Walter Riso’s 75 Best Quotes

Walter Riso is a writer well known for his numerous publications in the field of mutual aid and personal growth. A psychologist specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy and bioethics with a background in theater and philosophy, this author aims to promote physical and mental health through self-reflection and realistic management of situations.

In this article you will find the 75 best quotes from Walter Riso.

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    75 quotes from Walter Riso

    In this selection of quotes from Walter Riso you will find thoughts on issues such as love, emotional addiction, optimism and pessimism and the struggle to overcome situations and for oneself.

    1. If you DON’T BURN for something or someone, if nothing shakes you deeply, if you barely get enthusiasm; you are wrong, something is stopping you. You live halfway

    This phrase reflects the need to be able to be passionate, as something that gets us to live intensely and set goals that really motivate us.

    2. Allow yourself to be hurt, cry as much as you can, but don’t let the sadness last longer than necessary.

    It is normal to feel pain when bad things happen or when we cannot achieve our dreams. But we must not allow the pain to become chronic and limit ourselves to going on living.

    3. Illusory optimism can be as bad as chronic pessimism

    Pessimism can make us see things with a negative perspective that limits us, but being overly optimistic can also blind us to reality and not allow us to act effectively.

      4. You’ll know they really love you when you can show yourself how you are without worrying about being hurt.

      When you love and are loved, you can be who and how you are without any fear.

      5. If you are wrong, it grows, if you are not wrong, you stagnate

      We should not be afraid of error, because it helps us to learn and to develop. Making a mistake is good.

      6. Giving the power to someone or something to dominate you and take control of your mind is a subtle form of psychological suicide.

      This phrase warns us of the futility of giving complete power to someone who does in your life. Don’t think, don’t do anything without the approval of the other. It’s nothing more than a form of emotional addiction and put aside your own responsibility.

      7. Words are never always, all or nothing are dangerous because they leave you no choice.

      Absolutes are not good because they leave no room for maneuver or the existence of other possible variables. These are limiting extremist positions.

      8. Listen to people who think differently from you

      Our position is not the only one that exists. We have to accept and take into account opinions different from our own so that we can learn and observe things from different perspectives.

      9. Happiness does not reach the door, you have to look for it and fight for it

      Maintaining a passive vital attitude gets us nowhere. If we want to be happy, we have to live actively.

      10. The social stereotype that shows the ethical person as boring, scary or mojigato is absurd and has no basis

      That to behave ethically means to be exaggerated is nothing more than a stereotype. Ethics does not mean not having fun or not taking action, but taking into account the rights of others and one’s own responsibility.

      11. When love knocks on the door, it will enter like a whirlwind: you will not be able to put aside the evil and receive only the good. If you thought that loving equals happiness, you were wrong

      Love is a wonderful thing, but it is not a walk in the park. Loving means good things, but also responsibilities and even aspects that can cause us great suffering.

      12. The mind is a restless monkey, leaping from branch to branch in search of fruit through an endless jungle of conditioned events.

      In this sentence, the author reflects our mind’s need to observe and experience different things, driven by curiosity, motivation and energy.

      13. The person I love is an important part of my life, but not the only one

      This sentence reflects that the loved one should not be the only one to give meaning to their life, Because instead of love, we would talk about addiction. We are self-sufficient beings and we have to realize for ourselves if we have someone to share our life with.

      14. The false paradox: the happy idiot or the unhappy sage is solved. There is a third best option: the happy sage, let it be redundant, for there is no wisdom without joy.

      It has always been assumed that the ignorant are happy in their ignorance and that the sage knows enough not to be able to be. However, a truly wise person should be able to recognize what is important and know how to enjoy the finer things in life.

      15. Love has two main enemies: indifference which kills it slowly or disappointment which it eliminates at the same time.

      Someone to whom we are indifferent slowly ends up stopping awakening the love we generated in the beginning. And for someone to bankrupt us or betray us breaks the trust that suddenly held us together.

      16. Sitting down to cry at the first trip and wanting life to be fulfilling for twenty hours is definitely childish.

      The world is not a fair or an easy road in which there is only happiness, but we will find many times of pain and many difficulties that we need to be able to face without just complaining about the difficulty.

