William Blake’s 110 Best Quotes

William Blake was one of the most important representatives of English philosophy and art of the 1800s.

Although his recognition unfortunately remained hidden most of his life, he enjoys great popularity today and it is common to analyze his works to extract reflections on his way of seeing the world and society.

So in the following lines you will find a selection of William Blake’s best quotes, he commented.

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    William Blake’s Most Memorable Quotes

    In this article you will find a list of the most interesting and inspiring quotes from William Blake.

    1. Progress traces the right paths; but winding paths, without progress, are the paths of genius.

    When we overcome various problems, we grow.

    2. I don’t have a name, but I was born two days ago. What am I going to call you? I am happy. My name is joy.

    You are what you feel.

    3. To see a world in a grain of sand and the sky in a wild flower, cover infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.

    To see the beauty of the world, you have to have an open mind.

    4. Souls of sweet delicacies can never be corrupted.

    You cannot be corrupted if you find satisfaction in simple things.

    5. The weak in value is strong in cunning.

    Our strength can be in any physical form.

    6. In the universe, there are things that are known and there are things that are unknown. In the middle of these things are doors.

    We always have the opportunity to learn something new.

    7. The bird has the nest, the spider the web, the man friendship.

    Friendship is necessary for everyone’s social development.

    8. A truth that is told with bad intentions outweighs any lies you can make up.

    There is a big difference between being honest and being cruel.

      9. Where mercy, love and pity dwell, God dwells.

      Talk about God being everywhere.

      10. I like to have fun, but having too much fun is the most disgusting thing.

      Anything in excess is harmful.

      11. The path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.

      From all our mistakes we can find very beneficial knowledge.

      12. If the doors of perception were cleaned, everything would appear to men as it really is: infinity.

      To understand something, we must not get carried away by our personal beliefs.

      13. He who is chained to joy destroys a free life; but he who kisses the joy in his flight lives the dawn of eternity.

      Jewelry can be a punishment for others.

      14. A corpse does not come with insults.

      Crimes should be avoided as much as possible.

      15. Let the man put on the lion’s skin, and let the woman put on the fleece.

      Each person can be whatever they want to be.

      16. In what distant depths, in what skies did the fire of your eyes burn?

      About the intensity of a person’s gaze.

      17. Eternity falls in love with the creations of time.

      Songs have the power to be ethereal.

      18. If anything loves, that thing is infinite.

      Love can last forever.

      19. He who desires but does not act, raises the pestilence.

      There is no point in dreaming if you don’t take action to make your dreams come true.

      20. The prisons are built with the stones of the Law, the brothels with the stones of the Religion.

      A critique of the things that are moving in religion.

      21. The man who does not change his mind is like stagnant water and raises the reptiles of the spirit.

      The people who don’t change their mind are the ones who are lost.

      22. The lion would be cunning if he took advice from the fox.

      Being strong means having the ability to deal with all kinds of problems.

      23. I am in you and you are in me, mutual divine love.

      Lasting love is what is committed to progress.

        24. Imagination is not a state: it is human existence in itself.

        Imagination is part of human nature.

        25. Without opposites, there is no progression.

        If we don’t correct our mistakes, we cannot move forward.

        26. If the fool persists in his folly, he will become wise.

        Do wisdom and folly go hand in hand?

        27. If you want to do good, you must do it at the right time.

        There is no point in acting when it is too late.

        28. Can I see another person’s grief and not suffer too? Can I see someone else’s grief and not seek loving relief?

        Sometimes we find relief in the sorrows of others.

        29. Poison awaits standing water.

        Corrupt things never bring good.

        30. The fox condemns the trap, not itself.

        Talk about people blaming situations, rather than admitting their mistakes.

        31. The worm forgives the plow which cuts it.

        Forgiveness may be necessary to have inner peace.

        32. He whose face does not shine with light will never be a star.

        Whoever does not like what he is doing will never get far.

        33. To generalize is to be stupid.

        A truth that can be applied today.

        34. The busy bee has no time for sadness.

        A reflection on the relationship between emotions and our attentional focus.

        35. The best wine is the oldest, the best water is the youngest.

        Things have the right timing.

        36. The same law for the lion and for the ox means oppression.

        Unfortunately, there are laws that benefit some and hurt others.

        37. The only healthy foods are those that do not catch the net or the tension.

        About enjoying more natural and green foods.

