Couples therapy and its link with sexuality

In most of the cases, love bond health who is in a relationship has a lot to do with how they experience their sexuality.

And it is that, except in the case of asexual people, sex life is linked to the way in which the great majority of people express their affection for the person with whom they are in a relationship; it is not just a matter of pleasure or pleasure.

Therefore, when a couple going through difficult times decides to undergo couples therapy, one of the aspects of life that often reveal that the problem is sexuality. Let us see how this connection is established between these two areas of intimate life.

    The link between relationship and sexuality

    Over time, what is meant by love has changed a lot, to the point that several centuries ago the affection between two people involved in a couple looked very little like romantic love today. However, the fact that the type of emotional bond that predominates in couples today is culturally conditioned does not mean that it is meaningless, or that it is arbitrary.

    In fact, there is one subject that has always accompanied the experience of couple love: sexuality. This set of intimate behaviors and interactions is one of the basic ways to express affection in actions, And perhaps without interruption since the advent of language.

    It is true that sexual behavior is not only used to express love, but whenever there is couple love (with the exceptions that we have seen in asexual people) there is sexuality. Which doesn’t mean that wanting too much is making a lot of love, but finding a balance in the way we experience sex together; 1 compatibility difficult to describe with words, because it has more to do with chemistry than with the rational or the logical.

    So, if in a relationship there is a lag in terms of sexuality, it is possible that at the beginning nothing significant will happen, but in the medium and long term problems often appear. Fears in these cases are common, as is insecurity and even compensatory behavior, which in turn leads to more problems. This is a chain reaction that can add to other difficulties the relationship is going through, making it easier for a couple’s crisis to begin to manifest itself.

    Likewise, a partner’s problems which in principle have nothing to do with sexuality tend to also “filter” in this area of ​​the relationship, which usually leads to the search for complacency or disgust in the event. of strife and disgust. discussions, for example, or passivity and fear of failure, assuming the role of dependent and submissive partner, to give another example. In practice, it is almost impossible to completely separate sex from the rest of the things that happen in a relationship.

    Couples therapy and sexuality

    Having seen the above, it is not surprising that many people turn to the psychologist for couples therapy when they really need a combination of couples therapy and sex therapy. . After all, they are communicating vessels, for better or for worse, and when a problem occurs in one of these areas, it also affects the other. Fortunately, this also means that the underlying problem can be fixed in two ways.

    Let’s see how we work as teams of psychologists to help those who need professional support both in their relationship with their sexuality and in the way they communicate, live together and express their affection in other aspects. of life.

    What do we do in couples therapy?

    Couples therapy is a form of psychological intervention performed in groups of three (the therapy professional and the couple, who attend the sessions at the same time). In this process, a communication space is created emphasizing the need not to prejudge and let everyone express themselves honestly, then seek common solutions, on the one hand, and form new habits that strengthen the bond of love.

    Thus, psychologists help us to adopt the theory of what it means to live well and to love oneself, but especially the practice, by proposing routines and tasks to be practiced between the sessions and which modify both the way of life and the beliefs of each of the patients, acting both individually and as a couple in constant interaction.

    What do we do in sex therapy?

    Although sex therapy is independent of the above (it can be used in people who do not have a partner), these areas often overlap, as we have seen. It is a service in which it helps the person to improve the fullness of their sex life, Both in someone’s company and alone.

    It is not only a question of solving possible secular dysfunctions; even a person without such disorders can benefit from the positive effects of sex therapy, which in most cases are even reflected in self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-esteem. etc.

      Where to start?

      If you are interested in professional help in the couple’s area or in the area of ​​sexuality, be sure to get assistance from clinics that offer both couples and sexual therapies.

      For example, our psychology center in Barcelona, ​​PsicoTools, Has both individual psychotherapy and couples therapy services, and our team also has a sex therapy expert.

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