28 most pleasurable female masturbation techniques

Although there are still women who do not masturbate because of their beliefs, this act, in addition to being pleasant, is healthy. In fact, masturbation may be linked to intelligence, as some research even claims that intelligent people masturbate more (they can find out more by clicking here).

In this article you can find a list of masturbation techniques that will allow you to experience pleasure in many ways, And so you can have more intense orgasms.

Reasons to masturbate, according to science

And does masturbation bring a number of benefits both physical and psychological. This is why it is even used in sex and couple therapy. The reasons for masturbating are:

  • It makes you happier by releasing neurochemicals like endorphins.
  • It helps you improve sex by working your pelvic muscles.
  • It allows you to fight against cancer
  • It works as a pain reliever which helps in menstrual cramps.
  • Improves sleep through the release of endorphins and serotonin.
  • It promotes relaxation and well-being.
  • It is good for self-discovery and for improving self-confidence regarding sex.
  • Keep your genitals healthy
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • You can learn more about these benefits in our article: “Physical and Psychological Benefits of Masturbation”

Female masturbation techniques

There are different ways to stimulate both the clitoris and other erogenous zones that will make you feel great pleasure. However, for many years female sexuality has been repressed and socially punishedIt is therefore not surprising that there is a great deal of ignorance on this subject at the popular level.

The idea that sexuality has a facet in which the woman experiences pleasure has been knowingly overlooked, because in sex, as in virtually all spheres of life, until relatively recently, only the interests of the man prevailed. . And if female pleasure was taboo, let alone female masturbation, in which no other person needs to participate. Historically, there has been total disinterest on this issue.

For that, discover female masturbation techniques and talk about them it is something that can help to quickly fill this information gap and to enhance the well-being of the woman in itself, and not as a consequence of the satisfaction of the man in bed.

so let’s start with simpler ones and move on to more complex ones.

1. From top to bottom

The first masturbation technique is very simple. You need to focus on the clitoris and touch it with your finger, Then start rubbing from top to bottom. First you can do it in a group, and when you are ready you can stimulate directly on the clitoris once the right time has passed so that it is not something abrupt.

2. The long and slow caress

Using one or more fingers, glide lightly and smoothly through the center of your vagina and clitoris from the bottom up. with a long journey. Listen to your body to feel which areas provide the most pleasure and as the keys experience fast movements, slower movements as well as more or less pressure.

3. Side by side

You can also try changing direction in terms of movement, starting with your clitoris and rubbing side to side. Some women prefer not to have direct contact on the clitoris while others want a more intense touch. You can gradually increase the intensity.

4. Circular movement with all fingers

Another type of movement that you can perform is in the form of a circle. In realityThis masturbation technique is one of the most used and effective because to perform it it is necessary to use all four fingers, rubbing the entire area, not just the clitoris.

5. Point O

Many women do not seem to know the O point. However, this area can be really pleasurable and their stimulation can cause very intense orgasms. As you can see in the following video, this is the area of ​​skin just above the urethra.

6. Shower jet

If you haven’t used the shower or the faucet yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. True, it is a fingerless masturbation technique, but it causes an incredible sensation. All you need is a tap to direct the spray into your vagina. You can experience what gives you the greatest pleasure and accompany it with the touch of your fingers or penetration.

7. In the bathtub

If you don’t take a shower and prefer a relaxing bath, you can also bring your toys to the tub or touch them in different ways. It is a very relaxing situation that you can take advantage of to enjoy your body.

8. On the pillow

Another way to masturbate that will give you a lot of pleasure is to show that you have an intimate relationship with the pillow. It may seem a little strange situation, but it causes very nice sensations.

9. Rolled towel

Another variation of the above technique is to take a towel and roll it up and then place it on a chair.. Once placed, you can sit on it and rub and rub to feel great pleasure. You can also use other surfaces placed on objects similar to a chair.

10. Adjustment

The adjustment consists of pressing on the clitoris with the index finger and thumb. Then you can do repetitive movements around it, for example, while one finger goes to one side, the other goes to the other.

11. As if it were a penis

A variation of the previous point is as follows: once squeezed and played with movements around the clitoris, you can treat this area as if it were a small penis and perform the male masturbation movement. Of course, this masturbation technique is a bit more complex than the others, so distractions easily appear; that’s why you can combine it with others.