        38. The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction.

        When we use our emotions, they can lead us to a good place.

          39. Truth can never be told in a way that can be understood without being believed.

          The truth doesn’t need a lot of explanation.

          40. Tiger, tiger, dazzling fire in the night jungles, what immortal hand, what eye could trace your terrible symmetry?

          One of his most recognizable poems.

          41. Poetry chained, chained to the human race.

          Poetry is an expression.

          42. The selfish and smiling fool, and the sad and clumsy fool will be considered wise and will serve as the standard.

          Fools are the ones who stand out the most in society.

          43. Dive into the river that loves water.

          Fill it with things that make you feel good.

          44. The glory of Christianity must be won through forgiveness.

          Forgiveness as the most important message of Christianity.

          45. You will never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough.

          It is sufficient when you feel that there is nothing more to do.

          46. ​​Just as the caterpillar chooses the most beautiful leaves to lay its eggs, the priest casts his curse on the best joys.

          A critique of the unhealthy pleasures of some church officials.

          47. Active evil is better than passive good.

          Things that are done effectively are things that are done actively.

          48. When the green forests laugh with a voice of great joy and the stream of potholes laughs, we learn once again that with a good attitude towards life, he is able to achieve awesome things. .

          Talk about the magic of nature and the importance of taking care of it.

          49. He who allowed you to abuse him knows you.

          Those who mistreat others have their well-deserved enemies.

          50. Great things are accomplished when men and mountains meet.

          A reflection on the work of man and nature.

          51. The difference between a bad artist and a good artist is this: a bad artist seems to copy a good thing, whereas a good artist really does.

          Big differences that are revealed sooner or later.

            52. To create a single flower is the work of centuries.

            Nature is developing slowly.

            53. Never ask the apple tree in the beech how to grow, nor the lion in the horse how to take up its wine press.

            Learn from people more experienced than you.

            54. And I will forgive you for eternity, and you will forgive me.

            Through forgiveness a new one can be given opportunity.

            55. Mad hours are measured with the clock, but wisdom hours cannot be measured with any clock.

            Wisdom comes with the experience and thought of each person.

            56. A starving dog at his owner’s door foretells the ruin of the state.

            The way we treat animals shows a lot of us as people.

            57. Some see nature as ridiculous and distorted, while others barely see nature. But in the eyes of a man of imagination, nature is the imagination itself.

            Not everyone appreciates the value of nature.

            58. I see the past, present and future that existed before me.

            You always have to learn from history.

            59. The most sublime act is to place another in front of you.

            If you’re ready to help, do it.

            60. The tree that stirs some tears of joy in their eyes is for others only a green thing that stands in the way.

            There are people who see trees as nuts.

            61. Poetry is one of the main ways of speaking to God.

            A relationship that shows the size of faith.

            62. Do whatever you want, this world is fiction and is made up of contradictions.

            Do things that make you happy, not what other people think is right.

            63. The curse strengthens; the blessing relaxes.

            There are things that give you power but don’t give you the peace of mind that you so desperately seek.

            64. It is useless to laugh. Remember that when the sand blows, it is very likely that the wind will bring it back.

            We never know when the things we do will turn against us.

              65. Prudence is a rich and ugly old bachelorette party celebrated with disability.

              It’s fine to be careful, but be careful when closing yourself off to compliance.

              66. What is great is necessarily dark for weak men. What can be explained to the idiot is not worth my attention.

              Often it is the weak who pay the price for the shares of the powerful.

              67. Like air in a bird or water in a fish, so despise the despicable.

              People who open up badly and do nothing to fix it deserve no compassion.

              68. All gods live in the human breast.

              God lives in our soul.

              69. Time is the mercy of eternity; without the rapidity of time, which is the fastest of all things, everything would be eternal torment.

              Time is what puts everything back in its place.

              70. Art cannot exist without naked beauty displayed.

              Art is the way to reflect true beauty.

              71. He who appreciates what he receives gives birth to an abundant harvest.

              Being grateful leads us to have more blessings.

              72. Sleep, sleep, lucky child, let all creation sleep and smile.

              Sleep is important for our health and development.

              73. Always be prepared to speak frankly and avoid the company of ruinous men.

              Honesty scares off malicious people.

              74. Nations are destroyed or prosper as poetry, painting and music are destroyed or prosper.

              Art is necessary for the development of a nation’s culture.