      17. Don’t drive me crazy, I’m passionate about this. I don’t need you, but I choose you

      In this sentence, the author reflects that love does not consist in depending on someone or leaving everything aside for him, but in a union of two independent beings who feel a strong bond between them.

      18. To love oneself, to despise or ignore others, is presumption and exclusion; to love others, to despise oneself, it is a lack of self-esteem

      The author reflects that we must be able to love each other but without ceasing to value the rest of the world, while at the same time you have to love others without putting yourself below them.

      19. Do not idealize your loved one; look at it as it is, roughly and without anesthesia

      Idealizing someone prevents us from seeing reality objectively. It’s okay to admire someone you love, but that’s not why we should stop seeing them as people with their flaws. This usually leads to disappointments and disappointments over time. Also, idealizing a person is unfair to them because we do not accept the person as a whole, but only for their good sides.

        20. We rent out someone’s furniture and clothes more easily than their intelligence or kindness.

        We are used to observing and praising the superficial aspects of our fellow human beings, but there is nevertheless a kind of modesty or shame in appreciating deeper and inner aspects such as kindness, affection, ability or personality.

        21. You don’t have to make the same mistake twice. The second time you do it is no longer your mistake, it’s your choice

        We can go wrong once for whatever reason. However, if we persist in doing the same, we will get the same result because we have decided to do the same actions again.

        22. Avoidance is not always cowardice, sometimes it is caution and other times intelligence

        While generally avoiding something is harmful, sometimes it is necessary and adaptive.

        23. Love when you are ready, not when you are alone

        This sentence by Walter Riso reflects that a lot of people are looking for a partner just because they feel lonely, Not because he really wants the other person. But it’s not love, it’s addiction.

        24. May this be your day today. Kidnap him for you. That all you do is feel good: Forbidden to suffer for nonsense

        This phrase prompts us to live and strive to be happy, ignoring those things that make us suffer for no reason.

        25. There are times when fear gives you sight, but it almost always closes you.

        Always living in fear of something forces us to focus on that thing and ignore other elements and possibilities, limiting our lives.

        26. Submitting to what they say is a socially accepted form of slavery

        We need to live our lives in a way that is consistent with what we think and feel, regardless of what the rest of the world is thinking.

        27. The truth is neither proclaimed nor decreed; it is rather discovered, it is sought

        To say that something is true does not become so. The truth is what we pursue and find sometimes. In fact, the truth can vary from person to person, over time and depending on the situation.

        28. Always go for freedom of conscience: think, feel and think about what something means to you

        We need to be genuine and true to ourselves: think about and get involved in what really matters to us, what makes sense to us.

        29. To love is not to lose individuality or to distort the vision of the world, it is to reaffirm oneself alongside the other, to grow together, to be different and unique.

        Love doesn’t make us one and the sameBut being independent can grow and develop alongside the other.

          30. The best things in life usually happen when we don’t expect anything

          Sometimes we look for something over and over again in despair, without getting it. It’s usually when we aren’t looking for something that we find it more easily.

          31. Seeing the world in black and white takes us away from moderation and inner peace because life, wherever you look, is made up of nuances.

          Things are not one way or another. It will always depend on our perspective on things.

          32. The courageous is not the one who is not afraid, but the one who faces him with dignity, so his knees and his brain tremble.

          It is not bad to be afraid, but to be paralyzed by it. Overcoming fear doesn’t mean not having it, but it doesn’t limit you.

          33. I want you to accept me and not to approve of me. Love me without entrance exam: to love is not to judge

          People who love each other, love the good and the bad of the other without judging him. It’s not about whether you have enough qualities to want it or not, you just want it.

          34. Newness produces two opposing emotions: fear and curiosity. While fear of the unknown acts as a drag, curiosity acts as an incentive (sometimes uncontrollable) that leads us to explore the world and surprise ourselves.

          The unknown can scare us, but if we explore it we can discover new things that we are passionate about and fill our lives with experiences and new perspectives.

          35. You cannot go through life asking for permission to live or feel

          What we feel or think is something that belongs to us and that no one other than us has to decide. No one should judge it or depend on what others think about it.

          36. The spirit of stone has no right to doubt and is bored of self-criticism. Its foundations are immutable and indisputable

          Rigidity leads us to a mindset constricted with a limited perspective that does not allow us to appreciate other points of view or to learn.