12. The sandwich

Instead of using the index and thumb, the middle and index fingers are used. The situation is as if your fingers are slices of bread and you are pushing harder and harder. By doing this, you can hammer your clitoris with your hand while varying the pressure and speed.

13. On the lips

Rubbing and stimulating the vaginal labia area with your fingers is like a preliminary masturbation game. It might not bring you straight to orgasm, but it’s a great way to develop more intense masturbation techniques. There are many ways to stimulate your vaginal lips:

  • From top to bottom with one or more fingers.
  • Tap and squeeze your fingers together
  • With lubricant for a better touch.
  • With different toys or erotic objects.

14. Orgasmic meditation

Orgasmic meditation is a form of masturbation that requires another person to massage the clitoris.. Unlike other types of meditation, the focus is not on the breath, but on the sensations of the clitoris in the present moment.

To achieve it. the person receiving the stimulation should be relaxed while the other massages the clitoral area for 15 minutes. The goal is not to reach orgasm but to feel the sensations that occur.

15. The pearl necklace

To perform this masturbation, you must have a pearl necklace. You can sit on your lap or stand up. Simply place the collar between your legs and move it back and forth.

16. Penetration

Lying on the bed, she lifts her knees and opens her legs. In this position, you can penetrate the vagina with your middle finger and index finger to simulate the penetration of a penis. Once inside, you can stimulate the G-spot, located at the top of the vagina, about 5 inches from the entrance.

17. With vibrator

The options so far have been with the finger or the fingers. However, you can also follow the tips above and do the masturbations I mentioned with a vibrator. You can stimulate the clitoris with a device intended exclusively for this use or insert a dildo as if it were a penetration.

18. Crossed legs

You can go to sleep and relax your legs. Then press down on your thighs and put your pointed, crossed toes … Use your knees to go up and down. Keep your vagina tight when you notice the stimulation.

19. Use nipple clamps

Do you like satiety? You can let your imagination fly by placing nipple clamps on your breasts while you masturbate. This way you can show that you are engaging in extreme sexual practice.

20. Masturbation with lubrication

You can use lubricating gel and stroke the clitoris and vagina. Intimate lubricants help to intensify the sensations during penetration, making sex much more pleasant. There are different lubricants with different effects. Before using them, determine which one you should choose; that yes, do not go with the amount or the friction will be minimal.

21. Homemade vibrator

If you really want to masturbate, but don’t have a vibrator handy, you can make a homemade vibrator. Just take an electric toothbrush and place a wet towel over the toothbrush. Lubricate the area well and treat yourself.

22. Look in the mirror

There are a lot of people who feel excited to see themselves in front of the mirror masturbating. Visualizing the act at the same time as it is performed makes the stimuli pleasurable in several ways.

You can sit on a chair or masturbate from the bed in a room where you have good mirror vision. Enjoy-.

23. Imitate an adult movie

One situation which can be very entertaining and exciting is to choose a porn movie from the wide range that you can find on the internet. It is enough to imitate the role of the woman who is the protagonist. Your imagination can do that you feel part of what is seen in the footage.

24. Upside down masturbation

You must go to sleep upside down in the bed, put your arms out to the sides and your head turned to the side. The knees should be bent so that you can have contact with the clitoris above the bed. You can roll up the sheet or place the pillow in this erogenous zone. You just have to vary the movements as you wish so that the friction allows you to feel really hot.

25. Anal masturbation

While some women reject the idea of ​​anal masturbation, for others exploring this area of ​​the body is a natural thing. Anal masturbation can lead you to more intense orgasms if you learn to touch yourself properly. Remember that no penetration is required, you can simply touch the areas adjacent to the anus or insert only your fingertip.

26. On the hood of the clitoris

For some people, touching the clitoris can be too stimulating. Alternately, it is possible to do it on the hood, the outer part that covers it. It is ideal for the first moments of masturbation.

27. Remove the cover

The opposite can happen to a person than in the previous case, who needs more stimulation on the clitoris. In that case, it is possible to stimulate directly by exposing it more. To do this, simply place your fingers on the hood of your clitoris and then slowly pull your skin back.

28. With two vibrators

If you feel like trying something more extreme than just one vibrator, you can masturbate with two at once. One can go directly to the clitoris and the other can be used for penetration. Coordination is important here.

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