              75. Celebrate your existence!

              When we celebrate all of our successes, we gain more confidence in ourselves.

              76. The Goddess of Fortune is the handmaid of the devil, ready to kiss anyone’s back.

              There are fortunes that only end up hurting the person.

              77. No bird soars high if it flies with its own wings.

              We need someone else’s support to grow.

              78. The figure of a naked woman represents a piece of eternity too large for the human eye.

              Appreciate the natural beauty of women.

              79. What is essential to happiness is something to love, something to do and something to look forward to.

              Ingredients for happiness.

              80. Wisdom is offered in the most desolate market, for no one dares to buy.

              You have to go through good and bad experiences to achieve wisdom.

                81. What is the cost of the experiment? Do men buy it for a song or a street dance? No. It is bought at the cost of everything a man has: his wife, his children and his house.

                There are people who prefer to lose everyone they love just to get the power they want.

                82. The real method of knowledge is experimentation.

                Knowledge cannot be acquired without learning from it.

                83. The eagle never wasted more time than when he heard the advice of the crow.

                Never waste time listening to the advice of people who know more than you.

                84. Everyone should love the human form, whether they are a sinner, a Turk or a Jew.

                People are more than our culture, race or gender.

                85. Where there is peace, mercy, piety and love, God will always walk.

                God as a synonym of tranquility.

                86. At the time of planting, he learns, in the harvest that he teaches, during the winter from which he benefits.

                What we have to do with the acquired knowledge.

                87. Good is generally the pretext of the hypocrite, the flatterer and the shameless.

                Lots of people do dishonest things in the name of good

                88. I will neither reason nor compare; my job is to create.

                Focus on improving your own talent, not imitating others.

                89. Attraction and repulsion, reason and energy, love and hate are necessary for human existence

                We need both good and bad experiences to learn.

                90. I was angry with my friend: I verbalized my anger, my anger ended. I was angry with my enemy: I didn’t verbalize him, my anger grew.

                We must never be silent about the inconvenience, because it consumes us from the inside.

                91. If a person can desire all that he is unable to possess, despair will become his eternal destiny.

                That’s why we always have to create goals that we can achieve.

                92. Angels are not angels because they are more sacred than men or demons, they are more sacred because they do not expect holiness from anyone other than God.

                An interesting reflection on angels.

                93. Excessive punishment, river. Excessive joy, cry.

                You must always keep your balance.

                94. Every individual on the planet is haunted until their humanity is ready to awaken.

                Staying in a bubble of excitement means we can’t stand real life.

                95. Those who restrict a desire do so because it is weak enough to be restricted.

                There are desires that we aspire to make until we realize that they are just whims.

                96. The moon, like a flower in the high arch of the sky, with silent joy, sets and smiles at night.

                A nice way to talk about the beauty of the moon

                97. I have to create a system or be enslaved by the other man.

                A struggle to survive or to be eaten.

                98. Where man is not, nature is a desert.

                Nature also needs the hand of man to be cared for.

                99. A thought fills the immensity.

                From a thought, great things can be born.

                100. When I tell you the truth, it is not to convince those who ignore it, but in the name of defending those who know.

                The truth is what saves society from taking action.

                  101. Man shut himself up until he saw all things through the narrow crevices of the cave.

                  When you are looking to see what is right.

                  102. He who feeds on repressed desires ends up rotting.

                  Because you get carried away by ambition.

                  103. Joy is better than pleasure, and happiness is better than joy.

                  Happiness brings us peace.

                  104. The deepest and darkest cave beasts always focus on the beautiful princesses.

                  When the possession of beauty is coveted.

                  105. It is easier to forgive an enemy than a friend.

                  It’s because a friend’s betrayal hurts us so much.

                  106. Life in the cataracts is characterized by its great cliffs.

                  All success comes from great struggles.

                  107. The nakedness of women is the work of God.

                  Praising the naked female body.

                  108. What has now been tested was once imagined.

                  The things that we have now, never go away being a thought.

                  109. Anxiety is only capable of dividing and dividing.

                  This is why it is better to face them than to let them grow.

                  110. Think in the morning, work at noon, eat in the afternoon, and sleep at night.

                  The way we act in our everyday life.

                  Reflections that help us analyze our lives and especially why we see the world as we do.

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