          37. It is useless to soften your ears if they make your life bitter

          While praise and words can be nice, it’s the actions and what makes us feel that people should determine our attitude towards them.

          38. You are what you do and what you think. Two things. And if they are not compatible, you are not credible

          A person who does not act the way they think they are is not credible because they do not dare to carry out their thoughts or pretend to think something for a purpose (whether it is self-interested or just giving a concrete picture) .

          39. Loyalty to your partner is not an absence of desire for others. Seeing someone you love is all about self-control and avoidance over time. I recommend not to play with fire or be an idiot because you can get burned

          Being loyal doesn’t mean you don’t want or be attracted to another person.sBut control this attraction in favor of not losing the loved one and what we have with them.

          40. Infidelity is not a decision that is made, but if you want to be unfaithful you decide to bear the costs of the consequences.

          Anyone who is unfaithful must be prepared to accept the consequences of their action.

            41. When heart and mind go together, you will have the strength of an oak tree and the delicacy of a gazelle.

            That emotions and thoughts agree causes a great force to arise in relation to the subject on which they agree. This is what excites us about something, motivates us and fully develops us.

            42. Happiness is not a season to be achieved, but a way to travel through life

            Happiness is not something that should be strived for on its own. It is not a goal in itself, but the product to go the way we want in our lives.

            43. One key does not always come out another key, sometimes both stay inside

            Switching from one relationship to another will not automatically make us forget the above, despite popular belief.

            44. You have the right to change your mind

            We have to be flexible and keep in mind that it is not bad for our opinion about something to change.

            45. To grow, you must unlearn; eliminate things that are unnecessary, dangerous or incompatible with our ultimate goal of accomplishment

            Learning helps us to acquire knowledge, but also we must know how to forget things that are not useful to us to make room and focus on what if.

            46. ​​Do not try to resolve what can no longer be: if the lack of love has knocked on the door and you have opened it, there is nothing more to do. Go in peace

            This sentence reflects that if love is lost for good, it has been lost. If there is no more love, the relationship is over.

            47. Wisdom is not in the titles you have

            Having a degree does not mean being wise or having the ability or knowledge.

            48. Based on our current knowledge of the mind, it can be said that there are two ways to open the doors to the good life: philosophy and psychology.

            This sentence reflects that for the author self-knowledge and reflection on the world and on ourselves enable us to behave successfully and enjoy life.

            49. A well-directed anger, without hurting anyone, helps you to assert yourself, to defend your living space, to set limits: use it peacefully

            Feeling anger or anger is healthy and can be useful to us as long as we don’t turn it down by hurting it.

            50. Would you pay for what you do for a living? Would you like to pay to go to work? Ask what they would pay to do, that’s their calling!

            Our vocation is something for which we could sacrifice our time, our money and our efforts, because it is something that we are passionate about.

            51. You can admire without loving, but not the other way around

            We always admire those we love, Although the reverse is not necessarily true. Always attentive, admiring does not imply idealizing but appreciating the good things in the other person and even the bad ones.

            52. Refuse to suffer for love, find your place in solitude

            and don’t allow the desire to love to be above it all

            Loving is important, but it’s not the only thing that is part of our lives. We are complete beings with different areas of life and projects.

            53. No matter how much they love you, but how they do it

            What matters is how we are loved, not how intensely they do it.

            54. Are you imperfect and what ?. May those who believe themselves to be perfect surrender to the Olympus of arrogance. May they not bother us and live in peace

            Nobody is perfect. We all have flaws and virtues, and this is precisely what makes us unique. Those who think they are perfect are often arrogant people unable to see or accept theirs.

            55. Rest under a tree and let the breeze let you hear. It is not a second-rate sensitivity, but a desire to experience the sounds of silence intensely

            This phrase prompts us to appreciate the little things, which we sometimes ignore and despise.

            56. Love without giving up your identity. I do not exist for you, but with you. Unlike a love that merges, I propose a healthy love with a personal identity

            We are independent beings. Merging our identity with that of the other person is insane and that makes us stop being who we really are. It would be a relationship of dependency. We are together but we are not the same.

