for the Brno track, so it wasn’t until the end of the session that I got out at all.

    A good preparation will lead us to victory, at Motogp impatience can be very expensive.

    54. Today was a weird day as we all came back from vacation and it seemed like we were all keeping pace with the beach!

    Motogp teams are generally like one big family, in most of them all of their members usually have vacations on the same dates.

    55. When it’s hard like that, the taste (to win) is better.

    Anything that’s hard to get is much more appreciated once you get it. The most complicated Motogp victories are also the most appreciated by the runners.

    56. This track is magical, it was a great race. I couldn’t escape. Nicky had a great race and stayed with me.

    In the heaviest circuits, being able to win is quite complicated, if another driver manages to take a start similar to yours you will not recover during the whole race.

    57. But Michael (Schumacher), I know him well. We have a good relationship.

    As can be seen, Rossi had a friendly relationship with the famous F1 driver Michael Schumacher, who is also a real celebrity in the world of motorsport.

    58. To relax, I can form a family and live a normal life. It would be impossible to achieve in Italy, where I am constantly asked for my autograph.

    In Italy, the fans of this pilot are really numerous, which makes it completely impossible to be able to move in the streets with a certain normality.

    59. We still have a lot of vibration issues and that means we can’t use the bike to its full potential and get fast lap times. We tried many configuration changes today: balance, suspend, but the problem persists. In some fast curves, my speed dropped to 15 or 20 km. The best part is that we are much better than yesterday and we have done a really good job within the team to make these improvements, but it is still not enough and some other riders seem very strong.

    Just as they do in the competitive world, we all need to persevere in our daily tasks.

    60. To be honest, I didn’t expect Casey to be this strong at the start of the season and he’s doing a really good job at Honda.

    The rivalry with Casey Stoner was very relevant at the time, they both competed race after race for first place on the grid.

    61. At this point we don’t know which way to go because we have tried everything.

    Desperation can arise in a Motogp team when the going gets tough, but they have to keep fighting if they are to have a good chance the following weekend.

    62. The fact that 2004 was so (relatively) easy to win the championship made Ferrari a little more complacent in 2005, and after that this year is so difficult, it makes the team more difficult and ready for 2006.

    Ferrari was the most important team in F1 at the time, a well-deserved fame that remains today.

    63. Qatar was like the start of my championship, but we are already behind on points and we must do everything to catch up.

    In order to win the championship, each grand prize must be fought individually, adding only as many points as possible, a rider manages to be the Motogp world champion

    64. This break was very important because the first half of the season was very difficult and everyone needed a rest.

    These elite athletes need to put special emphasis on rest, only with fully effective rest can they be at their best at the next Grand Prix.

    65. It is said that if you beat your track in Fiorano in 60 seconds, that means you are driving the Ferrari fast enough. If you are slower, you are not an F1 driver.

    Being able to race a Ferrari at the Fiorano circuit has to be a truly once in a lifetime experience.

    66. It was a tough race with quite a few good runners struggling at the end. It was not easy to move forward, but some have succeeded.

    During the races, the riders experience real battles mounted on their motorcycles, pushing all their machines to the limit trying to be a little faster than their rival.

    67. It was a very exciting day for me … Driving an F1 was an incredible experience and it was great for me to follow in Schumacher’s footsteps for a day.

    Being able to race in F1 alongside the legendary Michael Schumacher was certainly something this Italian driver really enjoyed.

    68. Everyone is very tired after the trip to Australia, but it’s always nice to visit a new country and we are all interested in the new tour in Turkey.

    In the course of a pilot’s life, you can fly around the world on countless occasions. A pleasure that most people don’t get the chance to enjoy.

    69. It was as if he had to win two races, one dry and then wet.

    Climate change can make us win or lose a race, drivers should always be prepared for any possible circumstance.

    70. It was two intense and interesting days. I drove many miles and began to understand how the car works.

    Any driver needs a certain number of kilometers to be able to take full control of a vehicle. As seen in this quote, Rossi was lucky enough to be able to acclimatize to F1 which allowed him to lead the geniuses of Maranello.

    71. If you think you are the best you cannot improve yourself and I always want to improve.

    Like this pilot, we all have the capacity to evolve throughout our lives, we must never lose our interest in learning.

    72. Before that, everyone thinks that you have to drive Honda to become world champion. Yamaha hadn’t won the championship for a long time.

    The rivalry between the two brands (Honda and Yamaha) has always been present in the world of competition, there is no doubt that both have the same chances of being able to win the constructors’ world championship.

    73. I am very happy. I know I gave over 100% in the race, and we had a lot of problems this weekend.

    If we do our job the best we can, we should always be proud of it, even if we don’t win.

    74. I don’t think there is an anti-Rossi camp. But there are people who think coldly about the pros and cons.

    Some drivers have clashed several times with Rossi, extremely negative attitudes that he could never understand.

    75. I like to exercise. In fact, I like sports in general. I also really enjoy snowboarding and playing football.

    To be a driver in the world of motorsport, one of the highlights in many other disciplines, it is very common for racers to be extremely versatile athletes.

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