Coolidge effect: why we always want more sex partners

the Coolidge Effects is a term used in psychology and biology to describe the phenomenon characteristic of the vast majority of mammals in which females and males experience high and continuous sexual performance when a new partner appears. In other words, discovering a potential new mate to mate with creates a tendency to perceive them as more attractive just because they are new.

In the case of humans, the Coolidge effect is expressed through a fairly simple scheme: a person may be tired of having sex with their partner, but can be easily aroused with another sexual partner. The reason is that a lot of dopamine decreases with the partner due to addiction, but it increases with the new sexual partner.

Knowing the Coolidge effect, can we save our relationship without having to be unfaithful? To keep the relationship alive, we can create sexual situations that end the monotony and sexual addiction.

Studies on rats to demonstrate the Coolidge effect

The Coolidge effect was initially shown with rats, Put in a box to a male with several females with which he mates until he is full and loses interest. By introducing a new female into the box, it reactivates the male’s sexual interest. This happens because the dopaminergic neural circuit of the reinforcement zone is activated with the presence of a new sexual partner.

When we have sex with our partner for a long time, addiction causes our circuits to get used to doses of dopamine, just like with drug use. In other words, after a while, you have to increase the amount to have the same effect, Because the phenomenon of habituation appears. The new sexual partner causes an increase in dopamine which brings us back to ecstasy.

But the Coolidge effect has not only been shown in men, who are generally believed to have greater sexual impulsivity. It has also been shown in women.

The origin of the Coolidge effect

The origin of the term is curious. The story goes that President Calvin Coolidge (US, 1923-1929) and Mrs. Coolidge visited a government farm in Kentucky. Once there, they toured the facilities separately. When Mrs Coolidge came across hens, she asked her guide how often the roosters were doing their jobs (referring to the sexual act). He replied to Mrs. Coolidge: “Dozens of times a day.” She was impressed with his response and said, “Please tell the President”.

When the President found out, he was also stunned by the Rooster’s performance. Then he asked the guide: “But is it always with the same hen?” The guide replied, “Oh no, Mr. President, a different one every time.” The President slowly nodded, smiled and said, “Tell this to Mrs. Coolidge, please!”

The Coolidge effect on the couple

Many experts have been interested in the importance of the Coolidge effect on infidelity. According to research data, the Coolidge effect would explain the habituation experienced by couples who have been together for a long time. Over time, they may seek sex with another person.

In addition, new sexual partners would have a positive effect on sexual behavior, because, for example, men would be more vigorous and more aroused with new partners than with their partners. In fact, other research has proven that having sex with someone new increases semen production.

Coolidge effect and infidelity

So, do we prefer quality or quantity in sex? It seems that most mammals prefer the quantity, As we would be programmed at the biological level to procreate as much as possible and thus positively contribute to the expansion of the species.

The debate over whether humans are polygamous or monogamous is typical, and those who frequently practice infidelity may cling to the Coolidge Effect to justify repeated betrayals to their partner. For them, perhaps the human being is evolutionarily designed to be closer to polygamy than to monogamy.

Please note: living as a couple also means respecting

Unfortunately, these comments they do not consider the phenomenon from a holistic point of view, Because unlike other species, humans do not always use sex as a method of reproduction. Humans are rational beings and values ​​such as loyalty, faithfulness or respect are important to many people.

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In this article, we will not discuss whether humans are monogamous or polygamous, but it is important to point out that education has a lot to do with the acquisition of values ​​and the emotions they arouse in people. To give an example, if we think infidelity is bad, we will feel bad when it happens and it will be hard to tolerate. Instead, with an open mind, it’s easier to overcome infidelity.

Rekindle the passion in your relationship

It turns out that many people who couple therapy they complain about the decrease in the frequency and variety of intercourse between couples, and the importance of sex in maintaining a healthy relationship should not be overlooked.

In couples who have been together for many years and have had sex for a long time, a process of addiction-satiety may occur and it is very likely that feelings of sexual gratification will decrease over timeAs the novelty factor ceases to have effect in between. Also, with very rigid sex routines or guidelines, for example always having sex in the same way and in the same place, it does not overcome this problem, but makes it worse.

Some keys to increase sexual desire in the couple

To solve it, we need to be aware that humans are creative beings and we can overcome the monotony of the relationship. By performing the sexual act with our partner, we can make use of the imagination and we can leave behind the taboos that are the result of repressive upbringing, an upbringing which in many cases greatly damages the relationship. .

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Now knowing the Coolidge effect, it is possible to rekindle the flame of passion in the relationship of pair, but for that we have to move away from monotonous sexual patterns and practice the sexual madness, fantasies and games that make us feel as aroused as the first time.

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