            57. No one is worth as much as having two “loves”, no one is worth as little as being the second choice

            We are all worth the same. No one should be the main course or the consolation prize, but should be looking for someone who truly values ​​them for who they are. And no one should believe as much as pretending to have someone as a Plan B.

            58. At the moment of truth you are nothing more than a human being who sometimes enjoys being alone

            Each person has times when they need to be alone with themselves. We are no more (nor no less) than the people with their moments of peace, joy, sadness or weakness, Like the rest.

            59. Forgiveness takes time, easy forgiveness is suspect

            When someone hurts us, forgiving them is not something that happens right away. It requires that the facts and intentions of others be dealt with both in the past and in the present. It is a wound that must heal. If someone forgives easily and at the same time, they probably haven’t forgiven the fact yet.

            60. The important thing is to understand that life does not wait for us, it will not stop and therefore we do not

            Time flies no matter how we are. We need to keep this in mind and take advantage of what we have.

            61. To wish, to desire, to be interested in something or someone is normal, as long as you do not fall into the obsession and are ready to lose

            Our concern for others and for things is good, as long as we don’t get a little sick.

            62. If you love yourself healthily, you will be able to give love wherever you go.

            To love someone in a healthy way, you first need to be able to love yourself.

            63. The worst wastes the mind stores are self-destructive thoughts. If you think you’re unlovable, no one will want you

            If a person thinks that they cannot be loved, they will end up engaging in behaviors that worsen any interpersonal difficulties they may have.

            64. You have the right to fall in love, do not feel guilty when you stop loving. Sometimes eros goes silently through the back door

            Sometimes love is extinguished. It is not a voluntary thing or why we should feel bad.

            65. If your partner’s love is neither seen nor felt, if it does not come to you, because it does not exist or does not suit you. So look for someone who loves you the most

            If your partner isn’t able to make you feel lovedIt’s better to end the relationship and look for someone who really knows how to make you feel.

              66. To overcome the anguish, the fear of the future, which is uncertain, as a wise man has said, one must unconditionally give to the inevitable.

              Not censoring, doing what we want and accepting the possibility that it doesn’t go well without obsessing over it is the key to getting out of fear.

              67. The problem is in the attitude, not in who you are

              Either way, that shouldn’t limit you. The attitude you take towards life is what will truly mark your success or failure.

              68. It is in silence that we make contact with who we really are

              Connect with yourself it is something that can be more complex than it seems. Stopping thinking, judging, and even acting or interacting with the environment allows us to focus on who we are and what we want.

              69. To love is for the courageous, it is to overcome the fear of loss and abandonment, to end it like one who kills a poisonous animal, without compassion.

              Dare to love means overcoming the possibility that it won’t work, that they leave us, or that they hurt us. To love is an act of value.

              70. When we are in situations that bring us to the limit, we are neither Mars nor Venus; we are earthlings. Women and men also suffer. Especially when it comes to love

              Sex and gender have nothing to do with how much pain we may have for what matters to us. The cultural expression of this suffering, imposed by gender roles, may vary, but the level of pain will be the same whether we are male or female.

              71. Feeling proud and happy about your physical qualities. It doesn’t matter how many or how few you are in luck because you have them

              A lot of people don’t feel good about themselves because their looks don’t match what they would like. However, no matter what we are, we have to be proud of ourselves.

              72. For a rational and non-unhealthy ego, a balanced mixture of ambition and realism is necessary.

              We have to try to be realistic. Being ambitious is good, but we have to consider our possibilities real life and the path we can take to achieve our goals.

              73. We believe too much in beliefs, because it is more practical not to question ourselves

              Questioning themselves is something that can be difficult for many people, who instead decide to take refuge in their beliefs about their choices, their experiences or the world.

              74. If you focus only on your mistakes, you will not see your successes. If you only see what you are missing, you will not enjoy the moment, the here and now

              This sentence tells us that we must be able to see the positive side of everything at all times and not live by thinking only about what we miss and the mistakes we make. The latter will only make us unable to perceive the positive and the goals we achieve.

              75. Fall in love with yourself, with life, with what surrounds you, with what you do, with who you are

              Walter Riso indicates to us the need to love ourselves as we are, for what we live and for little things. This is what will drive us to be happy and enjoy life.

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